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Found 84 results

  1. I'm thinking about a Hawaii one way cruise on PP next year as Hawaii is on our bucket list. We love both the Regal and the Royal and have been on each several times. I think I will enjoy the smaller size of the PP............has anyone done the Hawaii cruise on the Pacific or after being on one of the newer ship and have experiences that you would share?? Thanks in advance
  2. We are looking at taking a pacific cruise next year that will primarily be Baja California cities. Based on our schedules and availability we were looking at an October 2020 cruise, but reading that it can be it rainy season. Has anyone ever taken a cruise like this around this time of year? Would you recommend it or advise to take it a different time of year? — looking for recommendations.
  3. So, she's all done with dry dock and is on her way to NYC from FLL. Somebody's got to know what was done! Fess up! Inquiring minds want to know! MUTS? LCD screen in the Cabaret Lounge?
  4. I see a hole in her schedule from 5/27 to 6/12. Doing a search for her drydock schedule I find nothing. I figure the only two possibilities are Dry Dock, or a private charter. Does anyone know if a drydock is scheduled, and if so what will be worked on?
  5. How difficult is it to reserve a table for 2? Thanks
  6. We have booked a guarantee OF cabin on deck 4 of the Pacific Princess, on the Iceland voyage in August. (All that was left!). Can anyone advise on the noise levels from the cabaret/bar one deck above
  7. We were very excited to see Princess is restarting some Tahiti cruises, but noticed they only showed cruises for October/November 2020 and nothing showed past that. Didn't know if it was simply that the cruises would only go in FALL (so too early to release 2021) or whether it was kind of a "one time deal". Anyone with inside info on that? And if they will continue to offer this itinerary in 2021 and beyond, are there any hints as to what season they would be offered? Thanks... Liz
  8. I know , I know, most people don't care about tv while on a cruise but DH is a news junky and likes to watch during sea days. I have heard that other cruise lines(Carnival) have had trouble with reception on this route across the Pacific. Any comments about tvs on the Star Princess on this route? We are booked at the moment on Carnival but prefer the suites on Princess so may switch. Thanks for any info.
  9. Looking at a 28 day cruise on the Star from LA to South Pacific and back, for those of you who have done this in the past, any benefit to port or starboard as far as balcony’s go? Charlie
  10. Considering spoiling my wife with a surprise suite, and I know absolutely nothing about the ship except that it's one of a kind. I'd like our balcony to be partially or fully covered if at all possible.....I hate being so exposed to everyone above you. It's not a pretty sight, believe me. Thanks in advance!
  11. Found this... PC_2020_Tahiti_FaresAmenities_TA_03_2019_FINAL-s.pdf
  12. Overall, a great cruise, with a lot of fun stops, in San Fran and Victoria especially. We started it off with a few days in LA before boarding, which was a busy few days, so were ready to relax. We didn't know when boarding that some people were doing B2B or B2B2B even, from Ft Lauderdale to LA and then off to Alaska after Vancouver, so that was interesting talking to people who had been on for 20 days already. The Island Princess is a nice ship, with a cool look and feel. I love the 'cafe' type setup they have outside the Bayou Cafe for example, and the overall sense of the insides not just being corridors but actual places themselves that link you to more. The food was delicious overall, with the Bayou as the standout star. We didn't eat much in in the MDR but the little we had was tasty. Buffet was hit and miss as always, with some items great and others passable. We did feel there was a staffing issue in the buffet. Often there would be 6 staff assigned to clear tables in a section, which I grant is important. But then only one person was staffed to handle drink orders for 40+ guests in that section. At breakfast this was especially noticeable, as they'd start at and end, get grabbed, have to go back and refill and then not make it more then another table in before repeating. I watched one girl do this nine times before she got to our area. I started to go get our drinks ourselves near the end. The glasses were also very small for juice, which I found silly. The omelette bar also had issues, where you'd place your order and then sit down but the waiters were so busy, often I'd see my order sitting out for 10 minutes before it got brought to me. Again, just an issue with staffing allocation. Another oddity I found was there is only one section, at one entrance, that you can get plates and the person there must hand them to you. Since they demand you use a new plate all the time, if I was at the other end of the sitting area and just wanted another bowl of fruit, I had to navigate all the way to the other end, ask for a bowl and work my way back. Maybe this is to ensure you get enough exercise with the food :) But as someone with nerve damage in my leg, it was annoying on a few occasions. We also had an issue with our beverage package. Long and short, I bought two premium packages but somehow both were assigned to my account. And their systems don't make much sense, which the officer I dealt with admitted, but they can't just transfer things. So we ended up having to be charged a third time for another package, which was then refunded, as they couldn't just transfer a second one from mine to her account. Some other minor (and one not so minor) issues with the food service, but a talk with the head maître d resolved them, and some compensation was offered, which though not requested, was appreciated. And the finance manager helped address the issues with the package. So though some of the service wasn't great, the officers recognized when it failed and stepped in and apologized and owned it, which I appreciated. Our room (Balcony, Caribe deck) was great as always and our Steward spot on. First day a few mistakes but I expect that with the chaos and from then on, he never missed a request or change. The shower though, meh, not great. The water pressure and heat were amazing, but it was very small. I'm a bigger guy but not huge and I found it tight. I can't imagine how larger people would function in there. And the curtain doesn't even have weights in it to anchor it against the floor or walls. Environmental controls weren't great, but again, like last cruise, I suspect it may be due to the majority older guests. Even at max cool, the room was never truly cool. Entertainment I found a mixed bag. The fist showing was standing room only, which I found odd, not seen that before. It was good but not our cup of tea. It could be our imagination, but it really seemed as the cruise went on, fewer and fewer events were going on. Other cruises the daily listing were full of dozens of things but come Astoria it really seemed to die off. Not sure, maybe just me, but that was my sense. The casino is small, same as the Caribbean Princess and I'm beginning to think it's a Princess thing. Perhaps they don't focus on it much? Still, it's serviceable if you're looking for a quick game. Overall though, a great cruise, 4.5/5 I'd rate it and we put down a deposit for another.
  13. Is Princess going to run the Circle North Pacific 60-day cruise again?
  14. Is it difficult to make specialty restaurant reservations on the Pacific Princess? My cruise personalizer is not giving me the option to do so. I know that they alternate between Sabatini's and Sterling Steakhouse. I would appreciate any advice or experiences. Thanks!
  15. I could swear I read something a while back about a small MUTS screen being added to the pool area on the Pacific during her next drydock. Does anyone have any updates on this? We're going to be spending a lot of time on her in the next couple of years and it would be really nice to have another option for evening entertainment.
  16. Has anyone stayed in this mini suite? Is it quiet? Specifically - is there any noise from above? Thanks!
  17. I am looking for input on which deck is best for these suites and if they both are a bath and a half. Also, thoughts on this ship??? We have only sailed the Grand Princess in the Grand Suite which was very nice. Thanks to all for your help.
  18. Following a blog by someone on the current Pacific Princess World Cruise, she says that they had a presentation yesterday on the 2021 World Cruise and it will take place on the Island Princess. This doesn’t bode well for the future of the Pacific Princess in the Princess fleet, does it? Mods, please move this post if this topic has already been discussed.
  19. Last year we upgraded to a mini suite on the Pacific and loved the large room with the small dining table . However, our location under the BBQ area wasn't so great as several mornings someone was moving furniture above us starting at about 5:30 (A.M. !!!) We are thinking of booking on her again (we loved the ship) and would like to be in a quieter area. Since a lot of the mini suites are under the pool I wondered if anyone had any experience that could recommend a mini that was quiet.
  20. Has anyone used the Club Class dining on the PP? It is very little to upgrade from a mini suite to a CC mini suite, but I wonder if it is as good as regular dining. Can you be seated at a table with 4 to 6 other people and are the menus anything special? We enjoy being at a set table with the same people each evening and I wonder if this is possible with the C dining on this small ship.
  21. Are there any 2-person dining tables available on the Pacific Princess? With the smaller dining room, wondering if that will be an option or it we’ll need to share. Thanks!
  22. Is there a La Patisserie on the Pacific Princess? I see it referenced on the Princess site but can’t find it on the deck plans. Thanks!
  23. We always have the Latte coffee on the Larger ships from the IC but since this ship doesn't have a IC is there any place on board that can make them ? I am going to buy a coffee card if so and thank you for your reply.
  24. Does anyone have any recent pictures of the buffet area and/or inside cabins for the Pacific Princess? I just saw the new 12-day Alaska itinerary for May 15, 2020 and it looks interesting. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
  25. Looking at the deck plans, all the mini-suites are located on deck 8 and therefore right under the spa and gym, the pool deck, and the buffet. We don't want to do club class so does anyone have recommendations as to which remaining mini's are in the best location? I'm trying to avoid noise from the public areas on deck 9. We've only been on the small ships once before (the old Royal Princess) and that was in a deck 7 balcony so it had cabins both above and below. Thanks!
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