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Found 280 results

  1. We are looking to cruise to Alaska next August and are trying to decide between the Ruby Princess and Celebrity Solstice. The itineraries are similar, with the Ruby Princess visiting Glacier Bay and the Celebrity Solstice visiting Endicott Arm. If anyone can offer any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Considering a 29 day Pacific crossing offered on the Ruby and the Golden in April 2020. I’m not familia with either ship so would like your thoughts on these two ships. The Golden’s price is lower🤔. Thanks
  3. Hi, Hubby and I will be on the Ruby for her April 2020 cruise Sydney to Vancouver. We are trying to decide whether to keep our traditional dining time of 7:15 or change to Anytime dining. Does anyone know what time shows normally start? Thanks
  4. The Alaska cruise season had a test menu, does anyone know if it’s now permanent?
  5. Has anybody used the twin bed configuration in a Balcony Room on either of these ships? Looking at the floor plan, it looks like there would be little to no room between the beds when separated - unless the end tables are stored away somewhere. I will have older children in these rooms, and want to make sure there is actually a decent amount of distance between the beds.
  6. Had a weird mixed message with Princess Customer Service/Website today. On my Captain's Circle account, it lists me (and my wife) as at Platinum level with 5 completed cruises (28 days). But... today when I called Princess Customer Service to pay off my Panama Canal cruise, I was thanked for being a loyal "Ruby" member, and to enjoy my cruise with all my "Ruby" benefits. When I questioned, the agent, she again repeated "Yes enjoy your Ruby benefits on your upcoming Cruise". Plus when I got my paid invoice, it states that we are Ruby level. So, am I confused if we "are or are not" going to be Platinum on our 6th cruise or we will still Ruby level when we take our next cruise in Jan. Should we be considering a quickie cruise (grab a 1-3 day west coast re-positioning) to ensure that we have completed our 6th cruise before the longer upcoming Panama Canal cruise. Or.. are we just in that awkward in-between step, and will be platinum once we get on the ship? (gawd.. 1st world problems..) I was really looking forward to that free 250 minutes of internet, and being one third of the way to Elite.
  7. Does the Ruby Princess offer a Chef's Table to its guests??? If so approximately how much per person??? Thanks
  8. Hi I have a quick question regarding activities / facilities on the Ruby. I am see conflicting reviews, so anyone that has been on this ship recently can you please tell me do they have: 1. Putt Putt and; 2. Golf simulator Many thanks.
  9. Inquiring for someone on the Ruby Princess out of Australia. They are wondering if they can use the wine pkg to get a glass of wine in the specialty restaurants on board. The FAQ are confusing them. I don't buy bev pkgs so although it sounds strange that they couldn't use it I don't know for sure! Thanks for any info!
  10. I have been back for a couple of weeks now from our adventures on the Ruby Princess to Alaska and I want to share our trip report with LOTS of pictures. This trip is me (Jay) and my mom Brenda, we generally take a trip together each year, this is our 3rd cruise and our 2nd on Ruby Princess. We had booked this trip in August last year, but we were not sure we were going to be able to go and didn't actually decide for sure until a week before our final payment due date. Mom had been waiting sometime for knee replacement surgery and ended up having both of her knees replaced on February 11th of this year, so we had to wait and see how her recovery was going. Lucky for us, it was going awesome and she was ready to go for our cruise. Once we decided we were going (in April) we had to get on with the planning, luckily mom is retired so she has a bit more time now and she did most of the planning for us, since I was crazy busy with work this year. Our first decision was to drive to Seattle and then after we would head down the Oregon Coast for a few days post cruise, so I will include that in our journey as well. I will try and get this all posted as soon as I can, but I came home with almost 2000 pictures, and have only gone through about half of them, so please be patient, but feel free to ask any questions and here we go... June 19, 2019 Travel Day Mom lives in Saskatoon and I live in Calgary, so our adventure starts with her flying into Calgary on the morning of June 19th. Her flight arrived at 9:15am and by 9:30am she texted she had her bags, I picked her up and we were on our way. I had preloaded the car with my luggage, a couple of lawn chairs for stops and a small cooler with drinks and snacks. Most of our drive was pretty boring, we just caught up a bit and enjoyed our scenery on our drive, we didn't stop for many pictures and just kind of kept going. We made our fist stop at Crowsnest Pass for a quick bathroom stop. Our next stop was going to be Cranbrook but it was so windy there was so much dirt blowing, so we just kept going and made our next stop at Moyie Lake, BC. It really is a beautiful and large lake, again it was still super windy. After our quick stop, we toured around the campground before getting on the road and finishing our journey for the day. Our final destination for day 1 was Bonner's Ferry, Idaho. We were shocked at just how cute this town is when we got here, I had to pull over and take some photos before going to our hotel. We spent the night at the Best Western (all our hotels were Best Westerns as I was able to get a discount through work) Kootenai River Inn Casino & Spa. I cannot recommend this hotel enough, they are just completing some renovations to the exterior and public spaces, but the rooms have been updated already and are great. We had booked a river view and it was like we were out in the country! After getting settled a bit, we headed down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. We got to enjoy a delicious meal and and a beautiful view of the Kootenai River. After dinner, we did stop in the casino for a few minutes and spent $20 really quickly so we went back to the room to just relax, we played a couple games of cards and then I headed outside to get a couple photos before turning in after a early morning with little sleep.
  11. We had a great time on the Ruby Princess in Alaska. Seattle to Vancouver BC. I posted my videos. Part one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m5YnPOBadw Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjztLQ2xX3I Glacier Bay and Ketchikan jhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py9qC8pbteg
  12. I have booked two Ruby Princess cruises in December and January. The first is to the South Pacific which should be warm, and the other is a New Year cruise from Auckland to Sydney. I just realised that there are not inside pools on the Ruby and the NZ weather will be a bit chilly. Are the pools heated on the Ruby Princess?
  13. We are looking to book the PNW out of SFO but may not be able to make that happen until spring 2021. I am only seeing one sailing at this time on 4/24 on the Ruby. Will there be more options as time moves forward? Is the Ruby going to be the only ship sailing RT out of SFO starting in 2021? We are not fans of any ships in the 3000+ passenger range. Thank you
  14. Is there a laundry room available with washing machine facilities and ironing facilities? if so what is the cost?
  15. I am wanting to find out which MDR on the Ruby Princess is used on Sea Days for lunch? Of course we could wait until we board but looking at organising a luncheon after our Meet and Greet. We have quite a lot of interest. In 2010 on the Diamond Princess and then 2011 on the Celebrity Century we had such good numbers we had lunch in a separate MDR. Maybe we can again.
  16. We are booked in this room for a Pacific Cozral next September on the Ruby. Round trip from Seattle. I have searched reviews on CC about this room--but still have not found answers about..... 1- The fly bridge/deck I believe you have access to that deck. Where is the door for that deck? Is it near the cabin? Will the deck be open to the public or do will it be closed after a certain time? I looked at deck plans, but I can't find a door. 2- How rocky will it be in that room? Pacific Coastal I read can be experience high waves? 3- On the deck plan, it seems these rooms are near Thermal Spa. Is this a direct access to the Spa or is this Access to adult pool aera? 4- Is there lots of noise from above. Is it the gym above the room. Having trouble figuring it out from Deck plan. Any information would be appreciated
  17. Does anyone know if the Sauna and steam in the male change rooms of the Ruby Princess are complementary or do you have to pay to use them?
  18. I know the Ruby has the new meddallionnet internet service but can anyone tell me if it also has the new medallions or if it is still using the cards? We will be on it in May and I wanted to know if I should bring my old standard the lanyard for the cruise card or if I should get the little fitbit wristbands for the medallion? Thanks!
  19. I booked my Alaska trip out of Seattle on the Ruby Princess just a month or so ago and it came with a a few hundred dollars in onboard credits for excursions and specialty dining. However, I'm not able to able to access the credit until "Day 2." Anyone have a similar experience and can tell me if not booking a specialty dining place or excursion until day 2 (in order to use the credits) will mean my choices are limited? Thanks.
  20. Alright, I know a bunch of people are about to board the Ruby tomorrow, so I just want to give you a little word of caution to be extra vigilant when taking the elevators. Maybe it's common, but a lot of them have been broken/stuck/under maintenance over the duration of this cruise I'm on, and it seems to be a little worse today. I already got stuck on one elevator at the very aft section by Club Fusion/Horizon Court. It was one on the very end and when taking it down from 15 to deck 8, it reached my floor but the doors sort of went 'Ka-chunk', and didn't open. I heard the recording say, "Emerald, Deck 8." The doors ka-chunked again, but nothing. I tried hitting the alarm button inside the elevator but absolutely nothing happened. I yelled, "HELLO?" and about 5 seconds later the doors opened and a guy was waiting to get on. I came flying off and warned him not to get on that one, I just got stuck. A maintenance guy was just walking by and I told him I got stuck, and he said, "Again??" He said they had just fixed that one. Apparently not! One of the other elevators mid ship has a completely black panel where it normally displays what floor it's on, and the button next to it is dark. It looks like it has no power. Another elevator in the same bank (mid ship by the Piazzo) just keeps flashing that it's on deck 10 over and over but doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The other day when we were in Hilo, I was packed in an elevator at nearly full capacity and the power kept dimming. The lights would get very very dim and air conditioning seemed like it was about to turn off, then all the power would come back again. It happened twice just taking it from deck 8 to deck 4 and it was pretty scary. The next couple of days I noticed that particular elevator was hot like it had no AC or air flow. This is all on the April 8-23rd sailing and it happening with all different elevators across 2 different sections of the ship. I think I'll be taking the stairs as much as possible til we get off tomorrow!
  21. Multi generation cruise to Alaska: Any preference among these three ships? Itineraries are very similar. All depart from Seattle which is easily reached from all western cities. Similar costs as well. Advice appreciated.
  22. I'm a small ship afficionado- Oceania and Windstar are my cruise lines of choice. But recently a family member decided on a group family cruise to Alaska, and NCL Bliss and Ruby Princess lead the choices for ships that visit Glacier Bay. Very similar prices and amenities for May/June 2020. Can anyone who has cruised both lines/ships recently make a recommendation? These is a quiet crowd, not big drinkers, entertainment requirements are minimal- just decent food and good service. Little ones will be in the mix too. Going to post this on the NCL forum as well. Thanks for your help.
  23. Excuse me for my lack of search skills, since I'm sure this questions has been answered previously. My wife and I are first time Princess cruisers, and we are on a February 2020 New Zealand cruise on the Ruby Princess. Can anyone tell me what the normal show times are? I'm looking to make reservations at the specialty restaurants, and I want to allow sufficient time prior to or after the evening show. Thank you in advance for your assistance or in directing me to an existing string.
  24. Hey all! Just got back from our Alaskan cruise a few days ago. We had this cruise booked for 500 days! Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on cruise critic. Thanks to everyone. I learned so much. Now I'd like to give back by doing up a detailed trip report with photos. I really hate it when people write super negative reviews and whine about petty little things so I'm gonna try real hard not to do that. That being said, I'm not gonna lie either. People come on here to help make informed decisions about cruising and discuss current issues.
  25. Hi Folks, we're cruising onboard Ruby Princess 13 December 2019 between Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand. Has anyone got the current Drinks & Wine Lists, Spa Prices and Duty Free Liquor Prices??? Would love to review all 3 if at all possible. Many thanks for your assistance. Craig
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