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Found 75 results

  1. Have just booked a cruise on home ground in Australia next year, just in case Qantas is right in saying international travel may be off cards till mid next year and we lose our Europe cruise. Do the minisuites on Baja deck have a covered or open balcony? At least with two cruises booked now we might actually get to go on one!
  2. "Enchanted Princess takes the sea, the last jewel made by Fincantieri. This morning the ship left the plant in Panzano to Palermo, where it will arrive on Tuesday 16. There it will remain for 10 days, until 26, returning to Monfalcone on 29. It is the most explicit sign of the full recovery of Fincantieri's activities after the long stop forced by the pandemic that stopped the plant. A world emergency that blocked all metal companies like Fincantieri but also all production realities by imposing a global stop on travel and cruises. The blockage had a huge impact on cruise giants such as Carnival and Msc who have all the ships still on the quay. All the programming has been blown, as well as the terms of construction and deliveries are slipped. Fincantieri is completely reprogramming the production process and there are intense and continuous discussion with shipowners about ongoing construction and how to prepare for emergency exit. Enchanted Princess was due to be delivered this month of June, but for now it is unknown when it will happen. A stop that will affect the other ships under construction in Panzano and workloads may also occur for the induced. Now the sea tests are starting, a signal that the ship's setup is coming to an end. During navigation all planned tests (engines, stability, speed, particular maneuvers) will be carried out during navigation. In Palermo then the ship will do the usual hull cleaning operations. Then the return to Monfalcone at the end of the month to finish the setup that will continue during rehearsals. Gravated by all additional security measures planned for containment of Covid-19. Made based on the Royal Princess, Regal Princess, Majestic Princess and Sky Princess project, built and delivered to Monfalcone since 2013, inaugurating a new generation of ships that have found great success among the cruisers, the new Unit has a gross tonnage of 145.000 tons. The ship, like the twins, represents a new technological reference point at European and global level for innovative lay-out, high performance and high quality of avant-garde technical solutions. The relationship between Monfalcone and Princess Cruises shipyard will continue with the 2 next generation cruise ships of 175.000 tons of gross tonnage, the largest so far made in Italy. All to review deliveries. The units will accommodate around 4.300 passengers and will be the first of the fleet to be primarily powered by liquefied natural gas (Lng)." Photos: Fincantieri FB,
  3. Greetings CC brains trust 🙂 Does anyone have any information about the Sea Princess and possible upgrades / dry dock happening before she starts sailing again? I notice that her sister ship, the Sun, has both a new Koi Seafood Bar as well as SHARE by Curtis Stone restaurant... yet my poor Sea Princess still only has the Sterling Steakhouse (which is just a cordoned off part of the Horizon Court Buffet). The Sun class ships are my favourite Princess ship by far, but I'm feeling a bit disappointed that my poor old Sea is getting left out. Any clues? Thanks all! Cheers, Vickie.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I noticed on the marine traffic site that, after an extended stay in Yokahama, the Diamond Princess is sailing again. Feels like a noteworthy milestone.
  5. 18 Dec – 2 Jan FLL-LAX via the Panama Canal This review is a very limited survey of a very wonderful cruise aboard the beautiful Emerald Princess. I have been through the old locks, but this cruise was doing the new locks, so that’s why I chose it, despite every port being a repeat. Okay, you got me: that is not why I chose this cruise. After an immensely stressful fall semester, I wanted to do absolutely nothing but lie in the sun and read as many novels as possible, with only a short break for a martini and dinner – and so this cruise was perfect. Plus, for reasons that are inexplicable to me, it was being offered at a much cheaper fare than any of the other Christmas cruises. I will end the suspense right now: I achieved my goals. I read 15 novels and came home with an awesome suntan, sufficient to cause major pangs of envy in all my friends and colleagues. Even the archetypal sorority girl in the first row of my 9am Soviet history class was impressed: “Dr. ____, that’s, like, an amazing tan.” Mission accomplished. миссия выполнена. Mic drop. So, given the above, you’ve probably guessed that I didn’t get off the ship at all. And you’d be 99% right. Instead, I’m just gonna talk about the ship/cruise itself. This will be self-indulgently long. Read or don't read, your choice, but you don't get to complain! Embarkation. Delayed because the previous cruise took longer to clear immigration. I think we started to board around 12.30 or so? A plurality of passengers in the Elite lounge appeared to be on the older side. The upside to that: never a problem finding a lounger by the pool! Have you ever noticed that you’re seated around dozens of people in the boarding lounge, in this case for at least 1.5 hours, and yet you never, ever see those same people again on the ship? I’m just saying, it’s weird. And sad – because there was a really good-looking guy who appeared to be unattached and yet I never laid my beady little eyes on him again. And believe me, I looked . . . (There’s no ring on it, so I still browse. See Beyonce for additional information.) Once aboard, I headed to my cabin, which appeared to be available, unpacked the carryon, and then headed to the buffet for the first salad of the cruise. The Emerald has the World Food Market set-up, and the salad bar met my high standards. As did the chocolate chip cookies. And the carrot cake. And, especially, the chocolate chip cupcakes. Drink servers in the WFM were exceptionally attentive throughout the voyage. I liked the new furniture and, with the “extra” seating in Planks/Steamers, there was never a problem finding a place to sit. After lunch, I made a pedicure appointment for late that afternoon and then hung out on Deck 7 to watch them load provisions onto the ship. This has become my new favourite embarkation day activity. It beats some of the entertainers I’ve seen aboard. Plus, there's always a dog and I love dogs! A keen observer will note the uniforms and think there was a cold spell in FLL. There was not; this is a photo of the dog in San Francisco taken from the Grand. I do not have a photo of the dog in FLL, for reasons that will become clear in a moment. We were delayed leaving, since we were delayed boarding and also in loading supplies/luggage, but eventually we set off on our adventure. This would be an excellent place to insert a beautiful photo of sailaway, wouldn’t it? Well, someone forgot to charge her camera before she left and forgot to bring the battery charger. When I turned on the old Canon, it showed a frighteningly low percentage of battery power. So, I made the executive decision to save my photo-taking for the Canal transit.
  6. I have this transfer booked for later this year. Is it at all a scenic drive? Can I cancel the transfer if I decide to fly out of Vancouver?
  7. Us adults will enjoy our Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier viewing day aboard but I'm thinking the kids 12, 14, 19 and 21 might only last so long. What does your family like to do on sea days, especially glacier viewing days? We'll be on the Ruby Princess Aug 15, 2020. thanks! Looks likes we have quite a few sea days. We are first timers so all this new for us. Thanks!
  8. Going on 7 day California Coastal round trip Los Angeles and want to book specialty restaurants. Are the formal nights on the two sea days because first sea day is the second night onboard and next sea day is fourth day onboard with two ports after that before we disembark. Thanks in advance. And thank you to the gentleman who came to say hello on my cruise last week by recognizing me from my picture on Cruise Critic. Good times!
  9. We are planning to book the 28-day circumnavigation of Australia when bookings open for 2022. Assuming that will be on either the Sea or the Sun. Can anyone tell me where the smoking areas are? Since I can't seem to get my husband to quit that nasty habit, we try to book a cabin somewhat close to a smoking area. Thanks for any help! Lynn
  10. We are sailing on Regal this month. Do any of the specialty dining restaurants serve lunch on sea days? If yes, are reservations required and is there an additional charge? Thank you.
  11. Hi just booked our first princess cruise Adelaide to Sydney for 15th February 2021. Is anyone doing this also.
  12. Hi, as we are booked in to eat at 7:15 on the sea princess I was wondering which showtime would be best to attend. Thanks for your help snag
  13. As another thread has me wondering if we go for itineraries, sea days, or a combination of both? I love sea days but itineraries are relevant. (Is it really the attainment of elite status that causes cruisers to go astray to other cruise lines? By CarelessAndConfused, 14 hours ago in Princess Cruises) On sea days I love music, reading, no timelines......
  14. Ok you long term cruisers - Please help me? I need to learn about the back to back experience. We have been cruising regularly for 15 years but we have never done a back to back trip. We are very excited to have just booked a B2B Down Under for 21 days total in 2020!! I was careful to book the same cabin for both cruises and I was wondering if we will have to settle our account and start fresh for the second cruise and will we have to go through the whole Embarkation again to get new key cards, photos etc? Tell me about "turn around day" all you long cruise lovers! Thanks from Alaska!
  15. I was looking in my Medallion app today at events onboard (for our 12/21 cruise). I see one event listed as Good Spirits at Sea (listed multiple times). I believe this is a bar, but it there some kind of event that happens there? I thought it would be weird if they just listed a bar that had no event/activity. Any insight/experience is appreciated.
  16. We are planning our 40th anniversary cruise for the fall of 2021. I have been leaning toward Tahiti but princess doesn't have that schedule out yet. In the meantime I have noticed that Sea princess has a15 Day cruise out of Sydney that goes to Papau New Guinea and Solomon Islands. When I look at the pictures they look like Tahiti before Tahiti had tourism. Plus I love scuba diving and the diving there is supposed to be awesome. So I am considering this cruise. A couple of questions: Has anyone been to both PNG and Tahiti? How do they compare? For those of you that have been on the sea princess how do you like it? We have been on the crown and we will be on the star in July. Finally we absolutely love aft suites. On this ship it looks like the Caribe deck suites are huge. On the deck plan the Baja balconies look like they may be open to your neighbor? Can anyone help me with your thoughts on what would be the best aft balcony suite?
  17. Has anyone got the current 2019 Sea Princess Drinks List and associated prices. Just trying to work out whether its better to get the drinks package or just wing it.
  18. We recently had dinner in the Crown grill (CB). We enjoyed the specialty sea salts. I was able to take pictures of two of the three containers. Artisan Salt Co. 1. Hiwi Kai (black lava sea salt) 2. Yakima (Applewood Smoked sea salt) 3. Can some one provide me the name? I think the jar has a pink label? We would like to give these as Christmas gifts to some of our friends. I did go their web site but they changed the packaging and labels. Appreciate your help. Thanks
  19. We are on the Coral in November sailing from San Francisco and have chosen the port side on our balcony in order to see the mainland while coming into port. Our travel agent said that 99% of the time the starboard side will anchor where the passengers get off. Would like to hear comments.
  20. When we were on Regal 2 years ago, one nite they had a sea food buffet, with oysters, peel and eat shrimp etc. We decided to go to buffet in lieu of dinning room. Does anyone know if they still have it and which nite it is, so we can make reservations in specialty restaurant on a different nite THANKS
  21. Does anyone have a copy of the Princess Patters that they can post that has the instructions of how to use Princess@Sea and what is available? This is for a non medallion cruise. I will be on the Grand and would prefer that but other ships should be the same. I would like it for my Google Doc that has info for my Roll Call.
  22. Can I download the app from the Princess website or do I have to wait until I'm on the ship? :confused:
  23. Greetings... We're going on a 15 day cruise to Hawaii with 11 sea days. We have taken this trip many times, but this time I'm considering buying a CELL PHONE packed from AT&T. Has anyone every purchased AT&T's cell phone package for their cruise? They offer two: $50 for 50 minutes talk time, or $100 for unlimited talk time. Both feature unlimited texting. YES... I know... I'm on vacation, but I am also self employed and own a business. thanks
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