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  1. Hi everyone! This started as a live update but.....well, here we are 🙂 We disembarked this morning and are stuck in the Venice airport (weather delay). Thought that I would post some thoughts in hopes that it may help others. Take it for what you will, these are just our observations........ Pre-amble We are a family of 4 – the 2 kids are 12 & 16. We have traveled quite a lot but are minor-cruisers. Previous experience was on Carnival (just about quit right there), Disney (made us love it), Royal Caribbean (was pretty good, not Disney, but good!) and this cruise. We are pretty easy going although I am a it of an over-planner and like things to meet expectations. (OK so they are easy going and I may not be……….) I am also a germ-a-phobe so I quite like cruising and like the cleanliness offered by cruises. Before I enter my topic by topic breakdown just a note about pricing: for those wondering about price adjustments. I booked online (which was a mess so I ended up calling but it was noted as an online booking). There were 2 price adjustments and I phoned each time – each time Celebrity lowered our final price without problem. In the end we saved an extra 42% over our initial booking price. I checked the online pricing each weekend to see if there were any changes. Initial booking for another sailing was completed in Jan, changed to this sailing in March and adjusted twice before final payment date. I will break this into a few posts, so if a topic isn’t of interest hopefully this will make it easier to skip. Here is what I will cover: Embarkation Food (Trellis MDR, Oceanview buffet, Qsine) Rooms Feedback from the not-so-minis (12 & 16) Tours (or lack thereof) Dress Code Cleanliness
  2. Currently approaching the end of a very good 12 night cruise on Infinity, sailing from Venice to Barcelona. Something is bugging me, I can’t figure it out. The poolside music they play from about 6 am until late in the evening, when no other entertainment is featured, is very strange. They seem to have a playlist of only about 15 songs which are played on “random” meaning you sometimes get the same song twice or even three times in 15 minutes. No one from Celebrity seems any the wiser or to care. We had this for about a week, now, all of a sudden we have exactly the same playlist but someone has turned the speed down by 15% on all the same tracks (female vocalists sound male, male vocalists sound like Barry White) I have no idea why and requests to play the songs (which sound very strange) at the right speed are ignored - If they think we can’t tell they’re playing the same Lisa Stansfield, The Police, Empire of the Sun (etc) songs but slower they are wrong. for the life of me I don’t understand why they seem to have such a ridiculously small play list of songs
  3. It's been a while since we've been on an M class. With the internet plan how is the WiFi in your cabin? Is it strong enough to make WiFi calls? We will be aft on 9.
  4. I was wondering if someone can tell me how many bedrooms in the Penthouse Suite on the Infinity? We are a group of 5, and hope to have two people in each bedroom, and one on a pullout couch. Thank you!
  5. Does anyone know who the current Hotel Director, and Captain's Club host or hostess is? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know who the current Hotel Director, and Captain's Club host or hostess is? Thanks
  7. I see the Infinity has a traditional promenade deck unobstructed from lifeboats, can anyone tell me if there are lounge chairs on the deck? Many of the photos I can find do not show any chairs so wondering if they have been removed as is the case on many of the ships due to safety concerns.
  8. Just logged into my Celebrity account today to select our last excursion for our upcoming Panama Canal cruise on the Infinity October 25-Nov 9. They have a pretty good sale going on right now. Ended up cancelling the ones I booked at higher prices and rebooking them all. Ended up saving $70 overall for 4 excursions.
  9. Any one going on Celebrity Infinity in the near future and going to Corfu, DON'T take the shuttle bus Celebrity are charging 12 dollars per head for the bus. Just go to the port and get a taxi cost 10 euros for 4 people and much more civilized I think this is a total RIP OFF by Celebrity.
  10. Overall we had a wonderful cruise, but I can’t say it was a typical (I hope) Celebrity product. It was our first M class ship, and she is certainly looking tired but the staff keep her spotlessly clean. The decor is a bit dated and the soft furnishings desperately need changing. However, we never had to fight for a table in Oceanview Cafe, El Bacio or sun beds. The ship sailed full but it never felt crowded, even on embarkation lunch time we managed to find a table in the buffet - something we have struggled with on S class ships. We were in cabin 7039 and had a great stateroom attendant, Select dining was a bit hit and miss our waiter Jess wasn’t the best but the assistant Djhannah more than made up for any shortcomings. Food, whilst subjective was certainly better than Silhouette last year and there was always something on the menu to tempt me. It helps that I think the french onion soup is one of the best starters. Ports of call were good, Venice was a return trip for me, we went to Murano on the first day to buy the piece of glass I should have bought last year, unfortunately the shop was closed but I managed to find the glass works who produce the item and I ordered the piece to be made and shipped. Next day we went to St Marks and had the obligatory gondola ride, cheesy but great fun. Our tour in Split was a disappointment, we opted for The Game of Thrones sites tour. The guide was very knowledgeable but never shut up talking, it was seriously overkill, no time to stand and take in views etc. It was also fiercely hot 42 degrees and whilst the tour was badged as moderate it should have been strenuous, 2km hike up a 30 degree gradient of loose shale with no handrails. I think it was telling that of our group of 30 ish people only about 4 or 6 opted to continue the second half of the tour which was a further hour and half walking tour around the town, most people at this point went back to the ship. I did go to guest relations and suggest that the tour advert should be amended so people knew what they were signing up for but to be honest the person I spoke to didn’t really seem that bothered. As a result of this bad experience I cancelled our other booked tour to Pompeii, it was badged as strenuous and if it was going to be more difficult than the one we had just done I don’t think we would have enjoyed it. Montenegro was fabulous, stunningly beautiful and a wonderful sail-in/out. Tender port but efficiently done with both local and lifeboats used, about a 15 minute wait to get off. The old town is charming and great for leather goods. Definitely on my list to return to. Corfu, least favourite port, not particularly attractive and the only place we were hassled by beggars who were quite aggressive. Naples we did a great local excursion. Twenty minute walk from the ship to Underground Naples, 40 m down steep stairs into the Roman water tanks and tunnels which served the whole city. These were used in the Second World War as air raid bunkers. The whole city lived down there. Fascinating place and great volunteer guide, the best 10€ spent of the cruise. Highly recommended. As I said we really enjoyed the cruise but now for the contentious bit...............go get the popcorn and sit back! I have never really understood why people get so het up about dress codes, well I do now. Celebrity have a policy but they just don’t enforce it, well they do sometimes............ Bare chests in the buffet, bikinis in the buffet, pyjamas in the buffet, I didn’t think it would bother me but it’s unsanitary and it did. The main dining room was similar in that scruffy cut off denim shorts and T shirts seemed to be acceptable dress, even on evening chic nights if you were from a non English speaking country. We saw an American teenager dressed in smart burmuda type tailored shorts turned away after having the dress code explained, whilst many Italian and Spanish teenagers were allowed in wearing cut offs and running shorts. It just didn’t seem fair. I would like to think that maybe the staff at the door didn’t have a good enough grasp of the language to explain the dress code. We heard guests complaining about the non enforcement of Celebrity rules, the restaurant manager said he would pass the complaint onto his manager. The other area which to me was a negative was the Cruise Director, Luigi. Loud pool games every afternoon, not much trivia or the usual Celebrity entertainment, a generally manic demeanour- it felt like Butlins at Sea. I wonder if he had been brought on as there was such a large Spanish guest population and he was a Spanish speaker? All announcements were in English and Spanish. It felt more like a Royal Caribbean cruise with knobbly knee contests etc. Main theatre entertainment was weak but the music around the ship in lounges and bars was generally very good. Officers around the ship were almost invisible. I have two future cruises booked, around Japan and the Baltic next year, I’m hoping that the product will be back to what we usually expect. Feel free to ask any questions. Debbie
  11. We are booked on the Infinity Feb 22/21 but it seems to have disappeared. In fact all Infinity cruises are gone from Feb 22/21 to Mar 27/21? Does anyone know if it’s Charters or Dry Dock? Thank you.
  12. I am just back from our 1st celebrity cruise - We sailed Infinity at the end of July 2019 from Venice round to Rome. I have not a huge number of sailing to compare to - 2 x Royal 2x Carnival and 1 on the Marella Explorer As an over planer having trolled the boards pre cruise I was quite surprised on my take on this cruise as it seems out of kilter with what I had expected from reading on here. This was a special cruise for us to celebrate my getting into remission from leukemia and to celebrate with our gilrs and their fiances after missing a 21st, a graduation and two engagements while I was in hospital. Our mums were coming too but unfortunately my mum took ill a few weeks before so was unable to travel. We selected celebrity as we thought is would be superior to RCL and it was sailing from and to ports that interested us. I will highlight any differences with the other lines - better or worse and will also try and describe the bits I found surprising wrt info I had read. We had a good cruise - Nothing would have made it bad after the year we had had lol. Things that surprised us The main shows were soooo much better than any we have had on our other 5 sailings- this surprised me as I had read that RCL and TUI should be much better but infinity was much more professional. Unfortunately, that's were the good entertainment ended- the bar singers we encountered were awful. (there was a good female singer/ duo but she seemed to always be put out of the way in the upper lounge or was on over our dinner). Apart from me, my family are very musical (sing, and play many instruments and also compose too) and they struggled to sit through the male guitar singer even I could tell how off tune he was lol. That brings me to the venues - this was just odd all these seem to be just walk ways through the ship, so never able to have any atmosphere as most just use them to walk though. The only one (which again was just an area to walk though that was ever busy was the martini bar - its patrons seemed happy just to sit and drink all night getting louder as the night went on. There was no background music here - just odd. We would go to the outdoor bar after the show but although there was music here during dinner time it was finished by 8.30 and the bar shut prompt at 11 (well no cocktails after 10.20 as the stuff was already cleaned apparently lol) Another surprise was the pool area - In 2 ways - one you cant see the water from the beds in the indoor pool and the outdoor pool too is strangely obscured by showers/ spas and others things. I cant go in the pools but usually like to be able to see them rather than face a low wall. But even more surprising was the pool games- I thought from what I read that celebrity did not go in for all that stupid Butlins stuff - Well it went on all day person to person balloon passing (described by our 22yr olds as a bit like hen/stag go entertainment) , belly flopping, country team olympics and even sing alongs. More antics on here than I have ever come across on Carnival or RCL. Definitely Butlins on sea especially on the sea day. Escape to deck 4 were there is shade and peace. The food The main dining room probably had the best food we have had in here on any of our cruises, however, we had issues in here wrt allergies. Our first night was really difficult my daughter is allergic to egg. We asked the waiter several questions and told him this. But we quickly knew he did not know what he was talking about as he told her (and then me as I am celiac) that we could not have balsamic vinegar and removed the bottle from my daughters hands just when she was about to pour some. He then said she could have the bread rolls but she was unsure by this point as he had also got other stuff wrong so she didn't take them just as well as we later found out they had been glazed with egg. We asked for the maitradee but he took 40 mins to arrive (It was very busy the 1st night but we had a booked time and had stated our allergies and filled forms in ahead of the cruise). We did speak with the head on way out was told waiter was new and given a different excellent waiter for the rest of the cruise. Again the food was very good even for me being celiac The Buffet Breakfast- we tried a room service breakfast the first day - but it was stone cold so from then on we went up to the buffet the selection was good for most but was a bit of a let down wrt celiac - other cruises have this sorted but here I would say it was poor- they fried their stuff together so things I can usually have were not gluten free,the only labeled gluten free hot food was bacon( asked for an omelet one day but he correctly said need to wait 20 mins as he needed to clean down for me - we had a trip booked so opted for my daily banana on toast). - they do not offer anything else other than 1 bread (sometimes white sometimes brown) and raisin bread - no rolls,no pancakes, no banana bread. But there was plenty fresh melon orange and pineapple along with tinned other fruits and usually 2 different cheeses ,( note they claim salami ect has gluten in) so you wont go hungry even if celiac. Lunch Very good wide choice for lunch even a few choices for gluten free sweets (all be it they are also low sugar as well) and a nice ice cream selection Afternoon tea A very big let down for me here- I LOVED this on Marella - but they do not offer a gluten free version of this on the Infinity - they don't even have any gf bread and cheese out so a no go for me and as we had several trips booked that meant we missed lunch - then that was me until dinner unless I took a gf pizza ( tried one - think microwave 1990's pizza - but at least I was full lol).- they really could improve on afternoon tea and could also do with learning from Marella how to make gf pizza. The ship Not a fan of this layout - I missed the atriums we had in RCL and Carnival ships The decor was better than I had expected for an older ship and they were fixing stuff daily - the bathrooms could do with a revamp. We rarely saw our cabin guy - but I don't need to see them, I have never had to ask for anything extra- just saying in case that is important to others We had an issue in our cabin on night 1- there was a problem with the fan it seemed to blow out then made an awful noise that was like a jet landing, maintenance came after we called and just as well as 10 mins later there was an awful smell of wires burning which meant we had guys in and out of our room and in the roof space until 3.30am they then left and forgot to remove their master key from our door so a stranger walked into our cabin very very drunk at 4,30am- (no idea were is was going as we were 6004!! at the end of the corridor) so not the best night I have had on a cruise. The cruise as a whole This ship was best for shows by far and up there with Marella for MDR (probably slightly better) but Marella has the edge here as it has so many waiter service venues to dine in for free including the MDR, formal Italian, laid back Italian, Tapas and a steak house. and also has an awesome afternoon tea that included food for celiacs Value for money I would definitely say it wasn't worth twice what we paid for RCL (doing similar med 7night trip sames dates 2 yrs ago) and over 1.5 x what we paid for Marella all inclusive for 14 night trip in the Caribbean. However, it was still a great cruise.
  13. Let me start off by saying that I have been on Carnival, Rccl x3, Disney, Norwegian x2 and silver sea cruises. This was the first Celebrity cruise we have taken and by far our Worst. First the ship was actually not bad at all. The infinity looks well taken care of and is in really nice shape. The room steward was really attentive and kept the room clean. Unfortunately that’s the end of the good. The Capt was nonexistent, the only time you saw the capt was when he and was dropping off or picking up just kid from kids club and would not even look at you or say hello. The food was on par with fast food. The buffet was nothing to write home about, there would be empty trays of food that were not restocked. They had excursions that left really early and arrived late and only gave you 30 min on each end to grab some food. (That includes time to viewed the ship, get ready and go eat. The specialty restaurants were no better. The n the main dining room service was slow, orders mixed up and if you wanted to order a drink you had to wait fir a bartender that was working the entire main restaurant. That resulted in waiting over 30 min for a drink that sometimes never even showed up. Nobody monitored adult only areas or pool and stuff seemed put out if you asked a question. Guest service was no better often talking right past you. The hope this was just a glitch because I have heard great things about Celebrity cruises.
  14. Might take a quick 5-night in January and Infinity is the one that fits the bill. We have been on Mercury (1999), Millennium (2007), and Silhouette (2013) but none since then. We loved the t-pool on Millennium...wondering if Infinity has that? Anyone on there recently that can give us an idea how the service and specialty restaurants are onboard these days? Looking at a possible Concierge cabin in the aft - any thoughts on that? Thanks!
  15. Does anyone know if I can get a dirty banana drink on celebrity?
  16. Hello! We will be traveling on the Celebrity Infinity and have just booked cabins 7903 and 7905. They are inside cabins just outside the glass elevators but I can't seem to find a lot of information on them other than they were added during a previous dry dock. Does anyone have any photos of these rooms or any info on them? Are they bigger? They seem larger on the deck plans but I can't find any specific information on the layout or size. Also wondering if there is a lot of noise because of their location outside the main elevators? Thanks so much for any help. There seem to be six rooms like these (7901, 7903, 7905 and 6901, 6903 and 6905).
  17. It is time to hit the seas again and we are so in need of a cruise. While we don't suffer from severe cold winters like many, it has been a very wet but mild El Nino winter in Northern California. We initially booked the TA cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona, but ended up adding on a short 5 day Caribbean prior to the crossing. While we don't leave for 3 days, I thought I would start getting the blog started. Please feel free to jump in also ask questions. I will try to fulfill all requests. First up is the Itineraries -
  18. I have booked Suite 9111 on the Infinity and and there is virtually no information on it anywhere. Does anyone have any information about this M class room? I am worried about noise from above or the lounge. We do 2 or 3 cruises a year but always on S class ships. I am lost choosing a cabin here. Any help is appreciated. (I apologize taking up Board space w/ a personal question)
  19. Can get 9 day on Infinity (4 and 5 day back to back) for same price as the seven day reflection. Also more obc on infinity. Thoughts? Would be over New Years. Was on equinox last year and loved it. What would you do??
  20. I just received a call that our cruise on the Infinity April 16-20, 2020 has been cancelled due to the ship being chartered. Its ridiculous that they cancelled our cruise and offered $100 OBC. What about flight cancellations etc.?
  21. Hi all ... We sailed in a Cat 9, midship inside cabin on the Infinity and just loved it. We were in cabin 7903 and our friends in 7901. The cabins were much larger than the normal inside cabins and the layout was very unique to each one of these cabins as well. There was also one to the side of us, 7905 and three just below us on deck six. Anyway, the unique layout and size of these cabins made an inside cabin very palatable. Now, I am looking at the deck plans on the Summit and they also have cabins in the same places but the deck plans don't show them to be the larger cabins as on the Infinity. I can find no specific information or even one review on these cabins on here or FB or google ... not anywhere. Can anyone confirm if these cabins are the same size as the ones on the Infinity and if so, any other particular pros and cons of staying in one of these cabins?
  22. Hi Everyone, I tried doing a search but came up short, and thought this may be quicker. I am sailing Feb 2020 in he Infinity out of Miami. I am renting an Airbnb post cruise for one night. I am trying to locate the time slots for disembarkation to try and time our arrival to the Airbnb. We aren't able to drop our bags off until 11:00/11:30. I am trying to figure out how much extra time we will have from disembarkation to checking into our Airbnb in FLL. Then we will need to find a resolution to kill time between the two in the event there will be a long stretch between. Obviously we would be aiming to disembark as late as possible.
  23. Anyone done this tour through the ship's shore excursions? It mentions '...view the breathtaking Alhambra Palace...' it doesn't mention that you actually enter the palace. Is it just a drive by or an actual visit to El Alhambra? Thanks
  24. I am trying to do a search with the cabin compilation for m class but don’t know how to proceed. Thanks!
  25. This will be posted in the Reviews but thought I would put here first. Overall, we felt our experience in a Royal Suite on the Infinity was very comparable to cruising with Regent. Here is the review: We haven't been on Celebrity for many years but since we were cruising with our grand-daughter (turned 6 on the cruise) wanted a cruise with an available roomy suite, good service and activities for a 6 year old. This cruise was priced right for a Royal Suite - probably because it hadn't had it's well overdue makeover yet - and also it was relatively early in the Mediterranean season. We weren't sure if or how Sarah would like the kids' club but it was nice to know it was available. Also, included in our cruise price was the premium drink package, wi-fi for 4 devices, access to all restaurants, butler service. Pretty much everything and more we have been getting while cruising Regent and Silversea. Sure, the ship was larger, but by today's standards this is a mid-size ship and it's probably the largest sized ship we will cruise on. Also, the itinerary, while similar to other cruises we have been on, had some different stops for us, including Sete and Corsica, France and Messina in Sicily. - Overall, we were very pleased with our cruise. We were met at embarkation by Michaels Club Concierge Joao, who helped make our cruise special throughout the cruise. We lunched in Luminae, the suites only restaurant for lunch, and they made a great impression on our grand-daughter by finding her favorite drink, doing a special spaghetti and meatball, and throughout the cruise helped her feel very special. Our butler, Chip (not his real name, but that's what he wanted us to call him) from Romania, was always available and brought us hot and fresh breakfasts every morning, made sure our suite was up to speed with all our requests, and helped make Sarah's birthday special with door and room decorations and a beautiful cake. The cabin interior was beautiful and were pretty much all the interior areas of the ship. Our balcony needed upkeep, and the exterior spa tub was too rusty to even consider using. On the other hand, the inside jacuzzi tub was so much fun it was hard to get our grand-daughter out of the bath. - The food was fine. I especially enjoyed many of the seafood entrees and my wife was thrilled that they offered a true and properly cooked veal chop one evening. If there wasn't anything of interest on the Luminae menu, we could always order off the main dining room menu as well. Offerings at the buffet (which we mostly used at lunch when we were on the ship) was varied but we often gravitated to the grill, pizza station and Asian area. Overall, we felt the food was comparable to our most recent Regent experiences, and that was very flattering to Celebrity. - My wife had a small medical incident on the ship and she was seen promptly by the ship's doctor who was able to do a test to determine it was not more serious (although they recommended we see someone off the ship, it wasn't necessary) and the bill, we thought, was reasonable for seeing a ship's doctor (and we will get reimbursement from insurance). The shops on the ship had good merchandise and was priced well, but they had to charge VAT since all the stops were in the EU. Still, we were able to get a good price on a nice watch, and with the VAT refund, felt we got a very fair deal. - Sarah loved the kid's club and towards the end of the cruise would rather spend the day there than get off the ship with us!! Kudos to the staff and well done!! - This was a pretty international cruise with I'd say less than 50% Americans or Canadians, less than we would expect. For the most part, I'd say everyone was polite, with very few chair hogs on our sea days (well, at least not early risers). Our grand-daughter loved the pool area and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Because she was 6 we couldn't use the indoor pool area but it looked clean and well maintained. - Susan said her spa experience was very good. We disembarked in Rome (Civi) and Joao even escorted us off the ship! Our grand-daughter says if she can't live in Tucson she wants to live on the ship!! - I'm sure the Infinity will be even better after it's upcoming dry-dock, but for now, we would highly recommend it if you want a more affordable cruise with an excellent cruise line.
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