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Found 122 results

  1. does the millennium have a designated cigar smoking area
  2. We had this booked until recently, when we changed it to the 2022 sailing on the Solstice. A couple of days after you changed, it had disappeared from our TA site, and Celebrity is ONLY showing Retreat's available with all other categories sold out. Anyone else find this unlikely and maybe have some insight?
  3. So, we have Lifted & Switched our April 2021 on the Constellation cruise to one on the 4th April 2022 on the Millennium. We were offered a few different cruises that we were able to move to and the 4th April 2022 suited our dates the best so we opted for that one. Strange thing is, even though it was our agent at Celebrity (we book direct) who moved our cruise, I cannot see it listed any where online?? It not showing on the Celebrity site either as a listed cruise? The cruise prior to it and the cruise immediately after it are listed but not ours? Any reason why this would be? We were even sent a screen shot of the intinery by the agent? Very strange..............
  4. As much as I love that Celebrity remodeled the Millennium, which we'll enjoy (hopefully!) July 2021, I am saddened that the "retreat" is an exclusive deck space for suites. I am not sure how much "regular passenger" space on the decks there is for lounging and enjoying the scenery. Any experience/tips/advice on best places to go to relax outside and enjoy the scenery (especially for Hubbard viewing- we'll be their 2pm-6pm)?
  5. I was under the impression that the room we booked has 2 twins that can be pushed together with 2 uppers. But, when I logged in to my reservation with Celebrity Online (I booked directly), I can't change the configuration to 2 twins/together. I know we booked Celebrity over Princess because Princess seemed to only offer (and I could be mistaken) 2 bunk styles, with no sofa couch, or the ability the push 2 twins together- it is set up as 2 bunks. I am still happy to be sailing on Celebrity, but will we be able to push the twins together for a queen/king size bed with her in an upper berth? We are in room 2136 for an Alaskan Cruise in 2021 and any tips/suggestions is greatly appreciated as we've never cruised before! We do have pre-paid gratuities and $300 OBC. I am thinking to use the OBC as our drinks/specialty dining fund. I would love do the Premium Bev.Package, but don't think it's worth it unless we book it on sale (which I'll continue to see if they offer). Also, if you have any general tips for Alaska- we'd love hear all of your knowledge/tips/tricks! 🙂
  6. Just upgraded to the RS from C1on the Millennium. It was a pretty good deal considering the premium drinks package, internet and unlimited specialty dining is included. I've only done the Haven on NCL (which I loved because as a bit of an introvert, I love to be able to escape from the crowds to the 'ship within a ship' concept) and I really value my space (and I am solo). Since I am doing a transpac, for 16 nights, I will treasure the space. So, it was worth it for me. What can I expect in comparison to the Haven? I understand I get two bottles of spirits-is there a list to choose from? How unlimited is the unlimited specialty dining? Could I order 5 entrees and no one would think twice (not that I would!)? I have no idea what will happen with my September 2020 cruise, but I am hoping for the best. If worse came to worst, I could lift and shift to RS next year. But I'm hoping it will happen this year 🙂
  7. Can anyone tell me who the cruise director is on Millennium? I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find it.
  8. I have finally completed my trip report. It was a GREAT cruise. I will be happy to answer any questions. Alaska Cruise Review.pdf
  9. Welcome to my trip report. We’re going to talk about ALASKA. *the clouds part…(happy, white, fluffy clouds ala Bob Ross!)...radiant beams burst forth…a great multitude sings HALLELUIA in eight part harmony!* Unlike many “reviews”…this “trip report” will begin NOW…many days before we actually leave for our vacation. We will board the Millennium on June 22, 2018. In Vancouver. Sailing northbound to Seward, visiting Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, and Skagway. And Hubbard Glacier. Over the course of 7 nights. I am beside myself with excitement for our up and coming vacation! My mind is single tracked. All conversations lead to Alaska. I’m starting this report now…if only for the sake of my own sanity. You see, I want to share more than just what we did and how it went. I’d like to share a bit about the planning…because it can be quite overwhelming. Planning Alaska. I was overwhelmed. A LOT. I think many are when they think about Alaska. At least, that’s the impression I have based on WAY too many hours spent on this forum. I’m not sure why. It requires planning. Like most vacations. But something about Alaska. Perhaps it is the idea that going to Alaska is such a bucket list item. It FEELS like a once in a lifetime trip. And maybe it is? Vacation decisions carry weight that other, more easily repeatable vacations, do not. And let’s face it. Many excursions are ridiculously expensive. In EVERY port. And there are so many choices. Too many! How to decide? I hope that when I share all about our trip…beginning now…it will help those planning their own Alaska vacation. And I hope that beginning this trip report will entertain those like myself…who have planned all the planning there is to plan. Who are caught up in typical last minute details. But also wanting an outlet for all that anticipatory energy! Hopefully, this will be a good enough read…an interesting enough story to pass the time with a coffee…or LATTE…(or wine!). Because this forum lacks editing capabilities past 15 minutes?...if you are reading this post prior to June 20…you are engaging in the pre-cruise conversation…if you are reading this post after July 3…you will definitely be able to eventually read what ACTUALLY happened. The actual review part of this trip report. I will simply start writing this trip report as I would after returning…just starting earlier than that. So I’ll get to the nitty gritty of the actual trip immediately following the trip. This is my style…I like to write. And I would like to share my full story. It may be too much background for some readers…but I think it will be helpful for some. I’ve appreciated the use of color for the reporting aspect of a trip report in other reviewers. I will copy that idea. My posts will be in this blue color. I promise that there will pictures in the review portion of this report. But not too many. I tend to use words to create a visual. I do love to write. Sometimes, I feel that too many pictures prior to travel lends an unwelcome sense of Déjà vu during my own vacation. I’ll strive for that balance between helping everyone relive their own vacation…and taking you on mine without too many spoilers for your own. I welcome conversation. My roll call is small. No one has really been talking. Without further ado…I bring you…a discussion regarding all things Alaska…as it relates to our vacation.
  10. See this link for an article in today's San Diego Union-Tribune. I didn't know there were some South American passengers still aboard Eclipse. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/tourism/story/2020-04-30/cruising-has-stopped-but-ships-with-thousands-of-crew-members-still-in-san-diego-waiting-to-return-home Cruises have stopped, but ships with thousands of crew members still in San Diego waiting to return home
  11. We are planning a week long cruise on Mille and have not been on Celebrity in a while. I have searched their website and this one, but can not find accurate info on the costs for specialty restaurants onboard. We are trying to decide between Aqua and regular balcony. I know Aqua comes with Blu for breakfast and dinner, which we have done before and loved, but we will still want to do a specialty or two for dinner on Mille even if we have Aqua. What would be the cost if we did a package for a specialty every night of the cruise? I found there are 3 night specialty pkgs and 5 nights, but I'm not sure about other quantities. I have also been unable to find consistent pricing on any of the new packages if we book ahead of sailing. Anyone with experience in the last 6 months or so know the prices? (I'm not really a wait and gamble for a discounted price once on board kind of person.) What specialty restaurants are available on this ship? I'm assuming the Olympic is still an option. Am I correct? What are the per restaurant prices if we were to just book day by day onboard without a package? We have not enjoyed the MDR in the past because it is so big and loud and prefer the atmosphere of Blu and the specialty restaurants. So, even if we do not do Aqua Class, we will still dine in the specialty restaurants in the evening.
  12. My view this morning: Eclipse still in port. Haven't seen any news today about what will happen with the South Americans who haven't been permitted to disembark from Eclipse. Millennium is here for previously scheduled resupply.
  13. Hello everyone. Does anyone have any information about the new Balcony rooms on deck 10 of Millennium. I love the location from the deck plan, but I cannot find any information about them as they are too new. I am looking for noise information, balcony size etc.
  14. In the past I have used fellow cruisers postings of the daily in-cabin newsletters to help plan my own activities in advance of our cruise, so I don't have to take much time reading through them during my vacation. However, I could not find any here on the forums for our Alaska Cruise on the Celebrity Millennium. So, for anyone like me that likes to look at the newsletters in advance of your sailing, here are the daily newsletters from our recent cruise on the Celebrity Millennium's SOUTHBOUND sailing on May 20th-27th, 2016. I have also posted the May 12th-20th Northbound dailies separately (we went B2B). Also, I will soon be posting a review of our experience while on the Millennium for 15 days, and I plan to add a link to it here in a reply below once it is ready. I hope you find this helpful. Relish in your planning - it is half the fun! https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=9914F0610AA0189!1283&authkey=!AJfYDIfDQjzhC_8&ithint=file%2cpdf
  15. I'm hoping to get some information for ship Millennium S2 views (pictures from balcony would be great!) and proximity to service doors. I've read the M Class cabin info compilation, looked at cruisecritic reviews, and visited cruisedeckplans. It's harder as the M class ships have different deck configurations of barrels, cranes, empty space, big white boxes. So can't compare Millennium views to Summit (both are shown below for starboard). I know folk love S1 cabins 6131, 6132, 6145, and 6146. I'm solo and S1 cabins are $150 more a day so not considering right now. It seems like 6115 and 6116 the lifeboats are below the edge of the balcony. The bigger cranes are above the balcony edge. Here's Millennium port S2 cabins. Millennium starboard S2 cabins. View at angle doesn't show lifeboat cranes above balcony floor as above does. Another view of starboard. Summit starboard S2s by comparison. Nice and empty on deck below 6124. Nothing high for 6122 and 6120. I think I'd be happier without a crane (although read many don't consider the taller cranes a big deal) and would like to avoid possible smoking on deck 4 port side. So leaning toward 6116. Is it near a service door? any other issues. Any other Millennium S2 cabins folk loved and might have a balcony view from? ones they'd avoid? Any smelling smoke issues for the S2 port cabins? many thanks!
  16. On the Celebrity website I see that there are two 5 day cruises out of Seattle of the Millennium starting April 20th. My question is do you think they will add more cruises earlier in the month? I saw an article saying they will have some cruises out of LA so we were really hoping there would be one around April 11 or 12 because that is the start of my spring break. I just don't want to get my hopes up.
  17. We are considering a cruise on the Millennium in a Royal Suite and can't determine if the balconies are covered. Anyone know the answer? Thanks
  18. I know the Millennium will be doing Hero cruises out of Los Angeles until 4/10 & will be doing Pacific Coast cruises starting 4/20 out of Seattle. I just am having trouble finding out where it will be between the 10th and the 20th.
  19. SHAME FULL! March 14, 2020 Sailing on Celebrity Millennium. We were very much looking forward to taking this cruise of a lifetime, but not under the circumstance caused by the current health crisis, the Corona Virus. Spoke to TA, Then Celebrity's One Touch Customer Service, on to Resolutions, no help. Celebrity REFUSES to make any changes, offer any options or edit any current adjustments to current itineraries to Point Zero China ports. Or simply waits until the last possible minute. They just want to steal our hard earned money or force us to voluntarily go into a life threatening situation. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/01/articles/disease/coronavirus-celebrity-holland-america-line-and-seabourn-cruises-refuse-to-cancel-or-refund-cruises-to-china/ Celebrity pushes forward and refuses to give options to passengers booked on cruises docking in CONTAMINATED China ports, putting all passengers in danger, taking our money without the benefit of the planned vacation and not being able to visit the promised ports. Celebrity stance, of not providing custumers twit timely options, shows the lack of respect for our valuable vacation time and exposing us to Asia ports, considering the fluidity and fast moving spread of virus, Celebrity does not value their passengers safety. We will not cruise Celebrity again. I may loose my $$$, but I will NEVER sail Celebrity again unless they make the right decision. We offered to swap cruises for safer ports and were flatly refused. Celebrity notified their February 1, 2020 cruise passengers yesterday, when many had already flown out, with a number of passengers connecting through Hong Kong being denied boarding in Singapore, due to last minute measures put in place at that port. This is a health emergency!!! Shame Celebrity!
  20. We have been assigned this stateroom on our upcoming Heroes Cruise. I have searched and cannot find if this cabin can accommodate 3 people. Some plans indicate a sofa bed, others do not. At present we are in 2 cabins and would love to release the 2nd cabin so another military or CA first responder can travel. Wait times are long for the phone lines and would like to have ducks in order before I call.
  21. Does anyone have any pictures of the Celebrity Suite on an M class ship after a revolution (millennium/summit) ? We have one booked for the Infinity after the revolution. Also, it's on the 9th floor and I know the pool deck is above this, so my question is, is this a good or bad location? Has anyone received an upgrade offer to a Royal Suite from a Celebrity, and if so how much?
  22. We’re on vacation in Waikiki and noticed the Millie was docked here. We can see it from our balcony. Are any passengers getting on here?? Just wondering what’s the scoop on this?
  23. Just booked a royal suite on the Millennium. I booked 6134. Any trouble with noise from nearby stairs or elevator? thanks! (first time in one of their big suites)
  24. Considering booking a 15 cruise on the revolutionized Millie. Limited availability and looking at cabin 6103. Any pics or other info regarding this cabin? Particularly interested in how they redid the accessible bathroom. Thanks.
  25. Groundhog Day alert! I recently booked a "Transpacific" cruise on Millennium in April/May 2021--Tokyo to Vancouver. We cross the International Date Line on "Day 9" of the cruise. Now, Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Pacific time...or 7 hours behind, but the next day... My assumption, since Celebrity is selling this as a "15 night cruise" is that on 7 of those 15 nights, we move our clock ahead one hour...and, as it appears to read on the Celebrity website itinerary, we merely repeat May 3, the day we cross the International Date Line...and we actually do have 15 dinners, 15 main shows, etc. Being in Select Dining, one thing I always do way in advance is to make reservations for dinner--generally every night at 7:00--since that is typically the hardest time to get (I'll adjust later if there's a late port tour)...and they always seem to let me show up a little early or a little late. Well, I just did that for this one...and the system only allowed me to book 14 nights... So, I called Celebrity...and the agent I got, "Wendy" was even more confused than I was. The website itinerary shows us repeating "Day 9"...but she kept insisting we LOSE a day! Now, I've never cruised across the Pacific before, but I have flown across it a few times and I can pretty well remember losing a day flying to Asia and gaining it back coming home. Well, Wendy put me on hold for a long time while she looked for someone who knew the answer. 40 minutes into the phone call (mostly hold time), she finally came back and insists that it's really a 14 night cruise! AND, she insists, that, when we get to Vancouver on Sunday, May 9, that it's really SATURDAY! So, I again tried to explain to her how we lose a day flying to Asia. I told her that you can board a plane in Los Angeles on Noon Thursday and you won't arrive in Tokyo until 4:00 pm on Friday...but, when you return, you can board a flight in Tokyo on Noon the following Thursday and be back in Los Angeles around noon the same day...because you lose an entire day flying to Asia and gain it back coming back to North America... Wendy was utterly confused. She took my phone number and said she'll get back to me...In any event, I still only have dinner reservations for one of the Day 9s. I believe it's a glitch in the program where the reservation system won't allow for two day 9s... ...or, maybe we go through a time warp...
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