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  1. This is our first Celebrity cruise (Reflection 09/26/2020), so I am a little confused about making dining reservations. We have cruised with NCL and have always booked restaurant/time/date for the whole cruise online, in advance. We are booked in an Aqua class stateroom with "anytime" dining. 1. The website lets me select dining times for each night using the "Celebrity Select" option. Should I assume that those reservations would be in Blu? There is no option to select any other MDR. I have read great reviews of Blu, but what if we want to try others? 2. If I try to purchase any length Specialty Dining Package, there is a disclaimer that my restaurants will be "assigned" and given to us in our stateroom on the first night. Also, it states we can make a courtesy reservation online for the first night, only. Does this mean that I cannot make advance online individual specialty reservations at specific restaurants for specific times? 3. If I choose and pay for a Specialty Dining Package, do other options for advance online reservations show up for me? I have searched throughout the Celebrity website and cannot find the answers to these questions. I hesitate to phone them - every time I have the hold time has been <30minutes. I really don't want to stand in line on the first evening onboard. Thanks for any help you can give me!!! Nancy
  2. I have read conflicting times for the cocktail hour. Is it 4:30 to 7:30 or is it 5 to 7? Is it unlimited drinks in the elite lounge and 3 drinks at other bars? I will be on Reflection in early November. Thanks for some up to date information.
  3. I know that Celebrity plans to update the design of their ships but was wondering if anyone who has recently been on the Reflection knows if there is a dedicated Retreat Sundeck and Lounge yet. Wondering if the price of a Sky Suite is worth it if not?
  4. I am new to the Celebrity cruise line and have a question. Does the Reflection have a "Retreat" area for suite guests only? We have a Sky suite on hold and our friends are looking at an Aqua class cabin. Our cruise is in March 2020. My understanding is that they will have access to the Persian Garden area but not the Retreat area. We would be able to purchase access to the Persian Garden area so the 4 of us could go there together. I know the Reflection was in dry dock recently but I don't know what was done during that time. I wasn't sure if the Retreat area was done at that time or if it will be done in 2023. Would there be any other disadvantages to us being in a different class of cabins? We mainly just want to make sure we have access to the same restaurants and areas of the ship. Thanks for your answers and providing any other information we may need to know.
  5. Will be cruising on Reflection shortly, is there anywhere to get chicken wings as a snack mid afternoon or evening..... if cold beer is also available, that would be bonus...
  6. Finished a great Mediterranean Cruise today. Our first time on Reflection and she is beautiful. I wanted to a few thins that are often asked about. We were in an Aqua stateroom on the hump. Our balcony was large and when we arrived we had two chairs with footstools and two lounge chairs like those around the pool. The loungers really took up too much room. We asked for them to be removed and they were after the second day. Our room steward was also able to change our canapés for a cheese plate and our sparkling wine for red. I’d be glad to answer any other questions.
  7. My husband and I are comparing several cruise lines for a last minute cruise for this December. I know that MSC and NCL have private areas for guests that pay for the Yacht Club or the Haven. Are there any areas on the Reflection that are exclusive to Suite guests besides the private restaurant? We love mingling with people but it is also nice to have an area that is less crowded and much quieter. We are looking at an 11 night cruise and I am trying to justify the cost versus the other cruise lines.
  8. I'm trying to decide between these three for the Norwegian Fjords. Which would you go with? I lean towards Apex. The only negative is that I would have to pull my kids out of school for that sailing because it is on May 3rd. Not a big deal because they are young (K and 1st grade) and in private school (so the school will work with me), but it is something to consider. Negative to the other two is the flights are about twice as much (for 4 of us to do a direct flight in June, it is as much as the cruise in a balcony or concierge) because flights double out of Houston to Europe after school gets out. I also have a slight preference for London simply because I am familiar with it and the airport and the flight is only 9 hours there and 10 back. I have cruised Carnival, RCCL and NCL, but never Celebrity. Carnival has a single cruise to the Fjords I'm looking at, too. I don't care anything about the trampoline parks and roller coasters, etc., but I do want a kids' club. At least according to the website, the Celebrity one looks nice and even talks about tailoring the events to the interest of the children on board. I liked that they had educational activities including "STEM" activities. My children are well-behaved and don't run about and act obnoxious, but I do want some time away from them.
  9. If Sky Suite guests can no longer access Michaels Club, and there isn't a Retreat yet...then are they compensated in some way?
  10. Hi Everyone, We wil lbe sailing at the end of October on the Reflection . We have a significant amountof OBC and was wondeirng if iPad's are still offfered for purcahse on the ship?/ We may be in the market for a new IPad in the next little while and thought why not try to use some OBc to apply towards our purcahse. Can anyone comfirm if they are still available for purcahse. The Pros and cons of purchasing on the ship. I will be out of Lisbon to Barcelona, would I have to worry about VAT? Thanks in advance for any insight. I tried to do a search but found only dated posts. TIA
  11. We leave soon for a cruise on Reflection. I have never been on this ship. I remember reading on these boards in the past that people take folding storage boxes from the dollar store for storage above the bed. Now I can’t find that information. Can anyone tell me if that works for you, or if you feel it’s helpful. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone have a current menu, with prices?
  13. We are now on the Reflection cruise from Amsterdam to Barcelona. This is our second cruise on the same ship within 3 months - we did Dublin to Amsterdam in June. Some impressions/observations while it's fresh: Significant improvement in Internet speed which is very good news for us. The ship feels much more crowded, especially during breakfast and lunch in the buffet. On sea days it's a complete mess. Takes significant time to find a table, they don't re fill food on stations on time etc. But quality and quantity in the buffet is still pretty good in our opinion. Things in the MDR got worse, both food quality and service. They don't refill your water, don't provide steak knife etc. Small things, but they add up. Some days we just had to go to the buffet, the selection in the MDR was simply not good. They have an Indian chef (I believe he is new), and you can clearly feel it. Dishes are dry and too spicy. Activities are almost non existent, even on sea days. Entertainment is not bad, but production shows didn't impress. The orchestra has few new faces, Big Mike is gone, and the whole thing looks less professional. Previous cruise director Giuseppe is gone. He was very good. The new guy Dan - not so much. Overall service: they are trying, but I think with the full ship, it's a real challenge. In June the ship was probably not full, so it was easier, but now you can clearly see the difference. Overall, the experience is still good, but food and service in the MDR need a lot of improvement. Feel free to ask any questions.
  14. We upgraded to a Royal Suite on a late November Reflection cruise and we have 2 questions that need some input prior to talking to our friends tomorrow 1) We leave from FLL and we were asked by Celebrity to submit photos - is it reasonable to assume that since we submitted photos, Reflection will follow the Equinox boarding procedures in FLL and we will be able to leave carry-ons in our room and pick up sea cards at the cabin door? i was going to wait and ask this question in early Nov, after Reflection gets back and FLL cruises restart, but if anyone has an idea now it would help. 2) We are traveling with friends who are in a Sky Suite. On a sea day, we thought it would be nice to get lunch in our cabin so we don't have to worry about changing out of bathing suits, but still be able to sit at a table, etc. Can we host them for lunch in our cabin? Can we order the seafood tower from The Porch and share it? What are the butler "etiquette" as well as charging implications? We would definitely tip extra for this, I don't want our friends to be hit with a charge and I don't want them to have to order their food through room service in their cabin. thanks everyone
  15. Hello, I'm wondering if someone who has been on the Reflection recently can tell me what exactly is in the cabin in the way of toiletries. Our recent cruising has been on RC and we had the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel dispensers in the shower (as opposed to the tiny little bottles) which I found very helpful. Hoping Reflection has the same set up. Thanks in advance!
  16. Currently sailing on the Reflection r/t Barcelona (6243). Is anyone else experiencing noise throughout the day? It sounds like they are lowering the tenders. It’s a loud, grating noise and really makes it hard to relax in your cabin. Housekeeping knows nothing about it. Thanks.
  17. Was wondering about noise in this room? Couldn't find any reviews on it. Thank you!
  18. I was recently on Equinox and soon to be on Reflection. I noticed a few different dining venues on Reflection. I see a Lawn Club where you grill your own meal (additional charge), Bistro on 5 (small surcharge) and The Porch (small surcharge). I'm curious about how much the surcharge is and what type of food is served, etc. Thanks!
  19. We will be sailing on the Reflection on the November 5th TA. Will the Revolution be completed by then?
  20. Which ship do you prefer -- Equinox or Reflection? We're looking at very similar southern Caribbean itineraries (9 nights on Equinox or 11 nights on Reflection) for January/February 2021. The price is only slightly higher for the 11 night cruise.
  21. Hi, Can anyone tell me anything about the obstruction for the view from the balcony of cabin 6294 on the Reflection. We booked a Guarantee and was assigned this cabin. There is cabin 6270 available, which is further down the corridor heading toward mid ship, same category, don't know whether to ask for a move if possible or stay put Any suggestions ? Thanks
  22. I love reading all the live trip reports, so I am going to attempt to live blog my upcoming 12 night cruise to the Baltics on the Celebrity Reflection. My last attempt I made it most the way through the cruise but I got bogged down a bit trying to answer everyone's questions then the app crashed on me. I think I am better prepared this time. This intro post it a lot of words, but I do love taking pictures so there will be more pictures and fewer words in future posts. I am 38 year old female and am traveling with my mom who is in her 60s and we both enjoy traveling and photography. This will be my third cruise and second with Celebrity, and mom's fourth cruise and third with Celebrity. She was on the Equinox back in March with my sister - which was my sisters 1st cruise. Both of our 1st Cruises was on the Carnival Liberty in the Southern Caribbean, we both enjoyed the cruising experience but decided that it was not the line for us - it's great there are so many lines since everyone has different priorities and travel preference, there is something for everyone - but I am happier on Celebrity and it fits my personality better. I have been dreaming of this cruise for a few years, there have been multiple spreadsheets comparing itineraries, ships and cost. I actually wanted to go on a Baltic cruise before my 1st Caribbean - I am fair skinned and burn, so most my time on Caribbean cruises is searching for shade. After much debate we decided to go with Celebrity and I originally booked the cruise on Mother's Day 2018 (which is fitting since I am traveling with my mom) on the July 20th sailing, but last August we switched to the August 25th sailing due to a conflict. I will say what I paid for everything - I am not shy about it (and let's be honest, we all have google and could figure it out anyway - I'm just saving you the effort) and that way people know what things cost and to better help budget. Others started to do this in their trip reports and it is greatly appreciated! If I put $ it is USD, otherwise I will try and list the currency. I will do a grand total at the end - this may scare me a bit, but it is what it is and what I have saved up for. I would say I am a moderate traveler, I do enjoy nicer things but I am on a budget so need to prioritize what I spend my money on. The total cost of the cruise booked with Go Best in a standard veranda room ended up being $7,778.92. I wanted internet since we were away for 17 night and we both enjoy the premium drinks, so it just made sense for us and the math worked out. I know quite a few people on here talk about the Celebrity price increases - so out of curiosity I priced the exact same cruise / room location / go best for Aug 2020 - As of May 31 it was $8,923.40 USD and on July 19th is was $9,778.60 which was about when I changed dates. Here is the cruise itinerary: DAY 1, Sun, Aug 25 - Amsterdam Netherlands DAY 2, Mon, Aug 26 - At Sea DAY 3, Tue, Aug 27 - Berlin (Warnemunde) Germany DAY 4, Wed, Aug 28 - At Sea DAY 5, Thu, Aug 29 - Helsinki Finland DAY 6, Fri, Aug 30 - St. Petersburg Russia DAY 7, Sat, Aug 31 - St. Petersburg Russia DAY 8, Sun, Sep 1 - Tallinn Estonia DAY 9, Mon, Sep 2 - Stockholm Sweden DAY 10, Tue, Sep 3 - At Sea DAY 11, Wed, Sep 4 - Copenhagen Denmark DAY 12, Thu, Sep 5 - At Sea DAY 13, Fri, Sep 6 - Amsterdam Netherlands We are leaving tomorrow (Thursday) at 5:55 PM from Chicago on United and arrive in Amsterdam at 9:20 AM on Friday. The cruise departs on Sunday giving us two nights to explore the city. Coming home the ship arrive on Friday and we are departing at 11 AM on Sunday and arrive back in Chicago at 1 PM meaning we also have two nights on the return. The base cost for the flight was $1,686.66, but we did opt to upgrade to Economy Plus and have one extra checked bag for an additional fee and the total ended up being $2,776.66. The bag fee is $400 of the upcharge ($100/bag x 2 people x 2 flights). On that long of a flight we decided that $345 per person was worth it for the extra legroom. For both our two nights on our outbound and return we are at the Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam - City Hall which I got for 450.25 EUR (900.50 total for four nights). I was able to save some on both rooms with a corporate discount code. I would advise booking early, I was checking on May 31st to see what prices were and here is what the second weekend's prices were looking like - per night and pre-tax.
  23. Hello all! I’ll be embarking on the Reflection early next month and was wondering if anyone has recently been on the Reflection and can they report back who are the Michael’s Club Concierges and Suite Manager and what their thoughts are having had them? Also how is the Luminae staff(any favorite servers and how is the sommelier)? How are the specialty restaurants, I’ve been to all multiple times but the quality and staff from one ship to another can definitely vary? Thanks so much!
  24. Hello wise fellow travellers. I just upgraded to Concierge Class to a hump cabin on Reflection No 2166. I then read the cabin comments of the "S" class spreadsheet and while some say it is quiet, others complain of the toilet sewer pipe running through the balcony. HELP!! Should I keep this cabin or change while there might still be an alternative still free.
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