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  1. We are currently sailing on the Reflection from Dublin to Amsterdam, and I wanted to share some impressions while it's fresh. This is our 13th cruise and third with Celebrity. We sailed on Equinox in 2016 and Silhouette in 2013. Lately we sailed on Oceania and Azamara, and it was interesting to see how it would be to go from Oceania back to Celebrity. So first, is Celebrity going down the hill as many posters here claim? In our opinion, the answer is NO. We actually have seen some things improved compared to our previous Celebrity sailings, I will go into more details later. Second, can you go back from Oceania to Celebrity? The answer is YES, as long as you come with proper expectations. Don't expect service and food similar to Oceania - they are in a different league. But you can still have a very enjoyable experience on Celebrity. Now to some details. Entertainment: excellent, beats Oceania hands down. The ship is very alive in the evening, the shows are very professional and evening activities are very attractive. Food: We like the buffet very much. Huge selection and pretty good quality. MDR so far is a bit disappointing. I wouldn't call it bad, just not inspiring. Presentation is good, the taste so so, with few exceptions. Deserts are amazing, probably among the best we had on any ship. We also like the fact that buffet is open long hours, unlike Oceania and Azamara where after 10pm there is nothing to eat except room service. Service: good overall, considering the amount of passenger and crew passengers ratio. The wait for coffee can still be long, but they are trying their best. Just take it with patience and smile and don't expect the service to match Oceania. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Excursions: very impressed so far. We had 2 excursions so far, both were very well organized, with excellent guides, and the groups were small (around 20 people on both). Daily activities: a bit disappointing. We are missing the art seminars and guest lectures that we had on Oceania, Azamara and Cunard. I was surprised to see the art gallery shrinking in size by more than half. Internet: It was pathetic and miserable on our previous Celebrity cruises, I can see some improvement now when most people are in port. In the evening when people are on board, it is still pathetic (speedtest shows less than 0.5 mbps). Overall we are impressed with Celebrity and would return, given the right itinerary and price.
  2. Planning our packing and trying to avoid taking too many heavy toiletries. Please can someone comment on whether there are bars of soap in a Concierge stateroom? I don’t like the liquid stuff in big, squeeze containers! Also, what is the body lotion like? i always take my own shampoo and conditioner, so they aren’t an issue.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the specs of the lap pool are. Is it set up to do lane swimming?
  4. We are considering sailing on the Silhouette or Reflection this August on a 12 -14 day cruise to Europe. Just wondering if any folks could post the daily activities schedules for these two ships, especially the evening schedule. That would give us an idea what kind of music or dancing opportunities they would offer. Thanks in advance. Any info on these ships are welcome.
  5. We are considering either the Silhouette (14 days, British isles and Iceland) or the Reflection (12 days to the British Isles) in August. We would like to do a bit of ballroom dancing in the evening. Just wondering if there are any opportunities to do it on either ship? We have sailed with Celebrity Constellation before, and I remember they would play a set or two pre-recorded ballroom music in the small lounge (Not in the Sky Observation Lounge on the upper deck). But the house band would not really play ballroom music, but mostly music from the pop chart. Could you please share your experience as to what type of music the house band play, in the main foyer, in the Sky Observation Lounge. Was there any pre-recorded ballroom music sets during your cruise? Were there more than one dancing venue simultaneously happening during a certain time in the evening so you can pick and choose what band to see? If any folks can post the daily activities schedules, that would be great too. Any info on these two ships are welcome. Thank you in advance.
  6. Does anyone know if Blu is open on embarkation day. We will be in Aquaclass during our 11 night Caribbean cruise to the Panama Canal this October out of Ft. Lauderdale. We would like to avoid the buffet if at all possible when we board. Any other restaurants open? Looking forward to checking out the specialty restaurants - we pre-booked a 4 night specialty restaurant package for $149 p/p. First time taking Celebrity usually do Royal Caribbean or Carnival so we are looking forward to a more upscale experience. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  7. Currently looking at the Scandinavia and St Petersburg cruise in Aug 2020. Plenty Sunset Veranda cabins available but cant see any reviews - particularly looking for information on balcony size and noise etc. Anyone have any advice`/
  8. Could someone please tell me where the nightly Elite lounge event is held on the Reflection? thanks
  9. Hi all, we have an opportunity to move from AQ to a sky suite. We love Blu, mainly for the nice quiet service & sea views. It won't be getting dark till very late on our upcoming cruise so that's a real factor. Does Luminae on Reflection have windows that view the outside? Also, basically what's left is Sky Suites (S1 & 2 ) on deck 12, including aft cabins & a few on the hump. worried about noise from the above pool deck & buffet areas. Right now we're in an AQ on deck 11 with cabins above & below us. We're pretty far forward, which we've discovered we really like (a little forward of the forward stairs) Never thought we'd do a suite but it's only a bit more than we paid for our AQ2 & we'd get to keep all 4 perks plus our extra OBC for booking on board. I'd appreciate pros & cons from those who have sailed Reflection. On deck 11 cabin 1688 is available, on deck 12 most of the aft suites are available... do they have shade? privacy? 2157, 2165, & 2163... noise issues? Thanks in advance, Again, this is the Reflection which is different than the other S class ships so the sticky isn't that helpful in this instance.
  10. Hello, I am sure this has been asked before, so I apologise if it has. We are about to book a med cruise for our 40th wedding anniversary, and we have been offered a Sky Suite Would this category of suite be good choice for celebration?What perks, advantages and disadvantages can we expect. Thanks all xx
  11. Does anyone know how much the Lawn Club for lunch is. We are going yo be on a TA and thought it would be a nice change for a day or two.
  12. Hi everyone! My husband and I are in our early thirties and we are planning a big overseas trip/cruise for next year. We came across the 12 night Scandinavia/Russia cruise on the Reflection that starts on June 26th. Our first cruise was on the Reflection and we loved the ship so we have experience there but we've never done this type of cruise before (take a look at my signature for our past cruises to see what we've done). I'm looking for thoughts from folks whom have done a similar cruise. What did you enjoy, what did you not enjoy? I know the crowd will skew older as this is a longer cruise. Should we perhaps consider a different cruise line? We're both foodies and I personally like having activities to do while my husband likes relaxing on the ship. I liked this sailing since it has stops at almost all of the countries that are on my bucket list to see (only one missing is Norway). Here are the stops: Starts in Amsterdam Rostock, Germany Helsinki, Finland St. Petersburg, Russia (overnight) Talinn, Estonia Stockholm, Sweden Copenhagen, Denmark Back to Amsterdam Any thoughts and/or reviews are appreciated!
  13. I might not have many posts to my name, but over the last 4 months, before my latest cruise, I would imagine I have read virtually every post in the Celebrity section to prepare. I have read many concerns about falling standards on most things i.e., personnel, food, service, maintenance etc. Most of you good guys and gals are heavy cruisers, sometimes it is difficult to see what is happening if you are constantly there. An analogy is seeing your family all the time, you don’t notice them age, but if there were gaps of a few years between seeing them, then you would certainly see changes!! We have been on 3 cruises with Celebrity. The first was 6 years ago on a Baltic cruise on the Eclipse. The second was 3 years ago on a Med cruise with Reflection. We have just returned from our last cruise which was another Baltic cruise on the Silhouette. What differences have I noticed? We have sailed Concierge class each time and have been amongst the first to board at circa 1100 and amongst the first to cabin when called at circa 1300. I have read that the cabin stewards have reduced and they are therefore stretched. On the first 2 cruises we had only been in the cabin for 5 mins or so before the steward introduced themselves, this last cruise it was nearly 3 hours before he came in. Our luggage didn’t appear and I discovered it with a group of hundred cases or so 50 yards up the hall, they had been there well over an hour. When he did arrive he said the luggage wasn’t available yet, I said I had fetched it myself some time ago, he didn’t seem amused. Being left alone by the steward is fine by us and we make no demands. The only request we gave him was for more hangars and they didn’t arrive so we had to ask again the following day. I wouldn’t say he was inefficient, I think he was stretched too far. No towel sculptures, no fresh flowers in cabin and no fruit in cabin. We had to ask for our bottle of bubbly. Again, none of that is a real problem for us, but the step change is noticeable. We had anytime dining in the MDR and our thoughts were variable. First the positives, the staff were brilliant and there was no shortage of our wine being constantly topped up by the sommelier or indeed the waiter. We had the classic drinks package and I had noted the comments that refills were slow, but not our experience. We did however think there had been a noticeable decline in the food standard in the MDR, both in quality and invention. We ate a couple of times in Murano and Tuscan and the food was superb. Our biggest gripe was availability of tables for two. On previous cruises the only waits we had were on formal/chic nights. On this latest cruise we had booked the first evening online for 2000 and that was no problem. On previous cruises we would be seated all over the place and had no problems with that. On the latest cruise they wanted to keep us with the same set of waiting staff, whilst we had no problem with the concept it meant we were competing for a small number of tables and this gave significant waits of 30 mins or more. We thought we could get around this because our Concierge could get priority for us, this is a supposed benefit of paying extra for the class! We went and saw him and asked for a table for 2000 that evening, he said he couldn’t book anything between 1800 and 2000 and we would have to ask at the MDR. We popped in when it opened at 1730 and was told to just come along at 2000, we asked if that meant we would be seated and was told no, you will get a buzzer. We thought another way was to book a couple of days in advance but they were not accepting bookings more than 24 hours ahead! All this meant we ate a few times more than we would have liked in Oceanview. Again variable experience on food. The standard had not seemed to have dropped as much as MDR but the choice was pretty much the same each day. The cakes and desserts looked a lot better than they tasted! The hygiene police would have had a field day but no different from seen elsewhere on shore all over the world. No problems or waits at any of the bars, in fact more bar staff than on previous cruises. Was disappointed with the strength of the speciality coffees at Bacio, they have certainly cut back on the alcohol they put in. In general the ship was looking slightly tired and ready for its makeover. Some of the chairs in the MDR were beginning to fray. The automatic glass doors on one side of Oceanview, out onto the rear of the ship, were not always working. You would think that was a simple fix. It was a national holiday when we were in port at Warnemunde, I knew that in advance and knew that no shops would be open. The day before, in the Today newspaper in the cabin, it stated they would be showcasing German sausages in Oceanview. When none appeared I asked one of the managers what had happened and he said they went off ship to buy fresh and didn’t realise shops would be closed. You couldn’t make it up! Where is the planning by this mighty organisation? Whilst our latest experience would not stop us cruising again with Celebrity, we have seen a decline. But I am puzzled by the dynamics of the whole equation? I understand that the cruise market and competition is growing but this normally drives down costs. But current Celebrity cruise prices can be a bit silly. So if the prices are not being driven down, why are the standards?
  14. Has anyone recently purchased an IPA on the Reflection? If so, I plan on using onboard credit left to do this. Thanks
  15. Hoping someone can post a recent bar/ wine/beer menu for Michael's Club on Reflection
  16. Can anyone who’s been on Reflection recently tell me if the sliding glass doors at the Hideaway on Reflection are working (ie opening and closing)? I had an issue on Silhouette where maintenance chose to keep them in a permanent open position. Added a little noise to our cabin which is near the Hideaway entrance.
  17. Hi - I am looking at possibly upgrading our cabin for our upcoming August sailing on the Reflection. Currently we are booked in 6288 (2C). When we booked we were fully aware and ok with the obstructed view with this cabin. Now that prices seems to have dropped and so many cabins are still available, I am considering upgrading but can't see to find a good reference tool to understand the differences between the different room categories, especially for Concierge or Aqua. Does anyone know of a good 'all-in-one comparison tool"? I just read a post that made reference to Concierge allowing for meals in the MDR - made it seem like regular balconies couldn't go in the MDR, and my better judgement tells me that isn't the case. I should add that we are not 'spa people' so that would not be a deciding factor for us. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. What are the benefits/drawbacks of Aqua Class cabins located on “Hump”? Also, how do I find one with no balcony overhang?
  19. Just finished our 4th on Summit. I do like the Solarium pool there. Has the bubble bars and water fountains. Are the Solarium pools on Equinox or Reflection the same? My recollection is the Reflection was just a plain, shallow pool. I have not been on Equinox. thanks for advice Bill B
  20. Hi All, Well it it seems like a long time since I was leading up to board a ship but in reality it’s only been around 4 months, that was only a 6 night cruise on an old royal ship but a cruise all the same, I guess it just seems so long ago due to the long hard winter we’ve had here in Canada this year so to say we are excited to be leaving soon is a huge understatement 😊 Anyway, ive done a few “live from” posts/blogs in the past and thought it’ll be a good cruise to do another one on as I’ve not seen a lot on here recently about the reflection and it’s also a cruise that has 3 new ports for us to experience so I’ve decided let’s do this 👍🏼 A little about us - my names Tony (English - 47) & my amazing travel partner is my beautiful wife Julie (Canadian - 50) she will kill me if she sees that... 😱😂, we recently got married (last October) and now live in Montreal - Canada, I’ve actually been living in Montreal now for a little over 2 years so I’ve now experienced 3 winters and this ones is by far the longest (worst) 🥶, weve been lucky to have done around 20 cruises (most on celebrity) and really enjoy any cruise we can get on, please feel free free to add any questions you might have while I’m onboard but just to let you know I’ll post pictures/posts of all the menus I can get along with all the daily info for each day of the cruise, along with current crew info/updates I can get, For anyone that’s followed any of my live from blogs in the past I hope to see you again and any new followers I hope you enjoy this journey with us 🍸😎
  21. Just back from our transatlantic on the Reflection. We stayed on for the next cruise that included ports in Ireland and Iceland. Fantastic ports! Great cruise. Great crew. As usual the crew was helpful, cheerful and doing a great job. We had fixed dining and it was slow some evenings. Up to 40 minutes one night between appetizer and main course. NOT our servers fault. Staff in the dining room is stretched thin and with plenty of time to observe things during our meal we were, as usual, impressed by them. It would help if when dinner is scheduled at 6 the passengers would be there close to 6 p.m. One night a couple(always late), at a table for 6, showed up at 6:55 p.m. THEY LET THEM IN! All our meals were disjointed as our servers tried to accommodate the late arrivals. Not fair to paying guests, especially not fair to the servers. They manage to serve lots of guests, all at once, as they dance through those tables. We had breakfast a few times in the dining room and watched again, how well they do their job. A big problem (only my opinion) is the “suits”. Most of the staff know what they are doing and how best to do it. One Example: a table for 4 and a table for 2 were to be seated for breakfast. The waiter takes the 4 to their table, seats them and turns to seat the 2. A “Suit” literally sweeps in and waves him away to seat 2 other people that had come in later. Now there are no tables for 2 except the ones covered, not to be used until later. The waiter hesitates, goes to the table, removes the napkins covering the place settings and seats the original 2. Then he has to get the rest of the breakfast set ups. Salt, pepper, creamer, butter. There were seats on the other side of the dining room that the “new 2” could have been seated at. Why make the extra work for these guys? Was the “Suit” trying to impress or make someone happy? 🙄 We enjoyed the ports on this cruise. Iceland was great. Cold and snow with whiteout conditions going in and out the one day. Really interesting. One problem we noticed on the ship during the cold, rainy or snowy days was seating. There was no place to sit and read or just talk some days. The lounges were either busy or full. Seating was at a premium. There was no common space available. On a few occasions I went back to the cabin. If I had an inside cabin I might have been more unhappy. I’m wondering how this will work when the new cabins are added. The Card Room, The Hideaway and the Library were almost always full all of the time. I know this varies by cruise, but on this cruise the Card Room, was almost always full every day. Lots of games being played as well as cards. This was all in addition to the Card players in the OV, Solarium and the lounges. Even the Ensemble Lounge that was a “quiet area”. That was interesting. One day a guy held a 35 minute FaceTime business meeting in there. 😏 The music on the ship is still loud in some places. One couple and our table of 4 finally left Cafe al Bacio one evening because we couldn’t talk. Too loud.
  22. Hi all, better late than never, I hope! Boarding on day 1: Piece of cake. The queue formed inside Celebrity's nice new cavernous air conditioned terminal so no baking in the midday heat. Through the line and on board in about 20 minutes. Lifeboat drill. Again, this was easy. Our station was the Celebrity Central mini theatre. Plenty of seats so no standing required. The drill was mostly watching a cheesy video. Port 1 - Grand Cayman. Beautiful island and beaches. We jumped on a bus from the tender dock This wasn't a great option. Jammed into the bus like sardines, and instead of the far end of Seven Mile beach they dropped us off at Camana Bay in the parking lot of Royal Palms Beach Club, who charged us $2 to walk through their security check to the beach and they take away any food or drink in your bags. Could have just walked through the public beach access 20 yards away and avoided all that. We rented beach umbrella and chairs from the resort. Although the beaches are gorgeous, they are a bit over-developed with resorts for my preference. I like a natural quiet beach best. We found plenty of those in the ABC islands - see below. What I learnt: I would next time get a taxi rather than the sardine bus with it's grumpy driver, to further along Seven Mile Beach and just use a public beach access. Camana Bay is walkable from the tender dock in about 30min. Across the road from the beach there are some shops including a good dive shop for dive and snorkel as well as beach gear. Port 2: Cartagena This was the only disappointment of the cruise. Cartagena old town and fort is beautiful and fascinating. However it was oppressively hot and humid and we were constantly hounded by beggars and hawkers. There were terribly sad crippled polio sufferers moaning at us and hopping along with their home made crutches. I felt bad for them but I am trying to have a nice holiday, not feel guilty. A UK couple from the ship had their bag stolen including passports (do not take these ashore!) which meant they had to leave the cruise and find their way back to the UK as CCL were apparently not allowed to take them back to the USA. Next time I would not select a cruise that included this port. Would much rather stop in at one of the other islands. Port 3: Aruba. Sensational. We did the https://www.agwtoursaruba.com/ tour with Leroy as our guide. I cannot begin to explain how much fun it was driving these ATVs! The lady at the base told us that there was to be no racing, fishtailing or drifting. But Leroy set a cracking pace and we just raced along and did plenty of drifts and skids. First through streets, then beaches, then rocky coast, up a volcanic slope and along a high speed road back at the end of the day. We visited beaches, caves add rock pools. The terrain included scrambling over some very rough rocky terrain and these amazing vehicles gobbled it up. Several of our vehicles (16 people and 8 ATV's in our group) got punctures on the sharp rocks but Leroy repaired them on the spot in minutes. A word of WARNING about this tour though. Some of the couples found the driving too fast and struggled to keep up. The natural rock pool was potentially extremely dangerous and people have drowned there. Large ocean swells crash into it and you can't seem them coming. There's a risk of being swept out. If you are elderly or a child or not an adventurous capable swimmer, consider sitting out the rock pool or stay close to where you enter the water. This tour alone was worth the 14 hours of flying from New Zealand! Notwithstanding the warnings above it is a must for adventurous thrill seekers. Plenty of good shopping and bars in the town. Port 4: Curacao. Beautiful. We did the Max Taxi tour. Max was very knowledgeable and took us to great spots in his nice van. He didn't stop talking though, so for the long drive back to port, plug in your headphones and zone out. We toured the Curacao distillery and visited a several beautiful un-developed beaches. We swam at one beach with literally dozens of sea turtles. Plenty of good shopping and bars in the town here too. Port 5: Bonaire. We did the Woodwind snorkel tour. Lots and lots of people here and at TripAdvisor have raved about how fantastic this tour is. They are not wrong and it really is as good or better as everyone says. I am an experienced scuba and snorkel diver and I loved it. My wife previously has not enjoyed snorkelling and even she loved it. Dee and her team do such a good job of making snorkelling easy for anyone. They provided great gear - they even had +2 prescription goggles for me. Plenty of food and drink included. This tour is a bargain, a must do, and on ship visit days sells out months or even a year in advance. I can see why. We say plenty of turtles again, and it was like snorkelling in a giant tropical aquarium. Every single person on this tour (about 26 people) really enjoyed it and felt safe. Aside from that Bonaire is really nice. All the ABC islands are under Dutch sovereignty and the ports are so clean and friendly. Celebrity and the Reflection: My first CCL cruise. Really impressed with the ship and the crew. As everybody has said, the food and service was first class. I was surprised how good the shows were. Loved the Divas and MoTown music shows. Loved the comedy shows. We mainly ate in the MDR with William and Jomar as our main men and they were excellent. We had buffet dinner and one meal in each of Murano and Lawn Club Grill and enjoyed both. On an 11 night cruise the MDR can become repetitive so you need to break that up. The MDR has a stricter dress code than other lines - no shorts! I didn't know and had only packed one pair of long pants! Everyone seems to talk about the captain and the CD. The captain we hardly saw but he got the ship from port to port safely and on time and that's really all I care about. The CD I personally found annoying but who cares - It's not like I was required to sit and listen to him. Drinks package. We had Classic package included. Not financially worth upgrading to premium for us despite getting through a huge amount of poolside cocktails, pre dinner cocktails, dinner wine and post dinner cocktails! HOWEVER some of the bars (e.g. World Class cocktail bar) only make premium cocktails so you have the irritation of having to sign for $1-$3 charges. That was a little annoying as I specifically wanted to avoid this tedious task that gets between me and my martini. They don't know how to make a sloe gin sour properly but I'll not quibble about that. The pools. These were busy as expected on sea days and CCL are working to deal with chair hoggers. It still happens, and we routinely removed towels and other personal effects from chairs that had been unused for 30+ minutes. We even had some glaring idiots complaining to us that they had "reserved" chairs! Told them that wasn't allowed and they could go complain to the pool butler. We were a group of up to 8 so not much they could do about it. Really enjoyed the pools - swimming, reading and sucking down those pina coladas. Got sunburnt though! Kids. Hardly any on the ship and CCL don't cater that well for them. No Flo-rider, no water park, no climbing walls etc so kids would probably get bored on this cruise. Suited us as we (4 couples) left our poor kids at home ! Overall I give this cruise an 8. It would have been a 9 but for the Cartagena port day. Cheers!
  23. Having been inspired by other Cruise Critic members such as Mr_T, ChicagoPaul and Jim_Iain (among others) I am going to attempt my first “Live from” review. I hope some readers may find it interesting or informative. The previously mentioned Mr_T recently posted many wonderful photos from Reflection so I don’t intend to duplicate his efforts. I don’t plan to post dailies or menus, maybe just the occasional photo. My review will be mainly my own (quite possibly irreverent) views on Reflection, the staff, the food, the entertainment, differences between Reflection and other X ships. My rating system will be Yeah (or Hell Yeah if something is really good) and Meh (or Totally Meh for the really bad). Also included will be my random musings and observations on cruising and life in general plus any “bon mots” I may overhear. I will probably talk very little about the ports on this cruise. So for anyone looking for a structured, picture heavy review, this probably isn’t the review for you 😊.
  24. Spouse and I will be embarking on our first X cruise on the 26th, aboard Reflection from Dublin. We've been on a couple of cruises in the past (aboard Star Princess and Liberty of the Seas). I have a few questions that hopefully some of you more seasoned travelers can help with: 1. Bedding. I seem to recall on our first cruise aboard Star Princess, our bed was set in a queen configuration when we arrived in our stateroom. On LOTS, it was not, so we left a note for our steward to rearrange it, and to add a foam layer on top to minimize the "gap" between the two mattresses when they're pushed together. I don't recall stating a preference when booking our upcoming trip (or seeing a place to state a preference), and I don't see a place to do so on the website now. Is there a 'default setting' for the beds? Does Reflection have mattress toppers available to minimize that gap? 2. Hot cocoa and soft-serve ice cream. Neither of us are big coffee drinkers, but we do enjoy an occasional hot cocoa. I imagine there will be some available in the buffet, and I believe it is available on the room service menu. Anywhere else on the ship you can pick up some hot cocoa (without a surcharge - no beverage package)? Or would it be a good idea to bring some packets and just fill up our own mugs with some hot water at tea stations (I believe there is one in the hideaway) and mix our own cocoa? On a related note, anywhere to get soft-serve ice cream? I think they have it at the buffet and near the mast grill, but not positive. 3. How busy do the lawn bowling/bocce ball courts get? I'm sure we'll want to try it out since my spouse's family plays quite a bit, but we're curious if it's going to require standing in a line. I imagine it'll depend a lot on the weather too... Any other tips we should know about? Don't-miss spots on the ship? Favorite items on the dining room menu? Shows to be sure to see? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  25. Hi Cruisers, we have been on a few Celebrity ships, but never Reflection. Has anyone recently sailed on her recently who could give me an opinion on this ship compared to Silhouette. Happy cruising
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