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Found 14 results

  1. I'm sorry.. I'm sure this topic has been discussed on here somewhere in some other forum but for the life of me, I can't find it after about 45 minutes of search. I have a fairly simple question for people who have been on the Xpedition and have first hand experience with their wet suits and the water temperature. Main concern is water temperature and comfort. I don't want to have to leave the water early because I'm getting cold. My cousin, an experienced diver but who has never been to Galapagos tells me that the water is not warm (I was not expecting it to be warm) and that she has heard that another layer, like a Thermocline Fourth Element or a Hydroskin shirt under the wet suit would add an little extra warmth in addition to making the wet suit itself easier to get on and off. Just looking for people's opinions on that. I already have a rash guard that I was planning on wearing instead of sunscreen for ecological reasons mostly, but its not quite the same thing. Also, does the Xpedition have a lot of wet suits sizes to choose from? I would take a ladies small or medium (never wore a wet suit before so I;m just going by regular clothing sizes). I don't mind something that's tight but I don't want to get stuck with a baggy, too-big wet suit if they run out of my size.
  2. First of all, I'm posting a screen grab of the CC overview of the Xpedition where it says passengers will be moved to the Flora or one of the other Galapagos ship for the foreseeable future. We're booked on the Nov 9th sailing of Xpedition and have heard nothing of being moved to a different ship. Can anyone at Cruise Critic confirm this statement? What can we expect in November? https://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=340 And a question from people who have done a Galapagos cruise. How cold is the water. Should we buy a light wetsuit or at least a rash guard? Anything special we should be aware of when it comes to swimming around the Galapagos? And if Celebrity provides wetsuits, are they gross to put on having been worn by many people before you? We're just unsure what we should bring wrt snorkelling.
  3. The Xpedition is going in for a refit in 2019, apparently sometime before November when we are schedule to sail on a Galapagos cruise. Just wondering if anyone knows what the refit will entail. We do know they are required to reduce the number of passengers on the Xpedition from 100 to about 65 with the arrival of the Flora. We're curious if the refit will involve making some cabins larger, increasing the number of suites. Or is it just a refurbishing of the furnishings?
  4. We're booked on the Celebrity Xpedition in January 2020 and are trying to book flights from Quito to Baltra. There is little information about what time we need to be in Baltra and what time we should book a flight out for when the cruise finishes. The itinerary says we leave to start our cruise at 3 p.m. How early can we show up on Baltra? If we arrive at noon will be waiting around killing time? On the last day, the boat is scheduled to arrive at 8 a.m. What is the earliest flight that we should book back to Quito? What is the recommended time to fly back to Quito? What time do we have to be off the ship by? Thank you very much! Gavin
  5. Yesterday I booked an April 2021 Xpedition Galapagos cruise. I'm so excited! It's always been on my bucket list! I have been trying to find some Celebrity Today's so I can get an idea of what to expect while on the cruise. If anyone has any copies, I'd appreciate seeing them. Thanks, Monica
  6. Contemplating a Galapagos cruise this spring. Interested in hearing about the differences in excursions on the two ships. I realize that the Xperience is half the size of the Xpedition and am wondering if there are fewer choices for excursions. I read somewhere that Xperience has one guide for 12 passengers vs. one guide for 16 passengers on Xpedition. Is that correct? I've also read that there is a variety of options for hikes and snorkeling on Xpedition (easy, medium, difficult). Is that true on Xperience? We are looking at the Northern itinerary on Xperience or the Outer itinerary on Xpedition. Thanks for any input. Leslie
  7. We are looking to take a Galapagos family cruise and were wondering if any of the Xpedition (balcony) suites were more desirable than the others as they all seem to have different configurations when looking at the deck plan online?
  8. Based on reading various posts about Xpedition and other Galapagos vessels, I have a few questions which might seem silly: 1. I've read that shoes worn on any island are not allowed to be worn on the ship, which makes sense. I've also read that on some vessels the shoes are thoroughly hosed down to take the cross-contamination avoidance one step further. Do that do that sort of washing on the Xpedition and, if so, how wet do your shoes get/stay? 2. I've read conflicting things about wet landings as to whether barefoot works vs. needing water shoes or water socks. Any thoughts on this? 3. How do they manage a dozen or more 60- and 70-year-old bladders for multi-hour journeys away from the ship? Thanks.
  9. Check out the latest Celebrity Cruises news from Cruise Critic: Celebrity Xpedition Cruise Ship Returns to Service After Refurb
  10. Wondering if the rooms/suites in the Xpedition have alarm clocks.. Would prefer not to depend solely on my phone alarm.. Thanks
  11. I am asking because I read about problems some people had getting on excursions due to being “old” on Celebrity. We are planning a cruise to the Galapagos and I am not going if I can’t pick the experience I want. I called Celebrity and they said there are no age restrictions on any of their excursions which contradicts what I read here.
  12. I would like to get an idea of the timing of the events after arriving in Baltra at the end of the Galapagos cruise. It appears the ship arrives in Baltra at 7:00 am. I believe we will then head to Baltra airport, fly back to Quito, and then get transported to the JW Marriott. Approximately what time on that day should I expect to arrive back at the Marriott? Thanks
  13. My wife and I are booked on the Galapagos/Machu Picchu trip in November, but after Marriott fired a guy at the behest of the Chinese government I don't want to spend a nickel with any hotel associated with that brand. Has anyone been successful in getting a credit for their hotel stay and booking their own room in Quito? I'm a Hilton guy myself and have reservations at the Hilton in Quito, but getting a response from Celebrity on the issue has been like getting the dead to talk. Thanks!
  14. We are taking this cruise in May. I have been reading many reviews, but I have not read anything about dinner dress. Any suggestions on packing would be much appreciated. Thank you
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