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Found 63 results

  1. Marina appears to have left Miami for Jamaica. No passengers of course. Anyone heard why she has been moved? If the pre-covid 19 schedule had been maintained Marina should be sailing out of Southampton UK by now.
  2. I have used the search function and researched the Oceania Suites (OC) on Deck 12 (as well as Deck 11). Thank you to everyone that have previously posted on this thread as I found many of the posts important in my decision process. I have settled on Deck 12 even though I understand that the Deck 11 Aft suites have a very large corner balcony. It was a difficult decision as we frequently cruise in AFT corner suites on other cruise lines. My wife and I really like a lot of light and put a high value on the view from inside the cabin, therefore the sliding door in the bedroom won out for us. I know the OC’s are in the Forward section of Deck 12. I have tentatively booked cabin 12008, which was the furthest back choice on the Port side. I know that the Port, even numbered OC’s, are under the Spa area. And the Starboard, odd numbered OC’s, are under the Gym/work out area. Based on my experience on other ships, I would normally avoid cabins under a Gym/work out area. I also noticed that most of the OC’s available in January 2022 are on the ones under the Gym, which leads me to believe that it is not much different than other ships/cruise lines. But I have not been able to find any posts where people have found the OC’s under the Gym to be noisy. (A few comments saying noise was not an issue) For those that have stayed in OC under the Gym, what has been your experience? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Well, we took a deep breath today and booked Marina, South America, February 17, 2021. We booked a PH2, cabin 11008, port side, forward. There are others to choose from. We thought deck 11 would be safe with cabins above and below. It seems close to the bridge....wondering if anyone has any input regarding our choice? We previously had booked for the first time on Insignia for this August but cancelled due to this wicked virus. At that time we had three cruises booked. One on Celebrity, our first on Cunard and the Oceania one. Of the three, Oceania gave our money back first. Celebrity just this week, and Cunard has apparently fallen off the planet cause it’s crickets from them. Thanks in advance for any cabin suggestions you might have! We feel quietly encouraged to have a cruise booked. Something to look forward to in these tough times.
  4. Does any one have information or experience in sailing on Marina and can tell em if they have changes over the decor in the top suites from the old motif/ Pictures would be grast as comments Marina was supposed to get done over in April/may Did it happen or not. ?
  5. I know a lot of people don't go on Facebook and may not have seen the moving testimonials from the people who just returned from Marina.
  6. Now off Ecuador. May have to go all the way to Miami. Not even any symptoms of COVID on board... https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/oceania-ms-marina-cruise-ship-stranded
  7. Thankfully Marina has finally made it back to Miami , now what for the passengers and crew ? Aso what plans for future cruises.
  8. I'm glad she's finally gotten clearance. Unfortunately, we were supposed to be on her for the next 2 weeks. 😪 It looks like Marina is just now entering the Panama Canal. https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9438066
  9. Just got off the ship. Would not recommend the ship or the senior officers to anyone, except the Cruise Director. He was fine. All else gets an F
  10. Reading today,I am getting concerned about Marina and Oceania because of the recent number of disappointed customers posting( have not read other ship reports). I have sailed on 5 prior Oceania cruises and have 2 more booked on Marina but am starting to rethink my decision.Is Oceania slipping ?- not good for their brand to have reviews posted like that.From the descriptions, it sounds like Oceania is a Princess experience for 2X the price- I never viewed Oceania as a Mass market cruise line! Appreciate opinions and perspectives. Thank you.
  11. Short attention span version - Fabulous! The itinerary was Buenos Aires - Miami 34-day "Grand Voyage", AKA B2B. Captain - Luci Manzi General Manager - Dominique Nicolle Cruise Director - Peter Roberts First impression: Marina is in outstanding condition. DW and I didn't observe any unsatisfactory issues as some have described. Excellent dining in GDR, Wave Grill and specify restaurants. We didn't dine in Terrace. Speaking of specialty restaurants, we had no problem obtaining additional reservations than allowed for our B3 cabin. Due to rough seas and last minute cancellations, we obtained reservations for 2 alone on 23 of 34 days. Average age of passengers Buenos Aires - Santiago de Chile was 60s - 70s. In addition, there were 27 young children. Average age of passengers Santiago - Miami was late 60s - early 80s. In addition, there were 2 young children and 2 teenagers. Zero behavioral issues due to parental control. Dress code was only enforced on a random basis. "Dressy" (sarcasm) Levis or Wranglers were allowed in GDR and specialty restaurants unless they were faded. Minimum age guideline for specialty restaurants were also ignored. For example, there were 5 - 6 children, approximate age of 5, dining in Toscana that had no interest in the food but enjoyed a lively game of hide-and-go-seek around the tables. Jumping on their chairs was also acceptable. Parents were oblivious to it all. Vero water - excellent. Sparkling and still were available. Passengers don't have access to a refilling station. Cabin attendants don't refill partially used bottles. They are replaced twice - daily in the morning and at turndown by new bottles. Additional bottles were available on request. New 4X water filtration system takes the "odd" taste out of desalinated water. In addition, most of the time the tap water was cool instead of warm. Announcements - Peter kept his 10:00 am announcements to around ten minutes most of the time, except on shore days. If you wanted more detailed info, it would be broadcast on cannel 10. The captains 12:00noon announcement was also informative but short. No problem. Noro issue first half of cruise - During Peter's announcements, he would mention that Marina was a "healthy ship" and we would do our best to keep it that way. The usual direction, wash hands often and use the sanitizers. Noro precautions second half of cruise - Pater warned that the area was notorious for noro, Extra steps were taken to prevent a potential outbreak. There were spray sanitizers provided in the cabins. Passengers using board games were instructed to return them to the front desk. Books were to be left on the tables rather than returned to the bookshelves. There we no outbreaks that we heard of. I would be delighted to answer any questions.
  12. Hello, I am new to CC. We have done several cruises the last few years on Oceania. However, the last one was not good at all as our penthouse suite was opposite of the service entrance with constant noise from the staff slamming the door. To avoid such an experience, may I kindly ask you for your advice. We are considering to book the Oceania Suite 11080 or 11083. However, we do not know if the location just below the terrace restaurant might cause the same problem (constant noise). Has anyone stayed at one of those suites. Thank you very much! Daniel
  13. What are the differences between deck 7 b4 and b3. B4 have wait lists. Looking at deck 7, there are balconies aft and fore with bigger balconies. If possible, we like to get the bigger balcony. Thank you.
  14. Are there configurations that have that set up? The star on the deck plan, indicates a pull out sofa. What would no star mean?
  15. Some friends just got off Marina and said she needs an overhaul. Does anyone know when she is due for one? Thanks.
  16. Are there any Oceania Suites that have bigger balconies / other benefits than others? Tied search and having difficulty.
  17. Does anyone recall if the bathroom outlet stays powered when the lights are switched off? Thanks.
  18. Would appreciate comments from anyone who has stayed in both. We are really enjoying our aft Oceania Suite on Marina but it is not an option on the Nautica. We are thinking about a Vista Suite. We recognize the major difference is stem versus stern but would like to hear other observations. Also, any deck preference? Thank you!
  19. We were very fond of the E.C. on Insignia, Mario Santoro. He called me his Italian Assistant Chef because I look Italian (I am not) and always was dressed in a white jacket. His love of food and his mastery of large scale food preparation were evident throughout our 15 day cruise. We will be on Marina in February 2020 and are interested in the name of her Executive Chef in order that we review his credentials and background. Thank you in advance for the response. Joel Barry
  20. 5 minutes to midnight and hopping at Horizons. Fun crowd, but smh at the people letting their kids use it as a playground to bat around balloons and run around the dance floor. Officers and crew are here joining the fun. Happy New Year all!
  21. Cruising the Chilean Fjords today, not much to see yet. The glaciers were spectacular after rounding Cape Horn. Captain did not stop at Punta del Este due to concern about tendering in high seas. Loved seeing the penguins at two ports (saw three types). The port yesterday was Punta Arenas, lots of graffiti from the recent protests and not much to do on a Sunday unless you get out of town to nature, which is the real attraction in Patagonia. Enjoying the ship, some positives and some areas for improvement, but overall a great time so far. Staff works very hard and have been generally very good EXCEPT the staff from Destinations who are really only interested in selling you tours and have not impressed us with the same attitude as everyone else. One person at Destinations is quite rude, but she is not representative of the staff generally. Shoutouts for excellent service to our attendant Stephanie, assistant waiter Sylvie, and Cellarmaster Loredonna. Love the cabin, dinner at Jacques, dinner at Toscana, and the Wine Bar. The coffee bar has been good, so has afternoon tea service. Lots of options on sea days with culinary classes, art studio, etc. although we have not taken advantage of classes. Good lectures, well-attended with replays in your cabin. Gym is very crowded, good luck on sea days if you like to work out in the mornings. Happy to answer questions assuming the spotty WiFi allows me to log back on.
  22. Our first Oceania cruise is booked for next August 2020 (previous post mistakenly said 2021). After reading about the “almost unusable internet” on the Marina I am concerned that it might not be the ship for us. My husband will need to work during the 22 days we will be onboard, perhaps not daily but an hour or two every couple of days. He works for himself, loves what he does and is fortunate that he is able to work remotely if planned ahead. (I see no end in sight and am perfectly happy with that as long as it includes trips of increasing length!) Payroll is critical (and it unfortunately can not be planned ahead). His emails include large files (mainly drawings). We are accustomed to very good (if not great) internet. Our trip last February to Australia and NZ for four weeks (16 days on a cruise) did not present a problem as he was always able to quickly do what he needed to do so work really didn’t overly intrude. I’m sure we would love Oceania but ... I would appreciate any honest feedback concerning the internet on the Marina (or on Oceania ships in general). Thank you! Martha
  23. I'm surprised that no one has posted so far about the noro outbreak on the current Marina cruise. We are definitely in the midst of it right now.
  24. Boarded Saturday. So far the food - only in the Terrace - has been superb. I'll admit that I could see only eating there...but we won't 🙂 Tonight is Toscana. Also our cabin steward is what I would call "perfunctory." Also although she quickly agreed that she would leave our towels unless they were on they floor, she didn't. I'm giving her a second chance 🙂 Boa viagen! Cath
  25. Cabin #9110. Is this affected by the elevator nearby?
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