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  1. What shops are on the Marina? We were on Sirena last fall and there were very limited shops. We have a bit of onboard credit and wonder if I'll have to use it all on beverages...
  2. Which deck on Marina has the largest balconies for the Vista Suites? Any differences between the inside of the suites on different decks? What deck would you select and why? What exercise equipment is in the suite’s exercise room? TIA
  3. Has anyone heard about Marina and Riviera being "re-inspired" like the "R" ships? Any more details on Oceania Next and the new ships? Mia
  4. Hello fellow cruisers We sail on Marina from Cape Town to Rio in November. Bearing in mind our destination of Rio, my all time favourite cocktail is the famous Brazillian Caipirinha . Has anyone ordered or knows if this is available on the Marina? Thanks Vicki
  5. We are on the 2/3/18 Papeete cruise and I'm wondering if my husband needs to bring a sport coat for the dinner restaurants. I realize dress pants and shoes are required, but can he get by with button down collared dress shirts and no jacket?
  6. I was inspired by Hoopster’s Great review of a similar itinerary on Marina, so I will attempt my own review, over the next several days. We are on the cruise right now! Let me start at the beginning: this is a 20th anniversary “trip of a lifetime“ for my husband and me, and we wanted to see French Polynesia and do everything as first class as we could afford. This meant business class Airfare for such a long flights from our home in Houston to Tahiti, and then home from Lima. We did not think we could afford this airfare, which is several times over what you would pay for coach, and still get a suite on board marina. However, our travel broker suggested we apply for the chase bank ultimate rewards credit card, which would generate bonus travel points, at that time, of 75,000 when you spent $5000 on the card in the first three months. My husband and I each applied for the card separately, and then we paid for the cruise on the card, so that we each immediately got all those bonus points which are usable in United airlines frequent flyer program. You are able to share the points, so this, in addition to some United frequent-flier miles we already had, allowed us to purchase our business class airfare for the most expensive of the flights, using all points. The cruise was to depart on Saturday, March 2, but we knew we wanted to spend at least two or three nights in an overwater bungalow on Tahiti. The problem was, united at that time could only get you to Tahiti in one day if you went on Tuesday or Thursday. We ended up needing to stay four nights in the overwater bungalow; or at least, four nights on Tahiti as we had to fly either on Tuesday or Thursday and wanted enough time to see Papeete, enjoy our bungalow, and do a wedding Vow renewal service there on the water. We found the overwater Bungalows s at the Intercontinental Hotel on Papeete to be very pricey! I ended up purchasing them on Expedia for a decently discounted price, but still really more than we wanted to spend, and found that we could only book three nights in the overwater bungalow as they showed on the fourth night, which would be Friday night before our cruise departure, the Bungalows were all completely booked, and we would have to move. We went ahead and booked three nights, and then separately booked one night in a Gardenview room. Next I wanted to book our wedding Vow renewal service. The wedding coordinator at the Intercontinental Hotel, where we would be staying on Papeete, Quoted me a price of about $1700 for a renewal service. I told her we could not do anything like that, and would be happy with something very simple. She told me she would try to get the price lower, perhaps by booking fewer dancers and musicians. I had no idea she was talking about having dancers and music! We weren’t bringing any guests; it was only going to be my husband and me. She got back with me that we could do our wedding Vow renewal service at sunset on the small island in the lagoon beside the Lotus restaurant for $350. This would not include a videographer Or photographer, but she said she would be attending, and she would use our phone to shoot video. We booked this for Thursday the 28th. We figured we would arrive late on Tuesday night, and have Wednesday to look about the hotel on the island, and then on Thursday I would make a scuba dive with top dive there at the hotel and in the afternoon we would do our Vow renewal. It all came off like clockwork, except that our flight from San Francisco to Tahiti was delayed for three hours, so we ended up arriving to the airport in Tahiti at about 1130 at night; for us from Houston, this was 3:30 AM. It was a long day! We were so tired by this time, we did not stop to change any money at the airport. However I understand that this is the most convenient place to change your US dollars for XPF currency; we did not, but as our time in Tahiti was mostly at the Intercontinental and then we are visiting only three other French Polynesian islands on the cruise, we have not had a great need for French Polynesian currency. The Intercontinental overwater bungalow was very sweet and charming with a thatched roof, very modern appointments, a gorgeous Mural on the bedroom wall, a terrific bathroom with the soaker tub as well as a separate shower; no complaints at all about the Bungalo, except that our particular one, number 507, was a long walk from the hotel lobby, bars, restaurant, and Water sports and activities. My husband has a disability, and after all that time on the airplane, he was fairly well stove up. Also, the reef around the Intercontinental is not very healthy for snorkeling; the coral heads are busted up, probably from the construction of the overwater bungalows, and there is not an abundance of fish ; They have an area called the lagoonarium where they have some fish a little bit hemmed in by stones across the mouth of the lagoon, and there you can see the Moorish Idol and the state fish of Hawaii, Humuhumunukunukapuaa, which as someone who has scuba dived in the Caribbean and Mexico, I was delighted to see these new fish to me. But in all the snorkeling there was not great. I did one scuba dive with the business called top dive there at the hotel, and the water is delightful and clear, and they took us to the dive called White Valley, which is known for sharks. And we saw sharks! Lots of Blacktip reef sharks, and one big lemon shark. But otherwise, again, the reef was not fantastic to look at, and there were not a wide variety of other fish. Still, I was very happy to be diving in these warm and clear waters. Yes, I will get to the cruise quickly, but let me end this first post with a note about our wedding Vow renewal Service… At 5:15 in the afternoon on that Thursday, a Tahitian prince and princess arrived at our door, with the Tahitian master of ceremonies, Eva, who would be translating for the Tahitian minister who would be doing our service. They brought us traditional costumes to wear if we liked, but we had brought her own clothes. The Tahitian prince lead the way to the little island, which they call a Motu, blowing on a conch shell to sound our coming. We crossed a bridge which had been covered with palm fronds, to a little green Island, where there were a couple of ukulele players and the Tahitian priest as well as a pair of lovely bamboo chairs set up like thrones for a king and queen. The ceremony included traditional Tahitian blessings, dancing by the Tahitian princess and two other young women, a lot of singing, and a whole audience of people watching from the lagoon and the shore. It was amazing; I can’t imagine what all might’ve been included had we gone for the more deluxe package! I should say, we had met Linda and Bruce from this forum on our flight from San Francisco; they would also be at the Intercontinental, so we invited them to come to the service. And they did! It was so delightful to have new friends in attendance with us. I will add some photos from the ceremony that day. And tomorrow I will begin the actual cruise review. I would say, if you want to stay on Tahiti a few days before your cruise, perhaps take the ferry over to Moorea which is said to be a more tranquil and beautiful island, perhaps rhan Papeete, Which I think might have been better for us. I cannot complain about the service we had though, and I did love our Bungalow. If I can upload them, there are photos of the ceremony and then one photo of us on the balcony of our overwater bungalow
  7. This report is for our just completed cruise on the Marina in French Polynesia. I’ll attempt to touch on as many topics as accurately and briefly as possible. This report is on this cruise, not cruises past on this or other Oceania ships. Prefacing my discussion I’ll give a few facts. Americans made up about a little over 50% of the passengers with Canadians being second with about 20%. The rest of the top 5 was rounded out with (3) Australia (4) Germany and (5) UK . This cruise had a much lower demographics than our past Oceania cruises with a significant % under 40 and the majority under 60. Also surprisingly this cruise had the lowest number of O Club ( past O cruisers) at barely a third than any previous cruise we’ve been on. Overall this was a fabulous and wonderful cruise. We took friends along that were first time O cruisers and they mostly lived O and the cruise. We both were originally booked Concierge but our TA got us well discounted upsells to PH1. With one exception, service across the ship was exceptional, including the Butlers, the room attendants, the restaurant waitstaff, and wine service. The food was exceptional and far exceeding overall past sailings. We did three La Reserve Dinners and one private wine dinner in Privee. Highlighting these was the Dom Perignon Dinner that was simply incredible. The Other two dinners were very nice likewise. The greatest part to me was that Dom required Oceania to bring aboard a true certified Sommelier, in lieu of the make believe wine servers posing as such, as a condition of participating in the Program. Tom, our new Croatian Sommelier, did a terrific job not only with the Dom event but also doing the wine tasting seminars where new wine selections are now being offered! Tremendous addition to staff that eliminates many of the sloppy errors past wine servers were making. Not wanting to turn this into a dress code battle I will briefly say that many fellow cruisers opted to exercise the most extreme liberal interpretation of country club casual that I’ve seen on any cruise! I’ve never done an O Carribean Cruise, but those that have claimed they had never witnessed such abuses of policy on any Carribean cruises which may say a lot. Not only in the Specialties, but people coming to Afternoon Tea in only their swimwear with no top! The predominant abusers were not the under 55 set, but the over 55 set of Americans and Canadians. Grade schoolers have the intellectual capacity to identify a lot of the attire arriving at the Specialties for dinner as certainly not being Country Club casual. As a personal statement, I believe that the subset of men, particularly over 55, that should wear wifebeaters with the underarm cut out to navel levels is extremely small. Obviously some disagree with me! However, is the Terrace so “ anything goes” that gym trunks, wifebeaters, and flip flops is really acceptable wear at dinner there? I’ll take this cruise as an aberration of place and expect a normalization If attire on our summer cruise to Northern Europe. Internet service was the worst we and most O cruisers have seen on any cruise. Leave it at that. Service was sporadic and extremely slow at best. We don’t care about such but for those that do, the Captain never appeared for any normal events. The GM typically stood in for him. I don’t even remember any noon Captain’s announcements. The CD made any announcements necessary. We did all private tours arranged via the Row Call. No comments on ships tour, except for one island where O had none but several private tours all went. It’s been said 150 times here previously and I’ll add to it. Transportation options to Papeete are limited . Don’t wait until Mamma Oceania gives you your routings! Be proactive and either book your own or work with O Air early and secure good routings. I had zero empathy for those that waited until the end and got really horrible routing solutions. Nuff said! I’ll try to add to this later, but off to catch my flight!
  8. Is anyone interested in sharing transportation (probably Taxi) from Le Havre to Honfleur Thursday April 18? I read that the cost is about 60 Euro each way. The time from Le Havre to Honfleur is about 30 minutes. Scheduled arrival is 7am and departure is 7pm. Thanks, BTHS1962
  9. I just returned from the Oceania Marina and posted the following review under "Reviews". I'm also placing here for those who are interested: I write this from the perspective of a cruiser who has sailed with Oceania 7 times and been on almost 90 cruises. My cabin experience has always been a PH2 or PH3 on deck 10 or 11 on Riviera/Marina and deck 8 on the R Class ships. For reference and point of view purposes I have sailed on most major mass market lines. In recent years my taste has changed and strongly desire smaller ships with less passengers and a more inclusive experience where you are not nickel and dimed. Therefore, lines such as Oceania, Crystal, Seabourn, Azamara, Regent and Silversea have been strongly preferenced. The condition of the Marina is tip top shape - especially for a ship built in 2011. Food remains outstanding. Cruising on Oceania is more akin to staying in a really nice floating hotel as opposed to a true cruising experience. Highlights not only include the dining room and specialty restaurants, but also tea time and the strings. I also believe Oceania and Regent have the best pool areas at sea. Unfortunately, I feel strongly that Oceania has lost ground compared to the competition - so much so that we just booked our first Viking Ocean cruise as reviews seem to compare the two lines as apples to apples with Viking Ocean being the better apple. Unfortunately, Oceania's apple has become a bit rotten. Here's why: Despite a beautiful ship and producing excellent food something is missing on Oceania and has been progressively more noticeable. That "something" is service and absolute lack of personalization. I've noticed on my last few Oceania cruises that the crew does not engage with the passengers and it is clear they are there to do their job and that's it. There is frequent talk in front of guests about "when my contract is up". No similes, no being addressed by name, no remembering preferences. In fact, for the most part no warmth. For example, my wife and I kept bumping into a social hostess we met at a captain's function the second day of the cruise and we would always say hello and try to engage. She would not give us the time of day. A social hostess! Another example - this one from the top - the captain's cabin was just in front of ours and I would frequently see him in the corridor. It was painful for him to return a simple hello. Staff were regimented and inflexible. All decisions - no matter how minor - had to come from the top. There was no willingness or ability to even make small decisions to cater to guests on their own. For example, at the juice bar I asked for bananas, oranges and ice. The employee said he was only allowed to make what was on the preset menu despite all the ingredients and a blender sitting right in front of him. Sounds picky? Not really when every aspect of any small request is treated this way. The overall lack of flexibility and unfriendliness of the staff is unfortunate. Part of what makes cruising enjoyable is the staff. When the staff is miserable and stupidly rigid it impacts the overall experience. In summary - regarding the staff - they walked around like creatures from the Walking Dead and did not seem happy. Unless you bought a drink package getting an honest drink is impossible on Oceania. All drinks are measured pours and quite stingy. Even the "doubles" are weak. A double top shelf (i.e. Kettle One or Grey Goose) martini costs north of $22 before tip is included. Bartenders have zero flexibility to think on their own and actually some are worried about their pours because they are "scrutinized" according to one. Remarkably, Celebrity - a mass market line - makes much more honest and better drinks without the measured pour. Oceania shore excursions are consistently awful. I would not waste your money and instead visit sites such as tours by locals or Viator to arrange your own tours. Not only will you have a more customized experienced and skip out on painful bus journeys, but you will save a ton of money. As an aside, I think Oceania would benefit from increasing their prices slightly and making drinks all-inclusive. They should get rid of O Life promotions and just make every sailing with included WiFi, beverages, gratuities and lastly not insult guests by requiring tokens for the laundry. Those inclusions coupled with some serious Ritz Carlton style customer service training would potentially put Oceania back in the running. On all my previous Oceania cruises I booked future cruises. Not on this one. I am done with Oceania for the foreseeable future as I've tried other options and liked them better; hence the danger of trying other things as you might just like them better and change your spending habits. Sorry Oceania - what was once a fabulous product is just fair now when compared to the competition in the market.
  10. I have heard it costs $9.99/day. I find it hard to believe it will really work for streaming, etc. Have you tried it? If so, what was your impression. Thanks in advance!
  11. Anybody have info about when all of Marina will be reimagined? I heard from an Oceania agent it was scheduled for spring 2020 and I’m hoping that’s is correct as well have a summer 2020 cruise booked.
  12. You never know what you're going to run into when you sign up for a cruise. This is our 27th Oceania cruise and they just keep getting better and better. What a pleasant surprise to find so many people on the staff that we have known from previous cruises. Today we stood at the bottom of the gang plank with our two heavy roll- ons loaded with our usual medical and electronic gadgets that weighed a ton, thinking how we were going to climb all those stairs from the dock to the 5th floor, when all of a sudden our favorite General Manager, Dominique Nicolle came bounding down the stairs to greet us with a big welcome smile and carried our bags all the way to the onboard registration desk at the front of the ship. Next we found that our favorite Oceania Captain, Luca Manzi is guiding the ship. He is a delight, as those who have sailed with him previously know well. After a delicious lunch we headed for our room. On the way, we ran into our previous butler, Mani, who told us about our new butler, also from India, named Grince. By the time we got to our room, our luggage was already at the door, as well as our room steward, named Suresh who we had on a previous cruise on Nautica several years ago. He was happy to see us again! At dinner we ran into a "floating", so to speak, restaurant manager named Nino from Sicily who we had just met on our November 2018 Riviera cruise. He stopped to chat at our table and, like so many of the staff, Nino pitched in just like Dominique Nicolle, mentioned above, wherever he was needed. Nino noticed right away that our white wine glasses were in need of filling and he retrieved the bottle from the ice bucket. Fortunately, we had chosen an Italian wine! So on day one we truly felt that we were back at our home away from home!
  13. I am trying to find the email address for the executive concierge on the Marina. I need to contact him/her regarding setting up a group meeting (time & place) for the 3 Jan sailing. Can anyone help. Thanks Geo
  14. In dedication of visiting Marquesas on this sailing and as per Jeff Probst opening montage of the reality TV show "Survivor"... Venturing away from Royal Caribbean for the first time in years we "Outwitted, Outplayed, Outlasted!": "12 days ... 1252 cruisers .... 2 survivors!!" I have a bucket list of world wide travel destinations and so far RCL has done a great job of taking me where I wanted to go while satisfying my cruise fix. I had looked at this itinerary for a few years now, formulating ideas and trying to figure out how I wish to visit Moorea and Bora Bora as bucket list destinations... it was obvious Royal was not going to take me there other than for a mere 3 days as they passed through re-positioning from Syndey to Hawaii... not good enough for me. I had heard many others who praised Oceania in the past and I have been curious for a while. The kick in the pants I needed, funny enough, was on RCL's Harmony of the Seas sitting beside a very nice couple in one of their specialty restaurants called "Wonderland". They told me all about Oceania as their preferred line... not in a condescending way at all, nor to put down Royal at all... just explained a few things to me that re-enforced what I was already learning. It was then that I decided to start lurking here on this Oceania forum to learn more. Finally last spring I booked. There always seem to be many French Polynesia questions here on this board, however not any reviews here on the Oceania forum so I hope that this can help those who are looking at this itinerary in the future. I believe that pictures are worth a thousand words so I'll have plenty of photos to share with you. Hopefully along the way I can provide a little entertainment and some of you can also live vicariously through the posts and pictures to come. By the way, I am very grateful for the info I've gleaned from this board from so many of you regulars. By all means, if you see something general that I've posted regarding Oceania that is incorrect let me know. I'll do my best to be accurate with my personal experiences for this specific sailing. Note that I still have a 24/7 very active business to run... doing these reviews is a hobby and escape so keep in mind that it will take time (lots of time... ie a couple of weeks at least) to get through it all. Here's a couple of teaser pics for you to get you warmed up.... stay tuned :D
  15. We're currently reserved on the Marina for the 10/6/19 cruise from Monte to Carlo to Athens. Some information that I've seen, as well as the 10-day hole in the Marina's schedule, seem to confirm that she will be going into drydock. Should I expect anything that might suggest that I not take the cruise in 2019? I've seen comments and discussions on other boards about preliminary drydock work during the last cruise as well as certain foods being unavailable, noise, grinding, etc. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Booked ourselves in 2019 and want one of these cabins (7108 and higher). Reading the forums and looking at pics I can’t ascertain which of these cabins might be more private than others—I really prefer that the majority of my balcony can’t be looked down upon from the cabins above. Recommendations for cabins that I should and should not book are greatly appreciated, thanks! I’m currently in 7112 and have read that might be one to avoid. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. Hi, I'm looking at cruising with my children and I'd love to try Oceania. The itinerary is port intensive so we'll be off-ship snorkelling etc most days. Do they have quad share cabins on the Marina? The Penthouse suite looks like it might have a pull-out sofa, is this correct? Thank you 🙂
  18. I use a vpn for all wifi and tethered internet connections. Can I still do this onboard the Marina? Are there any tricks to doing it with their system? thanks, GTAgal
  19. Just booked our first Oceania cruise for November and just curious to see how far anyone was bumped up with the guarantee?
  20. We are booked on Riviera in cabin 7130 (PH1). At the time of the booking we knew about the wrap around larger balcony, but after some research and reading reviews I now realise the cabin is smaller than a normal PH. We were not informed of this when we booked onboard Oceania last month. The only concern I have is with the smaller wardrobe. Does anyone have pics of the wardrobe in these cabins? I've seen pics of the main cabin area and the balcony, but not the robe.
  21. Oceania Marina Pictures http://www.1mpages.com/PhotoOceaniaMarina.html
  22. Did post this on roll call,but for those not listed that our on this cruise,,or even past cruisers,could you post daily blog with pics about this itinerary?? With new format am some how not able to find reviews ,,, Would really be appreciated. Have this one booked for next yr. and interested in all details re ports,shore exc.etc. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi! I can make my dinner reservations next week for our cruise in November and I am so new to this, that I don't know where to start. We haven't decided on excursions yet as we aren't looking for a run ragged trip. We are more interested in exploring the ports on our own and doing an excursion or two. So, what I was wondering, how do I know or decide on times for the speciality restaurants? Do you do like 7:30ish if you want to attend the shows? We booked concierge level, will they be able to help us if we need to change it around? Any help/suggestions are appreciated!
  24. We are new to Oceania and I have a question: are Steam Room and Sauna visits are free or Oceania is charging for use of sauna? How much? Thanks, Mike
  25. I see they are going to make an announcement on 10 October. I suppose it is about their next refits. Anybody know more? Sent from my iPad using Forums
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