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Found 978 results

  1. gymfreak

    Caipirinha on Marina!

    Hello fellow cruisers We sail on Marina from Cape Town to Rio in November. Bearing in mind our destination of Rio, my all time favourite cocktail is the famous Brazillian Caipirinha . Has anyone ordered or knows if this is available on the Marina? Thanks Vicki
  2. rivieramayalover

    Marina restaurant dress code

    We are on the 2/3/18 Papeete cruise and I'm wondering if my husband needs to bring a sport coat for the dinner restaurants. I realize dress pants and shoes are required, but can he get by with button down collared dress shirts and no jacket?
  3. Anybody have info about when all of Marina will be reimagined? I heard from an Oceania agent it was scheduled for spring 2020 and I’m hoping that’s is correct as well have a summer 2020 cruise booked.
  4. I am trying to find the email address for the executive concierge on the Marina. I need to contact him/her regarding setting up a group meeting (time & place) for the 3 Jan sailing. Can anyone help. Thanks Geo
  5. We're currently reserved on the Marina for the 10/6/19 cruise from Monte to Carlo to Athens. Some information that I've seen, as well as the 10-day hole in the Marina's schedule, seem to confirm that she will be going into drydock. Should I expect anything that might suggest that I not take the cruise in 2019? I've seen comments and discussions on other boards about preliminary drydock work during the last cruise as well as certain foods being unavailable, noise, grinding, etc. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. ClevedonMum

    Marina Quad Cabin

    Hi, I'm looking at cruising with my children and I'd love to try Oceania. The itinerary is port intensive so we'll be off-ship snorkelling etc most days. Do they have quad share cabins on the Marina? The Penthouse suite looks like it might have a pull-out sofa, is this correct? Thank you 🙂
  7. Booked ourselves in 2019 and want one of these cabins (7108 and higher). Reading the forums and looking at pics I can’t ascertain which of these cabins might be more private than others—I really prefer that the majority of my balcony can’t be looked down upon from the cabins above. Recommendations for cabins that I should and should not book are greatly appreciated, thanks! I’m currently in 7112 and have read that might be one to avoid. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Misssmb

    Concierge Guarantee Marina

    Just booked our first Oceania cruise for November and just curious to see how far anyone was bumped up with the guarantee?
  9. I use a vpn for all wifi and tethered internet connections. Can I still do this onboard the Marina? Are there any tricks to doing it with their system? thanks, GTAgal
  10. lais

    Marina pictures

    Oceania Marina Pictures http://www.1mpages.com/PhotoOceaniaMarina.html
  11. In dedication of visiting Marquesas on this sailing and as per Jeff Probst opening montage of the reality TV show "Survivor"... Venturing away from Royal Caribbean for the first time in years we "Outwitted, Outplayed, Outlasted!": "12 days ... 1252 cruisers .... 2 survivors!!" I have a bucket list of world wide travel destinations and so far RCL has done a great job of taking me where I wanted to go while satisfying my cruise fix. I had looked at this itinerary for a few years now, formulating ideas and trying to figure out how I wish to visit Moorea and Bora Bora as bucket list destinations... it was obvious Royal was not going to take me there other than for a mere 3 days as they passed through re-positioning from Syndey to Hawaii... not good enough for me. I had heard many others who praised Oceania in the past and I have been curious for a while. The kick in the pants I needed, funny enough, was on RCL's Harmony of the Seas sitting beside a very nice couple in one of their specialty restaurants called "Wonderland". They told me all about Oceania as their preferred line... not in a condescending way at all, nor to put down Royal at all... just explained a few things to me that re-enforced what I was already learning. It was then that I decided to start lurking here on this Oceania forum to learn more. Finally last spring I booked. There always seem to be many French Polynesia questions here on this board, however not any reviews here on the Oceania forum so I hope that this can help those who are looking at this itinerary in the future. I believe that pictures are worth a thousand words so I'll have plenty of photos to share with you. Hopefully along the way I can provide a little entertainment and some of you can also live vicariously through the posts and pictures to come. By the way, I am very grateful for the info I've gleaned from this board from so many of you regulars. By all means, if you see something general that I've posted regarding Oceania that is incorrect let me know. I'll do my best to be accurate with my personal experiences for this specific sailing. Note that I still have a 24/7 very active business to run... doing these reviews is a hobby and escape so keep in mind that it will take time (lots of time... ie a couple of weeks at least) to get through it all. Here's a couple of teaser pics for you to get you warmed up.... stay tuned :D
  12. We are booked on Riviera in cabin 7130 (PH1). At the time of the booking we knew about the wrap around larger balcony, but after some research and reading reviews I now realise the cabin is smaller than a normal PH. We were not informed of this when we booked onboard Oceania last month. The only concern I have is with the smaller wardrobe. Does anyone have pics of the wardrobe in these cabins? I've seen pics of the main cabin area and the balcony, but not the robe.
  13. Misssmb

    Dinner reservations Marina

    Hi! I can make my dinner reservations next week for our cruise in November and I am so new to this, that I don't know where to start. We haven't decided on excursions yet as we aren't looking for a run ragged trip. We are more interested in exploring the ports on our own and doing an excursion or two. So, what I was wondering, how do I know or decide on times for the speciality restaurants? Do you do like 7:30ish if you want to attend the shows? We booked concierge level, will they be able to help us if we need to change it around? Any help/suggestions are appreciated!
  14. We are new to Oceania and I have a question: are Steam Room and Sauna visits are free or Oceania is charging for use of sauna? How much? Thanks, Mike
  15. Did post this on roll call,but for those not listed that our on this cruise,,or even past cruisers,could you post daily blog with pics about this itinerary?? With new format am some how not able to find reviews ,,, Would really be appreciated. Have this one booked for next yr. and interested in all details re ports,shore exc.etc. Thanks in advance.
  16. I see they are going to make an announcement on 10 October. I suppose it is about their next refits. Anybody know more? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. otto68

    Marina questions

    Hi! We'll be on Marina in late August and I would like to know from someone who recently landed, who Capitain is, news about evening shows and if there are any complimentary fitness classes ( Oceania site talks about new many fitness complimentary classes but I think that not all of them are present on every ship...) Thanks in advance!
  18. Can somebody tell me the name of the captain and the general manager on the Marina. September 5 - 15. Thank you.
  19. Pompey Lil

    Oceania Marina refit

    Wondered if anyone knows if Marina is due some sort of refurb next March? I’ve seen that she is in Papeete for a week next year. I know she had one in 2016 with new carpets throughout. We’ve just returned from a cruise on her this year & everything was fine but I’ve seen a review that someone else’s suite was looking tired. We are going again next May & would be nice if she’s been made even lovelier :D
  20. Does anyone have any experience of the cabins located near the elevators on the Marina? I am looking at cabins that open out to the 4 forward elevators and concerned that there may be noise from that area transferring to the cabins (eg people waiting around for the elevators to arrive, "dings" as the elevator arrives at that deck etc). Are the cabins on Marina well insulated from outside noise?
  21. sarn

    Oceania Marina

    Does anyone know when Marina is next due to go into dry dock? Thank you
  22. I have decided to write a detailed review and post many pictures from our cruise aboard Oceania Marina from April 18-May 6 2013. This is a first for me so I hope that everyone will enjoy it. I want to state right up front that this may not be as detailed in certain areas as some people may like. Over the course of 18 days we went to zero shows and activities. Yes you read that right, none. It's not that we are against them, it's just not our thing. We would rather play cards with each other or watch a movie in our room after dinner. I had planned on documenting the food that we ate at every meal but that proved to be more of an undertaking than I was willing to comit to. I did document every course that we ate at the specialty restaurants, so there will be an abundance of food pictures. I will spend a fair amount of time talking about the islands that we visited in the hopes that it may help people doing the same (or similar) cruise in the future plan for their vacation. I will also dedicate some time at the end to our post trip to Machu Picchu. I know that this isn't directly part of the cruise and we did not book it through the ship but I figured it may be of some interest to some people. I also encourage people that were on the same cruise as myself to add any comments or information that they may have. How was Patrick's tour in Bora Bora? How did the tours with Green Island tours in Easter Island turn out? How were the ships tours? Feel free and post some pictures to share with everyone. I also wanted to say that I am generally very open about things and I will talk about what I paid for the cruise and tours etc. Hopefully no one gets offended. If you have any questions feel free to ask. There is not much that I am shy about answering. Lastly I just want to say that I am not a writer by trade and you will have to forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. Ok then, let us begin.....
  23. OK. For all those people claiming Oceania has a dress code - I must Say it wasn't what I'd read about here. Am on the current Baltic cruise. Last night in MDR I saw several men in casual jeans and sneakers. Not young men either. Saw several women in sneakers and many in sweatshirt jackets and one with a honking fanny pack strapped around her middle. This evening at Captain's Cocktail party where "appropriate attire" was spelled out, numerous couples showed up in sneakers, crocs,and sweatshirt style jackets. Tonight in the Terrace Cafe which I know is supposed to be more casual, I was surrounded by the following: to my north a man wore loose Tee shirt and jeans; couple to my west wore matching short sleeved tops upon which they spread their napkins across their chests with top edges tucked into their neckline. Best of all was the guy at the table to our south seated in his loose Tee shirt, swim trunks and flip flops. Just sayin'.
  24. 2xBubbe

    Marina - October 16, 2018

    We are looking to share a private golf cart tour with another couple to accommodate the 4 of us, to tour Rome, day 5, (since they are quite expensive). The tour would begin with a private pick up at the ship and take us to the golf cart tour of Rome. After we tour Rome we visit the Vatican, its museums and the Sistine Chapel with a private tour guide for an additional 2+ hours. We then head back to the ship via a private pick up. Lunch is planned in the itinerary. This private tour from approximately 8 am, to return to the ship by around 6 pm, will cost approximately $800 per couple through my licensed travel agent.
  25. I don't normally post reviews of individual cruises, but I thought this might be useful to other cruisers who have been on the smaller Oceania ships but not the larger ones. We had done several cruises on Sirena and Regatta, but this was our first cruise on one of the larger ships. All opinions given here are my personal ones, I have no axe to grind with anyone, save your flames 'cos I'll ignore them, etc etc: Overall, our experience on Marina was....meh. Which considering the price of the cruise, especially with a hefty single supplement on top, means that we may consider other cruise lines in the future (as well as Oceania of course). The ports of call were in the main very good, especially St Petersburg which was outstanding. We liked the bright look and feel of Marina compared to the dark wood of the smaller ships, which is particularly evident in the MDR. We liked the larger bathrooms in the cabins (and actually having a bath, oh the bliss) - the size of the bathrooms has always been our biggest grumble about the smaller ships. The spa was very good and I had an excellent massage (gotta use up that OBC somehow ;)). The food was good pretty much the whole cruise (exception listed below), although I have to say we thought Jacques didn't live up to expectations. However. We didn't like: The cleanliness of the cabins. We had B3 cabins on opposite sides of the ship, with different stewards. Both cabins were dusty (and stayed that way the whole week) - I could have written my name on the mirrors & shelves. I complained on the first day as my bath was dirty - an actual ring around the bath (haven't seen one of those since my university days) and somebody else's hairs both in and around the bath. Yuck. To their credit this was rectified that day and the assistant housekeeper followed up with a phone call, but if someone has complained about cleanliness in their cabin, wouldn't you think they would check the WHOLE cabin to see it was OK? Both of us had a sewage smell in our bathrooms, both of us flagged it with our stewards. Mine seemed to go away. My mother seemed to have hers for most of the cruise. The Terrace: one of our favourite places on Sirena and Regatta, yet here on Marina the actual food area seemed a lot smaller. The quality of the breads was very poor (very limited supply, rock hard) - we complained about them several times to senior waiters both in the Terrace and in Horizons at afternoon tea (our teeth were at risk trying to eat a scone). On the last night of the cruise we ate in Jacques - the bread served at table there was excellent, so someone in the galley knows how to bake. So, good things and bad. Nothing ruined the cruise, we really enjoyed ourselves, but we were both taken aback by the cleanliness issue (and were explicit about it in the feedback questionnaires).