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Found 473 results

  1. bobpatj

    Nautica Newbie

    Sailing Nautical for the first time and sailing O for the first time. She's a beautiful ship! Why does she need any "changes?"
  2. DallasGator

    Storage on Nautica

    I know the Concierge Level Veranda Suites on Nautica do not have that much storage space. Is there room under the bed for empty suitcases? How much?
  3. weetzie00

    Infant Amenities (Nautica)

    We are planning a family cruise with 3 generations. We will have a 1 year old. I understand Oceania is not ideal for children. However, does anyone know or can anyone currently cruising answer the following: Are there high chairs available in the dining areas? Are there changing tables in the public restrooms? Are cribs available upon request? Thanks!
  4. caymancouple

    Nautica Nightlight?

    Never done an Oceania cruise. Starting to pack and I don't want to take anything I don't need or must have.... Does anyone know if an Oceanview cabin on I think deck 2 (what ever the cheapest room I could get... LOL) has a nightlight in the bathroom? Thanks for the help.
  5. Mrs f.

    Show Times on Nautica

    Trying to plan dinner times for Nautica cruise. What time does the nightly show start?
  6. RJB


    Where is Nautica now? Has the weather cleared so she can resume here cruise? :):)
  7. These boards encourage us to “write a review”! Here goes, again, in live, blogging style. Later, you can see links to our previous cruise blogs and posts. Three live/blogs are now over 215,000 views. Visuals make a big, interesting difference, sharing the beauty and drama from these wonderful and varied regions of the world. Tell us what you like, any questions, suggestions, etc. Don't be shy!! Love the interactive nature of live/blogs, getting feed-back and comments as we travel, etc. Or, helping answer questions about this ship, these locations, etc. This cruise is all about ITINERARY!! We were attracted to the great group of ports, stops and locations being offered. This sailing, although 20-days long, sold-out fairly quickly. While we were in Greece in 2006, these are our firsts for Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Middle East. Recently, not many cruises have combined key stops in Israel, Egypt and Jordan. Plus, this timing in the fall worked well, too. Below is a map/layout that I prepared on my MacBook Pro laptop to illustrate this schedule and timing. This is our first cruise with Oceania. Their reputation is for excellent food and so far, we have not been disappointed. Many more details to share, but we will start out a quick mix of different visuals. Don’t people like “eye candy”?? We are just now sailing away from the Greek Island of Rhodes and are on our way to Cyprus. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be around 75F, sunny and super pleasant. That will be much better than the cold and rain of yesterday in Patmos and the cloudy threats of showers today at Rhodes. Fortunately no rain happened today and we even enjoyed some parts of the day with decent sun. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio. SE Asia/Mekong River, Etc.! Live/blog from early 2018, first adventure through SE Asia, stops in Hong Kong and Bangkok, before exploring all over Vietnam and Cambodia, seven days sailing on the Mekong River. Now at 39,063 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2591474 Here is a graphic that I prepared on my laptop that shows exactly where we will be stopping and traveling during this first sailing with Oceania.: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see this picture larger/better!) Here is how nice and shiny the Oceania Nautica looked while in the harbor in Rhodes. Have sunshine helped much to enjoy parts of today while visiting this large and historic Greek Island.: While in Rhodes, here are a couple of quick visual samples. Plus, the Greek flag!!: A big part of today's ship tour was visiting Lindos. This coastal, historic village is extremely scenic with an amazing castle/acropolis towering over the area. More pictures from Lindos in the next segment.:
  8. fishr

    Deck 7 or 8 on Nautica?

    We're planning on booking a Concierge Level Veranda Stateroom A1 on Natica. Most are on Deck 7 but there are two midship on Deck 8. What are the pros and cons of each?
  9. pinkpanther52

    Nautica Greenock

    The nautica has broken its moorings in Greenock due to Storm Ali However everyone is reported safe and those ashore are being looked after by the shore team and sheltering in a church hall till the storm dies down this evening. Stay safe everyone
  10. no fuss travel

    Nautica entertainment

    imo the production team was better than the brought on board entertainers. This was the best group I have ever seen on an Oceania cruise. I was not the only Oceania repeater echoing that sentiment. All their voices blended together and they did a great job on their solos as well. They worked as a team and it showed. They were also out and about socializing with the passengers even when they were not on duty.:):):)
  11. Noggins

    Nautica incident 9/19

    There is not much detail in the news stories yet but it seems high winds caused a problem for Nautica today. Hopefully someone on board will give us all an update at some point. I assume the passengers and crew ashore were there enjoying their day rather than having been put ashore. I imagine some will have a surprise upon returning to the dock to find the ship gone! https://www.scotsman.com/regions/glasgow-strathclyde/storm-ali-cruise-ship-detached-from-moorings-1-4802256
  12. https://gcaptain.com/cruise-ship-with-more-than-500-people-on-board-breaks-moorings-and-drifts-from-dock-in-scotland/ I’ll get the popcorn...
  13. My husband and I would like to join others on excursions in ports on this cruise First time member to cruise critic Jenny
  14. Has anyone stayed in an E Cabin before? We are considering an Oceania cruise and have an E cabin on hold. I was just wondering how much of the lifeboats you actually see in one of these rooms. Any help would be appreciated. :)
  15. Just wondering about different currencies on this trip will USD be acceptable in all these ports, or will we need local currency? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. Hello, Hubby & I are considering a 14-Day cruise in Asia in 2020 aboard the Nautica. Cruise Critic had the following information regarding veranda cabins on the Nautica: "For regular Veranda Staterooms, the balcony is 43 square feet (with four lucky exceptions -- two cabins with 73-square-foot verandahs and two with 92-square-foot verandahs). For Concierge Level Veranda Staterooms, the balcony is about 41 square feet (with six more lucky exceptions -- two cabins with 72-square-foot verandahs, two with 94-square-foot verandahs and two with 96-square-foot verandahs)." But they don't say exactly which cabins have the larger verandas. Does anyone know which cabins (either regular or Concierge) have the larger verandas on the Nautica? Thank you, Susan
  17. Where are the electric outlets in the cabins on Nautica, and what type(s) are they? I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a recent thread on this issue, and was left with questions such as whether the bedside tables include them or not. (For an upcoming trip, we are booked in a veranda stateroom on Nautica, and I want to bring the proper adapters and extension cords if necessary.)
  18. While we have never sailed with Oceania, we have a booking made for Nov. 16-Dec. 6, 2018, Athens to Dubai with stops in Rhodes, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, etc. This offers many exciting stops for our first visit to these parts of the Middle East. Would love to hear more from any experienced and smart travelers about the Nautica, Oceania and/or these locations. Have a few questions related for us and another couple from Central Ohio as first-timers with Oceania. 1. What is the biggest "secret", favorite place, best tips, etc., to maximized and enjoy time on the Nautica? Ours would be a twenty-day cruise with five sea-days. 2. The basic balcony room on this ship are little smaller than what we have previously done with Silversea, Celebrity, etc. Any tips to maximize on this limited cabin size or best places to find away from the cabin for hanging out, escaping, making your "haven", etc.? 3. Did the any-time dining work well in the evenings? Which of the two speciality dining places was your top favorite? Why? Favorite meal treats while with Oceania? Will the main dining room do any "special requests" with advance notice? 4. For evening entertainment, any special highlights, super loves, best tips, aspects to avoid, etc.? 5. Are ship speakers on the ship for this type of journey generally pretty good, interesting and approachable for chatting, etc.? 6. On ship tours with Oceania, how "full" or packed are most of the buses with their tours? 15-20 people? 30-35 on the bus/tour? Or 40 or so? 7. Have heard great things on the staff. Is the staff on the ship fairly experienced or having a higher mix of "newer" people? Are most of the dining and room service staff from Europe or Philippines/India? Or, a wider mix? Most speaking fairly well in English? 8. What else should I have asked? Or, most need to know, understand, expect, etc.? THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Lisbon, NWSpain, Bordeaux/Brittany: Just finished June 2017 sailing from Portugal to France along the scenic Atlantic Coast, plus great pre- and post-cruise experiences. Many interesting pictures and details on history, food, culture, etc., from my live/blog at: www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2511358
  19. Cruising Kangaroo

    Nautica Cabin 7007 Photos

    Here are two photos of cabin 7007 on the Nautica. There are four of this type of cabin on the smaller Oceania ships, cabins 6004,6005,7006 and 7007. The deck 7 cabins are preferable because the deck 6 cabins are above the show room. These cabins are at the bow of the ship and are deeper than other C1 ocean view cabins because the outer wall is moved outward to the position of the outer edge of the balcony cabins on this deck. You can clearly see this on the deck plans. this provides extra space in these cabins in the sitting area, and allows space for an extra chair as well as the standard sofa. In addition, there is a wide window ledge/shelf under the porthole which provides extra storage for day to day items.The result is a more spacious cabin. The window is a large round porthole about 4 feet diameter. The cabin was very quiet except for bow thruster noise when docking but this is normal for any cabins in the front half of the ship. I hope this helps.
  20. Tansy Mews

    On Nautica now - 2018-07-06

    julie is cruise director. Very good. I really appreciate her announcements about tendering for those with independent arrangements. For example, one day she said that the next 45 minutes would be a good time to go ashore because just after that there was a big tour departing. There are two 2 for 1 happy hours. The usual from 5-6 and a late night one from 10:30-11:30 pm (this one is just in Horizons). A wonderful singer - Sally Jones. Both shows were excellent. Last night’s performance featured the songs and life of Edith Piaf. Grand Dining Room has been open for lunch most days, even on port days. They are having the 20 items for $24.99 laundry special. Starts today (our first sea day) until the 10th. That should avoid some unpleasant overcrowding in the launderette.
  21. Hi All, My Lady Wife and I shall be flying in a big silver bird across the ocean to Dublin. I shall try to send back daily reports - it all depends on the ship's wifi. Ciao Ira
  22. Mrs f.

    Deck 8 nautica

    We are looking at a cruise on nautica. They only have deck 8 left. I notice that above on deck 9 is pool and patio. Question...do the deck 8 rooms get noise or anything annoying from deck 9?
  23. Does anyone know if there’s a formal nite on this cruise. OceaniaNautica July 18, 2018
  24. Thinking of booking an outside cabin. We can have a window, possibly obstructed with no sofa, or a cabin with a sofa but a porthole - they look pretty small. How big are they please?
  25. Having learned a lot using cruise critic over these past years (really, where DOES the time go), I have decided to try doing a live blog on our sailing on the m/s Nautica cruise from Mumbai to Rome. This is our longest cruise to date, the previous title was held by a grand voyage on Riviera last July from Lisbon to Venice. We cruise mostly on Oceania and Celebrity, and our favorite ships are the O class. The we in this regard is myself and DW Janice. I am approaching Medicare age but will continue working to feed our travel habit. To say I have decided to write a blog is somewhat misleading as I have been coerced under threat of bodily harm, if I did not. (With that comment I know who the first reply will come from). I have to say that I will never possibly approach the expertise of live blogging that he posts. As an example, anyone who has not followed his blog from his SE Asia River cruise experience, should make it a must read. The link follows... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2591474 I will try and mix personal experiences with some photos that will hopefully be helpful for those considering a similar itinerary, or for those considering Oceania for the first time. At the time of booking, Oceania was offering a promotion of a free three day pre or post stay. We decided to choose a pre extension to the Taj Mahal. After talking to many fellow cruisers on our sailing, it seems many have chosen this same extension. I will let you know how many are in the group as we proceed to that part of our journey. Although the cruise begins in Mumbai, the extension requires flying into New Delhi instead. Below is a schematic of the cruise portion of the trip.. After we arrive in New Delhi, I will return to the boards and explain more about the pre extension to the Taj. Ready any and all questions you may have and I will try and answer them as promptly as possible with limited WiFi. Mike