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Found 523 results

  1. Is there a laundry room on the Regatta? Thought I saw there wasn't, but I doubt that's true. Makes a world of difference in my clothes packing. Please let me know. Thanks, Bill Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hello Everyone, We are looking forward to our first trip on Regatta this summer (Alaska, June 29th Departure). I'm starting to plan our packing and wondered if anyone knew how high the gap was under the beds. We usually use 'squishy' canvas holdalls but we are doing some touring before boarding, so considering slightly more 'robust' suitcases this time - and I'm wondering if the ones I have in mind will slide under the beds (we will be in a PH3, if that makes any difference). Many thanks in advance (and we hope to meet some of you on board!). Fiona & Kathryn
  3. Can someone who has sailed on the Regatta RECENTLY please discuss the condition of the ship? I know the major redesign is coming in 2019, but I have booked an April, 2019 in a penthouse 2 category. I won’t go if the ship is allowed to deteriorate because of the upcoming redesign. Also, do they have wi fi in the cabins or only in the computer room? I am always so grateful to Cruise Critic people for their willingness to share their observations and advice.
  4. I’ve searched for this topic but can’t find anything on just plain dancing (not ballroom) on Oceania and in particular on the R class ships. Is there any? If so, in which venues? What kind of music? We are in our 50’s and love to do some dancing after dinner, show, etc. and will be on Regatta in less than three weeks. Thanks!
  5. I will be sailing on Regatta, May 2019. San Francisco>Vancouver. I could not find Toscana dinner menu online. Can anyone provide a link to the menu? Thanks. King
  6. Heading to Sydney today to join the Regatta’s 35 day cruise around Australia, with added bonus of visiting PNG and Indonesia along the way. So delighted to be able to take this trip. We chose this cruise for the itinerary. We’ve cruised a few times over the past few years but this is our first time on the Regatta. I admit to feeling a little apprehensive due to some of the less positive commentary about this ship, but at the same time, feel determined to enjoy whatever comes our way because it’s such a privilege to be able to travel. I plan to update this thread regularly and share my experiences and observations about the ship and the cruise. I followed an excellent thread about the same cruise last year, written by user cbb (I think) - I’ll post the link to that shortly. I admired cbb’s positive attitude throughout that cruise despite some real challenges and I hope to keep a similarly positive and objective outlook.
  7. Two new reviews of Regatta posted. Both reference being late for multiple ports. Fascinating.
  8. My apologies - I suspect this topic has been discussed here before however, I haven't used the new CC format much and I don't seem to be doing things right when I try to search. I entered "ballroom dancing" + "Oceania Regatta" but that gives me results for many other lines. As a result, I'm still not sure if there is ballroom dancing on Regatta and, if there is, about how much is scheduled each day. Also, I know the ship is scheduled for a re-fit in Sept 2019 so I'm not sure if/how this might impact the size and availability of dance floors. If anyone has info on this and/or can direct me to where I can see what the deck plans will be post re-fit I'd really appreciate it. We cruise to ballroom dance and did one sailing on Oceania a number of years ago. We were disappointed as there were only a very small number of opportunities to dance. We've heard from others that they like dancing on Oceania so we are hoping things have changed or maybe the sailing we were on was an exception and not the norm. Before we book again on Oceania we'd greatly value the insights of others on CC regarding the experiences they have had or seen onboard. Thanks in advance!
  9. A good day everyone. A current thread notes Regatta had yet another mechanical failure on New Years day 2019. Since I was on the very disappointing Panama cruise October 2018 (10 negative reviews), thought it would be interesting to take a look at Regatta's somewhat recent history. Used Cruise Critic almost exclusively. Attached is a Word file. Hope everyone can open it. CC members have reported a minimum of 12 mechanical (power failure, propulsion failure etc) incidences since October 2011. Of course, there could be many more incidences, as CC members are few in number versus the cruising public. ABoatNerd _____________________________________________________ Oceania Regatta.docx
  10. Heres a grab from the Royal Albatross cam , of Regatta sailing through the heads at the entrance to the harbour at Dunedin , New Zealand.
  11. Hello Oceania folks. Currently on the Regatta panama canal cruise left San Fran Oct 6. Oceania cancelled 2 port stops, shortened a 3rd and swapped out Cabo for San Diego. Apparently due to tropical storm sergeo a week a go that passed over the Baja. We sailed past the Baja with no evidence of the storm, The ship has not been sailing at maximum speed at any time. Not satisfied that time could have not been made up to have recovered 1 port. Suffice it to say that the free "goodwill" 1 hr freeze booze offered by Oceania does not offset the significant reduction in the itinerary. Also, on the voyage before this one, Juneau was missed. Many guests are displeased and asking questions. When Ray the CD spoke about it in the Regatta lounge 2x there were many Boos from the guests. Have heard guests on their phones cancelling future Oceania trips and seen numerous people in the computer room booking Viking cruises on line. We are not pleased at all at the itinerary changes. Otherwise - service is excellent but the Terrace cafe is not of past quality and many guests are grumbling about the new menus in the GDR. The specialties seem constant. Safe sailing.
  12. Hello, Does anyone have pictures they can post? I’m having trouble finding any online. Thanks!
  13. We prefer to face forward rather than travel facing backward on trains and ships, and I'm wondering if there is some way to figure out which cabins have forward-facing beds on deck 7 on Regatta. When we selected our stateroom for our very enjoyable first Oceania cruise on Marina, we learned here on Cruise Critic to look at the notches on the staterooms to figure out which way the beds were facing (we chose #10057). But those notches aren't a part of the Regatta deck plans. Can anybody help?
  14. Check-in was smooth and easy as usual with Oceania. Arrived at the World Cruise Terminal at San Pedro around 11:30am and was enjoying a fantastic lunch at the Terrace Cafe by 11:45.
  15. In October, 8 ports were missed between a Regatta panama sailing and an Insignia new england sailing. In this post, I am asking Oceania to respond to posters concerns regarding why there was little to no explanation on why ports were missed and no evidence of any attempt to reinstate alternative ports, amongst many other concerns about each voyage. Please read each post and you will see the details of each voyage, consistencies in the posters analysis and common concerns. Over and above these 2 sailings, on this CC Oceania site, there have been previous posts about Oceania's apparent high volume of cancelled ports. Regatta There are 8 posters who posted about this 1 sailing, which is a higher than normal response. I was on this cruise. This cruise had 2 cancelled ports, 1 port reduced to 2 hours before darkness and 1 port swap. This ship has a history of mechanical issues which have been previously posted on CC. The sailing before the panama cruise, the ship missed Juneau and was dead in the water with a power failure. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/getreviews.cfm?action=ship&ShipID=287 The specific thread on the Regatta voyage is here. Insignia There are 6 posters who posted reviews. A voyage had 5 cancelled ports. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/getreviews.cfm?action=ship&ShipID=820 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A common theme within the reviews are poster comments about Oceania management indifference and lack of respect for guest concerns about cancelled ports. On the Regatta Oceania management undertook an organized campaign to intimidate and threaten guests from speaking about their concerns, myself included. Today's consumers have considerable information in which to evaluate the performance of any service provider. For example, on the Regatta cruise, I and others used NOAA for weather and AIS to track the ship speed and distance to next port etc. Calculations were done and we found there was no reason alternative ports could not have been provided along the popular pacific coast. Oceania was still holding guests money in the port fees which they did not return to guests, as many cruise lines do. So to the posters who provided a review, well done!. Oceania, we are awaiting your explanation.
  16. We just returned from Seattle to Alaska and back. Four of us traveled on the ship and had a great time. My friend carried a case (12 bottles) of fine wine on board and no one said a word. We had a bottle for dinner every night and found the sommelier sevice to be spectacular. We also brought a couple of bottles on board at two stops for in-room cocktails. Again, no questions asked. The wine by the glass menu was quite adequate with about 12 white and 12 red choices. Nothing spectacular but lots of varieties of wine. Overall a good selection for whatever food was served. Get to know the somms and they will treat you well...:D:D:D:D
  17. We are now on the Regatta, this morning sailed past Juneau and leaving it behind instead of docking there. Captain said it was due to heavy winds but the Seabourn Sojourn is docked in Juneau today (according to CruiseMapper). That is very odd. Hopefully no engine problems. John
  18. I'm posting this as I am wondering if any others have found that the Oceania experience has changed in the last year or so. This cruise (out of a total of over 70) was our 6th on Oceania and our 3rd on Regatta. Let me say that I still love the small size of the ship and the food for the most part was good. But the one thing that I noticed this time were the frequent announcements by the Cruise Director regarding Bingo and Slot Tournaments. Actually, I was surprised at how many times during the day she came on to remind us of the activities. We did receive the ship's paper, "Currents", each night, so didn't think all the announcements were necessary. I don't remember so many announcements from previous cruises. Also, this cruise was the first one where they rolled out their new dinner menus - each night featuring a different country - but we rarely ordered from these items. I did find that the portions seemed quite large on some dishes. Since there are so many courses, I don't personally think that large portions are needed, but others may find this a positive thing. A couple of examples - in Toscana, I ordered a breaded veal chop. It was so huge that it covered the plate. I ended up sharing it with my 3 dining companions. For dessert one night in the main dining room, I ordered the Profiteroles (cream puffs) and received 3 of them and they were quite large. Lest you think I'm just an old complainer, I'm just stating my observations. Again, this may seem like a good thing to many, but it just doesn't seem like upscale dining to me. Lastly, I know that they are going to be refurbishing these ships but the bottom line is that they are OLD and it appears that most of the refurbishing will be cosmetic. The plumbing is old - on the last two cruises we experienced problems with the toilets not working for a few hours. Also, on the last two Regatta cruises, we had an aft-facing balcony on Deck 6. The hallway between the back of the ship to the aft elevator is very uneven. You feel like the carpet is covering up dents and dips in the flooring. Very strange. I would like to see what is under that carpeting when they pull it up. :( Mary Lou
  19. We have sailed a number of times on various lines. So far Viking is our favorite. That said, we keep reading about Oceania quality and experience. We are looking at a 14 day Alaska itinerary on the Regatta. I would most likely be looking at entry level balcony on deck 6. The concierge level looks attractive but the price difference has me hesitant. There are a lot of Alkaline options with various lines. I would appreciate some feedback, my first hand, on Regatta as well as this ship in Alaska. I would also appreciate input on this level balcony stateroom. Thank you
  20. Hello, anyone here joining us? We are a long-term married couple, she has much more cruising experience, we have shared one two week Royal Caribbean cruise years ago. Just looking to socialize with friends we have yet to meet.
  21. I've been reading a lot of negative comments on CC lately regarding the Regatta and was wondering if anyone knew when she was going to dry dock again? With the new Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 schedule coming out, we are starting to question whether or not to book a cruise on the Regatta if she's having issues? We asked our O PCC a few months ago about its status and see said she would check, but never got back with us.
  22. There are 4 of us (2 couples)aboard the Regatta on Oct 8 . We are in the process of selecting and booking excursions. I presently am working on a Cartagena excursion. Please reply if you are interested in joining us. We can have at least one more couple. The cost is 300 for 4 so it would be less per person if there are more to join. Time to get planning. Pick up at the Port, Please Check the Meeting Point in the Photo section. (don't take a shuttle bus). Photo Stop at the Fortress of San Felipe . Visit the handicraft & souvenir Market for 30 min. To have a cold drink and shop before we get ready for action. We will walk making stops at museums, Churches, and toilet stops if necessary. Making the Tour more fascinating and exciting. The walk might be 2-3 Miles long at a Walking speed, the terrain is Flat with cobblestones, but surface sometimes uneven in some parts. take a walk in the little Cobblestone Streets in the Colonial City & Getsemani, Private Visit to The Sanctuary of Peter Claver Saint of the Slaves. Understanding the Colonial Architecture of the City. Understanding our Natives Culture at the Gold Museum. go around the Peninsula of Bocagrande the Modern part of the City. After that go back to the Main Port/Hotel.
  23. Hi cruisers, This will be our first time on Oceania. Does Regatta offer any complimentary exercise classes like stretching or fab abs? Also are there line dancing or zumba classes?
  24. I'll call Oceania on Monday, but in the mean time I was wondering if anyone was on Regatta right now. I just realized I must have left a compact flash card for my camera with my pictures of Halifax and Lunenburg. The compact flash card is about an inch square and thicker/larger than most compact cards. I think I may have left it in the middle drawer of the desk, amidst all the Oceania literature, cards & pen, etc. I was in room 8037 on the Sept. 30 Fall Foliage trip from Montreal to NY. We were in a portside inside cabin with Madi as room steward and Komang as assistant. If anyone is on Regatta, I'd love it if you could check with Reception to see if it was returned, or better yet, ask the occupants or Madi if they could check that drawer for me. I am pretty upset about not having any pictures from Halifax and beautiful Lunenburg and Blue Rocks. Thank you.
  25. We are due to board Regatta on Sunday in Buenos Aires and have just received an email announcing that boarding will be delayed to enable them to deep clean the ship due to an outbreak of gastroenteritis on the present voyage. There seems to be a lot of it about!!
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