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  1. laserboi

    Resto options on Riviera

    Booked our first Oceania cruise for March. Wondering if you all can help us understand the various restaurant options onboard Riviera. Thanks
  2. doowopbob

    DVD Player on Riviera

    Do they still have the built in DVD players in the PH on Riviera ? Looks like they have removed them on the smaller ships.
  3. Our December Caribbean cruise was our fifth Oceania cruise, but the first on their newer ships. Overall, we were very satisfied with the experience. THE SHIP. Like the older R-Class ships, it is homey, spacious, traditional and very comfortable, rather than glitzy. There is little wow factor. Although the ship is only about 5 years old, it seemed dated. For example, it lacked electronic aids such as an app on your phone, or interactive screens with port and event information. THE CABIN We had a Penthouse 2. More storage than we could possibly use. Extremely comfortable pillows and bed. High quality bedding. Very well planned layout. Beautiful bathroom with seperate shower. Large walk-in closet. Clean and well maintained. Excellent service as well SERVICE Service was beyond excellent and very friendly. Seemed to be a well managed, happy crew. FOOD Oceania claims to have the Finest Cuisine at Sea. I have a mixed opinion on that. We ate twice at Polo Grill, Toscana and Jacques. Food, service, decor were excellent. We had three dinners in the MDR which were also good. Each night, essentially the same menu as the MDR is available at the Terrace Cafe (Self Service buffet), and we had a wonderful evening eating on the terrace while docked in San Juan. So here is the issue...lunch in the Terrace Cafe was very weak, with an extremely limited selection. Even Waves Grill does not offer a chicken sandwich. While the food in MDR was well prepared and presented, the selection was very limited. If you do not eat pork/bacon/pancetta or fish, the choices were absolutely minimal. Service hours were also an issue. The Terrace Cafe was open from noon till 2pm. The MDR from noon till 1.30. Waves 11.30 till 4pm. So if you spent a day at the beach, and returned late to the ship, your only option was Afternoon tea (4pm to 5pm) or room service. ENTERTAINMENT Never a strong point on Oceania. While most of the shows were energetic, they were nothing special, with one exception. On the last day, they had a special pre-dinner show, "World Beat", which was head and shoulders above their other shows...so it can be done. I also want to mention that we greatly enjoyed the classes in the Culinary Center (need to book before you cruise, as space is limited) and we had a wonderful artist-in-residence who ran a series of excellent sessions, which were packed. Also need to mention the outstanding enrichment lecturer, Cloeta Massie, a marine biologist who was one of the most entertaining and knowledgable lecturers I have experienced on land or sea. CONCLUSION A relaxing cruise experience on a very comfortable ship. Yes, we would book Oceania again.
  4. We had two medical emergencies last evening causing us to make a detour to Nassau. Once, then again two hours later we had to return once again to Nassau. This caused us to not get into Miami until after 8am. It is currently 9:30 and the ship is still clearing customs, etc. Just a reminder as to why that early morning flight is not a good idea.
  5. Does anyone know from recent sailings if we are supposed to have a magnifying mirror? I hate to ask the cabin steward because I do not want to trouble her. Also noticing cocktails are quite pricey which is fine, but why is the same drink one price in Martinis and less expensive at the Pool Bar. The happy hour is quite nice. FYI this is our first Oceania and would love to sail again. Extremely nice.
  6. Haved sailed Riviera several times but this will be our first time not traveling with friends. As we do like to meet new people and would prefer not to sit at table for two we have requested shared table for our specialty dining reservations. Will also ask to do the same in MDR. My questions are: Are the shared tables for 4,6 or 8 people? Does Maître d’ attempt to seat passengers according to age group etc? Any advice in advance? Thanks.
  7. Marie50

    Activities on the Riviera

    We will be taking our first Oceania cruise in December. Can someone please tell me what a usual day onboard would be like as far as activities i.e. Trivia, lectures, demonstrations? Thank you
  8. GeezerCouple

    Boxing/Punching Bag on Riviera?

    Is there a real "punching bag" (for lack of better name/term) on the Riviera? I mean the large, heavy bag that hangs down (not the little bag that goes back and forth really fast once hit)? Apologies: I don't know the proper names for these. A few years ago, IIRC, when we were on Riviera, there was one, but it had a sign up "Out of Order". We didn't inquire further then. Many thanks. GC
  9. We’re considering the Riviera cruise for next Christmas. It’s a 14 night cruise, so that may help keep the numbers of kids down. I’m just curious if anybody is on the ship now and can give me a feel for the number of kids? Are there a lot of kids in the pool? If so, we may opt for an earlier cruise. Thank you
  10. Any thoughts on the advantage of booking PH vs concierge class? Not sure if it's worth the additional $$ and have not cruised Oceania before. Would appreciate your insights all! Thanks, LB
  11. Hi, We are doing the Riviera in February to the Caribbean. I was wondering if anyone knows what time the shows start on this route. We want to plan our specialty dinners around the show times. Thanks! Barbara
  12. BigNance

    Still on the Riviera (yay!)

    We embarked from Piraeus yesterday (Wednesday Oct 24th) at 6 PM. Our pre stay at the Grand Bretagne was amazing. The rooftop bar and the view of the Acropolis at night was phenomenal (drinks were great also, although pricey). We REALLY liked this hotel. It is beautiful, the service was great, and the location was outstanding. It overlooks Syntagma Square and the Hellenic Parliament. We did our own tours there. We self toured walking around Athens and it was easy. We saw the ancient sites (it is so awesome how you can just walk in and around these places) and went through the Plaka and Monastaraki areas. Great shopping and lunch at All That Jatz. We met cousins that live in Athens and they took us to Seychelles restaurant for dinner. Traditional Greek food that is absolutely amazing!! Prices are very reasonable. If you are there, try it, but make reservations. It is very casual and very popular with the locals. Embarkation was easy and organized. We boarded a bus at the hotel at 11:30, were T the port a little after noon, and were on the ship upgrading our beverage package by 12:20. 🍷🍾🍹 gotta go, bar time. 😁
  13. I doubt we'll ever get the whole story, but here's what happened. After Day 2 (Alicante) we were informed by the Captain that Days 5 and 6 port calls (Canaries) would be missed on Miami's orders: storm in N. Atlantic had Miami tell him to cruise South as quickly as possible to avoid storm then proceed West across the Ocean. Captain twice said this was Miami's call, not his, almost as if he disagreed. Day 3 (Malaga) would be a full port day as scheduled, no need to skip, and Day 4 would have been a sea day in any case en route to Canaries. Day 3 saw everyone streaming ashore in Malaga, not least in search of seasick meds. We were told that the seas would still be a bit rough, but by getting South quickly, we'd skirt the worst of it. Seemed reasonable. Here's where it gets odd: Captain comes on Public Address again the evening of Day 6 (which would have been second day of Canaries) and tells us we are... 60 miles SW of Canaries, sailing at 18 kts. Back of the envelope math suggests we missed two port days to pick up a bit less than 3.5 hours' sailing time (60/18 = ...). We had expected to be hundreds of miles away from Canaries but instead we could have made the first port day, truncated the second one, and seemingly been exactly where we were. Either Captain did not follow Miami's orders, or they were changed and pax not informed. Whichever, pax confused/annoyed to not be informed and seemingly miss at least one port day for nothing Evening of Day 7 (we are basically heading due West, and are well west of Canaries now), storm indeed hits Canaries, with a beachfront Tenerife hotel taking particularly the worst of it. (Google it.) Cruise Director gratuitously says "good thing we skipped Canaries" and gets heckled/called out on it in half-full Riviera Lounge: the storm hit Tenerife two days after would have left it, and just where had we beenon our scheduled port day anyway? He had no answer but said that in future our cuurent location would be posted on Room TVs' Channel 8. After the original announcement (Day 2, Alicante) a few of us were hoping that by booting it past Canaries (and gaining, say, 600 mi.?) we could pick up another port elsewhere rather than just have eight straight sea days. Since we only picked up 60 miles, that didn't happen. After eight sea days (including two days of moderate swell, as foretold by Captain) we arrived in San Juan on schedule. The remaining days passed without incident.
  14. We are currently on the Riviera in the Med and the availability of the Internet has been very unreliable since we boarded the first leg of our 4 leg cruise on Oct 14th. Don’t get me wrong we get internet service, but it comes and goes depending on how many people are logged on. For example during the evening hours when everyone is at dinner or at the show or during a port day when everyone is on an excursion, it’s not so bad, maybe. However, after the show or on sea days, it’s hit and miss big time. One of the worst times is before sail away when everyone is back from their excursions and before dinner. It didn’t seem this bad when we were on the Sirena in May going around Cuba or on the Nautica in July when we were on the Nautica in Northern Europe. But on our Riviera cruise, it has been the pits. Could it be the folks that are paying the $10 per day for Wavenet Prime are sucking down the bandwidth at the expense of everyone else that is now getting it free, or is it just that O made a mistake and gave everyone free internet for marketing reasons without having put enough bandwidth in place to offer a quality product on their larger O ships? When we asked the Internet@Sea rep what’s up as to why the service was so intermittent, he didn’t offer any conclusions that made sense. Has anyone else been experiencing sporadic Internet service on the O class ships?
  15. Shawnino

    Riviera: Malaga

    Anyone know which of the two cruise terminals the Riviera typically uses in Malaga? My tour operator is asking. Thanks. (Yes, I could call Miami and will do so as a last resort. I'm betting people on this board actually know.)
  16. Hello, We did our first Oceania cruise on the Riviera, 27 Nov - 9 Dec. Very enjoyable. We usually book a Feb birthday cruise and I found a cruise on Riviera Feb 17 - Feb 24 2019. But all categories are "Wait List". I tried to do a booking and pick a cabin category but when I click on the category I would like nothing happens. When I click on the next step, it gives an error message that I have to pick a cabin. But I cannot seem to pick a preferred category. Any suggestions on how to book on a wait list category is appreciated. I searched the forum for wait list and the Oceania website but cannot find an answer. TR
  17. --Discovery Menu has been retired in favour of Cuisine Bourgeoise. Odyssey Menu likely phased out middle of next year in favour of something else (TBA, but themed like C.B.). (Source: Dorian, who ran the event all three nights we were there.) --One night cancelled for lack of uptake (Connoisseur, 17th) and another night deferred to later in cruise to get minimum uptake. IMO it was poorly advertised onboard. There was a 1/4-page ad in the insert to Currents every few days but the vague, static ad told you neither what it actually was nor when it was on. Should have said "Seven course Menu featuring X-Y-Z on Thursday at 7" (etc.). This, coupled with the inability to pre-book C.B. online, is surely hurting signups. --We managed to get all three nights in. Not only the best wine on the ship but in my party-of-4's opinion the best food too. Service impeccable. IMO Odyssey Menu is Michelin-star-ish, and the other two are very, very good. I found C.B. a bit heavy for my taste/palate but don't let that discourage you if you like French food. Highly recommended experience, even if you are lukewarm to wine.
  18. We just booked a cruise aboard the Riviera. I noticed the itinerary has the ship spending the day at Great Stirrup Cay. How nice! Well, maybe not. It looks like Norwegian cruiselines’s Breakaway will be there too! Doesn’t look like overlaps happen too much. But they do. For what I thought would be a great day, will most likely be a zoo. Anybody been there with two ships?
  19. md2va2003

    Riviera Specialty Restaurants

    This is our first Oceania cruise doing the Riviera 3/28/2018. I have looked at the specialty restaurants, but not made any reservations yet. How do they compare to the Main Dining Room? Thanks, Phil
  20. We are booked on Riviera in cabin 7130 (PH1). At the time of the booking we knew about the wrap around larger balcony, but after some research and reading reviews I now realise the cabin is smaller than a normal PH. We were not informed of this when we booked onboard Oceania last month. The only concern I have is with the smaller wardrobe. Does anyone have pics of the wardrobe in these cabins? I've seen pics of the main cabin area and the balcony, but not the robe.
  21. Hello all. We are currently sailing on the Riviera from Rome to Barcelona and I wanted to share some experience in real time. Some background: we ar a couple in our early fifties from Canada. We sailed previously on Celebrity, RCI, Princess, HAL, Cunard, Costa and Carnival. This is our first Oceania cruise. Things we liked so far: Embarkation was very smooth and quick. Literally few minutes we wee on board. The size of the ship is perfect. Not too big and not too small. No lines, not crowded. Food is outstanding. Definitely few levels above Celebrity or Princess. Service is excellent. Very efficient and quick. Room is cleaned very fast. When we go for breakfast and come back after half an hour, it is already clean. No formal nights which is perfect for us. At the same time people dress up nicely, you won't see short on dinner or evening show. Very relaxed atmosphere. Open seating at dinner. You can select if you want separate table or share with someone (perfect for those who want to meet new people). No lines at all. Never an issue to find a table at buffet or at the pool. Free soft drinks, soda, water and specialty coffee and tea. Free internet (more about it later). Things we didn't like (or liked less than Princess or Celebrity): Entertainment is good but not as good as on most big ships. No activities at all during the day (maybe related to the fact that there ar no sea days). Basic free internet is very slow, almost useless. If you want to be able to do anything, you need to upgrade. Upgrade is $10/day which is reasonable, but the speed is still pretty low. Not the worst I experienced at sea, but one of the worst. The inside stateroom that we booked is very small. Which is not a big deal, but the shower is ridiculous. Really uncomfortable. This the biggest issue on this cruise so far. So far we visited Florence, Pisa and La Spezia. Florence was amazing, the rest very nice as well. We asked to change coup,e tours, no issues, even after we missed the deadline today for tomorrow tour. I like the flexibility. Also booked three speciality restaurants, asked to change all three reservations. No problem. Really like the customer service so far. Today Calvi was cancelled due to safety. Sailing to Monte Carlo now. I will continue to update the post as we have new impressions. Feel free to ask questions.
  22. Fifth Oceania cruise - fifth cruise to miss a port! Yesterday we were scheduled to be in Taormina, tendering from Giardino Naxos. We went instead to Messina. So far, so good - but farther to Taormina. So we took the "On Your Own" shore excursion to Taormina, but were only allowed about 2.5 hours in Taormina....taxi to return later would have been expensive. At dinner they announced that we would not continue to Malta as scheduled for today due to weather. Well...weather happens. But We are here in Messina another day...not thrilling but could be worse... Destination Services offered us the fabulous opportunity to pay for the same shore excursion again today. Yes, for a mere $109 per person we can spend another hour on a bus to spend another 2.5 hours in Taormina - the port scheduled in the itinerary I hear about those "free shuttles" from Oceania Seems like a free shuttle would be a fair solution - instead of paying for another hundred bucks for a bus ride to our planned port! While I (and many others) are disappointed by missed ports, what really grates is Oceania's attitude about it. We've missed ports on other lines - bad weather can happen to anyone. But other lines have been apologetic, and usually were very helpful. With Oceania, it's "too bad, not our problem" ....they simply don't care, it seems. . .
  23. I see they are going to make an announcement on 10 October. I suppose it is about their next refits. Anybody know more? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. Folks, embarking on our first Oceania cruise today. We flew in yesterday evening, Pre-cruise, to Rome Fiumicino Airport, to save on doing the Red Eye flight on the morning of Embarkation. We stayed at the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel, which is attached to the airport by an overhead walkway The hotel is a good transit point being 30 mins to Rome by train or providing a relaxing breakfast before, in our case, a transfer by the highly recommended Rome Cabs to the Riviera in a sunny Civitavecchia, where it was sharing the docks with a few esteemed friends, both large and small We have had a walk round the ship and been to our Concierge stateroom and I have to say it all looks in great shape. Cheers Michael
  25. newtoit

    Getting Married on Riviera

    Hello all. I am sailing on 1st Nov Venice to Barcelona. First time Oceania and very excited. Does anyone know if Oceania/Riviera are able to conduct weddings (same sex) on board? I'm aware some of the larger lines are legally able to. Thanks for your response.