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Found 127 results

  1. Has anyone experienced both of these ships recently? I would be interested in seeing pictures from the most recent refurbishment of the Insignia especially the B1 veranda level rooms. I assume the rooms would be the same on Sirenia which is due for its upgrade soon. Do the showers have curtains or glass doors? . I’m trying to decide between the 2 ships for their Cuba itinerary. I think specialty restaurants are different, with Sirena having the Asian grill and the Tuscan grill and toscana combo which I think I would prefer. How about the overall maintenance/condition of the ships ? I thought I read of significant engine noise on level 7 on Insignia , which surprised me. How about plumbing issues? On our last few cruises on Marina, it seemed like every few days toilets in certain areas would not flush and would require the maintenance crew to repair by executing a power flush of the system .wasnt a real issue, but concerned me that it seemed to happen more than once. Anyone do the Cuba itinerary on board these ships? Thanks for any responses
  2. Hello everyone, my husband and I are thinking about taking the Radiant Rhythms cruise next April on the Oceana Sirena. It woud be our first cruise with Oceana and I am pretty excited about giving it a try. But my husband is a bit unsure, because the Sirena will go to the dry doc next May for a refurnishment, Oceania Next. He is afraid that before that the ship will show its age and be poorly maintenaced before that. It is not so much aobut being an older ship and not so stylish but about being in a bad condition that could be annoying. Has anyone been on the Sirena lately and could tell me if my husbands worries are valid or (hopefully) not?
  3. We just booked a B1 veranda room one was over the MDR and the other had been over the lounge on Sirena. Has anyone experienced significant noise inside these rooms when being over one of these venues? Wondering which one has worse chance of late night noise or possibly even early morning. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks
  4. I am interested in hearing other cruisers experiences with eating gluten free on Sirena. I there a variety of dishes to chooses from for entrees, dessert? Is there oatmeal at the buffet at breakfast? This is our first time on Oceania in 6 years and we have been on Azamara where they have adapted dishes for many evening meals. There were always several choices at the buffet at lunch and items were labeled and if I had a question a sous chef appeared very quickly. I am not celiac though I will be sick for 3-4 days after eating more than just a little gluten. Just a read a few reviews "Overall the ship did a good job of providing gluten free food options, but it could have been better. Every single meal we had to ask the chef to point out what she could eat instead of simply putting a "GF" label on the cards describing each dish. She only was contaminated once when given inaccurate information. For the most part the servers and food preparers at the stations need additional training in preparing gluten free meals. They could also do a better job of having gluten free choices rather an a cookie at the tea or one dessert (if you were lucky) Tired of hearing fruit plate, salad and dry chicken." like this one that have me very cautious about booking our TA. Any input is very appreciated, Alice
  5. We took out first cruise on Oceania earlier this year and enjoyed it very much(Riviera). Following our TAs advise we booked a B3 and really enjoyed the large veranda. We are looking to book on the Sirena in a B1,B2 cabin. I can see the cabins on the Sirena are smaller but can't really visualize the difference in size. Also the bathrooms look a lot smaller. I am not a small person and wondered how small the bathrooms really are. I would appreciate thoughts from people who have sailed both ships.
  6. This was our third O cruise but it has been about 3 years since the last one. The ship is lovely. The entertainment was an improvement from our previous experiences. However I found the food too heavy for my tastes. Everything was stuffed with cheese or in a cream sauce which often could not be served on the side. Explanation given was “it’s coked in the sauce”. I don’t recall this being an issue on our previous O cruises. A friend recently sailed Rivera and I’d given her glowing details about the food. She expressed disappointment in the food when she returned. I chalked it up to “different strokes...” but think now that she was right on. The only truly excellent meals I has were in Red Ginger and they were superb.
  7. We really wanted to book this crossing but had concerns because it is at the peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic. Now, the weather reports show that there are currently four tropical systems including hurricane Florence churning across the Atlantic. I know Oceania will avoid putting its'ships in jeopardy but still concerned about how rough the seas will be. If someone who is currently onboard the Sirena can report how their ocean voyage is going, I would appreciate it. Would love to do a Transatlantic crossing one day...hope this one will be smooth sailing for all on board🤞
  8. Are there any areas on the ship for my husband to enjoy a cigar? Thank you in advance!
  9. My husband and I just returned from the Cuban Charisma cruise on the Sirena. It was wonderful! The ship was luxurious, clean, well maintained and in excellent condition. We had the penthouse suite and it was a little smaller than we are used to for this type of suite but it was very comfortable. There was more than enough storage and we didn't even need to use it all. The bathroom was very small, but the walk-in shower was aprx 3.5 feet by 5 feet so it more than made up for the rest of the small room. The bed was very comfortable and actually the whole suite and deck were very comfortable. The food was excellent in every restaurant. We had 2 wonderful meals in the Red Ginger, one very good meal, the Cuban dinner, in the Terrace Cafe, and 3 wonderful meals in the Main Dining Room. But the best was the Tuscan Steak. The best meals of the cruise were at this specialty restaurant. From the olive oil and balsamic vinegar tastings, to the fabulous menu, to the extremely attentive staff, everything was perfect. We had 2 reservations there but could not get a third as they were fully booked. So we ordered a dinner from there and our butler served us in a very romantic setting in our cabin on our last night onboard. We cannot say enough about all the staff. From our butler, Lincoln, to housekeeping, restaurant staff, bar staff, cruise staff, just everyone we came in contact with, even if it was just a hello while passing in the hall, was friendly, smiling and always asking if they could do something for us. The only problem we had was with the wifi. We could barely get on, or even stay on. It certainly did not ruin our vacation but we would have liked being able to use it more that we were able to. We were truly pampered. It was an excellent first cruise on Oceania. Our next cruise is in April 2019 and we cannot wait!
  10. Are there any changes due to hurricane Michael? Hope not and that all is well and going as planed. :):):)
  11. Is there a counter on the Sirena, where you can get a morning smoothie?
  12. Does one of you have sailed in the aft cabin 7116 or 7121 on the Sirena ? Or 8066 or 8069 I am afraid of vibration. Not really to seasickness. It is the cruise between Tahiti and Hawaii to also Angeles. Thank you
  13. We just signed up for this cruise. This will be number 30 on Oceania. Joel & Sheila Sedona, AZ
  14. We'll be cruising on Sirena starting July 8, and had some ?s about the wi-fi onboard. 1) for couples who each have a laptop and a cell phone, what package did you use & did it work well? 2) has anyone used a Google Home smartspeaker? Did it work? I assume it will need a travel router. 3) how good (or how spotty) is the wi-fi coverage throughout the ship? 4) are there wired (ethernet) connections or wireless or both in the cabin? Thanks in advance!
  15. Recently there was a review of the Sirena aft cabin 7114. The review was negative on the environment of the cabin in regards to sleeping and habitation. Specifically, the vibration was so strong that the ship's staff gave the pax a separate cabin to sleep in.This is an OS in the aft corner of the ship, which we have booked for a Transatlantic next year.. Transatlantic crossings usually are at full speed on sea days, so we are concerned. Anyone else have positive or negative personal experiences in the aft cabins around 7114? I want to filter out excessively negative reviews.
  16. Has anyone else noticed the decidedly mediocre reviews Sirena has received so far? I know one of the really bad reviews focused on missed ports and there is the usual back and forth on food. That said, there seems to be a fair amount of carping about condition of the ship as a whole, the smaller cabins specifically, and even about service. We've only been on O once and that was the Marina so I don't have any R class experience to balance comments about a refurbed R ship; or, a recently refurbed ship of any sort. Anyway just looking for thoughts of folks with more relevant experience than me.:o Based upon our past experience with O, DH and I talked friends and family into a 12 cruise aboard Sirena early next year. These reviews are making me a bit uneasy. Thanks for allowing me to whine:o Greg
  17. Hi All We occupied an Inside stateroom on 10/18/16 and this was our room service menu. I couldn't find one online, prior to our cruise, to save my life! ENJOY!! :D https://www.snapfish.com/library/share?w=snapfish_us&c=snapfish&l=en_US#2gWs9cGgPwKLsC2vV6etqQ/SFO/27940695204060/SNAPFISH
  18. I see that Sirena is in Bermuda now. Sounds great that Bermuda is in good enough shape to welcome tourists so fast after their big cat. 3 hurricane. Hope all have a wonderful time. I love it there and can't wait to go back. :):):)
  19. With the announcement of a 4th Renaissance ship coming onboard 2016, I have a few questions. Where is this ship coming from/who is selling it? Does it have to be a copy of the other 3? I mean Polo/Toscana again? I'm not complaining. Just seems like it would be quite the adventure to have different specialty dining venues on each ship. For instance a Red Ginger/Polo combination. Sounds like new itineraries could open up. More Mediterranean? More Alaska? Change up on where Riviera/Marina get sent to? And how do you pronounce it???:D (I'm sure it was discussed in December, but the thread must be buried as I can't get 'search' to find it.)
  20. Has anyone who have been on the first few trips any comments? Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  21. I am hoping that someone with Oceania experience might provide some information to help us to make a decision regarding how to best transfer from the ship to the airport in Rome. Sirena is scheduled to arrive at 6 AM. We are coming from Sorrento, so I suspect that she will arrive on time. What I cannot predict is when the ship will be cleared for disembarkation. Our flight (scheduled by Oceania) leaves FCO at 11:50 AM. We would prefer to arrange for private transportation us to the airport, BUT I have no idea of when to tell the driver to arrive. Ideally, we would like to arrive at the airport three hours before departure, but that seems unlikely if we cannot disembark until after 8 AM. We also have no priority consideration in terms of our cabin category or loyalty program. An Oceania rep told us that we should take their transfers, as we would be "guaranteed" to make our flight. We will do this if it is advisable, but I would like to check with my CC experts before deciding. Thanks in advance for your input.
  22. Just wondering if the window washer on either side obstructs any view of the rear PH3's on Sirena? Thanks
  23. Has anyone had experience with the inside Cat F and G rooms? Im looking at a pretty long cruise and there is sizable price difference. The cat G appears to be the same cabin but perhaps in less desirable areas. Anyone ever use this cat and if so what do you think?
  24. Check out the latest Oceania news from Cruise Critic: Oceania Sirena Sails First Australian Circumnavigation Cruise
  25. Hi All! Newbie here. PLEASE tell me about the SPA on Sirena. Is there a sauna? Is there a steam room? Can anybody use it @ NO CHARGE? Also, how deep is the pool? Someone said 8 ft. (I read the previous thread about the Riviera.)
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