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  1. A little background: 38 year old female from the great state of Indiana. First time Royal Caribbean cruiser here. This was my 11th cruise, the others being on Carnival and Princess. I'm not a brand loyalist to Carnival I just tend to go with the best deal, which is normally Carnival. This time it was Royal Caribbean. This cruise, I cruised with my parents and my brother. I share a cabin with my mom and my dad shares with my brother. Our itinerary was Saint Johns New Brunswick, Bar Harbor Maine, and Halifax Nova Scotia and the cruise left from Jersey. EMBARKATION - Embarkation went smoothly. We dropped our bags off with the porter and parked at the surface lot. Check in was a breeze because we did it ahead of time. We were still early for boarding so we sat and waited. They started boarding the ship at 10:30 am so we were on board no later than 10 minutes after that. ON BOARD EMBARKATION DAY - Once on board we went up to deck 6 where our cabins were just on the chance they were open earlier than posted. They were not so we headed to the Windjammer for an early lunch. First thing, upon entering Windjammer, was "washy washy" For those who never cruised Royal Caribbean they have hand washing stations and sanitizing dispensers at the entrance to make sure everyone cleaned their hands. This is a really good idea but I would hate having to be the person assigned to remind people to wash their hands all day. The food, on the buffet, was standard cruise buffet food. I settled on making my own nachos and had a hotdog. There was a nice desert selection and I absolutely loved this cake called the Chocolate Bar. Half cake have mousse like topping. SOOOO good. The Windjammer was smaller than the Lido Buffet on Carnival so once we were done eating we left to free up the table for others, instead of chilling until the rooms opened as we normally do on other cruises. We explored the ship after eating and saw the Arcade, the Flow Rider, rock climbing wall, Lyric Theater, Imperial Theater, Studio B, and The Royal Promenade. At 1, when the cabins opened up we headed there to dump our carry on bags and to get our Sail Pass Cards (I think that is what Royal Caribbean calls them) Cabin type is not important to us we are only there to shower and sleep so we did guarantee interiors where they assigned our cabins for us. Our cabins ending up being 6455 and 6465 To our surprise, our luggage was already there. YAY!!! So we unpacked and then went to the Duck and Dog to chill before safety drill. My dad and brother liked the drinks at this little pub. I'm not a huge drinker so I didn't partake and my mom doesn't drink at all. Safety drill was the safety drill and was quick and painless then up to deck 11 for sail away. That night was standard cruise dinner in the Sapphire Dining Room and then to the Welcome Aboard Show. The horseradish crusted Salmon was good but the welcome aboard show was boring. I capped off the evening by watching the movie Little outside on Deck 11 (cute movie) and discovering the delicious treats at the Café Promenade on Deck 5. Took a piece of Chocolate Bar back to the cabin to eat before going to sleep. DAY ONE: SEA DAY - Couldn't tell you what time I got up but the family, we went to the dining room for breakfast. The eggs benedict was good. After that I changed into my swimsuit and enjoyed some time in the Solarium Area while everyone else did other things. Met up with everyone for lunch in the Windjammer. Again I had nachos (lol) and some yummy Chocolate Bar for desert. I headed back to the Solarium to enjoy more relaxing and reading and pool time. Got out in time to shower and dress for dinner. My parents and I went to the show in the main theater after dinner but none of us liked it. Watched a little of the movie End Game on Deck 11 before blowing 20 dollars in the casino and getting me another slice of Chocolate Bar from Café Promenade and heading to bed. DAY TWO: SAINT JOHNS NEW BRUNSWICK - We didn't really have anything planned we were going to play it by ear. Before getting off the ship we ate breakfast at the dining room again but did the buffet side instead of ordering from the menu. They had standard: eggs, breakfast meats, waffles, pancakes, etc.. on the buffet. I had fruit and bacon. Once off the ship we ended up doing this tour around the area. It was sponsored by the City Bus in the Area. $25 a person American. It was a 2 hour tour and extremely informative and nice. Being in Canada and on the coast, after our tour we stopped at this bar for Lobster Rolls and beer. Delicious! After eating we were back on board just chilling until time for dinner. After dinner we went to Studio B and watched the Ice Show. It was good. I enjoyed the section with the Beatles music.
  2. Want to know if the Adventure of the Seas 10-night cruise from NJ to Quebec City, cruises the St Lawrence River in daylight?
  3. Going on the adventure of the seas. Are there any theme nights for dinner such as tropical night?
  4. How many times are open ice skating offered?
  5. Does anyone know if the Chef's table is still in the MDR since the refurb last year? And if it is do you think it's worth it? We've been to two but they had their own dedicated dining room and I'm not so sure how it would be in the MDR.
  6. PART 1, Page 1, Post #1 Hello, friends. I may as well go ahead and apologize right now. This here review is LONG and it is only a matter of time until you get thoroughly SICK. OF. IT. Be warned!! I made the decision about doing a review months ago, long before we departed for the drive from the area south of Chicago toward the scenic shores of urban New Jersey. Well, docks and/or piers, really. Not so many “shores” in this region of the Upper New York Bay. And the best scenery is the Manhattan skyline with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. But I’m getting ahead of myself. A couple of housekeeping issues here. While I love all the supportive comments that I desperately hope will follow my review, I also realize some folks become weary of the review-in-50-installments format, interspersed with sidebars, off-topic questions, arguments, quotes of extremely long and/or photo heavy posts in their entirety, and weeks of waiting to find out what happens next while the writer inconsiderately returns to the gainful employment that afforded them the resources to travel in the first place. So you’re going to get, right here, right now, a big fat data dump. The whole deal in just a few posts in rapid succession. I will, however, break it up into PARAGRAPHS. This makes it easier to read; easier to see and perceive when the topic changes. Easier to identify what you want to SKIP. Which, if I’m being honest, is probably everything. Because this is a lot of info from someone with a weird perspective, mmm-kay? I’m gonna try putting up all the text first, and then the photos in follow up posts. I will also, of course, be happy to further discuss anything mentioned here as well as trying to answer any questions. Try to stop me! If you want to quote some of this in a reply comment, please just quote the actual segment you are interested in. Please don’t quote whole posts. About me – I am Kmom, 53 year-old mother of one female child who is now going on 14 years old. In fun, I call her a “meanager” occasionally, and she actually thinks that’s pretty funny as well. Oh, quit hating! I only do it when she is actually being mean. She is so spoiled and she knows she is the center of my universe and I tell her about 8 times a day how much I love her! And the spoiled part is only partially my fault, because she’s an only child, an only grandchild, and has a father who grew up in an underprivileged home and is determined she will never want for anything. We were travelling this trip with my husband and my mother who actually paid for our two adjacent (but not connecting) Junior Suites on Adventure of the Seas, Deck 10, rooms 1624 and 1628. Mom went on her first cruise in the early 1960’s as a young single woman living in NYC – she shared a small apartment in a brownstone on West 69th Street off Central Park West right across the street from the one shown in the movie, “The Apartment.” Believe it or not, that was a fairly affordable location in those days. She went on her first cruise with her roommate and a couple of other friends. They sailed on The Queen of Bermuda to, guess where? They had 2 days down, then several days riding mopeds around the pink-sanded island while staying at a local hotel, before sailing back to the city so nice, they named it twice. And cruising became part of her memory wall. Mom took me on several cruises as shown in my signature (Premier x2, Scotia Prince which was really an overnight ferry, and Celebrity Millennium). I brought her on one of my Disney Magic cruises back in the 90’s when I worked for Disney World. She had not come along on any of our modern-era cruises (beginning in 2017), so back in May of 2018 I talked her into giving it one more go. She had a lot of stipulations, like decent, uncrowded rooms for all involved, large balconies, and a mobility scooter. Since she raised a cheapskate, I tried to object based on cost, which she graciously offered to take care of, if, and ONLY IF I could get her what she wanted. COST: It looked high from my financial viewpoint, but based on how far ahead we booked, it turned out to be a reasonable deal at $6K for the four of us for six nights. Easy for me to say, since someone else was paying. This rate included taxes and fees, prepaid gratuities, a $100 OBC per room, and additional “cancel for any reason” travel insurance. The insurance alone was almost $600 and a discretionary expense. The cost of this insurance per person was much higher for my mom than the rest of us, obviously due to older people being more likely to have a medical reason to cancel their vacations. We used an online travel agency which I also used when we booked Oasis of the Seas a couple years ago. I have found for Royal Caribbean we do better on both rates and room availability through online agencies, unlike Carnival which I just book direct with the line as they offer the exact same terms and rooms either way. Within a few months of booking, prices had gone up substantially and they never looked back. In fact, prices for a regular balcony room were soon equal to what we paid for these Junior Suites. I really did not have to do much over the next year or so except make a few bookings for hotels along the drive, the aforementioned in-room scooter, and a rental car for our port day in Saint John, New Brunswick to drive up to see the sea caves in St. Martins. SORRY, I realize this has all probably been exhausting for you already. Blah blah, all this background! Getting on the ship soon, I promise! We stayed 2 nights pre-cruise at the Hyatt Place Secaucus Meadowlands with FREE PARKING. We visited the Edison Estate and Laboratory on Friday morning, then took a very, very slow public bus through the Lincoln Tunnel to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and walked several blocks to see Beetlejuice on Broadway at the Winter Garden Friday evening, chosen by whom? That’s right, the not-always-so-mean-teenager. It turned out, that show was totally worth it. Super fun. Warning, F-bombs inside. Loved it. If you want to hear more about this hotel and location and convenience factors, let me know. Port Liberty, Bayonne: Saturday morning, we drove over and found Port Liberty, Bayonne, to be VERY EASY to navigate, easy parking for our big pickup truck and easy drop off for my mom at the door. Perhaps it didn’t hurt that it was SATURDAY. Security and check in were both annoying clusters, partly our fault, I suppose if I’m being honest. We 3 gals headed in and being in the handicapped line, we had no wait so we charged ahead while DH parked. We had his carry-on bag, which had some sort of power adapter that was confiscated while they questioned the meanager about it. I was on the other side of the belt waiting, because I had DH’s passport, so I couldn’t intervene regarding this questioning, and my mom didn’t really understand what the problem was. And they made my sweet, perfect, innocent little baby CRY during the power adapter interrogation. Who’s mean now? Actually it worked a charm as they sort of dropped the ‘tude after making a little girl cry over a stupid power cord. Eventually we got that all worked out, though they did confiscate the item, wrap it up in masking tape and gave us a claim check to pick it up after the cruise. Rude Incompetence with Wheelchair Assistance: Then we were sent over to a waiting area for wheelchair assistance. We sat for about 10 minutes while people who came in behind us were checked in on tablets and sent on their way. Since we seemed to have been immediately forgotten, I went up and asked someone if I needed to go over to one of the check-in lines and she snapped at me, “are you waiting for a wheelchair?” Yes. “Then we’ll GET to you!” Oooooh-kay. Keep in mind, I’m already slightly salty due to the minor security fiasco. But I can just sit down and shut the *@$& up now, no problem, so sorry to be that annoying passenger who asks a question once in a while. Oh, by the way, *@$& yourself as well, madam. I got a flustered meanager here as well as an easily tired, mobility limited senior citizen on my hands. By the way, she’s a VETERAN! But WHATEVER! A few minutes later, someone came with a wheelchair, one of the agents told him to take my mom, and we were on our way through a series of corridors and elevators. At the end of this rolling journey, we arrived on deck 4 of the ship to be scanned aboard. They asked for some sort of documentation we did not have, but I did have my pre-check in barcodes on my phone, which they used to look us up in the computer and said, “you’re not checked in.” No kidding! We’re just doing what we’re told here, folks! Let Kmom’s smug smirking commence. Oh yeah, baby! It’s commencing RIGHT NOW! This is obviously not their first rodeo, because they have a guy right there to deal with exactly this problem. He’s the calmly smiling, non-threateningly handsome, extra-charming check-in supervisor guy whose job is to fix others’ screw-ups while placating the increasingly irritated passengers who have been mishandled by the port staff. So super-nice guy figured THAT out for us, while we held up a long line of properly-checked-in passengers behind us (sorry not sorry, because IT WASN’T OUR FAULT!!) then into Bolero’s on Deck 4 where the wheelchair deposited my mother into a lounge chair. It’s around noon at this point and she and the kiddo can spend an hour pretty happily in one place so they hung out while DH and I did our first quick looky-loos around the ship. At 1pm we headed to the land of instant spoilification, i.e. the Junior Suites of our Dreams.
  7. Looking for any information/cruise compasses for the Adventure Ocean program. We are sailing on the AOTS for an 8 day. Our kids are ages 9 and 12 and this is their first cruise, and our first time using Adventure Ocean. I have heard wonderful things from both cruisers and their children about how much fun the kids have. I would like all the advice: so far all I have been able to find is show up on embarkation day to sign up and learn more, and the program is closed for brief hours for lunch and dinner. I'd love to know more about how AO works on both sea days and port days. Also, can we expect a different routine on formal nights? Our sailing is on Halloween, will they have anything special planned that night? If you have any AO cruise compasses, please share! If you have any tips or advice, please share! TYIA!
  8. Had a fantastic time on RCL Adventure of the Seas! This is the second video from our trip. Enjoy!
  9. I presume there is no reservations for any of the regular shows shows in the Coral Theater. How about the shows on ice in the Center Ice Rink? Tickets or reservations required? Thank you, Yanceycruiser
  10. Which side of the ship and which deck do you board on the Adventure of the Seas out of Port Liberty? Thank you, Yanceycruiser.
  11. Can someone please tell me if the Jr Suites no longer have the little curtain between the bed and the couch/sofa bed. It looks like in the 'old' pictures there is but I went on youtube to view some of the videos and it looks like since the refurb that maybe they did away with them. I was just wondering because my daughter will be on the sofa bed and likes to stay up late watching her laptop and whatnot and thought we could just draw the curtain to get some shut eye lol or perhaps if the ceiling is 'metal' we could rig up a sheet lol
  12. Looking for opinions While we are not "seasoned" cruisers, we have found Celebrity to generally be our favorite in terms of the ships (we are looking forward to our sailing on the Eclipse in a couple of months), the food, level of service, entertainment, etc. My family went on the Anthem for a Christmas week cruise in 2017 with our teenagers and even though the ship was packed, we thought RC did a decent job of managing it all. Food is certainly a step down from Celebrity (although specialty restaurants were better than OK), and service was excellent considering the number of people on board. We however did not love the boat itself finding it somewhat charmless and found the Royal Esplanade area to be downright tacky. My wife and I are considering a Canada/New England cruise on the Adventure with just the two of us and are wondering what people think. We can drive to the port so that makes life so much easier and we are looking at a time where many kids will be back at school, so I would expect a different kind of crowd on the ship. And pricing is excellent right now. Looking for opinions about the Adventure given our experience on the Anthem. Thanks!
  13. HeyHowdyHey! I am leading a group cruise (30 people) on Adventure this November. I have never sailed on her before. Our last group was on Jewel and we were able to use the small MDR "extension" or "aux room" just to the right of the MDR entrance and this worked out FANTASTICALLY for us! We have traditional 8pm dining and my question is does Adventure have anything similar to that side room that Radiance Class has? If not, is there a bit of a more private corner or nook, if you will, that I should work with dining to try and secure for our group? I believe traditional dining is on decks 4 and 5 of the MDR. Ideas? Thoughts? Prayers?
  14. Question: We are booked on the September 6, 2019 Adventure of the Seas (Fall Foliage/Northbound Cruise) which starts off in Newark and ends in Quebec City. Since the ship is doing an overnight in QBC I don't see anywhere about disembarkment times. Does it matter what time you get off the ship? Or can you disembark to go home earlier then the normal times as other sailings? The reason why I ask, is because I think I screwed up and booked my husband on a 5:00 a.m. flight. He needs to get off the ship at 2:00 a.m. Will RC allow this? Or do I need to change his flight? Thank you!
  15. Hi, Just wondering - anyone recently on Adventure of the Seas. Last time on, Deck 3 was used for MyTimeDining (not traditional dining). Is this still the same? Thanks! NJ
  16. hello all, We will be on Harmony in 37 days! so excited! I do have some questions regarding AO.. How do staff communicate with us if there is any emergency situation? I hear that they don't give out walkie talkie or phone to parents so I am little bit worried/nervous. Also, Do they charge us fee after 10 PM? if that is the case, do we still need to stop by at 9:55 PM to let them know that our kid is staying after 10 PM? thanks in advance!
  17. Hi all - We will be sailing AOS 12/21-29 and Hanukkah starts 12/22. Are we able to bring an electric Menorah onboard? TIA.
  18. Come along with us for a tour of our Grand Suite on Adventure of the Seas! This was our first (and only) Grand Suite and we really enjoyed the cabin. We will put out new videos of the ship tour, destinations and our trip review soon. Hope you enjoy!!
  19. On a 8 day cruise how many formal nights are there and when are they?
  20. Booked for next year. Questions?? Has anyone used VOOM, and is it worth it? Any shore excursions?
  21. Which ship do you prefer? I know they're sister ships. We actually were on Explorer of the Seas in 2001! Seems like yesterday. However, it's not yesterday. Which ship is in better condition. Doing a quick read of current reviews, it seems Adventure gets pretty good reviews while Explorer's reviews are not great. The room category we'd select would probably be a Junior Suite. Itinerary Southern Caribbean.
  22. If anyone's interested, here are my $0.02 on the 7/26 - 8/3 Adventure sailing out of Cape Liberty (NJ) to Bermuda, Nassau, and Coco Cay. It was my wife, two sons (3.5y/o & 1.5y/o), and I were in GS 1248 (Deck 10, forward) for our first real vacation as a whole family. Pre-cruise We drove from Ohio to NJ--just found that easier than dealing with the kids flying. We drove most of the way, then stayed about 45 min away from the port at the TownePlace Suites Bridgewater Branchburg. Being an extended stay hotel, it was easy to book a room with an actual separate bedroom, which is a plus traveling with the whole family. We found a nice rate, and figured 45 min to port in the morning was just fine, as we wanted to park at the port anyway. When we cruised out of NJ in 2017, we were too late to the port to get a spot in the garage, and planned on getting there earlier this time. Of course, "best laid plans" and all that. Getting moving took longer than expected Friday morning, and we ended up stuck in a ton of traffic right around 11:15 at the port. Thinking we may have missed the figurative boat on the garage, we figured we'd rather just get to the literal boat faster and skipped a bunch of the line just by turning on 12th street and heading straight for the open lot (red line below) as opposed to going by the luggage dropoff area (blue line below). This may be simpler and quicker for some if you're not toting too much luggage and you're fine parking in the open lot to avoid the line of cars. After that, I carried our one large bag over to the porters, and we walked in with a couple carry-ons. Check-in was fast and easy. The Room As noted above, we were in 1248. It's right by the forward stairs/elevators on Deck 10. The room was refreshed as part of the work done in early 2018, and it looked great! I thought the location was nice, since it was the farthest forward GS. We were just under the edge of the Solarium, where the sliding doors lead into the elevators. Thus, we really did not get much noise from above, but did hear the occasional "call of the wild deck chair." The suite perks were fine, but we didn't really take full advantage with the kids. Only hit up the suite lounge once (view was great!) and just did breakfast in the WJ every day, as opposed to G's Table, for instance. We did make use of the suite seating areas for a couple of the shows, and by the pool as well. We never really use the pool chairs too long, so the fact that they're all sun doesn't bother us much. Being escorted off the boat at the end of the cruise was probably the nicest aspect of it all... VERY quick. Although I hate having the cruise end, I hate waiting in line even more. Back to the room itself--couldn't beat the sunset views on the way down south: Ports of Call Bermuda--loved it. Easy mini-bus ride to Horseshoe Beach. We got off early and beat the long line to the rental stand. I'm especially glad we got an umbrella since it rained pretty heavily for about 20 min. Those beach umbrellas aren't perfect for rain, but did the trick anyway. Just another reminder NOT to book a Horseshoe Beach excursion through the ship. I am not completely anti-ship excursions, but for the comparative cheapness of this activity, the Horseshoe Beach excursion may be the worst deal RCI offers. It's so easy to get a mini-bus whenever you are ready, for $7p/p each way. In addition, for the little ones, they have never charged us on 4 separate legs for having the 1.5 y/o on our lap (so 2 years ago, just paid for my wife and I; this year, just for us and the 3.5 y/o). Don't pay the $35 p/p or whatever that RCI charges and be locked into their timing too. We had a visitor come in while we were in port as well: Nassau--it is what it is. There is a lot to do, but we just stuck close by and walked to Junkanoo beach. It's free and easy. Plus, we didn't call until noon, and by the time we decided to get off the ship around 3:30, all the other ships in port were about to leave, so the beach was relatively empty. We were the last ones in port for the night (departed at midnight): Coco Cay-- They have definitely made an effort to make the experience something special (admittedly, not for everyone). I have to be honest, I'm buying into it after one visit, and we didn't even take full advantage. Super easy to find beach chairs and umbrellas (although we were the only ship calling that day). Splashaway Bay is great free fun for the kids. Also, we did the helium balloon, and WOW! It was well worth it, especially for us with both kids free for being under 4y/o. What a view! Odds and Ends Wifi- surf and stream was reliable, although slow as expected. As some may find it useful info, I was able to connect without issue to my work's network via Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Main Dining Room- two things. First, my wife is a vegan, and we mentioned this to the suite concierge in an email a couple weeks prior to cruising. When we got to dinner the first night, the MDR seemed to have no knowledge of the request. She is not picky at all, and said anything would be fine. We were sitting down for 90 min before any food was brought out. It's bad enough as it is, but was made worse by having the little ones there. Surprisingly, they did pretty well for what ended up being a 2.5 hour dinner. Woof. The staff were apologetic, and they were amazing the rest of the cruise, especially with the kids. I find that many of the service staff have children of similar ages, and they seem to get genuine enjoyment out of interacting with our kids as well. Second... dear God, do not let this turn into a dress code thread, but I'm making mention of it anyway. I heard a man (approx 45 y/o if I had to guess) talking two tables away that he was angry because they would not allow him in the MDR with a basketball jersey on. This did not happen on a formal night, and I note there were plenty of shorts and t-shirts every evening. While I am firmly in the "wear what you want" camp, it gave me a bit of a chuckle nonetheless. Pizza- I have to agree with some other reports, it seemed better this go around. I have always been fine with it either way, as I generally agree with the idea that there's no such thing as bad pizza. Either way, it seemed better both on the Promenade, and in WJ. However, the kids got it most evenings in the MDR, and it was not as good there. I think it just sits longer, and freshness makes a huge difference with this pizza especially. Kids Pool Areas- our 3.5 y/o enjoyed the little splash area for older kids, but was still just a little short for the slide there; he preferred swimming in the main pool(s) as opposed to the splash area. The splash area for kids in swim diapers is sufficient as well. Not much going on, but a little fountain and a small slide-- it was enough to keep the attention of our 1.5 y/o anyway! Casino- spent a couple nights there. Smoke was definitely noticeable, but I didn't think it was quite as bad as I had remembered. I especially thought it would seem worse since we were on Empress last summer with no smoking in the casino. Shows- we went to the ice show (twice, since our older son wouldn't stop talking about it) and one of the production shows (Jackpot, the Vegas showtune production). They kept us entertained. We did not see any of the headliner shows. Other Kid-related Topics- we took our older son to Adventure Ocean on Day 1 for an intro, then for an hour or two each on days 2 and 4 (both sea days). He did ok, and seemed to have a good time, but he told us that he didn't want to go back. It's his vacation too, so that was that. The staff there seem really great though from our limited experience. The heli-pad and peek-a-boo bridge overlook were huge hits with the kids (and with us too!). Closing Thoughts We spent a lot more time in our room this cruise between naps and early bed times, so the suite was definitely a huge plus. Love the ease of cruising out of NJ, and I also really like sea days, so making the long trip to Bermuda and then all the way up from the Bahamas was excellent. If you have any questions, go ahead and shoot, and I'll try. I may not be the best source of information, since we didn't get around as much as usual. Maybe if others that were on this sailing see the post, they could fill in the gaps!
  23. Have just booked this cabin for October next year has anyone any photographs or knowledge of this bow outside cabin on adventure as this is our first RCI cruise ?:confused:
  24. We have an inside stateroom on Adventure but not facing the promenade, do any of the inside rooms have a virtual balcony on this ship? Trying to research this but can’t find a definite answer.
  25. Hi just booked cabin 7206 on AOS in October 2014 from Southampton can anyone who has used this cabin help us and give some info as its an odd shape at the very front of the ship, some say its larger than normal oceanview ???? help please as its our 25th anniversary treat.:confused::confused:
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