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  1. It's cruise week I'm so excited! We leave tonight bc we are flying from DFW to FLL on points and staying in a hotel on points as well. To get the lowest points for today we're taking the evening flight so we land about 11pm. We board the ship tomorrow. There are 5 of us staying in a grand suite. Everyone is near adult size so I'm curious to see if we think this level of suite is worth it. This is our 2 boys graduation present from high school. We take them to college in August. Then our daughter is 12 years old. We have most of our excursions already picked out. We are snorkling in st kitts together, the guys are riding atv in San Juan. Since dd is not old enough her and I will do something but not sure yet. In Nassau ds1, dd and I are swimming with the dolphins at Atlantis and doing the waterpark. Dh and ds2 were going to do the jet flight simulator but im not sure anymore bc I got a refund and it's not on calendar anymore. Ds2 will be sad if that is canceled! He is going to college to be a professional pilot. For now all the Amazon stuff I ordered with some clothes are in suitcases 🤣🤣🤣 We have a puppy and cat my mom actually begged us to flying her out to pet sit lol. So we decided to and that is coming in handy. We decided while we are gone to get all the bedrooms painted lol. Plus dd and I are trying to pull off the impossible of leaving the ship at the end. She is not allowed to miss more team practice days. We changed our flight and fly out of FLL on Sunday at 11:45 and flight gets in at 2pm and practice is about 45 mins away at 3pm sooooo we will see if we make it or not lol. Im going to have mom in the get away car at the airport giving us a shot at trying to be close to on time lol.
  2. I would like to book a trip on this ship in January 2020 so I am hoping that it is fixed by then, but I am wondering that since Allure is scheduled for a dry dock in 2020, that maybe they will move this date up? Obviously, all this is speculation, but my biggest fear is booking the trip and having them cancelling due to an unscheduled dry dock.
  3. Just off Allure and thought I'd share info on vegan options. My 20 yo DD has been strictly vegan for a year and eating away from home can be very challenging at times, especially as she is also very picky. We chose main dining and indicated need for a vegan diet hoping that having a consistent wait staff would make this request easier. Yes, there were "bumps" but she was delighted that there was a vegan menu and she enjoyed all but one or two of the offerings. Several of the rolls are vegan and she was brought her own basket of bread and a plate of vegan "butter" each night. Eating at other venues was more challenging. Park Cafe had a hummus wrap, Johnny Rockets has a Boca burger that is available and for breakfast the patty is also offered and we were told that the pasta and marinara sauce were dairy and egg free. Couldn't get a clear answer if the steamed veggies had butter so she passed but was frustrated as that could easily be an option if not buttered. Fruit and green salad were always an option but can get a little boring. We knew that fruit would be her only option at lunch on Labadee so planned ahead and carried off snacks for her. We tried main dining room for lunch one day but were told there was not a vegan menu available for lunch (I suspect that they may have been willing to prepare something if she ordered a day ahead and planned to eat there daily but she did not want to commit to either a lunch time or venue). Menu is posted below. The crunchy tofu tacos were her favorite and she requested them again later in the week. Happy to answer any questions.
  4. How strict are the staff about enforcing the age restrictions in the solarium? When we were on our last Royal cruise there were children in the solarium and the staff were not enforcing. It was not wonderful to put it mildly.
  5. Anyone have any recent Allure compasses to share?
  6. We booked a neighborhood guaranty balcony on the Allure for an October sailing. Our online check-in is completed and our set sail pass just has our muster station assigned (E04) but no cabin number as of yet. I know this has happened to others and I am wondering how can I find out if we have a central park or boardwalk balcony and even a possible deck number. At this point I am just curious. Thank you so much for any assistance.
  7. PART 1 Yes we just returned from an almost fabulous cruise on the Allure sailing the western route in a Crown loft (2) Me- Sue DH- Rick DD- Christina THE BOYFRIEND BRANDON THE UN LUCKY ONE. It all started two days before the cruise when we went to print our airline boarding tickets. We were thrilled we had TSA PRE-CHECK. And then we realized when we booked the airlines in January Mr. Brandon did not have a passport so we just booked his name on the tickets BRANDON *******. Well when he got his passport it had BRANDON HAYES *******. and his drivers license had BRANDON H. *******. So we called our travel agent and she said to come on in and she will change the ticket (no fee) and reprint a new one at office so we would have no issue getting thru TSA. Well it took 30 min. to correct the mistake. But a security issued thru delta would not let us print the ticket, it said it would be provided at the airport. We flew first class, and upon arrival at the check in the attendant said the ticket is fine for TSA and would not give us a new one. I did not realize that delta controlled TSA, but onward. Thank God we had TSA pre-check. The line for regular TSA was wrapped around the check in area, we later found out it took 2 1/2 hours to clear this, we would have missed our flight as many did that day had we not been so lucky with TSA pre-check. And thank God they did not issue Brandon another boarding pass, it would not have had TSA approval and we would have been sending him post cards "having a great time wish you were here" So onward to TSA trouble maker Brandon in tow.......................damn we cleared no questions asked even though his boarding pass did not match passport.................mmmmmmmmmmm. So a quick coffee and onto gate. Now to boarding. Yup Brandon was held up due to the fact he did not have a legal boarding pass???????? It red alerted not valid......*****. It was good enough for TSA, but not good enough to board. So me and my DH stand with Brandon, and finally the attendant goes where is your luggage, he goes the check in girl tagged it and sent it through. The attendant goes well if your luggage is good enough go ahead and board, we ran on board. Arrived in Atlanta for our next flight. (I swear when I die on my way to heaven I will have a lay over in Atlanta) So we go to customer service for delta in Atlanta and the attendant goes I do not know where you got the idea that your boarding pass is not valid you made it here didn't you? Ok so after a quick drink we go to our gate and guess what? Brandons boarding pass was not valid really? Surprised? The girl at the gate goes I see her on your profile that you had to correct his name in Niles Ohio, well they issued him a new boarding pass and new customer service number.............they did not change the number let me fix it. She did and we did not have any further problems coming home.........................Kudos to the girl in Atlanta at the gate. So we landed in Fll. All the luggage was there. Took a cab for 4 to the Embassy and room not ready, thats ok we went to Publix to get some last minute items. DH's phone tinged we got a text that room was ready at Embassy, so we walked back and got our keys at the desk. We go to room and it was trashed, beds not made, dirty glasses and linen, food in refrigerator. (Curse of Brandon) This never happened in all our previous 7 stays here. The DH picked up the phone and called the front desk and demanded someone come up. They apologized and gave us a better port facing room and we went and got our room keys and the girl goes, it will be $25 dollars for the upgraded room. My DH asked to speak to the manager and said, he will not pay, it was their error for providing us with an unclean room, and we will gladly take the new room at no extra charge. And so it was no extra fee. Well, we always check our statement before we leave a hotel to settle any conflict. Well Embassy was going to bill us for the first room as a "no Show" REALLY!!!!!! Well that was fixed very quickly. And we were not charged the upgrade for the better view room. So we called a cab and as we got to port boarding was in progress at 10:45am. and we set forth. Further travels of the Curse of Brandon to include, but not limited to............. 1. Meeting some very nice Pinnacles on board, (there were 12 on our sailing). 2. Meeting one very cranky Pinnacle on board.............and what occurred in CK!!!!!!!!! 3. No one would admit to changing our dining reservation for Chops that we made before we sailed through concierge on Monday the week before we cruised, . 4. The "STOW-A-WAYS " we encountered.......... YOU WILL LOVE THIS ONE. 5. The roulette dealer who attempted to short pay a cashout..................really!!!!!!!! 6. The behind the scenes tour. Okay gotta unpack go get groceries start the wash, get the cat. Later Hope I have your attention. And if anyone would like to meet or borrow Brandon let me know. Later
  8. CONGRATULATIONS! We've met the 25-person minimum for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Critic Community Meet & Mingle you helped organize for the ALLURE OF THE SEAS on our 21-July-2019 sailing. During the cruise, registered guests will receive an invitation in their stateroom with the day, time, and location of the Meet & Mingle. You can meet your fellow cruisers on the Royal Caribbean Roll Call or Message Boards online at the Cruise Critic community and invite them to join the get together when you click here http://www.cruisecritic.com/community/meetandmingle.cfm. If you have any questions about your Meet & Mingle, check out the Frequently Asked Questions online at http://www.royalcaribbean.com/meetandminglequestions or e-mail us at Xplora@rccl.com. And yes, RCCL is great! I've attached 1996 honeymoon on Majesty when I said i wanted nothing for dessert and he brought me a plate with nothing on it!
  9. Never sailed on royal before and am wondering how long it takes to get off the ship at each port. We only have limited time in port some days (specifically SJ) and are trying to make plans. On other cruiselines I have seen lines span several decks waiting for gangway to open and it takes a lot of waiting (over an hour) to get off the ship. Curious how it is on royal.
  10. So we are on the Allure. 9/15-9/22. There are great price flights out of Ft L. for 11:20 a.m. I know it is highly subjective, but what are others experience in getting off the ship with self embark and over to the airport in time?
  11. Some details of the Allure’s amplification have emerged: 1) Ultimate Abyss 2) Playmakers 3) Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar 4) Music Hall 5)Bionic Bar Ill post the link when I can. mac_tc
  12. Hello - it's time for another live review. I have to apologize for my last one; MrCatLady ended up in quarantine for the majority of the trip, plus tapatalk wasn't working, so I crapped out on it halfway through, and by the time I got back home, I had classes and grading and never came back. I am much more committed this time; I promise! I'm CatLadyFemme, a professor at the University of Michigan, a cat lady (obviously), and a moderately experienced cruiser. I am disabled/live with chronic pain, and so walk with a cane, plus I am a vegetarian and have Celiac disease, so am super duper gluten free. In addition to things like photos of the rooms, cruise compasses, etc., I will post about finding vegetarian GF food (we've had some AMAZING luck like with Belic on the Explorer, and some not great experiences where I ate iceberg salad and berries for days), and access/ADA issues. Oh! I'm also queer, so there may be some stuff about the LGBTQ meet up, etc. I like to stay in the shade/find a nice lounge and read, or enjoy the hot tubs with a big floppy hat. My partner, MrCatLady, works as a research project manager and soon to be PhD student, also loves cats, spends a lot of time in the sun, around the pool, and at the gym. He's pretty cute. Here is us together on May 4th. We'll be staying in an accessible neighborhood balcony (Central Park), having only stayed up on deck 14. Last trip was our first (ocean) balcony and it was our saving grace with the quarantine. Am excited for it, but a little worried it will be too loud and/or too hot. We're also traveling with my mother in law and her husband, although staying in very different areas of the ship. In Labadee, all four of us have a cabana so I can stick in the shade with my legs up while they all go do sun and beach-y things, and in St. Maarten, we signed up for a bus tour of the island, including time on the French side and with a carousel. San Juan is so early and so short; I think we'll be lucky to make it ashore. We might just go for the pool that morning in hopes of more space. We have early seating at dinner, like seeing most of the shows (reservations are made), and are super excited to get out of Michigan for a bit (and yes! we have Michigan magnets for the exchange). We both have the refreshment package (MrCatLady drinks a LOT of seltzer, and flavored seltzer, and seltzer with limes, and wants to try some smoothies, and I am a fan of all sorts of creative mocktails. I usual get a few glasses of wine or full cocktail throughout the week, but not enough to break even) and internet. Oh! I also have reservations at 150 Central Park to celebrate my MIL's retirement, and as a delayed birthday gift. Our trip starts on Saturday with flying down to Fort Lauderdale, connecting with my MIL and her husband, getting to the hotel (Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel), and finding a vegetarian/GF friendly place to meet up with my aunt (who lives in Boyton Beach) for dinner. We'll probably take a Lyft to the port on Sunday, unless the hotel has a shuttle. Let me know if you have any specific questions or requests; otherwise, I'll try to do regular updates (assuming the internet isn't wonky), post occasional pictures, and hopefully induce a small amount of envy.
  13. Quick question - what time is early dinner seating on the Allure? We will be on her in December. thanks.
  14. We haven't sailed RCI in many years. What amenities do the other suites receive that the Junior does not?
  15. We have sailed on Allure & Oasis many times and have eaten at all the specialty restaurants many times...but we have never eaten at Izumi. We aren't big Japanese food/sushi lovers but thought we would give it a shot on our upcoming b2b's on Allure. So, dumb question...of the sushi listed on the menu (below) how do we know what is raw and what is cooked?? rci-izumi.pdfrci-izumi.pdfrci-izumi.pdf
  16. Hello Cruise Friends… It's time for everyone to sail along on the powerfully and mysteriously attractive and fascinating Allure of the Seas... It's been 6 years since I've sailed on Lady Allure...Where my love for Oasis Class ships began... About 72 days ago I departed the fourth and newest Oasis class, Symphony of the Seas, so its fitting that my next cruise be back on where it all began...I'm very fortunate that for this 2019 cruise season I'll be sailing on all four of these big beautiful ladies. Below is my very first sailing "Live" from the Allure of the Seas... "Live" from Allure of the Seas. November 17-24, 2013 Allure photos in these first few post are from sailing on her during Round One. Some of my other most recent "Live" trip reports with Oasis class ships... "Live" From Symphony of the Seas. February 9-16, 2019 - Trainman-2 Tribute "Live" from Oasis of the Seas, November 4-11, 2018. "Live" from Harmony of the Seas, September 8-15, 2018 "Live" from the Oasis of the Seas, November 12-19, 2017 part One Our itinerary during the next 7 days and 7 nights: This cruise I've got an interior room thanks to Casino Royale. About 59 days prior to this cruise I got the RoyalUp email. With that I decided to make another bid for a neighborhood balcony. On my Symphony cruise I had made a bid and was awarded a Boardwalk Balcony. This cruise as of now my luck didn't play out as well, I bid the lowest bid possible of $150 for a total of $300. As of now its onward with an interior room. If you like food, you're in luck! This cruise we opted for the "Unlimited Dining Package". If you remember on my last cruise on Symphony of the Seas we opted out of the Ultimate Dining Package. We decided to give the BOGO a whirl and venture into the main dining room and windjammer. Sorry if that is what you're looking for, my visits to those venues will be limited to non-existent this trip. On my Symphony cruise it was interesting going back into the main dining room again as I hadn't frequented the dining room since my Rhapsody of the seas cruise February 2018. If you like sarcasm with a touch of dry dull humor you might be in luck as I might be able to deliver that. Throw back..... Internet cost bought on day one of the cruise back on November 17, 2013... Wow so expensive, this cruise I've paid $83.93 at $11.99 per day for the Surf and Stream for the week. Welcome aboard! Sit back, relax and get ready to go cruising! Till a later time, soon to be "Live" from "Allure of the Seas!"
  17. I am looking at a week of Cruise Compass dailies from a May 2019 sailing on the Allure and there is no mention of what the bar hours are. The closest thing I see is that the Cafe Promenade Bar and the Pool Bar open early and also several that are open late. So I'm looking for a list of when all the different bars are open. Is there a current list of the bar hours for the Allure?
  18. Trying to decide if we should go to CK on lobster night instead of MDR. I’ve read that lobster in CK is bigger & better than MDR, but the menu for MDR shows some of our favorite appetizers (Visalia onion tart, caprese salad). Can we ask for these in CK even tho they are not on the menu? Is the lobster really any different? Honest opinions please. We tried CK on the Oasis a few years ago & found the service & food to be meh.
  19. Good Morning! The hubs and I returned on Sunday from our very first Oasis class cruise as well as our first experience with STAR class. A brief background: we are in our mid 50's and this is our 23rd cruise. Between us we have bee on several Greek lines with names that escape me, Costa, Carnival, Disney ,NCL and Royal. Prior to children we did not cruise in suites but have done so exclusively since the "babies". We had alternated between NCL and RCCL in the past 11years but mostly stayed with NCL due to their (former) reasonable Haven rates , itinerary and suite service. We did a lot of comparing to NCL on this cruise and I shall inject some of these comments into the review. At present I cannot seem to insert pictures- but, seriously- we all know what Allure looks like by now! We drove from the Gettysburg area to Atlanta on Saturday; as we were delivering a car to one of our college students. Had dinner at the airport with our twins and a friend, noted that TSA prescreen was closed as dinner did not end until 9pm ( despite sitting down at 705pm) . Security was quite busy at this hour but we expect that from Atlanta. Our 10pm flight to FLL was delayed by over 2 hours and we arrived at the Embassy Suites FLL at 2:24am. Very comfortable beds and nice little suite. We had originally booked a GS, were offered a ROYAL UP bid 3 weeks before sailing. We placed minimum weak bids on 2 Star class suites- a 2 BR AS and a Star loft . 5 days prior to sail we got the CONGRATS email saying we were upgraded to a Star Loft which actually turned out to be the Owners Panoramic Suite. This was good for us as hubby had an injury right before sailing making stairs not-so-fun for him. EMBARKATION: Took Uber to port. As we were instructed , kept bags with us after the confiscation of my scissors. I take the same pair on every cruise and keep them with the travel "stuff"; Royal decided they were too long. Oh well. I'll just use one of the giant steak knives aboard if I need to cut anything! And I ended up doing so. A Genie porter took our bags and the Cliquot we brought along. I had ordered it prior to the upgrade and am glad that I did as it is my fave and a tradition with us. A Genie walked us to the check in gal who looked at our cell phones, gave us pretty black cards and wised us a safe and happy cruise. We boarded the ship , met our Genie, Daniel and headed to our home for the next 7 days. We were on the balcony by 1045am. Our bags followed shortly thereafter. QUICK COMPARE: RCL Star class hands down winner over NCL Suite class for embarkation with the caveat that we did not experience the regular suite class check in on this cruise. The suite used to be a piano bar according to legend. It is about 1,100 sq feet with a large but not ginormous balcony. It has a hot tub which we used daily, 2 chairs, 2 loungers, several little tables . The floor to ceiling ( maybe 18-20 feet) windows added a great touch to this marvelous suite. I WILL have my kid attach the suite pics here later. We had seen this particular accommodation on a Youtube video that did not do it justice in any way. Our steward , Carmen and her assistant DoDo stopped by for a visit after we were done reviewing the week's plans with Daniel. We decided to explore the ship a bit before lunch and ended our short tour in the Coastal Kitchen. This was a full sailing with 6,400 quests and 44 Pinnacles /55 Pinnacles depending on whom was asked. I only insert this comment as it seems to be an interesting topic here on CC. The CK was bustling on embarkation lunch. We were seated and then ignored.The couple to our right was arguing and insisting on hot tea in a pot with sugar and a tall glass of ice. This seemed to be a theme as the couple to our left were arguing first with each other and then with the waiter who did not realize that sweet tea can only be made with a tall glass of ice and a pot of hot tea and sugar, dammit!! The woman of the couple did a very nice storm -off. I cannot imagine being so upset by tea. We did observe her several other times during the week and pretty much everything upset her. A free dinner at 150 Central Park? " I wont eat that crap!". A patron wearing flip flops in the Suite lounge? "APPALLING!!! "She was quite entertaining . Later we would meet the international Champion of Cruising Blow Hards, Boasters and Sociopaths- but that will have to wait. Lunch was meh. Very few choices, slooooooooooooooooooooow service ( which we attributed to embarkation chaos) I was introduced to the Lemondrop by a fellow diner -great choice!! . QUICK COMPARE :NCL wins for Haven Restaurant over Coastal Kitchen for embarkation lunch. The views from CK on Allure and the suite lounge beat the Getaway/Escape class but not the Epic. After lunch my husband had a massage for the giant knots in his back whilst I drank lemondrops and unpacked. The skies opened up right as muster was to start so our muster location of Aquatheater was changed to Schooner Bar. Typical muster. Could have been any ship we have sailed Sailaway from our balcony was BRILLIANT! We were able to pick out some of our old Ft Lauderdale hotels; the Coast Guard put on quite a show and off we went! We were able to look down onto the pool deck which was - well- almost empty due to the weather. We were warned that the show in Aqua theater might be cancelled that evening but the weather cleared! We had dinner at Izumi Sushi and it was divine. We ate around 6:30 and the restaurant was empty except for the teppanyaki tables. We had a variety of sushi rolls which were all excellent' took the leftovers back for late night snack. I had a delicious saki and strawberry drink ..actually 2.5 of these! Daniel stopped by to make sure that all was well and it were! Quick Compare: There are more Teppanyaki tables on the larger NCL ships . The sushi offerings on Allure beat those on NCL and tasted better; Allure could use a noodle bar . At dinner Daniel told us to meet him at the Aquatheater 15 minutes prior to show. The Genies wait for their guests in the venue- in this case it was several rows behind the splash zones. We had drinks brought to us and enjoyed a wonderful show that is very different than any we have seen at sea. Don't miss this show!! After the show we moseyed into the Casino . CASINO COMMENTS: The smoking area smoke does not permeate the non smoking side as profoundly as on some ships. The smoking side is very smokey if you are sensitive. QUICK COMPARE: Allure's smoking side was just as smokey as the NCL ships- all of them. The non-smoking side was much fresher than the areas on the NCL big ships and Jewel class ships. ALLURE also allows smoking in the casino when it is closed. Bottom line- for either line if you are very smoke sensitive avoid the casinos. The Casino was not too busy this first night, I found some cute slots, hubby played some black jack and then joined me at the slots. We both were up at the end of the session. NOTE: we are not big gamblers. This particular casino was quite fun, good atmosphere and we had only one session where we did not come out at least $100 ahead. Whoopie!! We left, wandered about and off to bed. It had been a long 2 days with little sleep. Day 2 we chose to try breakfast at CK as it was a few steps away. It was slow despite only 5-6 tables being occupied; the menu was meh and the serving sizes small. We ate breakfast twice at CK during the cruise; the second time we used the buffet bar located in the lounge. Coffee was sub par on board all around unless we ordered a specialty coffee. No French press to be found! Quick Compare: Breakfast in the Haven blows away the CK.I remember some excellent breakfasts in Chops on Freedom and in the MDRs ; the Coastal Kitchen just does not have anything special. I had high hopes for the Mediterranean plate and was disappointed . Breakfast for Suites goes to NCL- later I will visit Windjammer which is a STRONG win for Royal. A little note about Star Class: How I wished they had this when we traveled with 3 little ones. All your laundry is done for you- every single day! It comes back pressed, clean and lovely. No squishing everything I can into a paper bag! The amenities in the bathrooms are L'Occitane ( I dont know what Sky has or suites on non-Genie ships. It has been a while since our last RCL cruise) They are big 10 ounce bottles. Our suite had 2 full bathrooms which was a nice perk. In the afternoon a bartender comes and takes your afternoon /per-dinner drink order. Our fridge was stocked with the beers and Diet Coke I requested, plenty of Evian, Chandon champagne. Another side note: The staff on the ship were universally cheerful, pleasant, helpful and smiling. In the shops there was one snooty wench in the cosmetic store but she was an outlier. Drink service was lightening fast at any bar we visited. Service on NCL is comparable, the cruise lines tie here Off to the grocery!!!! In real life, not in the review...
  20. What is a good location to enjoy the sail away festivities on the Allure?
  21. We will be cruising on the Allure this September and wondering about what are they using for bingo cards? On the Harmony we were offered both paper and pads. What was awesome on there. We would buy the paper and just before it started, they would announce if you want a pad, only $5.00 while they last but only if you already purchased the paper cards. How great was that?
  22. Grand suites with no discounts pricing at $3050. Senior and/or military rates brings it down to a little over $2600. There may also be state rates available as well didn't check for them. Grand suites with senior or military are pricing less than a JS
  23. Anyone can tell me the cost of "150 Central Park", "Chops Grille" & "Giovanni's Table" because I don't want to purchase the "Unlimited Dinning Package"?
  24. Disclaimer- I can’t possibly compete with the phenomenal live reviews I’ve read about Allure- but here goes. About us- 50ish couple.Traveling with DH. I started cruising in 1987 so I’ve watched the industry change radically over the years. First time on Oasis class- been waiting patiently for years. We arrived yesterday and stayed at Fort Lauderdale Hilton marina. It’s my favorite place pre cruise for views of the ships. Hotel itself is a bit older, but the staff makes up for it. You simply can not get better views of port Everglades than from a high tower harbor view (not marina) room. This year we are on the 14th floor. Even numbers face the port. I’ve been on many different floors. Anything from floor 7 and up has a fantastic view. I set the alarm this morning so I could sit on the patio sipping coffee and watch the ships sail in. Here is allure in the basin. For me, this is the absolute perfect way to start a cruise....
  25. If anyone has used the ship's wheelchair assistance for debarkation at Ft Lauderdale on the Allure, what time did they begin the wheelchair assistance (and where did the wheelchair people meet)? Or if anyone is recently off the Allure and has the disembarkation information from the cruise, could you check and let me know what time (and where) it says to meet for wheelchair assistance off the ship? Our itinerary states the ship docks at 6:15am. Thank you!
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