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  1. On February 3rd, 2109, while doing a back to back on Allure. It was turn around day in Miami. There was a knock on our stateroom door in the early morning. I was in the shower and my partner was not dressed. Whoever it was, was covering the peep hole so we couldn’t see. We opened the door and It was a customs search team. Nine officers dressed in black with bullet proof vests, a ship security guard and a dog. We were allowed to put on robes and we waited barefoot, under guard in the hallway (on display to the other passengers walking by) while 4 of the officers and the dog ripped our room apart. We each got called in a couple of times to answer questions because they said the dog got a hit in the room. All I had was prescriptions so there was nothing of course. I wondered if they say that to everyone to try to get them to crack. Eventually they left leaving us a mess. All of our neighbours think we’re druglords! At the back to backers meeting area we soon found out that half of them were raided as well. After 28 cruises this was something new! Our room attendant told us it happens just about every week. Just so you know they showed us no paperwork what so ever. We are from Canada so I do not know the legalities. It just seemed wrong to me to be raided, accused of hiding something in the room and our dignity taking a hit without direct cause or any paperwork. I will add that they were all respectful to us, even when they accused me of having "something" hidden in the room somewhere. At least I have a great story to tell now! Although it was quite disturbing to us on the day it happened. Cheers!
  2. We are on the Allure this June and have the Deluxe and Refreshment drink packages. While researching on this forum it seems the answer to my question varies by ship. So, has anyone been on the Allure lately and received free milkshakes in Johnny Rockets with their refreshment or deluxe alcohol package? Also, we have RCCL soda mugs from previous cruise. Can we just bring those and use them instead of getting two more cups on this cruise? Thanks in advance!
  3. We are currently sailing on Allure. This cruise was booked after the cancellation of our Oasis cruise, after which we booked a boardwalk balcony cabin on Allure as choices were limited. Everything was going OK with a few minor problems until last night. They had informed guests they were rewarding crew members for a 99% rating on their last inspection by allowing them access to the Boardwalk from 8:00 til 12:00 last night. That seemed OK to us until we returned to our cabin at 9:30 after dinner and a show. The noise from the Boardwalk with the door closed was unbearable to even sit and watch tv, much less go to sleep. There was a reggae band blasting music and a person singing, yelling , and more from the crowd. After dealing with it for a while, I called guest services and they said they’d send security to our room! What? My husband went down to guests services at 10:30 to complain again. They took his complaint and said it would stop at 11:00, which it did. If we had been outside in the hall making such noise , I’m sure there would have been security there right away! Needless to say, I am not happy with the situation that unfolded and are going to request compensation for several hours of interrupted calm in my cabin, much less the lack of sleep. By the way, when they did shut it down , the singer yelled out somebody closed them down! Yes, a paying guest!
  4. I understand that sailing in a Grand Suite would allow us access to the Suite Sun Deck. What is special about this area? Can we bring non-suite guests into this area with us? Is drink service provided in this area? How about special seating?
  5. Can anyone that has recently been on Allure of the seas confirm if Lobster is served in the main dining room. If so which night?
  6. Has anyone seen the Ice Show, Monopoly that is now on the Allure? We have reservations for the show on our sailing In June. However, it means changing our dining reservations to see the show and we want to be sure it is worth the effort.
  7. Just booked the Allure 10/20 sailing in BW balcony cabin 14725. This is celebrating my 50th birthday, our 10 year anniversary and my husband's birthday. We have been dying to get back on Royal Caribbean. The price couldn't be beat too. Are we going to be too high up to see the show from our balcony?
  8. My travel agent has given me a complimentary dinner for two and one of the specialty restaurants and a complimentary lunch as well. We are thinking chops grill for dinner but not sure about lunch. Any recommendations for either or both? Thank you!
  9. 11606 is a balcony at the end of the hump. Do these balconies still have overhead shade? I’ve been on ships where some areas where exposed to the sun and I avoid those. Is there anything about 11606 that you would avoid?
  10. We are sailing on the Allure in October. I have been looking all over RC site and can't find info on Chef's Table. Am I missing something? Anyone willing to give me the lowdown. Thank you!
  11. Presently sailing on the Allure. Only Pinnacles and those sailing in Junior Suites and above are allowed to have dinner at the Coastal Kitchen. Recent change no guests allowed.
  12. Anyone been to this show? It's definitely one of the shows that we do not want to miss. I have seen others post that one should book the first showing of the cruise as due to winds and rough seas, it might be cancelled and rescheduled to a different date. I saw one person warned not to book this show on the first night as the seas are rough leaving Florida and will probably get cancelled. Can anyone share insight if you have attended the show and when is the best time to reserve?
  13. Hello, My wife and I will be sailing on the Allure to Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel, leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale in a few weeks. I'd like to know if the Allure will be offering any great deals on purchasing alcohol during our cruise Thanks prince34
  14. Hello, In my roll call one of the posters shared that on their Symphony TA there were only 12 children under the age of 16. Obviously we are bringing our kids (they will be 5 and 9 upon sailing) because we like them and want to spend time with them, but they really liked their experiences in the Celebrity kids club and we are looking forward to utilizing the Allure kids club for their own entertainment (and our sanity!) Is the club going to be operating on reduced staff or hours? I would not think it should be since that is a major service for the kids (who are NOT 3rd/4th pax- they are full fare).
  15. Hi-Considering the Allure again for October cruise. This time we might want to try a Central Park or Boardwalk balcony. Anyone who has feedback pro or con would be greatly appreciated.
  16. We are sailing this fall on the Allure of the Seas. This is our 3rd time on this ship. However, the last time we sailed on it we had not turned Diamond. I was just watching a video on YouTube as I was trying to remember the location of the lounge as I was thinking it was on the 11th floor or something. Anyhow, in this video, it was a person walking into the Diamond overflow lounge on the AOS. The view was out onto the Promenade, and it looked to be rather small maybe deck 6 or so. Is this something that is regularly used or is this only used if the ship is too full of Diamond level folks? I just don’t remember ever seeing it there before. Thanks for all info.
  17. Hello Cruise Friends… It's time for everyone to sail along on the powerfully and mysteriously attractive and fascinating Allure of the Seas... It's been 6 years since I've sailed on Lady Allure...Where my love for Oasis Class ships began... About 72 days ago I departed the fourth and newest Oasis class, Symphony of the Seas, so its fitting that my next cruise be back on where it all began...I'm very fortunate that for this 2019 cruise season I'll be sailing on all four of these big beautiful ladies. Below is my very first sailing "Live" from the Allure of the Seas... "Live" from Allure of the Seas. November 17-24, 2013 Allure photos in these first few post are from sailing on her during Round One. Some of my other most recent "Live" trip reports with Oasis class ships... "Live" From Symphony of the Seas. February 9-16, 2019 - Trainman-2 Tribute "Live" from Oasis of the Seas, November 4-11, 2018. "Live" from Harmony of the Seas, September 8-15, 2018 "Live" from the Oasis of the Seas, November 12-19, 2017 part One Our itinerary during the next 7 days and 7 nights: This cruise I've got an interior room thanks to Casino Royale. About 59 days prior to this cruise I got the RoyalUp email. With that I decided to make another bid for a neighborhood balcony. On my Symphony cruise I had made a bid and was awarded a Boardwalk Balcony. This cruise as of now my luck didn't play out as well, I bid the lowest bid possible of $150 for a total of $300. As of now its onward with an interior room. If you like food, you're in luck! This cruise we opted for the "Unlimited Dining Package". If you remember on my last cruise on Symphony of the Seas we opted out of the Ultimate Dining Package. We decided to give the BOGO a whirl and venture into the main dining room and windjammer. Sorry if that is what you're looking for, my visits to those venues will be limited to non-existent this trip. On my Symphony cruise it was interesting going back into the main dining room again as I hadn't frequented the dining room since my Rhapsody of the seas cruise February 2018. If you like sarcasm with a touch of dry dull humor you might be in luck as I might be able to deliver that. Throw back..... Internet cost bought on day one of the cruise back on November 17, 2013... Wow so expensive, this cruise I've paid $83.93 at $11.99 per day for the Surf and Stream for the week. Welcome aboard! Sit back, relax and get ready to go cruising! Till a later time, soon to be "Live" from "Allure of the Seas!"
  18. I have searched but can’t find anything. We are 4 women booked on Allure in a crown loft suite. I’m guessing there will be one blow dryer upstairs? Can we bring one with us? 4 women one blow dryer doesn’t work lol
  19. Hello, CC! Cruising on Allure in 3 weeks. Have not been on Royal in a while; what is the earliest that the Concierge escorts guests off the ship? We have an early flight and will take our own bags off; just need to know if the concierge has set times or can we ask for early debarkation? Thanks
  20. Getting real now. Finally got my concierge email for our May 26th cruise. The only thing I really need from him is dinner reservations at coastal kitchen since we can’t make those online. Email said dinner reservations are required for CK. Anything else people ask for?
  21. Are the sauna and steam rooms available for free or do you need to pay a spa package in order to use these? What about showers in the locker rooms to use after working out in the gym?
  22. So, I’m waffling on which one to pick... They all connect to same flight thru ATL to get home. Wondering which one involves least stress 😊😳😊. A 9:45am flight with 3 hr layover, 10:45am flight with 2 hr layover, or 11:45am flight with 1 hr layover. I also do not want to miss flight out of ATL! Again, we would be coming off Allure in FLL and heading to FLL airport after cruise. decisions... Thanks for input.
  23. We are on 15 September sailing of Allure (7 day Eastern Caribbean). Wanting copies of recent Cruise Compasses for this itinerary to plan out ship activities and also wanting to know what time is late traditional dining time.
  24. I'm giving our 12 and 13 year old grandsons Arcade credits for their birthday to use on our June cruise. It clearly states that they will not be informed by RCCL when their credits are up. This is unfortunate. I asked Customer Relations if they knew how the boys could check their arcade balances and they had no idea what I was referring to. Their parents are going to put a daily limit on their sea pass cards so they won't get a huge bill. Does anyone have any experience with the Arcade and how it works? The boys will each have $100.00 in credits.
  25. My disabled husband and I will be traveling with my sister and staying in handicap-accessible cabin 10170. The RCCI rep told me that the cabin has a sofa bed. Has anyone stayed in this cabin and if so, can you confirm if it has an actual double sofa bed or does it have a single-style sofa chair type bed? Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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