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  1. So excited to sail on Allure in March 2019 - Labadee, St Maarten and San Juan! Quick random questions: 1) I booked the comedy shows 2 of them throughout the week, is it the same one repeated twice? 2) Do they have Caribbean pool bands on the ship? 3) In the Windjammer buffet - is it organized into different stand alone stations or one big line up? 4) In Labadee - do you have to pay for umbrellas and chairs on the beach? 5) Do they have Silent Disco (they had it on Celebrity last year when I was on it) Thanks for your reply!
  2. Are powered USB ports available in all Allure staterooms?
  3. Thought this would interest a few of you....Cozumel this morning:
  4. Hello! I'm in a suite (2BR Aqua Theater) and I've seen different information from different time periods about this, so I thought I'd ask if anyone has any recent experiences. I know suites generally get invited to a sail away on the helipad, we are doing a western Caribbean (Nassau, Cozumel, Roatan, Costa Maya). Anyone know which port they usually do the event for? Thanks! -Ryan
  5. Still 400+ days out from our Allure cruise, but have another question. Does the Allure show movies on board? Anything like Carnivals Dive-In theater? When we sailed on the Serenade OTS, they had a small theater on board that showed movies every afternoon. Just curious whether the Allure had anything similar. TIA 🙂
  6. We just got off of Allure yesterday (Great cruise!) but one of the people in our group was unable to find her bag when she got off of the ship at the new terminal. She filed a missing bag report and the person that she talked to said that they would contact her, but so far, no word. She was told that they had 4 lost bags on the previous cruise and all of them were found. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if you knew what her chances of getting it back are. If she does not get it back, does RCCL compensate her in any way? Thanks for your replies!
  7. Caroling to start shortly. Fun! 0EACE60D-981E-46E9-9233-F0A37D8274ED.MOV
  8. Hi all 😃 Was hoping somebody could tell me who the current genies on Allure are? We are sailing in 5 days in Star Class and have been told that we should expect to hear from our Genie in app 1-2 weeks before we sail. I have read everything I can find on Genies on the boards and most people have suggested we should have heard from somebody at this point? This is our first time in Star Class so I really have no idea what to expect? Thank you
  9. Scheduled on the Allure for a trip in January. Lucky enough to be in an Owner's Suite. However, in looking at the various YouTube videos - the shower seems to be on the smaller side - like a regular balcony room size. I realize there is a tub but I am not much of a tub girl. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  10. THE CONFESSION BEGINS… “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.” – Oscar Wilde [taps microphone] Hey folks. [cringes at feedback] Thank you for stopping at my trip report. For those that enjoy unorthodox trip reports with a healthy dose of sarcasm, welcome. [curtseys] As you get to understand the tone of my writing, this is where you will either be all in, or bow out immediately. My writing is not for everyone, and that’s okay. Really. [gives the stink eye to folks leaving] This trip report is about the Allure cruise I took back in late September. For those of you who like more timely reports, I will excuse you as well. [pauses while more readers leave room] So, what is there? Four of you left? Well, welcome. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal. Wait…what? [covers microphone while listening to someone backstage] Sorry, try the chicken. ----------------------------------- It really is possible to never step foot on an elevator on the Allure for an entire week. I have the thighs to prove it. These thighs could squeeze your head so hard that your brains would squirt out from your ears. They are so ripped that if you punched them while I was flexing them, you would break your hand. But please don’t punch my abs. I ate too much. I cruise solo, thus the title. As a single mom, this is my respite. It is my own schedule and agenda. I don’t have to put up with the boy’s whining, eye-rolling, or misbehavior for a whole glorious week. Let’s leave that to the adults. Throughout the week I will get a lot of “You’re vacationing ALONE?” It’s weird for people. And that question is usually followed by one of two reactions: either they are impressed that someone would travel solo (“You are so brave!”), or they are jealous of the opportunity to have all that time to yourself (“You are so lucky!”). Sometimes I get both reactions from the same person (“I wish I had the nerve to leave my husband for a week.”), which is often followed with an eyeroll and a nod toward said husband. So while I am at home and detoxing from a week of rich, salty, greasy deliciousness, I am gathering my thoughts about the time I spent on The Beast. Because dammit, Allure is a beast. Remember? Thighs of steel? (ref. previous para.) When I embarked onto The Beast, I was lowly Platinum status [spits on ground]. By the time my thighs of steel carried me off the ship a week later, I reached a slightly more respectable Emerald status [curled lip]. Not that Royal recognized this great achievement during the cruise with a congratulatory memo, an appreciative nod, or even a private event at Dazzles. And let’s be honest, people. In the scheme of things, as long as I’m Emerald [curled lip], I’ll always be Not Quite Good Enough To Be Diamond. So pity me. Fools. I’m not really sure that many will have an interest in my sordid tale. I am not a big drinker, but I do appreciate good cuisine and live music. As an extrovert, I adore meeting people. As an introvert, I have an uncanny ability to stare at and breathe in the sea for hours at a time without a soul around. And I freaking love cruising. Hucifer and the boy she is leaving behind. He loves cuddles and hates cruises. Honest. Up next: The Fluff Stuff
  11. We have the March 1 2020 Allure Eastern Caribbean booked. Two days ago, I happened to check our reservation with RCL and saw it now says 14 night Spanish Transatlantic. I figured it was a glitch and waited a day to see if it would clear itself up. A day later, it was still the same so I called Royal to see what the deal is. I was told that the ship has been redeployed, and I would be getting an email from them with my options. I'm thinking dry dock was changed to earlier? The March 1 cruise is no longer listed for sale, so there's that, but the March 8 Western Caribbean is still selling. Still waiting for that email.
  12. DW and I are sailing on the Allure early 2020. We've requested early dining, and I was wondering about the 3 MDRs on the ship. I know the American Icon Grill is used for my any time dining, and the Chic and Grande for set dining. Will we be informed prior to sailing what dining room we will be assigned to? And how do we go about asking for a two top? I know we requested a two top for our Serenade OTS cruise, and did get a two top - that was about 18 inches from a table for 6. Hopefully we do better this time...
  13. This is our first ever RC Cruise... we have Boardwalks balcony room 8729. I read somewhere occupancy 3 - they wouldn’t have put us there with 4 on reservation would they?
  14. My family (41,46, 11) and I took our first Royal (we are converts from Disney 😉) cruise last November, in a GS on Harmony. Absolutely LOVED everything about it. I'm looking into a cruise for next Thanksgiving and right now Allure, which has an itinerary I like slightly better, and a port I like a million times better is around $1700 cheaper than Harmony. I know they are sister ships, but for those of you who have been on both recently, other than slides, is there any huge difference? Is she starting to show her age? We sailed Explorer this summer, and she definitely was! I understand a little dating, but just don't want to be on Allure wishing I'd sprung for the newer ship.
  15. We have a cruise booked on the Allure but I have found a rate that is the same for the Harmony. Should we switch? The Harmony ports are places we have been and aren't big fans of but aren't bad (Labadee, San Juan, and St. Marteen). Here is the info. Any advice would be appreciated. On the Allure, we have Boardwalk balcony rooms with the drink package deal and $25 onboard credit. On the Harmony, we would be in an inside room with no deals. The Harmony looks really cool, but I love that we are in Boardwalk rooms on the Allure. I don't know if the differences are worth the switch. The cost is pretty much the exact same (minus the drink and dine deal on Harmony). We are traveling with two kids, one teenager, and five adults. Thanks in advance for help making a decision!
  16. Hi, Everyone! We were on Anthem in April and had success putting a small case of bottled water in a reusable grocery bag with a luggage tag and sending it through with our checked luggage. Wondering if anyone has had recent success with this on Allure. We have a beverage package, so not a huge deal, but it's nice to have a stash of bottled water in our fridge without having to order one with every drink. Thanks! Laura
  17. I know that this changes, but i was wondering if anyone knows who the current Headliner is on the Allure of the Seas. We sail next month.
  18. Haven't been on Royal since June 2016 - can we still go directly to our cabin after boarding? Diamond if that matters.
  19. Hi, Booked cabin 9556, can anyone tell me where the bed placement is on this ship? Is it next to bathroom or next to balcony? Thank you ML
  20. Will my 16 year old be allowed to go in adult only pools/jacuzzis or does she need to be 18? Will she be allowed to go on the zipline without an adult present? (figure I can just sign permission?) Ice skating? I would rather know ahead of time so can tell her or make sure I sign the paperwork so she can do the activities she likes. Any thoughts? Jenn
  21. Who is going and does anyone have any info on the cabins around 8700? Where do I need to eat and tell me about the shows.
  22. Hi Please let me know your inside tips for the allure of The seas Please share your favorite: spot, food, restaurant, inside tips, bar, fav place, pool, secret place, etc All tips are welcome. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  23. My search button has disappeared....How can a 2 level suite be handicapped accessible with living area downstairs and bedroom upstairs?
  24. Has anyone participated in this? Any information, including cost, would be appreciated.
  25. Is there a behind the scenes tour on Allure? If so, how much? how long? and what day do they usually have it? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!