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  1. Magic, kismet, even “Harmony” That’s the way to describe my relationship with my travel husband, Randy. We cruised together by chance in April 2013 and we will cruise again by design on Harmony June 2nd, when we celebrate Randy’s 30th wedding anniversary with his real wife (and love of his life, Amy) But this story is about a travel marriage, a melding of two souls who love cruising and (this is important) the planning of cruises. A bond that could not be broken by thousands of miles and was solidified by hundreds of Friday night texts. (Travel planning night in both our households) My own dear husband of more than 30 years would hear a “ping” on a Friday night and say “oh, there’s your travel husband!” Neither Amy or Jeff has much patience for travel logistics, (although, and this is important, they both love the actual cruising🤣) but Randy and I are obsessed with it! And well, you have to get your needs met where you can, and that’s how Randy and I became “travel spouses”, sharing messages such as “should I pull the trigger on this Freedom cruise?” and “the drink package is 30% off, is it time to buy? “ and “what’s the name of that guide in Roatan?” We could spend hours online dissecting the minutia of the MDR menu, sharing frustrations over the Royal Caribbean website 🙄 or editing each others content for news letters or web reviews. How did it come to this!? Well, if you’d like to hear, I’ll tell the tale, and then you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when we share this review of our Harmony of the Seas 30 for 30 Anniversary cruise LIVE! (During making of this review, no actual marriages were harmed! Couples Randy and Amy <whom I also adore 😍> and Jeff and I are all still very happily married to our original spouses and plan to be, God willing, for many years to come!)
  2. Back story... Booked cruise in Feb with a balcony room. In April I noticed I could upgrade to a Gty suite for only $300 more total for our family of 4. A week later our set sail passes updated with GTY as our room number but was given 6th floor and under class it said "Sky". I was crossing my fingers I would get a grand suite but after a lot of research here I saw most GTY suites were given Junior "sea" class rooms. While waiting (which I do very poorly) I got wrapped up in the Royal Up program and bid on a 1br loft, also a sky class. It was 1600 more total as the min bid and only L2 rooms were left that I saw. Today I'm 30 days out and got our room assignment last night. We kept our Sky class status and were given a Grand suite on deck 6. Should I cancel our Royal up? Is the loft facing aft worth the 1600? (I know it's a bit bigger with two baths, but class benefits are the same). This is our first family cruise, first cruise onRC and kids are 12 and 14, so I'm a noob at this.
  3. Need some advice from experienced cruisers. My husband and I are planning our second cruise (first cruise we stayed on Deck 8, Oceanview Balcony on Freedom and we LOVED it)! My TA has informed me that there was a mix up of some sort and our group has been moved (we have adjacent cabins). We had Oceanview Balconies on Deck 11 and now have Oceanview Balconies on Deck 14. My newly assigned stateroom is 14156, just to the side of and partially under the port side cantilevered hot tub. Going on what I’ve read on CC, I’m not thrilled about having a public area directly above us instead of staterooms. Since it’s the Solarium (typically quieter area?), however, maybe there won’t be too much noise from above (moving chairs, walking, etc.). I do wonder if I’ll be hearing hot tub noise while sitting on my balcony, though (from water pumps, water jets, people in the hot tub, etc.). Have any of you stayed in this or similar stateroom locations on Harmony or other ships with the cantilevered hot tubs? If so, would you mind sharing your experience, good or bad? I’ve been told that I can request to be moved to a different Oceanview Balcony stateroom, but I wouldn’t know the stateroom # until after it’s assigned (something having to do with my group rate, I think), so in my mind that’s a gamble. Plus, I’d have to think the move worth it to be separated from my group. Any experiences shared or advice appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! So we booked our first cruise with Royal Caribbean on Harmony sailing out of Port Canaveral in Jan of 2020 for our 10 year anniversary. We have only cruised once before with Disney. We really loved the Disney Cruise but the price was insane and the ship seems to lack a lot of activities for adults. They did not lack in service when it came to concierge though...We have grown a taste for concierge services and perks on our vacations so when we booked with RC we had to go with a suite . We decided on the Crown Loft Suite. Looking through the information online it seems the details about concierge are unnecessarily convoluted, probably because it seems like the perks are slightly different on the different ship classification and level of your suite. I am a bit of an over planner, i love to iron things out before a vacation so i can get the most out of them and not be wandering around half the time. The cruise planner that emailed me when i was just looking seemed to not care as much about answering questions after i booked. I have a few questions, if possible please try to relate answers specific to the ship or port I am using. So i get the basics of the perks. Priory boarding with waiting area, access to Suite deck, Suite Lounge, Coastal Kitchen, access to concierge crew / services, complementary pressing for first formal night, etc. A lot of details seem to be missing or have conflicting info. I'll attempt to list them in order of how they would be utilized. Boarding - Disney had entirely separate area for check in at Port Canaveral and a separate waiting area. After security is this the same? What can i expect? Sorry hit post too quick - will be an edit with more questions
  5. Love Bugs. Outside and Inside. While walking on the deck or sitting in a lounger, you’re waving your arms to get the bugs away.
  6. Does anyone know how long this show is? We just reserved show time for 7:30 and have late seating. Will we be fine?
  7. We will be on the September 1 Harmony sailing and thinking of doing the Escape Room with my adult (in their 20's) kids. For those of you who have done the Escape Room on Harmony, is it worth doing? I haven't done an Escape Room but my kids have. When do we pick the time to do the Escape Room? Would it just be the 6 of us in a group or would others be in our group? I'm fine either way...I'd just like to know. Thanks so much
  8. HI, I will be providing daily updates, as well as creating a daily VLOG (probably uploading the vlog every few days. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified). I will try to answer any Harmony questions that I can. PRE CRUISE TRAVEL DAY (Sat 4/20) We had an afternoon flight at 3:25 out of PHL. The airport was empty when we arrived, breezed through check in and TSA precheck. We hung out at the Centurion Lounge and then boarded our flight. The flight was uneventful and we landed about 15 minutes late. I was relieved because of all the storms and cancellations on Friday. We took the airport shuttle to the Hampton Inn Airport/Cruise port north. We stayed here based on the reviews and it was 50K Hhonors points. Hotel was ok, bed wasn’t too comfortable, I think I would go with the Embassy Suites on 17th street next time. We ate at a pizza place across the street. It was ok, but on the expensive side. $18 for a large cheese pizza, we are used to paying around $12 in South Jersey.
  9. Know BoB will already have the location but looking for post with main Dinning ( newer ones that also have dessert ). I know most are universal but lately a couple ships have switched. Thanks in advance BOB , or anyone else. Bob & Nancy The Villages going east on Harmony in Aug. & west in Sept.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the Harmony has an overflow lounge if there are too many Diamonds onboard? On our last Oasis cruise we had an overflow option in Blaze and it was so very nice to get out of the rat race in the regular Diamond Lounge.
  11. So I have booked a Jan 2020 cruise on HOS for a father/daughter vacation. I have been looking though the cruise planner and noticed that all prices for drink packages, dining, and excursions seem to be standard price with no discounts. Last year my wife and I sailed on the FOS and we had discounted excursion in the cruise planner right away. Is this something strictly with the Oasis class ships, is it simply to early to look at the planner for any deals? Not sure why things are different. My sister is sailing LOS later this year and her cruise planner currently shows discounts. Looking for any advice and assistance in this matter. Thanks
  12. Does anyone know if the pools on the Harmony of the Seas are salt water. We were on Harmony, but I can't remember. Thanks, Susan
  13. How comfortable are the beds on the Harmony. We were on the Adventure last year and my back killed me for the 10 days. Do I need to get a mattress foam pad for the bed on the Harmony.
  14. We are sailing Harmony from Port Canaveral Sunday- Depart Port Canaveral Monday- Cococay (8am-5pm) Tuesday- Sea Day Wednesday- Cozumel (7am-6pm) Thursday- Roatan (8am-5pm) Friday- Costa Maya (7am-3pm) Saturday- Sea Day Sunday- Port Canaveral Which nights are most likely to be the formal nights? Tuesday and Friday?
  15. Wondering if anybody has some recent Harmony of the Seas menus or at least a link I can go to please. We have BOGO for the June 30th cruise and I know we want to do Chops, but unsure of the 2nd option to choose. (Wonderland isn't for us, Myself and 15yr old son). Is there a way out of making reservations for the BOGO for days 1 & 2? Our formal night is day 2 so would look to maybe do days 1/3. Thanks for all the help and input! Steve
  16. Our last cruise we ended up with a terrible cabin, it had a connecting door to a room where some parents stuck their 16-18 year old kids while the parents stayed in their room, and the kids got drunk and loud every night in their cabin. I called security every night who came and yelled at them yet never once went to get the parents who were breaking the rules by having minors in a room without an adult nearby (and kids who were drinking underage). It was an exhausting cruise to say the least. That room was a central park view on deck 9 and I want no repeat... Obviously this time around I'm making sure we don't get a connecting room. I'm looking at an ocean view balcony this time and the other thing I remember is a lot of hallway traffic noise. I'm thinking about going full aft and getting a cabin at the very back of the boat. My thought is then no one will be walking by our room in the middle of the night and if we get the end of the boat we'll only have neighbors on one side. Is this a good strategy or is there a downside to being fully aft? I'm also thinking about going for deck 6 this time. My thinking here is that we're close to boardwalk and the promenade where my kids spent a good bit of time last cruise (close to food, drink machines and entertainment). The other option would be to go higher to be more in the middle of the stuff around the promenade and the pool deck but being on deck 9 last time was a lot of stairs or waiting on elevators and I feel like it's better to go all the way up or all the way down so at least you're close to something...
  17. Hi cruisers! Just booked our second cruise: Harmony on the Eastern leg! We book through Costco to get extra perks, so only certain rooms qualify for the deal. We spoiled ourselves on our first cruise with an ocean balcony, so there's no going back! On the cruise we just booked, there were only a few ocean balconies left, so we booked the starboard corner room of 14538. I'm curious what the view is?? The solarium is next to us, and from pictures it looks like might obstruct out view to the left of the balcony? It also looks like it's glass right there too, so can they see us from our balcony? Anyone who has booked on Oasis class ships can help; either room 14538 or 14138. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi Guys I just did our online check inn for our upcoming August Cruise but I did not see any where to upload a phone. Will we do that at the port? Regards Vicki
  19. We are here, on Harmony, waiting for Grease to start...and we would like to bring you along with us! After much anticipation, our countdown finally says:
  20. My family and I cruised on the Harmony of the Seas 2 summers ago, and are looking into another Harmony cruise this summer. However, we're having a hard time with the fact we'd be on the same ship again. No other dates or cruises work for us, so this is our only option, and we are deadset on cruising this summer. What are some reasons or things we might have missed that will help us feel better about cruising on the Harmony again?
  21. I have been on the first three Oasis class ships 3 years in a row (In the order of Oasis, Harmony, Allure). So I was on the Harmony in August of 2017, and am looking into going again this August. I am wondering if there have been any small adjustments to the ship since then. I know she hasn't been dry docked, so this just out of curiosity. And if there haven't been any updates, what are some lesser known things to do on Harmony that I might've missed before? Also, does the suite life on Harmony have any differences compared to Allure or Oasis? Thanks all!
  22. Harmony is scheduled to arrive at 6 am on a Sunday at Port Canaveral. I have priority disembarking. Can I reasonably make a 11:45 a flight out of Orlando. The next flight is 3 hours later. Thanks for your advice.
  23. Anyone ever had one ? I’m just wondering if there are any negatives. It’s on the ocean side opposite the retail space between Johnny Rocket’s and the hot doghouse. I
  24. is this service available? I am flying American Airlines.
  25. What happens when you have to switch cabins on a back to back?
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