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  1. So we just returned from the March 9, 2020 sailing of Jewel of the Seas. It was supposed to do Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Yas Island and later Oman was dropped and an extra day was added to Abu Dhabi, but honestly that doesn't matter as everything changed due to the coronavirus. I thought I would give you all a review to read as it looks like we will all be quarantined for the next two weeks. Who were are: my hubby and myself late 30s our twins who are 7, would have turned 8 right after we returned home, but that will come later. We are diamond and so are our kids who always vacation with us. This is meant to be fun so refrain from comments on my writing, how long it takes, and basically being a troll as I will ignore you. We live in California so our adventure behinds at LAX so on with the show.
  2. I have been looking for reviews and can't find them. Has anyone been in one of the extended balcony rooms on deck 7 on Jewel of the Seas? I found a video online showing that the last couple feet of the balcony has just a short rail divider between rooms. Any insight from anyone who has been in one of these rooms? I have a friend contemplating switching to an ocean view guarantee on our British Isles cruise in June 2021, it's a huge savings for their family...just wanted to check out the different rooms that they might end up in, and if it would be worth the savings. Here is the video that I found... https://youtu.be/AX9La6fMYqI
  3. Will Jewel make Cruises in nothern Europe, she is under Way to Southampton now....
  4. I have this 3 paragraph opener with all my pre-planning drafted on my work computer, but I felt like starting this now so I will post that at the end of the blog. This will be a picture heavy report and include a lot of details. I want to preface this by saying I don’t care if you reply and repost pictures...it doesn’t bother me. I’m just happy to see people reading along. I also want to say that this is my opinions and the Greek Isles seen through my eyes. Sorry if you don’t agree with something I say, just be kind about it [emoji6] No hateful comments will be responded to. This was my 6th cruise. I am 36 and bf 39. We are from Colorado and this trip was definitely bucket list for us. Ok next post will start the report.
  5. Allure right now shows its position s/w of Ireland (Cork) at 8 kn speed on marinetraffic with destination from Southampton to Southampton. Jewel anchors near Piraeus, Greece and marinetraffic shows her new destination as US Anchorage (anchoring US) Anybody has a clue?
  6. I just noticed that the Jewel TA from Galveston to Barcelona for March 2021 has disappeared. Anyone have an idea what has happened with it? We had/have a GS booked and were/are really looking forward to it.
  7. Just wondering if anyone is currently on the Jewel (or know of anyone on the ship). It set sail on March 9 from Dubai. My parents are supposed to be on it right now but I haven't heard from them (they are usually responsive and they promised to text me when they get on the ship). I read on a different forum and some media outlets that Dubai closed its ports to all cruise ships. But i also read from another source that the ports are open...and the Dubai/Oman 7 day itinerary just changed a bit (not stopping in Oman). But I'm not sure how reliable those sources are. I tried calling Royal Caribbean but can't get through (I'm guessing because of the influx of callers). If anyone has any information, that'd be great!!
  8. I am a bit late in posting this as we have been back a week, but here goes---just a short review of some key areas (I am happy to try to answer questions if wanted): Diamond Perks: This was our fifth TA on RCI as Diamonds. We are used to lounges being too full to get seats without waiting a line or some other nonesense--even with overflow lounges open. It's understandable and we do not complain about it---just happily use our 3 coupons elsewhere and enjoy our cruise. That and allowing Diamonds to get coffee since the lounge machine can't keep up are all we expect on cruises with very high numbers of top tier cruisers. So, it was a fabulous surprise to feel really valued and have perks on the Jewel TA---their loyalty ambassador ought to be training everyone on how to do it right! Diamond cocktail hour had the lounge plus most of Viking Crown as overflow (as per usual) PLUS all of the Safari Club as a second lounge area---that one with some sort of entertainment in two short bursts over the evening (the comedian doing a short set, live music, tango dancers, etc). There was never any point when we were unable to find a seat. Bar staff were everywhere---snacks were really good, etc. The "top tier party" was also particularly good even though in the theatre due to numbers. A live music set, recognition of the pinnacles (which my oldest joked felt like a scout bridging ceremony lol but we enjoyed it), good bar service . . . Food: This was ALL over the map. Some of the best preperations for some dishes we've had yet on RCI. Also some terrible ones---including chicken being served to me still raw in the middle. It was weird. Some cruises have had overall great food and some overall not very good but this was totally inconsistent from day to day and even dish to dish. The new dinner menus really lack variety--we were quite underwhelmed. Plus on Jewel is the Indian menu that you can request with about 3 options nightly. Every dish we ordered off of that menu was excellent---and having that added variety to the dull new menus was very much appreciated. There seemed to be more variety in MTD lunch menus than in the past---still repeats but not as often, we liked that. windjammer was also inconsistent with food quality. We never eat breakfast, so I cannot comment on that. Cruise Director and Cruise Staff: Andrea (CD) is fairly new to RCI, from MSC. He speaks a lot of languages, which was really impressive at first---but having been present for several conversations involving him, I quickly learned that he "speaks" a lot but struggles with comprehension--it seemed nearly 50% of the time his answer had nothing to do with the question asked of him and he was misunderstanding. That was unfortunate but not a huge deal. I am neutral to him as a CD overall, though the 80s and 90s party he did was great---far better than the only other one I have seen on RCI. Not sure if that came from him or elsewhere. The rest of the cruise staff, including activities director Danny, were excellent (except one who was very problematic and resulted in the first time I have ever reported a crew member to higher ups, but I do not think he represents the cruise staff as a whole). Many wrote their own, WELL DONE trivias, etc which is so appreciated on a TA especially. Entertainment: We had quite literally the worst DJ we've ever encountered on a cruise. He had no idea what makes a good dance tune and played lots of stuff that was not dance music and 90% music from the 70s. The dance floor was nearly always empty and by mid cruise people mostly quit even stopping by the club in hopes of hearing some good music. Even other cruise staff said he did not know music and needed training---and it is insulting to have staff decide that older people do not want modern music---even when we request it. One night the club was closed for a staff party---that had GREAT music; we danced in the Diamond lounge which has no sound barrier and ran into another couple who had done the same in the concierge lounge! MANY people we happened to run into the next couple of days who had gone to one lounge or another commented on that party having the music we had all been wanting all cruise. Live music was hit or miss. One duo was good, one group not so much, etc----one the singer might have been sick? she sat there on stage and never sang and they played instrumentals----several sets over multiple days? Seems more reasonable to announce she is sick and not have her sit there than have her there doing nothing front and center? Most of the musicians were changed mid cruise so that added to the inconsistency. The orchestra was particularly good and the singers and dancers were a good bunch. I enjoyed the productions shows. Most specialty acts were not to my taste but many others seemed to enjoy them. Crew: Overall the ship seemed well run. The crew were very nice and professional. With the one exception, excellent all around. Captain Dusty gives particularly long winded and boring updates, but I am more concerned with how he pilots the ship anyway. Other than the CD, senior officers in every department were out and talking and approachable and beding over backwards to help guests and fufill requests for 2 weeks. Amdrea? He was out. We told him that the night before the club was listed as having an hour of "top 40" got up there and it was still 70s, not even the stuff from the 70s that is good for dancing, asked for top 40 or anything newish at all, with a good dance beat--never happened and were told that most people are requesting Latin music so we are playing that (um, no you were not). Gave up on talking to him. But really, for the most part there was a huge desire to get feedback and improve even mid cruise
  9. Balcony size for 8670? Furniture?
  10. Hi all We have booked very late for the 23 March departure of Jewel of the Seas from Dubai/Athens. We have been struggling trying to work our way through the pages and pages of forum comments to find information on people offering and requesting for others to join them on independant tours at ports. If enough people are interested, I could put together a spreadsheet that can be updated on a regular basis (some people are still cancelling cruises as I write this). We are particularly eager to join others in Petra but are also interested in other activities. Looking forward to hearing from other cruisers Sue & Mike Auckland, NZ
  11. March 23, 2020 sailing. Looked at cruise planner today and it looks like the itinerary has changed. Cruise docs do not show a change. The main issue is that it now terminates in Athens instead of Rome. A big difference considering the flight from Rome... When do they send out the official we have changed the cruise notice so that we can change our flights? I do not want to change the flight without being notified. Essentially they added an overnight in Dubai, removed Oman stops, added a couple of sea days, Limassol Cyprus, a stop at Crete /Chania (Souda), and an overnight in Athens (Piraeus). I guess the next cruise will now start in Athens instead of Rome.
  12. Leaves Barcelona 19th April bound for Portofino, Florence Rome and Naples Italy. CDC advice is only travel to Italy if necessary...Italy in general not specifically the locked down areas mentioned by WHO. Anyone due to sail that cruise , anyone having concerns? Seems like RC adopting a “wait and see” attitude.
  13. No Italian ports on these sailings now - there were 4. Villefranche stays and new ports are a mixture of Malaga, Alicante, Marseille, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia; 1 sea day. Good to see clear information from Royal 7 weeks prior to sail date.
  14. Booked our Baltic Cruise for May. What was your favorite thing to do in Helsinki, Stockholm, Talinn, St Petersburg, Copenhagen. Who has been on the Jewel recently......wish it was a newer ship.
  15. Nine days ago we thought we'd be boarding Quantum in Singapore today. The Coronavirus outbreak changed all that! On Friday 7th with the situation worsening in Singapore we decided to call our TA to see if we could cancel. After going backwards and forwards for a bit they agreed that we could get a full refund for the whole package (cruise, flights and 3 night hotel stay) so we booked this instead. Just checked our credit card and the money has been refunded today. RCL eventually cancelled this cruise on Tuesday 11th when we would have been on a flight to Singapore so something worked out for us! As you can imagine we had a hectic few days sorting everything out but currently sitting in our hotel room in Dubai and a couple of days after arriving it finally feels like we are on holiday😀 I was always planning to do a live review from Quantum as there is so little info available so I decided why not still do one from a different ship. Please feel free to comment, ask questions or just follow along for the ride. So we are Julie and Mark, mid 50s from the UK, love RCL but also cruise other lines. We've cruised in this area a couple of times before (Costa and MSC) and done a Suez Canal cruise ending in Abu Dhabi on Celebrity. That was in my top 3 all time cruises partly because it was timed to fit in with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and we're big F1 fans. We were last on Jewel 18 months ago for the TA from Rome to San Juan. Our itinerary 1 Dubai 5:00 PM 2 Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates 8:00 AM 6:00 PM 3 Doha, Qatar 8:00 AM 6:00 PM 4 At Sea - - 5 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 8:00 AM - 6 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 8:00 PM 7 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 8:00 AM - 8 Dubai, United Arab Emirates - I believe the original itinerary also included Bahrain but that was changed a few weeks ago. I'm no great photographer, just tend to take snaps on my phone when I remember so I apologise in advance, this will be nothing like a Twangster review (I love those). We've still got a couple of days left in Dubai to enjoy before we board, we've booked a Dhow dinner cruise for tonight so off to get ready for that now.
  16. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=678876&et_cid=3317225&et_rid=16708321&et_referrer=Contest_Costa_June2013
  17. We were on this ship Feb 3 out of Dubai. 12 hours before boarding an email and text was sent which read if you were in China w/i the past 15 days boarding would be denied. Just curious but does anyone know specifically what RCI did to those who were denied boarding for this reason? Thank you.
  18. On the Jewel just had a late change of itinerary we are not docking in Oman tomorrow. The next 2 stops were scheduled to be Khasab and Muscat and both are cancelled. We were told its because of health concerns due to the close proximity of Oman to Iran. Its a sea day tomorrow now while we wait for an update in the morning.
  19. Would like to know if Jewel of the Seas offers Pickleball Open Play as a regular sports activity. We have sailed on some RCI ships that have portable pickleball nets, balls, paddles and have it as morning sports activity from 9 to 11 AM every day. We are booked on JOS for a repositioning cruise in March with 6 sea days and it would be great if they did. If you have been on Jewel of Seas lately... does JOS offer Pickleball? Thanks!
  20. I don't see the roll call for this one, so I'm starting it! My husband and I just got off our first cruise last Sunday and waited 6 whole days before booking our next one! I'm thinking this could be an addiction! The first was on Liberty and we had a blast! I'm already counting down for this one! if anyone has experience on shore excursions, I'd appreciate the information. There seems to be very few listed now. Will more be added as we get closer? I know we want to go to Mr. Sancho's or Nachi Cocum in Cozumel, but don't see either. Do I need to book it directly? Thanks!
  21. Hello, we are first time cruisers, hoping to book soon! We're looking at a Baltic cruise - cabin 2510 on Jewel of the Seas has been proposed. We don't plan on spending a lot of time in our room except for sleeping, but I did want some natural light. Can anyone tell me how big the portholes are? Maybe post a photo or two? I have read some pros and cons about the 2nd deck, but we are thinking it might be fine for us. Thanks in advance. Cas
  22. We are due to board Jewel on 17 Feb. Concerned firstly about the itinerary changes which we have accepted due to the unrest in the middle east and now the coronavirus which we are not so comfortable with. Just seen pictures of a shopping mall in Dubai which is practically deserted! Any comments? We have been trying to upgrade our inside cabin to a balcony cabin. We paid £1300, balcony cabins are now selling for £1200. We have been quoted £500 to upgrade which is ridiculous given there are alot not sold. Anyone can give advice would be much appreciated.
  23. We are due to fly to Dubai on 31 January, and to cruise on Jewel on 3 February. The current crisis in the Middle East is causing us great concern. We are seriously thinking of cancelling, realising we would lose around £3000. Is anyone currently on board and give us some insight as to the situation? Were there any obvious extra security checks or presence? Can anyone provide some comfort and reassurance? Would your travel or cancel?
  24. Just had to cancel my cruise on ncl around asia and managed to get on the jewel of the seas or 7 nights around dubai 17th feb 2020 Has any one got any info on how much the drinks package is on board the problem is i drink alcohol and my wife dosnt we had a drinks package and a soft drinks package on ncl Thanks in advance mac
  25. where are the concierge and diamond lounge located on Jewel?
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