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Found 240 results

  1. Booked in 9330 now but I see 1702 is open... only time I booked an aft I got bumped to an owners suite (I know, poor me)... my plan is to upgrade to a suite if it opens up ... anyone have balcony pics from 1702? Thanks!!
  2. We have booked this cabin for a 7 day cruise on Liberty. Anyone ever stayed in that suite? Are there extra perks? Any pro's and con's on this room? Just looking to hear any info people have, just something to look forward to. Pictures would be great also. One question about the balcony, in the one picture I saw, it looks like the balcony does not overlook the water, something between the balcony and the water, but not sure what it is??? Thanks!
  3. We booked aft cabins on deck 8 on Jewel, sailing out of Galveston, for our cruise next year. Yesterday we were told that Jewel will not be sailing out of Galveston next year and our ship has been changed to Liberty. Working with our TA I was able to get aft cabins on deck 7 on Liberty for the same price we paid on Jewel. The deck plans for Liberty say the cabins have obstructed views. We have cruised in aft cabins on Adventure, which also has obstructed views, and had no problem with the "obstruction". I know Voyager class and Freedom class ships are similar in design. Is the "obstructed" view on Liberty any worse than on Adventure?
  4. We are on hold right now regarding our Anthem cruise leaving THIS Sunday. Do you think Cape Liberty New Jersey will close? Wondering in case we are still on hold in 2 hours
  5. We had to cancel our June cruise this year due to Covid19 so I was online this week trying to book another cruise for next June out of Cape Liberty doing the Eastern Caribbean. I haven't found any. They have Perfect Day cruises on Oasis and 5 or 7 nights on Empress to Bermuda but NOTHING showing for Eastern Caribbean. Is it me, the website or too soon to schedule? Just wondering if anyone knows what's up. Thanks! Swiss
  6. When we were on board Liberty in early May, the flatware in WJ was not wrapped in napkins as is usual. Is this still the case or are they back to the customary napkin-wrapped bundles?
  7. Hi there! We are considering booking a cruise on the Brilliance of the Seas. We have taken a couple of cruises, one on Disney and one on Liberty of the Seas. I am looking at Brilliance because of the itinerary, but am concerned that there is enough to do on a smaller ship. We are a group of 13, with kids ranging from 12-18. We loved the Liberty!!!! Has anyone gone on both ships? How big of a size difference is there? Thanks, Lisa
  8. Question to anyone that has been in the Sweet room? Has anyone been told you would have all the privileges of being in a Suite room to include a GOLD card? We have been in this room 6 times over the last 3 years and were told we had all the Privileges of the Suite room and have 6 gold cards to show for it. Well in the room this year NOW, and told we get only ice cream and access to the suite lounge room (we are D+, so NOT a biggy for us) . They asked for proof we have been offered any other benefit before but not even sure if we saved anything back at home. I remember when we booked being told access to Giovanni for breakfast and lunch, which required a GOLD Card. But no PROOF we were told this? So has anyone saved paperwork that showed any other benefits of the room?
  9. Am looking at changing to Grand Suite cabins 1274-1286 - any comments would be appreciated. Are these noisy, affected by anything?
  10. We are cruising on Liberty of the Seas in Grand Suites and I am wondering if anyone can give me some information on these Grand Suites. It looks like 1264 has a whirlpool above it, does that also affect 1260? Is there a lot of noise from above in these suites. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Most RCCL ships are scheduled out into 2022. The Liberty of the Seas schedule ends with October of 2021 out to Galveston. Anyone know heard if she is going somewhere else or just not scheduled yet??
  12. This a multi-question post so hope it's not too complicated. My wife and I have only cruised Princess several times and one Carnival (Mexican Riviera cruise). First off we're spoiled to death now by having a suite on our Panama Canal trip last year. Like flying first class on an airline. It's tough to go back to coach. I figure it this way..... if you've got it. DO IT!!! People that want to scrimp and save, have at it. But live large if you can. It's fun. So for the first question: does anyone know if the same perks exist for suites on Royal Caribbean as Princess? i.e my wife is not clear on complementary laundry service. We had that on our Panama Canal cruise and didn't think we would even use it but we did and it was AWESOME!!! Our second concern (not really a concern but being prepared) the size of the ship: This is a mega ship, right? Much larger and likely more activity and longer lines for things? Any tips or suggestions to deal with that kind of thing? We are booked on Liberty because we're joining my son and his family to celebrate my granddaughters college graduation. We just want to get the vibe and any words of wisdom that may be out there. We're leaving from Galveston and have no clue on where to stay (or not stay) the night before. Anything ya'all got.... bring it. We would love to hear from you. We leave October 2020 Thank You
  13. Hi there! This is my first time asking a question here, so I hope that I am doing it right. Anyhow, I am booked on a 8th deck aft cabin on the Liberty and I just noticed that there are two on the aft of deck 10, 1400 and 1700 that are available at pretty much the same cost. I am wondering if anyone has insight on whether I should make the switch to one of them? The cabins and balconies both look bigger. However, they are directly below the Windjammer. Does anyone have experience on these? Thanks very much, Rob
  14. My husband (50) and I (45) had been kicking around the idea of a cruise for just the 2 of us sometime this spring. Finally last week we went for it and booked the April 19th sailing on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston. This will be my 3rd cruise and my husband’s 2nd. I cruised on the SS Norway (NCL) back in the early 90s, and we took our 2 boys on the Carnival Triumph about 6 years ago. I am a planner and researcher, although I like to think I can go with the flow for the most part. I have found so much great information on CC, so I thought starting a thread would help me find some answers and help me make some decisions, and hopefully help others out along the way as well. Travel/Parking: We live about 5 hours from Galveston, but will be doing a college visit with our youngest at Texas State University in San Marcos on Saturday the 18th (where our middle son currently goes to school) so we will either get a hotel room in San Marcos and drive from there on Sunday morning, or look at a hotel in Galveston where we can stay & park. I am undecided on that and need to do some more research – feel free to chime in with your experiences and recommendations! Either way the youngest son will stay with big brother on Saturday night and drive himself home on Sunday morning. Stateroom: After looking at different options 100 times, we ultimately decided to book an interior guarantee. We may come to regret not picking our room, and not having a balcony like we did on the Triumph. Even though our budget would allow for an ocean view or balcony, the savings were significant enough to make us pick the interior. I think we will be fine! But, now we have an email about the Royal Up program and a promenade view interior really intrigues me. The minimum bid is $55/person, which does not seem like much at all. Tell me what you know about these rooms – are they worth a little extra? Am I getting excited over nothing because we won’t get it at the minimum bid anyway? Dining: With booking so close to sailing, our only dining option was the late seating. We are usually more like “my time dining” people, but we will make the best of it. I would much prefer late seating to early and we know that there are a lot of options for a late afternoon snack to tide us over. I have Celiac disease and must eat a gluten free diet. I have emailed the special needs department, and am still waiting for a reply, but have read enough reviews of gluten free eating on Royal ships to know that I will have plenty of choices. If anyone has gluten free experience on the Liberty, and/or have any tips or must-eats, I am all ears! Drinks: We have tossed around our options a LOT on this one. We are not the drinkers we were in our younger days, but do enjoy a couple of drinks from time to time. Ultimately we have decided that we are going to carry on our 2 12-packs of Coke Zero and 2 bottles of wine and just buy the rest as we go. I will probably pack some Crystal Lite type packets to liven up some water from time to time, but we don’t feel that we would get our monies worth out of either the soda or the refreshments package. I *might* look in to buying a bottle of rum to be delivered to our room to make a few drinks ourselves, but we will probably just buy a couple of cocktails throughout the day as we want them. Ports/Excursions: Or ports are Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Falmouth and the only one of those we have been to is Cozumel. Since it is just the 2 of us, we will probably be looking to hang out on a beach with a couple of drinks for the most part and don’t feel the need to book an excursion in each port although we are not opposed to doing so either. Stingray City does peak my interest a little... Tell me your favorites in these ports! Corona Virus: We are 100% taking a wait-and-see approach on this, but are not worried. A lot can change in 6 weeks and we have the option to postpone the trip. We are healthy and our only concern would be getting ourselves in to a situation where we have to be quarantined. I feel like I have written a book – thanks for reading this long! Please share your opinions. I would love to hear your favorite places to hang out on the ship, shows that you would not want to miss, and overall recommendations. We like a good mix of go & do, and relax and talk/people watch/read a book. I think the thing that I am most looking forward to is the option to do both whenever we want to!
  15. Hey Fellow Cruisers, In March 2019, my husband and I sailed on the Liberty of the Seas for the 2nd time. This was a Spring Break cruise out of Galveston, TX and we had a BLAST. We sailed on an inside cabin and despite the small cabin, we were satisfied. This was our 16 cruise and yet our 1st cruise to have the DRINK PACKAGE on Royal Caribbean. It was worth it, in our opinion and we had a great time. I DID find myself ordering an additional drink just to "get my monies worth" but in the end... I didn't care! I was feeling good! We are cruise bloggers and blog about our cruise experiences, for future entertainment at first but now we like to blog and share our tips and tricks for the ships we sail on. I hope our blog helps you in some way. We have tips, tricks, pictures and videos of the ships and destinations. I will post daily entries of our time on board, a FOODIE blog as well as other videos and pictures! Ask any questions you may have and I will try to answer them quickly! Happy Cruising Y'all! #CruiseLikeaDavis
  16. Liberty OTS been playing games with me when I tried to book solo, more than 200%. Enchantment had a cabin this morning... and then someone grabbed it, and I kept checking, and clicked thru on liberty and voila, got it for 200% and it said $45 off which was odd. The lady who gave me her phone number last week still on vacation, so I just called anyone, and he said its $50 off, but came up with the same price I was seeing. Deck 6, better than I expected. Prices are changing so fast. I just said I'll take it. Excited and a little scared. (Lots of well meant advise not to book). Glad I held out for Libetty. Who ever said to me, they would hold out for liberty, thank you. Turned out I got a better cabin on the ship I wanted. Though april, not march, but that's ok, less than a month later.
  17. Does anyone know the biggest table they have at chops on liberty? We will have 10 in our party and want to go there for a 40th bday.
  18. I've been doing mock bookings, and these 2 ships do 7 days out of Galveston. I can do a solo booking for 200% on Enchantment, but on Liberty seems like they quadruple the rate then give me $50 off. About $800 more than it says pp starting. I wanted Liberty but can get half the price on Enchantment.. not sure I've ever done that ship but think perhaps sister ships. It doesnt have a promenade right? Someone must have cancelled 2 adjoining rooms on Enchantment.. good price right now for march 30th. Should I or hold out for Liberty?
  19. We are sailing next week on anthem of the sea room 12 678. We are leaving out of New Jersey which side of the ship is this room? Also from this balcony room where we have a view of the Statue of Liberty when we are leaving New Jersey? Does he even pass Statue of LibertyAnd if it does does the balcony view have a good view of it
  20. Hello! We just booked our first RCL cruise on Liberty of the Seas and I'm so excited. The cruise isn't until March 2021, but I don't care. I'm still doing my happy dance. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. 😁
  21. We just booked a Grand Suite 1286 on Liberty of the Seas. I normally do not book a cabin that does not have cabins both above and below. Unfortunately, all the Grand Suites on Liberty of the Seas are directly under the pool or solarium area of the Lido Deck. Can anyone who has stayed in one of these Grand Suites please tell me about your experience as far as noise, scraping of lounge chairs, etc., that you may have heard while in your cabin. Thanks.
  22. Just talked to the concierge, Francis, on Liberty and on the March 1 sailing they are expecting 300 Diamond, Diamond + people on board. We will turn Diamond March 2, and not really disappointed now that we will not be able to use the Diamond room. We will be more than happy to stay in the Suite Lounge with the P's instead of Diamond Lounge. Can only imagine the crowded room.
  23. Does anyone have a recent (preferably this year) Cruise Compass for RCCL's Liberty of the Seas? What I'm looking for is the dress code for dinner for the entire cruise - which nights are the formal nights, casual, smart casual, etc.. The ship sails out of Galveston. The itinerary is: Day 1 - at Sea Day 2 - at Sea Day 3 - Honduras Day 4 - Belize Day 5 - Cozumel Day 6 - as Sea Thanks! Annmarie
  24. Hey All, I am planning a bar crawl on Liberty in February and had a few venue operating hours/etc questions. Here is the plan in it's current draft phase (it's essentially a top to bottom crawl): 2:30pm – Olive or Twist (Deck 14 Midship) 2:55pm – Sky Bar (Deck 12 Midship) 3:20pm – Solarium Bar (Deck 11 Forward) 3:40pm – Pool Bar (Deck 11 Midship) 3:55pm – Squeeze (Deck 11 Midship) 4:10pm – Plaza Bar (Deck 11 Aft) 4:35pm – R Bar (Deck 5 Midship) 4:55pm – Vintages (Deck 5 Midship) 5:15pm – Hoof & Claw Pub (Deck 5 Midship) 5:35pm – Schooner Bar (Deck 4 Midship) 6:00pm – Casino Bar (Deck 4 Midship) 6:15pm – Boleros (Deck 4 Midship) 6:40pm – On Air Club (Deck 3 Midship) Anyone see any operating hour conflicts for a typical sea day? Also does ON AIR have a bar and is it open ONLY if there's karaoke happening in there? Should we include Connoisseur Club? Star Lounge? Any other fun thoughts? 😄 Cheers!!!
  25. What is the earliest time should we arrive at port to embark on the ship? I received an email from Royal Caribbean indicating that the US Coast Guard will be conducting a mandatory routine inspection on board before the boarding process may begin, As a result check in time for the cruise is now between 12 PM and 3 PM. Is this a normal procedure, US Coast Guard inspection? If we arrive at the Galveston Port at 10:30, what time do you think we can embark and be on the ship? Thanks
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