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  1. Wondering if the cabin hallway widths on Liberty OTS are even a foot or two wider than on the Radiance? I doubt they are as wide as the roomy hallways on Oasis class ships (such as the roomy halls on Harmony OTS). Hoping someone knows and can reply SOON!
  2. Hi - Just got an email this morning - with a new receipt from RCI for my 2020 Oasis cruise out of Port Liberty. GONE were my discounts from when I originally booked - and GONE was the stateroom I picked - and now it just says GTY. I am not happy. I called customer service - and they said that "revenue" made the change, they took my phone number, and now I am waiting for a phone call back from "revenue". Customer service said that no indication was put in the booking to state why the change was made. So - go check your receipts and reservations!
  3. Hey there...I will be driving to port Liberty for our upcoming cruise. I have heard that the terminal parking fills up quickly....what time do you recommend us getting there.? We do have a handicap parking permit for my daughter so I am not sure if that would make a difference. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Sailed Liberty for the 4th time. Had a balcony on deck 12 forward. Very nice cabin, balcony a little small, but excellent nonetheless. Following are a few ideas in the form of a review. We are a retired couple,late 60s, sailed Royal ships for 20 years, about 23 times. Diamond level Embarkation, Disembarkation-as smooth as we have ever seen. Hardly stopped or waited in line in either. Food- We ate in Chops twice and loved it. Giovannis once and it was just ok. The MDR was excellent, and the Windjammer for breakfast was very good. Gained the normal pounds, so I guess it was ok. They had a sale on the first day that gave 15% off the 3 day package for Chops-Giovanni. Made it a no brainer as one day is almost that much. Did not try Sabor-we live in south Texas and have excellent Mexican here. Pizza at Sorrentos was good-all the food is holding its taste and presentation. Stuff that has disappeared-Diamond perks are the same-3 drinks or mostly unlimited in the lounge. Lounge was full each day, at 5:30 much of it emptied out. Went to send a postcard to my 96 year old mother. They do not sell postage or send postcards like they used to! REALLY? No mints on the pillow of course, did get some towel animals. The perks on the Crown and Anchor list is shorter than it was 10 months ago. No stationary or robes in the rooms-I suppose you can get them if you ask, but I feel sorry for the steward with as many rooms as they have now. He did get us extra towels(which are one step above Motel 6) and wine glasses. There were no biographies of any of the officers put out-used to be in the compass. Too many diamond sales in there I guess. The captain-James-was around a lot. From Tampa and very personable. They do not wrap the silverware in the Windjammer with the napkins anymore. I really think they are running out of things to cut out- I really expect some day to be given a paddle upon check in and a time to paddle! Music- for the first time on LIberty there was no country band! I mean-it is sailing from Texas. The band was good, not country, mostly slow rock and pop. If you remember Bubba Feathers or his successors this was a shock. They were good, just not Texas. I know-other people cruise this too, but a little country would not have sunk the ship. The different thing about this cruise was the presence of 800 members of the Texas Country Music Association. They had concerts each day mostly in Studio B or On Air and were kind enough to have one on the pool deck. Turns out if you call Royal 2 months in advance of your cruise, find out there is a big group on that you do not want to sail with, they will reschedule your cruise. At least that was the talk on ship. This group was fine people and no problem at all. Misc,- The cruise director-Jeffrey-was great. Funny, informative,out in public a lot, and experienced enough to have lots of tips. I recommend his Rant on the tv each morning-it will save you some problems for sure. The ship is is in good shape-due for a dry dock in a year or so. Seems to vibrate more than it used to. They had one engine down for maintainance, maybe that was it. Really vibrated in stern half. Service was as good as always-maybe better. Only went in gym once-bigger than I remembered, and very usable. Solarium was great, pools were well used but plenty of space. Keeping in mind it is a business the attempts to sell you something was not bad. Everything was clean and on time. This ship is our favorite in the fleet., Captain James said that there will be an Oasis class(not 5-it is going to China) during 2021. New pier is not started, so we will see. That ship will sell out for years in Texas. Hate to lose Liberty though. Parking was about 50 for the week, with shuttle. Discount Cruise Parking. Check to be sure that your parking place did not flood during Harvey-some did. Never know what will come up behind you. Ports-Cozumel had 5 ships in-one was Symphony. Costa Maya-did the salsa trip-great. Taste tested Tequila for 45 minutes-no one went to the beach after! Roatan-did underwater glass bottom boat. Almost like snorkeling and stayed dry. Fun. NCL is building a pier right next to Royal, more shops coming. Not the prettiest port in the Caribbean for sure, but works. All in all it was an excellent cruise. Weather was flawless-almost no rain or waves. I would go again, the cruise is a good break. Since we drive in, I cannot comment on airports but if you can choose Hobby. Go a day early-lots to do in Galveston or Houston.
  5. My family wants to take another cruise. Disney has priced us out and the kids are now 16 & 18, so definitely not worth it. Probably going to go in early June or late May. We live in Kansas and I want to save my airline miles for another trip to Europe and if we add $2000 to the cruise for flights, it will end up being more than I want to spend for this trip. So with that being said, we are likely to go on the Liberty (for the 3rd time) out of Galveston. I am intrigued by going out of New Orleans. We could handle that additional drive. The cruise is less expensive by quite a bit and we get ports we have never been to. Would love to go to the private island. But after starting to do a bit of research, I don't think we would be happy on that ship. On the Liberty, my wife and I have gotten the drink package and enjoyed a couple drinks by the pool during the day, but loved the nightlife options on the Liberty. It just doesn't seem like there will be that many options on the Majesty. My son loves the slides, playing basketball, and hanging out with kids his age. My daughter will be 18 for the first time and not sure what she will enjoy doing as she will be too old for the youth activities and too young to drink. (She wouldn't drink if she could - we went to Ireland two months ago and she was legal there and refused to try anything.) So before I completely give up on the Majesty, I thought I would come here to see if anybody had experiences that may convince me we would enjoy a week on it over the Liberty. The new ports (private island and Floriday Keys) are a bonus, the extra drive is a negative. If the ships were equal, we would go to New Orleans in a heartbeat for the new ports.
  6. Besides the normal hair, nails and massage areas, does the Liberty of the Seas have a full Spa? Saunas (wet and dry), whirlpools (or Tpool), ceramic chairs, etc???
  7. It's been about 6 years since we last cruised with RCI (have cruised several times with Carnival since then) and have only been on Sovereign class previously. We'll be on Liberty in March/April 2020 and the more I read, the more it seams like a lot has changed on RCI in the last few years. We never had to make reservations for shows or dinner (we have My Time Dining, but it seems like just showing up when we get hungry isn't an option anymore). So I'd love to hear all about Liberty, sailing out of Galveston (will be a first for us), and anything else we should know! Thanks!
  8. Just got off liberty and was trying to find info on name of band that played in star lounge at night. Was 4 Filipino guys and said they were on Facebook but can’t find them. Something like “music venture” maybe?
  9. Hi all! Just off Allure, we sailed in a suite - SKY class. The suite lounge on THAT ship offered free beer, wine, soda & water daily from 11am-11pm. However that perk was not mentioned on the SKY Class perks list provided in our room. So my question is concerning my next sailing on the Liberty of the Seas, again sailing in a suite. The suite perks listed online only mention free drinks in the Suite Lounge from 4:30 - 8:00pm. I am wondering if possibly anyone who has **recently** sailed in a suite on Liberty can speak to whether or not drinks are offered all day (as on Allure) or if they just offer the 4:30-8:00pm drinks benefit. I had bought the Deluxe Beverage Package on Allure & found I didn't really need it being able to access the Suite Lounge for drinks all day. (I only drink wine). I am trying to decide if I should buy it for my upcoming Liberty cruise. While I appreciate folks telling me what the benefits are on paper or even on Royal's website...I'd really like to hear from someone with recent experience on that ship. THANKS in Advance y'all!
  10. Do they have a place where you can get juices or smoothies made with fresh ingredients on Liberty of the seas
  11. Hi, everyone! I’m just back from our cruise on Liberty of the Seas. I’m not new to cruising; I’ve sailed multiple times each on HAL, NCL, and Carnival, but this was our first cruise with Royal. This is also my first review on the boards, so please be gentle! 🙂 We are a family of three – my husband and I in our mid-40s, and our 9-year-old son. We live in Texas, so we often cruise from Galveston since it’s so much easier to drive a few hours than to fly. Many thanks to the others here who have mentioned or reviewed aft cabin #7408 – a “regular” balcony cabin with a huge corner balcony. Reading about it on Cruise Critic led me to choose this cabin, and we LOVED it. Not only for the amazing balcony, but the aft location was convenient to the MDR, the Windjammer, the pool deck, etc. I would definitely choose this ship and this cabin again. The Liberty is pristine and gorgeous. We thought the ship was well-maintained and just lovely. I hope it stays in Galveston for a while so we might have the chance to sail on her again. We had the surf and stream internet package, which worked great for us. There were only a few times in our cabin at night when it didn’t work well. Most of the time it was fast. Royal Caribbean uses a different terminal than Carnival in Galveston, which was new to us. We waited in the security line for nearly an hour, and it was pretty hot in that room. (We usually get FTTF with Carnival and breeze through security, but the Key is way more expensive than FTTF.) Our carry-ons were heavy, too, since we had a 12-pack of water bottles split between our backpacks. We finally made it on board, later than I expected due to the long security line, but it worked out OK because they announced that the cabins were ready right as we boarded. We were able to go immediately to our cabin and drop our carry-on bags. We checked out our highly-anticipated balcony space with its three chairs, two tables, and two loungers. We spent a lot of time out there and enjoyed it as much as possible during the week. #7408 #7408 is the top window of the two round ones - the one with the railing.
  12. As an experienced cruiser, I'm trying to help some friends of mine select a great cabin on the Liberty of the Seas. I have never sailed in an inside cabin, and I'm at a loss as to how to help? Do the same rules apply to the inside cabins, or are there other things I need to tell them? Midship, cabins above and below, .....any thing else specific to the Liberty?? I've spent tons of time searching, but with no success. I will certainly appreciate any suggestions you can offer! Thanks so much!
  13. We are taking Liberty this December. Does anyone know the days/times for the show Saturday Night Fever? Trying to plan my dinner reservations around that Thanks :)
  14. I have only been on one cruise on Harmony. I am gluten free so I usually eat in the MDR as suggested by RCCL. I thought the Harmony MDR was excellent. We are going on Liberty in a few months. I have seen reviews that Liberty MDR is not so good. Would you all recommend getting a dining package and eating elsewhere? Like I said, I usually eat in the MDR for consistency due to be gluten free. I appreciate any input!
  15. Does anyone have a menu for the tapas offered at Vintages on Liberty of the Seas?
  16. Howdy, folks: We just got off the Liberty in Galveston. 10 of us sailed in the 4 bedroom Villa Suite, and another 7 folks were in different scattered cabins. I am going to do a trip report in installments over the next few days, and I will post pictures to my personal blog and provide links to them where appropriate. I also have a PDF of all of the MDR and specialty menus, and I have PDFs of quite a few bar menus. For now, though, here is what stood out to me: The Good The concierge, Mangesh, worked particularly hard to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. I appreciated him very much. We paid for an embarkation lunch at Chops. If you are going to do one lunch at Chops, this is an excellent time to do it. I hit a $2000 jackpot on the last day of the cruise! I enjoyed the buffet more than in 2017. They seemed to have more curries available, and that is an item which keeps well on a buffet. We all enjoyed our dinners in the MDR. In Cayman, leave the pier area and turn left on the first street. Walk past the beach to the restaurant where some dudes are chopping fresh fish out front. Order the oxtail. You are welcome. Janet Crick and the Falmouth Culinary Tour were amazing. We booked that independently rather than through the cruise line. The Bad Embarkation Day alcohol has gone to the dogs. Royal elected to only pay taxes on very cheap stuff like McCormack's. Ugh. Pay the taxes on at least a couple of decent bottles. It is a flat $3.50 per bottle regardless of whether it is McCormack's or Four Roses Single Barrel. The weight limit for the slides is 300 pounds. I weighed 219.8 on the day I left, although I trust that went up a bit. On Wednesday, after riding all week, the same attendant who let me on all week demanded that I step on the scale in public to prove I was below the weight limit. I am deeply upset about the way they elected to handle that and a grossly inconsistent application of their own policy. The blackjack rules still stink at most tables. For the love of all that is good and holy, quit interrupting my dinner to take photos, sell me specialty dining, sell me onboard experiences, etc. Surprises Our balcony was 800+ square feet, and we didn't actually use it all that much. I suspect the leftover wine in the fridge and the alcohol we had delivered to the room as gifts made an excellent addition to the Room Steward Party Fund. I consistently kicked my kid's arse when we raced down the water slides. Dad still has it, kiddo. Now go clean your room. More later. It was, on balance, an excellent cruise. I'll do my best to answer questions as they come up.
  17. I know that a later flight is best, but if we walk off with our luggage and are in line by 7 am, what would be the earliest flight we could make out of LGA if we are on the Oasis? How efficient is customs at the Cape Liberty port? We walked off in Florida and walked right off the boat. Is that possible at Cape Liberty? TIA
  18. Is there a messaging app for messaging others on Liberty of the Seas? If so, cost? We previously sailed on Disney and you were able to use their app free of charge. They also provided cordless phones for calling/texting. Any thing similar?
  19. The two sailings we've done out of Cape Liberty we taped luggage tags to our case of water and it was delivered with our luggage. Last year when we sailed out of Port Canaveral they wanted it in the luggage so we put a case in a small suitcase. We will be sailing out of Bayonne again this month, just wondered which it was currently for that port. Anyone know? Same as before or like Port Canaveral? TIA
  20. Hi - I need to know if there is reliable WIFI and WIFI calling on the Liberty of the Seas. It is VERY important that my husband have access to his labtop and phone while we are away for work purposes. I wanted to see if anyone has been on this ship RECENTLY or knows how I can find out RELIABLE information on this. I know the VOOM plan will need to be purchased, and we plan on doing that, and also we need to make sure AT&T allows WIFI calling and they do on our plan, but I am more worried about the reliability of the service, especially while out at sea. We basically will have to cancel this trip if he can't get service and we didn't buy insurance, so we really dont want to do that. :( Any help or assistance is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!!!!
  21. How many hours at a time is a baby allowed to be in the nursery? Does anyone have experience with leaving their baby in the nursery while going ashore for an excursion?
  22. Does the liberty have a poker table? If so what are the buy ins and limits to their games and average stacks of players to start. We have only done carnival in the past and they have the awful video hold em tables with mega rakes.
  23. I know a lot of folks have done the Cape Liberty to Quebec City cruise. I am wondering if anyone has parked at Cape Liberty and found a way back to the car. I assume you can fly from Quebec City to Newark and Uber it. I am wondering if taking the train from Quebec City to Montreal and then flying back is any better (more direct flights, slightly cheaper, etc). Then again we have to worry about the luggage. We have never been to Quebec City or Montreal, so it may be worth doing both. I am sure this has been posted before, but my searches came up with nothing but roll calls. I know some retired person is going to suggest doing back to back cruises...
  24. Any new information about this? Latest I heard was that an Oasis class ship would be deployed once the new terminal was finished. Supposed to be fall of 2001?
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