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  1. Now with the news of cruise ships no longer being able to visit Cuba, what do you think will happen to Empress and Majesty of the Seas?The Voyager class ships are now doing the shorter routes that these ships used to do. Do you think they will be sold? A lot of money has gone in to Empress to bring her back...wonder what RCL will decide
  2. Feel free to castrate me if this has been posted already but I just read on the blog website about a 5 drink card on the Majesty for $35. Has anyone seen a 5 drink card (not 10) on any other ships?
  3. Just returned Sunday from 5 nights on Majesty of the Seas visiting Key West and overnight in Havana. We did a car tour with Havana Cars and RC excursion to the La Zorra y el Cuervo jazz club. It was an incredible trip! I didn’t see many posts about Majesty when I was researching our trip so I thought I would try to help future Majesty cruisers! Any questions???
  4. Just in case anyone is interested. I never get any casino offers, but just got one today for the June and July sailings for 250.00 pp for 4-8 night sailings for interior rooms. check your emails.
  5. About to book a cabin on deck 9, the ov larger cabins. Anyone know definitively which are less obstructed? Please no chastising that I should know it is ov...I'm just looking to know the best of the worst...;) Thanks in advance...
  6. Does Majesty still have Compass deli? Thanks m
  7. Well when I booked this sailing, I had no idea how lucky I was to choose this date, as it would be the last chance (at least for now) to sail to Cuba. Originally, I was booked solo as my partner of 23 years does not get anywhere near same amount of PTO that I do... so I cruise solo quite a bit. This cruise did not end up that way. April 27, 2019 - Booked this sailing as a comp through Casino Royale, and that night or the next day the current administration announced there might be changes to travel to Cuba, and would follow up on May 3rd with an announcement. That date came and went without much to do, so I had hoped I would still be going. The Casino Royale offer was for free first person but discounted second person. Since I was going by myself it only cost me taxes & fees. May 15th - I found out my best friend would be able to fly down from Montana, and join me on the cruise. The Casino allowed me to add her to my cabin for nothing more that taxes/fees. I asked if they were sure that was all it would cost, and they confirmed. YAY! Pre cruise - I bought the coffee card and a shore excursion. I knew I might have an issue with the coffee card as in the past, but as long as Royal was selling it as "any drink" I was going to demand that they honor it that way. The shore excursion we purchased was the Easy Panoramic Havana, which is a bus tour with stops for 5 hours for a total of $59.99. Boarding Day June 1st. - Due to several work issues, I ended up not packing until the morning of the cruise which caused us to not leave until 10:30am, and we had to be on board by 3pm. 🙄 Luckily we arrived at 230pm, and the place looked like a ghost town outside the terminal as well as inside. We parked, walked through security, checked in, and were on board at 2:45pm. Not bad at all. Just enough time to drop the bags off at the cabin, drink a bottle of water, and head to muster. After muster we both wanted coffee, so I went to Cafe Lattitudes, and as suspected the lady said it would be 1 punch for small, and 2 punches for medium/large. I said I would like the speak to the Beverage Manager, and she stated she would have him call us, but that he would not do anything about it. Long story short... he honored my request, and we used our punch card as advertised and sold to me. We unpacked our bags, and headed to Dinner. We had My Time Dining, and were seated at a table for two right away. Seems like each time I am on the Majesty, it has the shortest waits for MTD. We always just show up when ready, and never have a reservation. When I was seated, the waiter came up to me and called me by name and recognized me from a previous sailing. His name is Inyoman, and his assistant was Milo. Both very good at their jobs, and very accommodating. 3 nights I wore shorts and sandals to the dining room, and was definitely not out of place. Formal night I wore slacks and a polo, and again I was over dressed compared to some. I was envious that I was not wearing my shorts, when about 60% of the dining room was in shorts. Diamond drinks were honored each night. This first day, the Majesty was just as I remembered her... clean, but showing her age in many places. The inside cabin was small, but the AC worked better than on any ship I have sailed. We kept it at an icebox temperature in there the whole cruise, and it was fantastic. Next stop the casino... where I deposited $40 and played for 3-4 hours and walked away with a ticket for $175.00. Off to bed, as we were still not sure what we were doing in Key West the next day. June 2 (Key West) - The next day we decided to stay on board, as there was nothing that really interested us enough to spend the day in the heat. I already had to promise myself not to whine and cry about the heat in Cuba, but I certainly made no such promises about Key West. I spent 45 minutes in the gym, and then we had our coffee and spent the day lounging on deck 7 & 11. The casino delivered a bottle of wine & chocolate covered strawberries, so we decided to indulge in those midday. They gave us champagne flutes, instead of wine glasses... but hey, it still tasted the same. Off to dinner that night was my favorite dessert... Carrot Cake. I asked Inyoman if it was possible to have it each night for the rest of the cruise, and he said he would see what he could do. (spoiler alert - we had Carrot Cake for dessert each night for nights 2, 3 & 4) We also tried the "Royal Caribbean 50th Anniversary Cake," and that was not good for anything other than pictures. Milo, the assistant waited said the same thing. So we decided to head to the casino, spent another 2-3 hours, and cashed out a ticket only $5 less than what I started with.($170) We decided to go to bed early as we wanted to get up at 545am, grab some coffee, and watch the ship sail in. We headed back to the cabin about midnight, and our tour tickets were on the bed. We set them on the desk, and went to bed. (BIG mistake) June 3 (Havana) - Sailing into Havana was absolutely beautiful. As we watched the ship sail in, we talked about how excited we were to be in this country, that just a few years ago we thought we would never see. After we docked at 7, we hung out on the deck taking pictures and talked that since our tour wasn't until 1130am, maybe we would take a nap, since we only got about 5 hours of sleep, and were both feeling a bit tired. That is when the proverbial @#$% hit the fan!! My phone has the Royal app installed on it, and at 7:45am the app notified me to head to my shore excursion for the meeting time of 8am. WHAT??? We raced to the cabin, opened the tour tickets and sure enough they said 8am. I check my confirmation which said 1130am. Off to guest relations we go, where fortunately the Shore Excursion manager, Pablo... just happened to be. I explained the situation, and he said "Times are subject to change as written on your confirmation, and this tour was changed the day of embarkation." I said I understood the terms, and if the tour changed 2 days ago, why were we just being notified. I admitted I didn't look at the tickets late last night, which is my fault, but there had to be some responsibility for RCI to inform us of the changes when they knew. He was unsympathetic, and at this point it was 8:04am and all he could do was put us on a tour that met at 8:45am. We had not gotten ready, we were sweaty from being out in the humidity the whole morning, had not showered or put anything in bags, to get ready. There were no other tours and if we wanted to go on an excursion this was it. He advised us it was an 8 hour tour, strenuous, and was $100 more, and was the "Best of Havana Express w/ Hemingway house. I asked if there was anything he could do about the cost, and he said the best he could do was refund the previous tour and give us 20% off this tour. Well, even though I wanted to say forget it (since it is not the tour we spent so much time researching and wanted) we took it. My friend ran back to the room to start getting ready while Pablo marked up the tickets with the new information. We both got ready, gathered what we needed, and made it to the meeting point at 8:40am, where our original tour was still waiting to depart! 🤬 It was decided that there would be no more thinking about what happened to us and enjoy Cuba. We left the ship and made it to customs... got our passport stamped and met the Cuban version of our TSA. Love the fishnets 😂 She was fierce! The tour was really good and a few pics are below of Hemingway's, Revolution Square, Fusterlandia, and the place for lunch that was included with the tour. We learned quite a bit about Cuba, its people, and the history of the government. We stopped at a place where I bought some rum, cigars, and two kilos of Coffee. At the end of the tour we were exhausted. We made it back to the ship at roughly 6pm. After returning to the ship, showering, going back out because we forgot to exchange our left over money back to US dollars, and coming back aboard we had dinner on the ship, as we were too tired and had such a full day, that we did not want to go back ashore for dinner. The tour was very nice, but it did miss a couple stops that our other tour would have had like El Capitolio pictured above, as we passed by on the bus. We talked about it, and agreed that it was still unfair to make us pay for something that we did not want. I decided that I would talk to guest relations when we got home and see what they thought. I didn't want to waste anymore time on it while on board. We went to the show "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," and hung out with coffee and talking about our day ashore until it was bedtime. We turned in about 11pm, as we were so tired. June 4 (Sea Day, after leaving Havana at 5am) - Typical sea day for me. I went to the gym, we got coffee had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining room. All were good, but service was extremely slow at breakfast. We were seated, handed menus and not until 20 minutes later was our order taken. Then, 30 minutes after that, it was delivered. LOL Oh well, we chatted some more about Cuba, and how much we enjoyed the country and the people, and both agreed we wanted to go again. We headed to the casino where we played for about an hour and I still cashed out $170 somehow, but stopped playing because I noticed a news article on FB. It was the announcement that no more travel to Cuba under people to people would be permitted. We searched around the web, and speculated if the cruise lines would find a way, etc... and notified my Aunt who was boarding the Majesty the next day. (The day we got off). She was less than happy, especially when it was finally determined that the stop was cancelled and they would be going to Costa Maya instead. Most of the ship seemed blissfully ignorant that this was occurring, and how lucky we had all been to be in Cuba when we were. Without getting into politics, I am just hoping that this or another administration will find a way sometime in the future, to allow some form of leisure travel again. Not sure what will ultimately come of Majesty & Empress, as it was my impression the only reason they were still (Empress brought back) in the fleet was due to Cuba itineraries. Who knows. We went back to the Casino later after lunch, and I hit a small jackpot on an .88 cent bet. It was nice as I was down to about $58 bucks from my original $40 deposit on day 1. With what I spent on my SeaPass account, the taxes and fees for the cruise, $60 for parking, spending money in Cuba, and fas to the ship and back, I was about $200 ahead. I also earned 610 points in the casino. Not bad at all. Overall it was a really good cruise, and I am so glad that I got to see Cuba. I would go back again in a heartbeat if we were permitted. Maybe one day! If any questions about the ship I would be glad to answer if I can. Oh.. I did see the 10 drink card for $79ish (could have been $75) on third evening after returning from Cuba. FYI - After returning home and contacting guest relations about the excursion, I thought I would have to wait for a resolution until they got the sailing information back from the ship in a few days. Apparently they are much faster at that these days, as they had all the information, and agreed that they were partly responsible for the mishap and offered another 30% refund back to the credit card for each of us to make a total of 50% off the full price. So our $60 tour turned into a $79.50 tour, but we think that was fair as the new tour included lunch, which I am sure we would have spent $20 on anyway. Excellent customer service from Royal in this situation. Also... sorry in advance for any spelling or punctuation errors. It's late.
  8. I took offer of Ocean View comp on Majesty. I know this is an older ship, and have never stayed in an Ocean View but couldn't pass it up. Is there any way to find out how the bed/window are situated in particular cabins? I can't find any you tube or information online. Cabins 7046 and 7542. I know they are 4N category - 25% obstructed. Does anyone know what I will be looking at or dealing with? Thanks!
  9. With the new Cuba policy, and RCCL offering 100% refunds to people currently booked, I figured some people will take RCCL up on this offer. This will necessitate for Royal fill those cabins with last minute bookings I am thinking they may offer some good fares for the next few years. Talked with my wife and she is up for a last minute cruise. The ports is really not that important to us as we have to most of them many times before. I am interested in which ship would offer a better experience. Majesty is a Sovereign class ship, and in the past we have sailed on the Sovereign and enjoyed her. Empress I have no experience with and the layout looks a bit funky. Curious about other people's opinions.
  10. As a large ship enthusiast, it is really hard for me to choose either of these ships. Both have negative reviews - dirty, smelly, moldy, etc. But, if I want to cruise to Cuba, my options are limited, and the other cruiseline's offerings aren't any better. Any thoughts or recommendations? (we aren't interested in a land trip)
  11. We are sailing to Cuba on the Majesty this summer. We are D+ members and are wondering does the ship have a concierge lounge or do they give drink coupons for the happy hours like they do on larger ships?
  12. Hello Everyone! We just got off the Majesty Of The Seas this morning (5/22/2019) and here's the complete cruise compass: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A6d303815-2a6d-447a-a1de-98261cfb7bfd We recorded HOURS of video on the cruise. I'll be releasing Youtube videos for months; here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwPMQGOL7OnrQlB0GJhM4LWydtG90qppA Enjoy!
  13. Hi all - I board Majesty of the Seas in 4 weeks. My e-docs list my dining time as 5:30. I haven't cruised with Royal enough to remember how dining works. Is that time set in stone? Will I be sitting with others or alone? I will be traveling this one solo.
  14. We're looking into a cruise to Cuba this coming Oct. and are trying to decide between these two ships. We've never been on an RCCL ship smaller than Adventure but this trip would obviously be about the destination, not the ship itself. Besides the size, what would be the big difference between these 2 ships? There's an 8 night itinerary on Empress that we like the best but it has 3 sea days and I'm thinking we would be stir crazy trying to find things to do and I'm wondering if it would really make that much difference if we were on Majesty just because it's a little larger. If anyone has experience with either or both of these ships, please advise. Thanks.
  15. Anyone happen to have a pic from the back of the door showing the muster locations?
  16. Still in Fort Lauderdale does anyone know why ? TY
  17. Hi cruisers! I'm trying to get a sense of what "obstructed view" really means on Deck 8 of Majesty of the Seas. Looks like cabin 8558 is our only choice. We're not planning to spend a ton of time just gazing out the window, but we'd definitely like to be able to see what's going on when we wake up in the morning! Thanks!
  18. Hello everyone! I am looking for the compasses and menus for Majesty of the Seas 5 night Key West and Cuba itinerary. Anyone have them and willing to share? Thank you!
  19. Looking at booking a 4 day cruise with DH end of the year. We're looking at either Independence, Brilliance or I won't (yet) dismiss Majesty. Looking at Thurs departure so we're a bit limited. Independence is 4 night out of FLL and stops at Cozumel. We actually did this same cruise last December. We can get a balcony room for a decent price. Brilliance is 4 night out of Tampa and stops at Cozumel. We've never been on this ship (or Radiance class). The downside is that an ocean view on this cruise costs what a balcony costs on Independence. (And likewise, a balcony on this cruise costs what a Junior Suite costs on Indy). Also it leaves the week before Christmas so not sure if that impacts flights in a positive or negative way. Majesty is a 5 night cruise out of FLL and stops at Cozumel and Costa Maya. No balcony rooms so we'd either book an ocean view (which is tiny) or a Junior Suite is a bit more than we want to pay for a short (bonus) cruise. I'm hesitant on this ship since it's so small. I know it's a bit subjective, but thoughts?
  20. Hi, Is there a way to navigate this website/ board forum that would directly lead me to information on Majesty of the Seas?
  21. We recently returned from a 5 day trip on the Majesty of the Seas followed by 4 days on the Carnival Sensation (Feb 2nd-Feb 11th). I was very nervous prior to this trip as: 1) I had never sailed for less than 7 days, and had heard that less than 7 days brought out a whole different crowd. 2) both of these boats were very old, and I worried about the extremely small rooms I had heard of on the Majesty. 3) I booked inside cabins on both ships and I hadn't stayed in an inside cabin in over 20 years. I have always had at a minimum a balcony. I am happy to report that I absolutely LOVED the Majesty. It was actually one of my favorite ships EVER. The inside cabin was shocking when we first arrived and I thought it was so small that it would run out of air. However, after our cabin attendant separated the beds to allow walking space between each, we decided we could live with it. What vastly improved our enjoyment of the trip was that the cabin was on deck 7. Deck 7 is the deck with the outside wrap around promenade (under the lifeboats). There were lots of lounge chairs in this area and I enjoyed this area immensely. It was a quick trip outside from our cabin. We pretty much lived in those lounge chairs. Overall ship impressions: Yes, the ship is old and her age is apparent in many ways.....however, the ship appeared well kept, clean and in general, cared for. I loved how small this ship is. You could go from one side to the other so quickly. LOVED...LOVED this. I was a little disappointed that despite booking over 10 months ago and requesting anytime dining...we did not get it. We were assigned 1st seating. I went to speak with the Maitre D to see if it could be changed. The answer was "no" we could not have anytime dining. I then asked for a private table and he could not grant that request unless we moved to late dining. I must say, he was not pleasant to deal with (in hindsight, I probably wasn't either), but we moved to late night and it worked okay. With the exception of the Maitre D, everyone onboard was so pleasant and accommodating. The staff was absolutely a joy. I found the food to be wonderful and the dining room service was the best I have experienced in years. I did not feel our waitstaff were stretched too thin, they were quick, efficient, kind and really just perfect. Eating the in the main dining room was a great pleasure and would have been perfect if we would have been able to receive anytime dining. . I had one really negative experience onboard. I went down to deck five to refill my soda cup and didn't notice that there was water on the floor on the way to the machine. I slipped and fell HARD. The area was very busy and my fall was witnessed by many, including 2 security guards. A couple of fellow guests asked if I was okay. The security guards never spoke to me, at all. Instead, one walked over close to me and put his hand on top of the "wet" sign floor., patting it and made eye contact with me with a grimace on his face. (It was like he was telling me the slip and fall was my fault....) A fellow guest started insisting that the water be cleaned up immediately (I am still on the floor at this point). The security man said they would call someone. The guest insisted again that it be cleaned up immediately before someone else gets really hurts and tried to hand him her pool towel to use. He refused. She was angry and said she would clean it up herself, the security guard said no and stood in her way. (I witnessed this all from the floor). I finally was able to get up and slink away. Luckily, I was sore for a couple of days, but no serious injuries. However, I do not believe this was handled appropriately-far from it. At the very least the security guards should have enquired if I was okay and perhaps offered to call or send me to medical. Additionally, they should have accepted the pool towels offered and cleaned up the water immediately. He should have at least asked my name and cabin if for nothing else than to fill out an incident report. It would have been great if someone would have called to follow up to make sure I was okay......VERY poorly done. It was like if they don't acknowledge it, they feel they hide from responsibility (lawsuits). Overall, we have a GREAT time on the Majesty and I just fell in love with the ship and crew. So much so, that I booked another trip on her for later this year. Now, the Carnival Sensation was the exact opposite experience. I HATED the layout on this ship. There was very little shaded outdoor deck space for me to enjoy. Very little quiet outdoor spaces to read. My fellow travelers were a little rough around the edges and loud...... Even the "Serenity" area was far from serene...except when most were off the boat. Very little shade was available in Serenity. While the ship is within 1 year of age to the Majesty, it looked much older and worn out. The food was okay, but not up to par with the Majesty. Additionally, the waitstaff was so busy and as a result, service was subpar. While we figured out how to make the cruise situation work in the best way possible, it was very obvious that this wasn't the ship for us. I had pre purchased the soda package, but was surprised to find out that if I wanted a soda cup, I had to pay $5 more. What? So, I used the RCL cup that came with that package all cruise:)There were a couple of things that I enjoyed better on the Sensation than the Majesty. The first being the cabin. It was a standard inside cabin on Carnival however it felt like a HUGE room after staying in the closest at Majesty (However, the location on deck 5 rotted). Additionally, we really enjoy stand up comedy and Carnival offered much more of this than RCL. On the last night of this sailing we were awakened by first overhead paging in the hallway and then finally, IN CABIN paging of "Code Alpha". Unfortunately, it was probably 15 minutes later before the Captain came on to inform us there was a fire on deck 6. The cruise director came on immediately after to tell us they had extinguished the fire, but they still had to deal with the smoke, so anyone who had been relocated, please don't return to your cabins until instructed. That was the last we heard from overhead paging. The next morning, we heard stories from guests impacted by the fire and were left with a very unfavorable impression of Carnival's ability to handle a real emergency. I have attended about 25 lifeboat drills on many different lines, but I have never really learned what to do in an emergency. What is the point of announcing "Code Alpha" into the guest cabins, if they have no idea what that means or what do to? It was scary to realize that the fire was between us and the lifeboats and to image trying to find your way out with only emergency lightening and hallways filled with smoke. I did write up my concerns and sent them on the post cruise survey to Carnival. In summary, this was my first and last Fantasy Class cruise. Also, I have sailed Carnival enough to know that they do offer a good product at a reasonable price. I will continue to sail on Carnival, but will never use them for a cruise less than 7 days and preferably, I will continue to enjoy their longer "Journey" cruises. The difference between these short trips and the journey cruises are night and day. Kim
  22. I have just uploaded Part 1 of my Majesty of the Seas vlog which covers embarkation, the muster drill and sail away party, and all of the entertainment I could fit into the evening. I have a hard time imagining this oceanview cabin working for occupants who wanted the beds separated. The ship has gone into dry dock since filming so I hope that the rooms no longer look this way.
  23. We are booked on the June 24 Majesty sailing, 5 night Havana and Key West. Originally the itinerary listed our departure time at 2PM on our second day in Havana. Now it says there is a 5:30AM departure. I'm wondering what time you departed Havana on Day 2. We have plans for the morning and will be disappointed if we leave early. Thank you.
  24. Can anyone tell me if the pool has the walk up steps for the lack of a better word or the ladder types? Mobility issues. TY
  25. Am I correct in the assumption that Majesty does not offer MTD?? I was only given choice of traditional which we really don’t like. TIA
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