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  1. Just wondering if on the first night the dress code is relaxed, we will be eating early and wonder if we don’t get bags can we show up in shorts? Also doing the rest of our nights in specialty restaurants and wonder if jeans and nice shirts are ok? I really don’t want to have to pack sport coat for hubby.
  2. If they swap your Coco Cay and Nassau day, you'll be there with sister ship Navigator. If they don't you'll be at Coco Cay with big sis, sold out Symphony on Sunday May 26th. If any consolation you dock an hour earlier and Symphony is just now getting access to cruise planner and at full costs. If you reserved a cabana you may be happy you did so. I was surprised to see Enchantment docked next to Mariner on an April sailing but even tho the waterpark was not yet open, we were unaffected by crowds but didn't venture far from cabana and beach in front.
  3. I'm a new cruiser and am just wondering if these Deck 12 cabins are desirable or not based on the fact that they appear to be separated from most of the other cabins onboard. Just by looking at deck plans, they seem pretty amazing because it appears that you basically step out onto the active decks right by the pool, Sky bar, etc. Any thoughts?
  4. I see Mariner's DL is in the same place as it was for Adventure when I was on her in 2017. Does either/both still have the outdoor seating, or has that been closed off?
  5. Does the MOS back into Cococay and Nassau like EOS did?
  6. Ok so I bit the bullet and upgraded (well that remains to be seen since I think I put us right under a pool, anyway not going to stress about that), and I just have a couple of questions for the experts that I can't seem to find answers to: 1. Is there a suite lunch on embarking day? 2. On Mariner of the Seas is there reserved suite seating for ice show? Thank you.
  7. I have done a number of searches on the forums for info on experiences with utilizing the Shanghai 144 Hour Visa-Free Transit Policy, but have yet to come across any experiences of passengers who have arrived on RCI cruises. Essentially, my cruise will be leaving Singapore, stopping in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and then ending in Shanghai. I will then be flying back to Singapore before heading back to Australia. I understand the criteria to be eligible for it and I know I will be, as I will be going from Japan to Shanghai to Singapore. The reason I ask is because from the reports I have heard of others looking it, it seems the reps at various cruise operators didn't know too much about it. I have also heard that RCI may even turn you away before even boarding the ship if you have not already pre-organised your Chinese Visa. But this visa-free policy is specific to Shanghai only and as far as I know no pre-organised Visa is required, just fill out the immigration card on board and head to the 144 Hour Visa Free Desk at the port in Shanghai with your passport and outbound plane ticket at the So before i give RCI a call to clarify I just wanted to see if anyone has had any first hand experience using this visa policy to enter Shanghai by Cruise ship and exit via plane and what the process was like.
  8. My sister in law will be sailing with us later this summer, she's a smoker. Would someone advise where the smoking areas are on the Mariner so I can let her know. Thanks
  9. Are they different "Observatorium" puzzles? I know I've asked about Harmony/Symphony/Mariner Escape rooms before and believe I'd decided they are unique on each ship so no risk of getting the same puzzle. But, I do see on the app a description and picture for Navigator Observatorium that looks the same as the one I did recently on Mariner (could still be same design but different clues). Just wanted to make sure they aren't the exact same (like generally ships have different shows but there are exceptions like two ships offering Grease and iskate etc.) Thanks.
  10. Does anyone have any experience one way or the other as to whether they will open the balcony dividers on a 3 day cruise? It will be of the Mariner.
  11. We will be sailing on Mariner of the Seas on 5-20-2019. What time do they start boarding. We usually arrive at the terminal around 9:30 am and they open the terminal doors at Port Canaveral at 10 AM and as Junior and D+, we were able to check in as soon as we entered the terminal. When I did our set sail pass, the earliest choice of time to board was 12:30 PM. I think this may be to direct people to a later check-in and boarding time. We will be on one of the earliest MA sailings from Port 6 -- her first sailing is May 6.
  12. Sailed on the Mariner 4/26, I did write a review on the review page but thought I would share the cruise compass daily planner, for those who like to plan. cruise planner.pdf I have never shared files I will check back to see if this worked
  13. So I live with giants. My husband is 6'10" and my sons are 6'4" and 6'5" even my girls are tall. I am the shrimp. My question is I know that the showers are going to be tiny and it is only a 3 night cruise so we will live but is there a gym with showers that my boys could use if they chose. Just wondering. Also on that thought on the Mariner of the Seas does anyone know if there is a rowing machine (erg). My oldest is on the crew team and while he could live for 3 days with no rowing he would like to have the option to workout if it is available. Thank you so much.
  14. So, we currently have a junior suite booked and a quick price check shows we can get a Grand Suite for only $20 more. There are three of us staying in the room. We have also reserved the Key (mostly for the disembarking feature and reserved seating as one of the guests cannot stand for long periods - we also would be getting internet anyway). We are traveling with four other friends (regular balcony rooms). I guess my question is, since the biggest perks involve the suite lounges, that we wouldn't be able to use much as we will be eating with our other friends, should I even bother with the upgrade?
  15. Pardon my ignorance, but it's been a while for this once avid cruiser. My last cruise (after a long hiatus) was on the Empress and there was no formal night. I have a 4 night Mariner coming up in a few weeks- should I plan for formal wear or just be casual? While I generally would prefer to be more casual and relaxed on this trip, I just KNOW that I will feel like I am missing out if I am among just a few dressed down. Thank you for any insight you can provide!
  16. For those interested, I've written up a report of our just-completed 4 day Bahamas trip here: https://jumpyip.blogspot.com/. Happy to answer any questions!
  17. We just got off a short 3 day weekend Mariner of the Seas cruise so I thought a brief review was in order. This cruise was booked as a sort of add on to an already planned business trip to West Palm beach. For informational purposes, we had The Key, the UDP and DBP. Embarkation at Terminal A was a breeze. We arrived at 11 am and walked strait through security to check in which was completed about 30 seconds later. We then walked strait onto the ship. The Key made no difference to the process it is so streamlined it couldn't get any easier. From parking the car on level 3 and handing our bags to a porter we were on the ship in 10 minutes. Upon entering the ship we were greeted warmly but unfortunately the staff greeting people wasn't properly trained about the Key program so our drop off of carry on didn't work like we hoped. See my comments in the long The Key thread for more details. DW went to find a place to relax until lunch I went to book my evening meals in specialty restaurants. Outside of Windjammer was a fellow selling dining packages and he was able to get us sorted completely right there. With that settled off to the Sky Bar for the first Pina Coloda of the day. It's 5 o'clock somewhere right? Lunch was at Chops as part of our Key purchase, we could have also gone to Jamies for our embarkation lunch included as part of our UDP but since we were going there for dinner that evening we opted for Chops. Lunch was good, service was excellent and not rushed at all and a definite upgrade over braving the masses at the windjammer. We were in at 12 out by 1245 and drinking our second Pina Coloda by 1253 by the Sky bar watching the pool area fill up below us. We had access to our room at about 130. Inside we found our Cards, Key Literature, Cruise Compass. DW decided to rest and I headed down to Playmakers for Strongbows on tap. Dinner at Jamies that evening was very good. Service was perfect however the restaurant was dead. I saw only a few other tables occupied. It has often been mentioned here on CC about staff begging for 10's on the post cruise survey. That has not been our experience however at the end of our meal our server did mention the survey, said he hoped he had met met our expectations and that we would respond accordingly on our survey. That was the one and only mention that we heard of that. That evening was the Ice show. I loved it. I'm a closet figure skating fan and this show didn't disappoint in the least. We were able to get good seats because of our Key purchase but they weren't necessary as Studio B was only about 2/3 full. Day 2 was Cococay. We had no preplanned excursions or even any kind of plan for our two port days. So we just ambled off the ship around 11 o'clock and headed down to the beach. DW decided that she wanted to rent a kayak so off she went and I continued to explore only own. I looks like it will be a lot of fun when it is all up and running but so far it is just a beach with kiosks to buy stuff and a couple of eating places. I headed back into the ship to enjoy a mostly empty ship, play a little mini golf and drink more Pina Colada's at the Sky bar. FYI. Kayak rental on Cococay is $40 dollars an hour. Apparently she could have signed up for an excursion where it was about the same price for a little more time but she is a veteran kayaker and didn't want to be restricted by the group. She returned to a massage at Vitality Spa which she claims to be one of the better deep tissue massages she has had in a while. They actually had a package on sale that day that included a bunch of stuff... massage, facials etc. for a discounted price of $169 advertised in the Cruise compass. However when she went to the spa she enquired about it and they had discounted the package even more so she got the whole thing for $149 plus tip. I continued my investigation into the quality of Strongbow cider while entertaining myself (and losing money) in the casino. Together we had a late lunch at Playmaker, nachos and chicken wings and back to more relaxing by the Sky bar. That evening dinner was Izumi Hibachi. The food quality was very good and the entertainment of the chef was excellent. I'm a hibachi fan and this guy was one of the more entertaining and funny ones I have had in quite some time. Day 3 was Nassau. DW stayed on board and did whatever. I went and explored Nassau. Mostly just shopping. Some shops were closed because it was Sunday. but a lot were open. I returned to the ship and repeated Day 2 afternoon but I mixed in some Pina Colada fueled mini golf. We had dinner in Chops, which was excellent and then off to a second round of Ice show. This time Key benefits were more valuable as it was more crowded and I walked in 10 before show time and right down to a premier seat on the rail. I capped the night off listening to a very good piano player sing a play in the schooner bar until bed time. Debarkation was in the main dining room for the special Key breakfast. It was good service and the food excellent and we headed off the ship. Getting off was as quick and easy as getting on. Overall a good time was had by all. I'll post a few pics. Any questions go ahead and ask
  18. We are interested in 2 Aft balconies on Mariner of the Seas. What's left are E1 Balconies 8690/8692 or Junior Suites Deck 7 cabins 7694/7392 or Deck 6 6392/6394/6694.The price difference between E1 and Jr Suite is $145 per cabin. All of the ones are available are Obstructed view and wondering how badly they are obstructed. Hoping that some of them might be a little better percentage of obstruction where it may not be as significant. Anyway to find that out? Also, can you open the balconies between cabins if we decide to go with 2 that are side by side? Anyone here have personal experience to recommend which 2 cabins we should choose?
  19. Hi there! It’s officially pre cruise and I’m riding shotgun heading to Miami. I figured, what better time to post! Cruise details: This is my first trip with my boyfriend of 2 years that is just the two of us. We travel often, but it’s usually him tagging along with a work trip, family trips, or trips with friends. Two years in the making it is finally just us two!! My birthday was yesterday (April 6), so this cruise is a semi birthday trip/adult spring break. Man I miss the days of a given spring break, summer break, holiday break..We’re sailing on the Mariner out Miami and heading to Coco Cay and Nassau. Boyfriend (Brad) has never been to Nassau, I informed him he isn’t missing much, but he’s still excited. I’ve never sailed on a Mariner Class ship, most recently did the Freedom class, but I’ve heard there is hardly a difference. We have an interior deck 6 room. Tried to book a promenade, but we decided the noise might be annoying, plus nothing beats the sleeping darkness of an interior room (and the price!). (Below: our last cruise- Independence with family) Pre-Cruise: Since I travel often with my job I’ve earned quite a bit of Marriott points. I’m using those points for our pre-Cruise hotel. I was going to use the lowest tier of points and book a simple hotel, but then I had a Yolo moment and used almost all of my points towards the W in Brickell. The hotel has a 50th and 15th story pool! I guess using all of my points is better than letting them just sit there. The goal of today is to enjoy the pool, so we hit the road at 7am from Orlando and should be in Miami around lunch time. I’m so excited about this hotel! The concierge even emailed me yesterday to see if I had any special requests... talk about service.. cheapo typical me could get used to this... We don’t have an internet package on the ship because I love disconnecting (and cheap remember)... I’ll post boarding and such but then I won’t be back until post Cruise. If if anyone has any Mariner requests for me to take note of please let me know, and I’ll do my best to find them!! Fun extra note: Five minutes into the trip I realized I left my toothbrush. Whoops! Cvs here we come! To be continued....
  20. We were on the Dec 24 4 day Mariner of the seas. Mom 50, Dad 49, Son 16, Daughter 13. It's been 10 years since we were on a Royal Caribbean cruise. We have been on Disney, NCL, Princess and Holland America. I like trying other brands but when we booked a trip to Miami and didn't want to go on a 7 day cruise. I found the 15 year old Mariner. I wasn't sure what to think as we have been going on the biggest, newest ships but there was an upgrade this summer. The ship looks great and is a great size. There is a LOT to do. We stayed in Key Biscayne for a few days before the cruise. We dropped the rental car off on SE 2nd street and took the shuttle for a 10 min ride to the new RCI terminal. We arrived about noon. Checkin was a breeze and we were on the ship in 15 min. We went to the shore excursion to pick our bungalow and were in our cabin by 1 PM. We had adjoining balcony cabins on deck 8 midship. The cabins were a decent size with a lot of storage and a large balcony, 8' X 4.5'. As it is an older ship there were not a lot of USB ports. Just one in the phone next to the bed. I was glad that I brought my own power cord. (Surge suppressors are not allowed on cruise ships). Cabine 8290 The balcony is a nice size with a reclining chair. We asked the steward to open the divider, which was done no problem, unlike NCL. more to follow.....
  21. Since the latest refurbishment, does Mariner OTS have Sorrentos located on the promenade?
  22. What is the earliest that one could plan to board Mariner at Port Canaveral? We are booked on Mariner in June 2019 for a short 3 night sailing and would like to get the maximum time on the ship. Thanks in advance!
  23. Has anyone who recently sailed on Mariner see the drink card sold. I will be sailing on the Mariner but I don’t drink enough to get the drink package. My DH does however drink enough and there is a sale right now buy one get one 50% off. However if the drink card is sold I really would rather get that for myself. Would the drink card card be sold on 4 night cruise? I have seen it sold on a 7 night half way through the cruise. Any advice is appreciated.
  24. I did read the terms but I'm confused. A 3 night has NO at sea days. When board the Playmakers, Bamboo Room and Johnny Rockets are open. Can you use the plan after 5pm, but not before, for those venues? It mentions specialty restaurants for lunch on at sea days. Mariner doesn't seem to have a sushi option, only Hibachi, when it comes to reservations in the cruise planner. Is that now included without an upcharge for dinner? Recent compasses do describe it as 5:30-10pm Hibachi & sushi. Could ultimate dining plan users have several getting hibachi but one or two that prefer (or have allergy issues and picky about oils) that orders sushi at the hibachi table?
  25. https://www.nbcmiami.com/investigations/Man-Plummets-to-Deck-From-
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