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Found 87 results

  1. So yesterday we booked the Quantum leaving on June 21, 2021. We sailed on the Anthem to Bermuda and loved that ship, so we know we'll like the Quantum. But what is confusing is the price difference. The Ovation cruise on June 18th was $1000+ more than the same cabin on the Ovation. Any ideas as to why?
  2. Looking at the Jr Suite Sea Class Exclusives on Quantum out of Singapore, it lists Dinner at Coastal Kitchen as being included. There is a note that it is not applicable for China and HK sailings, which is irrelevant for Singapore round trip cruises. However, elsewhere on Royal's website, it says that Coastal Kitchen is available to Jr Suite guests, except on Quantum. It does not mention the HK and China restriction. Does anyone know whether CK is included for dinner for Jr Suites on Quantum out of Singapore? I assume it is, since it is listed as a benefit when I try to book
  3. I'm booked in room 13122 of Quantum of the Seas for an Alaska cruise in June 2021. I've heard mixed reviews of noise on deck 13 in the Quantum class ships. Does anyone have personal experience on the noise level from a forward room under the Solarium on Quantum, Anthem, or Ovation of the Seas?
  4. So... we were one of the lucky ones to receive the comped offer of a Jr. Suite - All of those cabins were quickly gone, but we were able to upgrade to an owners suite at a great price. It's on the port side and I'm just curious about anyones feedback on this route - Our itinerary is below leaving in late June: Seattle, Washington | Cruising | Juneau, Alaska | Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier (Cruising), Alaska | Icy Strait Point, Alaska | Sitka, Alaska | Cruising | Victoria, British Columbia | Seattle, Washington I'm pretty much curious about everything: 1 - Quantum as modified to cater to asian populations - How different is it really from its sister ships? 2 - How's the view on the port side with this sort of sailing? We're looking forward to hanging out on the balcony quite a bit. 3 - How much is the casino open given the fact that they are so close to shore many days? 4 - Anything special from an excursion perspective that shouldn't be missed? Really any information on the ship itself would be greatly appreciated. We normally do the 3 or 4 days on Mariner and Navigator so this will be an entirely new experience for us.
  5. We just booked cabin 6232 has anyone stayed in this room. Do you have any pictures, cannot fine anything on this room it's 75 per cent obstructed. Thanks
  6. We are RCCL Diamond members but have never cruised on a Quantum class ship. Lots of Oasis class which we love. Looking at balcony maybe deck 11. A couple of questions: On the Oasis class the beds and couch alternate from one balcony cabin to the next so you can get the bed or couch next to the balcony. Is it that way on Quantum or are the beds at the balcony on all cabins? also, any thoughts of favorite cabins? Thanks.
  7. Just tracking Quantum of the Seas on a cruise ship tracker. The 15 Feb 2020 and 24 Feb 2020 cruises out of Singapore have been cancelled, yet the ship has just left port with a stated destination of Port Klang (would have been enroute to Bangkok before today's cruise was cancelled). Not sure how accurate the destination information is though - I have noticed it can be wrong at times. We are booked on the 4 April 2020 sailing out of Singapore and await news from Royal Caribbean. I have been tracking the ship all week for some clues as to what may happen next. I can understand why the ship has most likely had to vacate it's berth today in Singapore but is it just going to sit at anchor, sit in another port or more importantly, reposition??? The latter of course will have implications on our planned cruise which is why I am tracking her.
  8. Hi, we are a senior couple so not interested in the childrens or family activities that these large ships offer, but having said that we would like to experience the rest of what these ships offer. We are looking at Alaska for 2021 and both of these ships will be options. I knw there are smaller ships (i.e. Radiance which we have sailed on 8 times) but thought it might be a nice change to experience one of the "biggies"! I am very interested in everyones input (pros and cons) on these 2 ships - so my question is: WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE, AND WHY? Thanks for your help.
  9. I am somewhat confused and hoping someone can help. I moved my Alaska 2020 Ovation cruise to 2021 on Quantum and was told the Grande Loft Suite would be star class but it’s not showing that way on the website for Quantum. Does anyone know/have information on this? Thanks
  10. Quantum shows a cruise from Tokyo and returning on 4/10/21, then it shows in Alaska. There had been a transpacific showing departure from Tokyo on 4/25 for a 15 day cruise arriving in Seattle. This had been listed on the website for a short time but was removed. Whats going on? Is it real, sold out or what? Thanks for any info
  11. I just did a L&S to Quantum and my only option was an obstructed balcony. I chose 13190 which is listed as a 10% obstruction. Does anyone know what the obstruction is? I cant discern anything by looking at stock pictures. There’s only one obstructed cabin on each side on deck 13. Also, does anyone know what’s above this room on 14 (noise concern)? I’m suspecting it may have something to do with the whirlpool.
  12. Riley Tench is going home. If you don't know who Riley Tench is, he's a crewmember on Quantum who has been living on the ship for the last 5 months due to Covid-19. He's a Youtuber and has several good videos posted, including a cross-video that he did with Chris Wong, another Royal crewmember Youtuber. Riley's video reinforces that it will likely be several months before Royal cruises again. They are sending remaining, non-essential crew members home. Here's Riley's video
  13. Very eeerie video He's done others showing what its like too
  14. Does anyone have photos or experience with the corner rooms such as 10516, 10116, 10318, 10718, 9516, etc? They are a 4d cat, so they arent obstructed, but i am wondering if there is a negative to being next to the corner suites as far as blocked views, less space, etc. There are a ton of them available on my next cruise, so it seems like people may be avoiding them for some reason. TIA!
  15. I am booked on the Quantum May 10, 2021 Alaska cruise. But after just going thru the cancellation process because Allure is no longer going to Galveston. I see that Quantum is in Japan until April 25, the internet has a japan \russia\ to Seattle but no mention of it on Royal's website or my big box TA website Wondering if Royal is changing plans for Quantum. Wondering if my Alaska on Quantum is a possible... No go Would love to hear from someone booked on Quantum April 25 2021 😁
  16. Can anyone please tell me which shows are on board right now (and a little information about them)? TIA!
  17. I just found an Alaska sailing on Quantum that the dates fit around a convention we have in Seattle, Sept 2021. Itnerary is Seattle, Juneau, Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, Sitka, Victoria, Seattle. I would love to see Alaska but won't have the finances to do 14 day cruise/land tour. So I figured a peek is better than none. How do you like these ports? Should I look for something to include Ketchikan, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier? How is Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier? Suggestions and opinions appreciated. Thanks, Kaye
  18. We are booked on Quantum of the Seas out of Seattle next August. DH is excited about Alaska, less so about the food being mostly Asian inspired. I realize the specialty restaurants are likely to stay the same, but I would think the MDR and Windjammer (if it still exists post Covid) would serve a wider variety of foods on an Alaskan cruise vs cruising out of China. We've only cruised RCCL twice so not really familiar with usual menus and food choices. We are joining cruise friends, so ship was their choice. Any thoughts on what menus are likely to be? Silly question, I know, but enquiring minds and all.... Thanks!
  19. Several JS's open on my upcoming Odyssey cruise. Would you pick one of the aft facing ones on deck 12, or those on the hump on 6 - 13 and why did you make your choice?
  20. Does anyone know if the Quantum of the seas will have STAR Class Royal Suite Program for the Alaska sailings for 2021. They do not have them for the Asian markets and was curious to know if they would implement them for the Alaska sailings?
  21. Over the weekend, I booked three staterooms for my family (6 adults and 4 children) on the Odyssey of the Seas for 2022. All three staterooms are regular balcony rooms, but I'm thinking about changing to the Large Balcony category. The difference in price for all three staterooms for the bigger balcony is around $1000 total (not per cabin). I'm a big fan of balconies and will spend time on it each day. My daughters and their families probably won't spend quite as much time as I will. From reading the description, the Large Balcony staterooms are slightly smaller, but the balcony is bigger. Is the difference in stateroom and balcony size noticeable? Would it be worth the extra expense? Just looking for some opinions. Thanks!
  22. I have never looked at Alaska before so have never tracked prices. I am now considering Alaska, 7 days on Quantum in August 2021. I just wondered if $2300 US total (for 2 inc taxes) for an unobstructed balcony cabin on the higher decks is within the normal price range or is it considered expensive?
  23. I'm reading different things about this online. Does the fitness center have bathrooms that have a steam room available, or is it steam room free where you have to buy a spa pass if you want to use it in the spa? On many cruises that I have been on, there are 2 sets of steam rooms. The fancy ones in the spa, and the complimentary ones in the gym. Employees don't advertise that there are complimentary steam rooms and saunas because they want you to buy a thermal spa package. Has anyone here actually used the fitness center bathroom who can confirm this?
  24. Never sailed on a Quantum class before. Looking at Odyssey. I’m thinking of sailing next October with the family. Looking at the obstructed balcony 6162. Looks like the balcony is longer, not sure if that’s the case. Also anyone know how bad the obstruction is?
  25. Just curious is there much difference between these 2 ships. Is 1 better than the other. Trying to line my ducks up for 2021.
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