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Found 21 results

  1. Can someone please confirm that the Wind Spirit still has snorkel equipment available for use during the cruise. Can you take a set and keep it in your stateroom for the cruise?
  2. B cabins were sold out when I made my reservation for a November cruise, so I went for BX #129. Final payment is due shortly and I'm thinking that if there is any a time when cabins might free up it would be at final payment. As in people who are thinking about a cruise and hold a place, may cancel more frequently then. Asked TA to take a look at that time. I've read that aft B cabins are noisy. Any thing forward to avoid just in case there's something available? Nancy
  3. I just got off of the Wind Spirit. If you do not know the boat lost power (complete black out) losing all propulsion while docking in Raiatea. After drifting the rear of the boat came to rest on the public dock next to the "Shell Gas Station". Power was restored quickly (15 mins). We docked normally, about 15-20 mins late. I believe the damage was very light. A scratch is all I saw on the MSY Wind Spirit. The concrete of the dock was damaged, but no rebar was showing. It seems that its current cruise is NOT happening (so far). The ship is still in Papeete https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-149.568/centery:-17.536/zoom:18 When I left all seemed normal. They were taking on fuel (done once every three weeks or so). Supplies were being loaded. I saw several sprinter vans get unloaded onto the ship. They were slightly delayed in getting luggage off, and a tug boat helped us dock. I am not sure if it normal, or if it was requested. We left port without a tug, I did not expect one on the way back. ADDED NEWS LINKS: https://www.radio1.pf/le-wind-spirit-endommage-le-quai-de-uturoa-video/ https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/polynesie/tahiti/polynesie-francaise/paquebot-wind-spirit-percute-quai-uturoa-716865.html https://www.tahiti-infos.com/A-Raiatea-le-Wind-Spirit-percute-le-quai-de-Uturoa_a181870.html Anyone know what is going on?
  4. Never thought I would be able to make this but here it comes, can anyone give me hints about do we need to use tahitian money or will most take credit cards, is it easy to arrange excursions when you get to port, what days did they schedule the island picnic, deck BBQ, etc. Any hints you can share about what to expect appreciated, sail September 12, 2019, Thank you.
  5. My husband and I our going on the 7 day Dreams of Tahiti on October 3, 2019. I know we spend two days on Bora Bora, so does anyone know if the Barbecue on the Motu is on the first night or the second? I have read that they take you over around 5:00 p.m. for dinner. I've called Windstar and I've been told two different things. We are trying to schedule tours, so it would help to know which day. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. We are about half way through our cruise and I am completely happy with everything about Windstar. I think this is my 39th cruise (have cruised Carnival, Celebrity, Holland, NCL, Disney, RC, Princess) and this may be my new favorite line. Normally I wouldn't cruise without a balcony but I love this little cabin so much that I don't miss it all that much. We have cruised previously in the smallest inside cabin and the largest cabin (Garden Villa@6000 SF) but I am just smitten with this porthole cabin. The ship is small enough that it is so easy to go out for air. The service is top notch. I have had butlers before and this service is so personal and immediate its very similar to butler service. The food is the best of any line I have sailed. It is like specialty restaurant dining but at every meal. Everything, I mean everything, is delicious and of best quality. It seems they spare no expense on their food budget. And it is cooked perfectly. Last nights grilled lobster under the stars was amazing and I am not the biggest lobster fan. Maybe Im just under a Tahitian spell as this is a magical experience, but I mentioned yesterday that perhaps we should cancel one of our upcoming cruises and rebook on Windstar. Cabin 238 is quiet and a decent location. Perhaps a bit more toward the back would be better. And I think next time I would like to be on the lower deck to have a perspective of the water line being even closer. The drift snorkel on Raiatea was ridiculously fun. I did it three times and could have done it all day if time permitted. Just breathtaking. Not as many fish as we saw in Fiji but the experience was more fun here as you literally feel like a glider plane in the water with the current pushing you effortlessly past fish and corals. Our precruise hotel at Manava Resort (took ferry to Moorea) was ok. It served as a good prenight hotel but it was definitely worth taking the ferry to Moorea as we rented a car and spent the day exploring this magnificent island. Lunch at Snack Mahana is great! Delicious fish burger. Sorry this is all over the place chronologically but it's 5am and I'm doing this on my phone (t mobile has free texting and data in French Polynesia by the way). Just waiting to get up for a Latte and eggs Benedict followed by a lazy day and what I am sure is going to be a brilliant day at the motu bbq. What a nice Easter treat! We initially were booked on Paul Guagin but switched to Windstar. While I am sure the other line is also good, I am so happy with our decision as I now may have found the line that just feels like a perfect fit. Our next cruise is MSC Mediterranean in Yacht Club and that should also be a good experience. I guess that is what would define this cruise...an experience. Not just another cruise (don't take that the wrong way as I am grateful for my travel opportunities). For reference I am 48 and my wife is 59 and from Orange County CA. We seem to be the average age demographic with some older and some younger. There are no children under teenage years on board that I've seen. First review I've ever done while still in a cruise I think. My previous logon isn't working but I've been on cruise critic for about 20 years (when it was first created). 5 out of 5 Stars and a net promoter from someone who appreciates quality over quantity with a bit of luxury thrown in. While I want to tell everyone, selfishly I feel like I found a secret vacation option that I want to keep to myself.
  7. Hi I’m going on a cruise in March on Wind Spirit and would like to know what type of adapter I need. Are the plugs 2 flat pin or round? Any advice gratefully received.
  8. Sorry that it's so long! It's been a week and a half since we got off that beautiful ship and I'm still on a high. Urge everyone to do this cruise.
  9. Hello All! We will be on the 7 night sailing out of Tahiti on January 3rd. I'm trying to plan our activities for each day. The Windstar website is a bit vague regarding some details I'd like to have. I'm reaching out to those who've done this cruise recently for some extra info. 1. Which is the private island day? Is it the Tahaa day? If so, do you recall if it was possible to book private excursions that day? (I only ask because on one one of the Caribbean routes the Virgin Gorda stop was on the private island, and the only way to actually get to Virgin Gorda was to book a Windstar excursion - otherwise you were limited to the private island.) 2. I've read that there may be something happening on a motu at Bora Bora? Or maybe Raiatea? Something about a show w/ local performers? Is there more than one event? Basically I'm just hoping someone elaborate a little more re: the above and what happens at each stop. Thanks in advance! :) Jeanne
  10. On the last 7 days of 17 days Twice the Tahiti. Did this 25 years ago on Wind Song and it was the cruise of our lives then, and it gets our votes for the same again. Service, food, atmosphere of the ship and of course the incredibly gorgeous Fr Polynesian adventures combine to make us the most relaxed and dazzled we’ve ever been. I’ll be back in a week or so to write a review but just had to report something now. Weather has been stunning for the last 10 days and we got our first day of overcast and rain today. But nothing’s a problem on this cruise.
  11. When Wind Spirit returns to Papeete, what time do they start disembarking on Saturday a.m.? What is the latest time passengers can leave? Looking for a day room in Papeete-- any suggestions? ( Did not take the one at the Intercontinental offered by Windstar as it was overpriced and not included in our cruise)
  12. If it is like 2017, Tahiti canoe Race will cross Wind Spirit in Huahine tomorrow, 31 Oct. Race start at 7:30 AM local time (or 1:30PM NY time). We'll probably catch her during the first leg of the 44km race https://www.tntv.pf/En-direct-Hawaiki-Nui-Vaa-2018-Premiere-Etape_a28657.html
  13. Before leaving I contemplated packing my Dyson hair dryer. In the end I opted to use what was on the ship. Anyone that is use to a certain hair dryer here is a pic of what they provide. Not great and I wish I had my own. Other then that we had a fabulous cruise no complaints!!!
  14. Walt knows that with the revision of the Roll Call forums it leaves out some roll calls and mine is one. I'm sorry to do this but I need to put a shout out for cruisers on 11/26 sailing Wind Spirit. Trying to get minimum number of people required for trip on Fakarava with the famous Ato Lissant. And one other excursion on Rangiroa. Anyone? Know there are not many Windstar cruisers who use these boards, so losing faith in finding others. Anyone? petuniafish@gmail.com
  15. We will be on the Wind Spirit the end of November. The ship offers a snorkel at Pufuna in Fakarava and a drift snorkel in Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa. Windstar states these are "strenuous" tours. Has anyone done these tours? Can you comment on them. Can an average swimmer who is comfortable snorkeling have fun on these tours. Any comment on which one would offer the best underwater scenary? Any input greatly appreciated.
  16. We've loved our cruises on the small sailing ships. We were looking at options for 2019 but it's very disappointing to see that the itineraries for these two are so limited. We've been to Tahiti, and we did the PC cruise on the Breeze (perfectly fine, but we missed the sails). Sad to see that there are no options for Caribbean island sailings any more on these little beauties.
  17. Hi All, I'm starting to think about packing and am hoping that those of you with recent experience on the Wind Spirit can tell me if it's a bit chilly in the main dining room. Thanks in advance!
  18. Seem to remember reading in a few different places that buying an internet package for FP is not worth it. Heard it recommended that it's best to do your wifi business in port. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  19. Other than location, are there any other differences (the cabin sizes are identical)? W/S seems to charge up to $900/pp more so one would think more than location is included; especially on a small ship such as the Wind Spirit. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  20. OK - I've not attached photos before so I hope this works. In researching my cruise, I never found copies of menus. So I took a sample Veranda breakfast menu and Amphora dinner one. Thought they might be helpful to some. https://howellmc.shutterfly.com/pictures/13#12 https://howellmc.shutterfly.com/pictures/13#11 https://howellmc.shutterfly.com/pictures/13#10 https://howellmc.shutterfly.com/pictures/13#9
  21. My Tahiti trip is coming up (next week) and I’m starting to think about packing. Any suggestions? I’m thinking about shoes & dress for dinner, no heels? What about excursions during the day? Sneakers? Water shoes? I imagine I need lots of sunblock, what about insect repellent? Anything else? also what about tipping staff on the ship? I know there is a charge per day, and a charge on all drinks, do you tip above that?
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