I posted this on another fuel topic, so thought I'd repost here. Of course, the figures aren't exact, but it'll give you a general idea.


According to Wikipedia, the average cruise ship (950 feet long) uses 1 gallon of fuel for every 40 to 50 feet traveled. I wouldn't BEGIN to know how many "feet" a cruise line travels in a weeks time, but if you figure 50 feet per gallon, and there are 5280 feet in a mile, that's approx 105 gallons per mile. Times that by $3.00 per gallon (I'm being conservative on the price) that's $3168 per mile! Most ships that size don't hold over 2000 people and that includes those that are 3 and 4 in a cabin. Guessing that 1500 of the 2000 are only 2 in a room, the fuel surcharge adds up to $94500, The other 500 would pay the lesser surcharge adding up to $14000...grand total of surcharge, $108,500. Divide that by the cost per mile and the surcharge pays for 34 miles
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