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I would love to have a kindle please explaine to a computer dummy the following:
How did you email from Italy and Mexico?
Do you have to have a server?
Are you using wifi at McDonalds?
How many hours does a battery charge last.
Believe me, you are not alone with being a computer dummy! I started using a computer in 2006 for email and shopping a little. I'm not much further today. I do pay bills and know my way around some, but I don't know how to fix it if something went wrong.

Don't be afraid to ask someone for help while onboard. There isn't always someone in the Computer Room. A couple times I asked a fellow passenger If they weren't online.

Also, if you're looking for a Kindle, all are different. My son first got me just the Kindle Reader. I will continue to use that for reading, and will still take it along on our cruise. The Kindle Fire, I basically purchased it to check email, and I think all the books I bought on my Kindle are linked to The Fire. I'm still amazed by all the technology! I'm 57, so didn't grow up or into it! We were lucky if there was one electric typewriter in highschool!