DW and I stayed in a Cloud 9 spa suite on our W.Caribbean cruise in May. We loved the space! On previous cruises, we have stayed in regular balcony cabins and the spa balcony cabins are the same, only the decor is different. If you can afford the suite price, go with it as 3 people would be very comfortable in there. If you go with a spa balcony, please note that the ones on Spa deck (12) have uncovered balconies that do not block any sun and people above can look right down on you. The spa balconies on Panorama deck (11) are covered and are only a private elevator away from the Cloud 9 spa.
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Link to my Dream 5/15/10 review: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1208732

Carnival Sensation - Bahamas 6/11/06
- 25th Anniversary
Carnival Glory - W. Caribbean 4/21/07 - 1st 7 day cruise
Carnival Celebration - Bahamas 10/15/07 - post gall bladder surgery getaway
Carnival Liberty - E. Caribbean 4/26/08 - 1st 8 day cruise
Carnival Splendor - Canada 5/10/09 - Mexican Riviera cruise to Vancouver (huh!!!)
Carnival Dream - W. Caribbean 5/15/10 - Living the Dream, best cruise to date
Carnival Elation - W. Caribbean 5/21/11 - 30th Anniversary with SIL & BIL
Carnival Legend - W. Caribbean 5/27/12 - Great port, great ship, great weather, new friends!
Carnival Freedom - E. Caribbean 5/18/13 - another great vacation with SIL & BIL
Carnival Glory - Bahamas 10/25/13 - We are platinum now!
Carnival Sunshine - S. Caribbean 5/29/15 - Yet another memorable time with BIL and SIL!
Carnival Magic - E. Caribbean 5/13/17 - 3 new ports with BIL and SIL!