We sailed recently on the Pearl. We ate at Cagneys, the Asian restaurant, and the Italian restaurant. I have to say that they were not worth the upcharge. They were perfectly good... but, no better (or marginally better) than the Indigo (where we ate more than the Summer Palace) and even, if you chose what you like, the buffet. The Italian restaurant was particularly disappointing--given that one of us has a fish allergy, so a very limited menu for us. My fish, salmon I think, was better than the fish on the buffet, but not better than the salmon and the seafood cannelloni I had at Indigo. What was nice about each restaurant? They were relaxed--each was about 1/3 full. Cagneys was fairly good... but heck, (for us) just not worth the upcharge and gratuities. We're not obnoxiously "foodie", but enough that I'd rather spend 3 times the money for a good steakhouse off ship, for example, than on ship as it just didn't merit the extra charge. If I had it to do all over again, an absolute no for the upcharge restaurants.