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Having sailed on her earlier this year the public areas are all in a good condition.

The spa is there to stay, we tried to get rid of it and instead they sent the ship to you as Australians are more likely to use it!! It was under-used!

However she is only in dry dock for a couple of weeks and I think the key areas appear to be:
  • Conversion of the Waterfront restaurant from Buffet to traditional waitered style. Ripping out all the serveries, then it would need all new carpets/furniture etc..
  • Creation of the Oasis Adult only area which looks like on one of the large rear decks, probably deck 10.
  • Creation of a nightclub - it looks like they are converting the smallish teenage area deck 14 foreward, just behind the spa
  • The chocolate cafe which looking at the plan on the blog actually looks to be replacing the sunweaver bar on deck 12 foreward
  • Creation of a new teen area as the nightclub would replace their current area.
  • External re-paint of ship/lifeboats/tenders into P&O colours
I'm guessing you don't want UK plug sockets so they'll have to redo the electrics in all the cabins.

The TVs in the cabins are very, very old (14inch portable with buttons on front!) so they'll have to replace them with LCDs.

The engines are in need of an overhaul so I think there is quite a lot of work behind the scenes below deck including normal maintenance.

But the main public lounges they probably only need a bit of sprucing up. The main show lounge does not have traditional theatre seating so not sure if they will convert that!
Thanks, the engines are in need of an overhaul the mind bogles
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