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An industry insider who is a member here, BruceMuzz, outlined that it works like this:

"All the major mass market cruise lines handle gratuities in just about the same way. There are some minor variations, but essentially it works like this: At the beginning of the cruise, the number of guests onboard is posted in crew areas.
During the cruise, the names and cabin numbers of any guests who refuse the auto-tip are posted - as well as the reasons given by the guests.
At the end of the cruise, the number of cabins who tipped, the amount they each tipped, and the total dollar amount in the tip pool is posted.
Any additional tips or funds received for the tip pool are also posted.
Finally, a list of the actual dollars from the tipping pool, received by each crewmember is posted.
The entire process is very transparent. The crew is very careful to ensure that all the numbers add up correctly..."

The above procedure certainly does not operate on any Cunard ship across the fleet. As this is the Cunard board, it is important that this misinformation is not continually repeated over and over again.

This procedure may operate on other Cruise Lines, however it is not the system used on Cunard Line.

How do I Know, and why am I posting this.

This weekend I am entertaining a former Cunard Hotel Manager ( a personal friend of mine who has recently retired) together with his wife.

Last evening I broached this subject, and I also showed him the above posting.
I can categorically assure anyone who travels onboard a Cunard ship that the above posting is not true. No customer facing crew member has privy to a guest's personal information.

I was given to understand, the only ships personnel who are privy to a guest's personal information (i.e. guest's removal of the gratuity system) are the Executive officers within the Hotel department, and the Crew Purser department. There are no open lists, posted up or around crew quarters.

I also broached the suggestion that cash in hand given to an individual crew member, either in lieu or in addition to the auto gratuity was to be surrendered. I was given to understand that this would be impossible to police.
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