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I guess I don't understand why you would state earlier in this thread that you "didn't want to fill my bottle from the tap in the stateroom's bathroom and had read that the tap water on board was saltier than tap water at home" after you had been drinking that very same water with your meals." Seems a bit contradictory regardless of what someone else may have posted on CC.
1) When planning our trip, I read on this forum that the tap water on board was saltier than the tap water on land, due to the fact that the tap water on board is actually boiled sea water (as detailed in the excellent documentary, Inside Queen Mary 2).
2) I have hypertension, which causes my legs and feet to swell when I consume too much salt, which is not fun
3) Not wanting to have swollen legs and feet from consuming too much tap water on board, I brought 9 liters of bottled water on board with me
4) As it turns out, the tap water was not too salty, and I didn’t want to carry the bottled water off the ship, and dumping it down the shower drain seemed wasteful, so I drank it on board, mainly while working out.