What is the downside to waiting to purchase travel insurance?

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We purchased CruiseCare with our booking but we’re shopping around for more comprehensive coverage. We are well past the period for pre-existing coverage, so that is a moot point.

I’m considering waiting until just before final payment. Is there any benefit to purchasing insurance now?

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Yep... that is what I am doing . One factor in the cost calculation is length of policy. I do not feel the need to insure my trip during the period of time I can simply cancel with no penalty. We are healthy with no pre-existing.

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Agreed - if you are SURE you have nothing they could construe as pre-existing, you might as well wait until final payment time.
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The only downside to waiting would be the pre-existing coverage clause in most policies. So we agree that if one has absolutely no pre-exisiting conditions then there is no harm in waiting...assuming that your trip deposits or other payments are refundable prior to the time you get insurance.

We are also very supportive of those who shop around for the best policy that fits their personal needs/wants. To many cruisers blindly purchase either the cruise line's coverage or a plan that is pitched by their own travel/cruise agent. Each travel and/or medical policy is different and should be carefully reviewed (prior to purchase).

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Am I the only one who waits until closer to the trip to buy insurance? Typically around 2 weeks before. There has always been a myth that you MUST buy cancellation insurance before final payment - perhaps true if you get it through the cruise line, but I hardly ever do that anyway. If you get a policy through insuremytrip.com (or similar) it can be up to 24 hours before departure.
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Originally posted by mdcoles1
....One factor in the cost calculation is length of policy. ..
I used to think that, too. But every time I look at pricing I have found it to be the exact same cost whether I put in departure in two weeks or a full year and two weeks from today. So it might pay to double check that assumption. All other things being equal, you might be able to get full coverage for an extra year, JIC.
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You may not have a pre existing condition when you make a deposit but what happens if a medical condition is diagnosed and/or treated just before you're ready to buy the policy? You could be treated and be OK to cruise but the condition or complicantions could reappear during your cruise and not be covered.

I think most pre existing condition definitions look back 60 or more days before you BUY the insurance, not make your deposit for the cruise.
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