Noordam Nov. 6 Auckland-Sydney

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I am on the above cruise and since I was approaching final payment I went on the website to see if there had been any fare changes. Was I surprised when I saw that the rates for just this cruise had tripled...yes tripled in price. I do realize that I'm protected by the fare quoted me in my cruise contract but WOW. Is this a mistake or am I not knowing something. I've checked the last posting that listed groups and charters and there is nothing there.

Anyhow, I'm hoping it's just a mistake and will be corrected soon, we shall see.

This has been this way since last Friday.
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Wow I just looked at the cruise I think your on, those prices have got to be a mistake, but you are protected by the fact you are already booked, unless just maybe Hal wants you to reconsider taking the cruise for some reason.
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For those who saw my reply which has been removed, I'm sorry, the original reply to my first message was not well received. That reply has since been edited, so now I'm doing the same.

Yes it does seem like a mistake and I'm fully aware I'm protected, I am just trying to figure out why HAL would make those prices jump so far.
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I can think of at least a couple of plausible reasons the fare is so much higher.

When a category is sold out, the price shows at full brochure rate. That could be one reason.
Another is that the price might have been increased in anticipation of Explore 4 promotion starting any second now.
It could also be a combination of the two reasons, I suppose.

Is your cruise booking so well that demand is outstripping supply?
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I expect its just supply vs demand. These NZ cruises are popular and sellout. Triple though - seems excessive.
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It appears it was a mistake as today the prices are back to what they had been. Thanks for all your comments and have a great day.