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Ashburn, Virginia USA
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Wow! I love this site . . . As someone who turned 58 in January, it's so nice to know that I am not the only "over 55" cruiser that loves to cruise solo (after many years of cruising with my former husband). I was a flight attendant for over twenty year and got my law degree at age 52. I couldn't retire even if I wanted to (I don't) . . . I mean someone has to pay for my cruises. Tee Hee!
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DH and I didn't cruise till we were 55+. Planning on retiring within the coming year and already looking into the next cruise Woo hoo!

Love the thread!
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Carnival Conquest May 2005
Bullhead, Arizona, USA
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Great forum, Laura.

I'm 65 going on 25 ,divorced, a construction contractor in Los Angeles County, certainly not rich, but love to cruise as often as I can get away from my business for a week. Usually don't know when this cruise window is going to appear so have to almost always book "last minute" (4-7 days before the cruise). Makes it difficult to find someone that can cruise on such short notice, so I almost always cruise solo (although a month ago I took my son with me on the PRIDE).

Love the sea, love cruising and love Carnival. About the time I get interested in trying another "more refined line" I go to their specific message boards and in no time, I'm back in the Carnival threads. Love the young-at-heart aspect of Carnival.

I look forward to contributing to this forum frequently.
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eastern Ohio
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EmJake's Bubbie - Thanks for thinking kindly of me! And you're right about work and play...I may have to work the rest of my life, but I'll always make time for me. Rather than actually retire, I'll consider each of my upcoming cruises a "mini-retirement"!

Glad to see so many folks interested in the board. Nice to know others like me who may be 55+, but who still have a zest for life...and cruising!

Still haven't cruised solo yet...but looks like I'll be giving it a try at least once next year. I usually do a 7-day cruise in October because it's the best time for me to take vacation. I'll probably go with RCCL and want to have a cruise picked out so I can book it when I'm aboard the Mariner in late October. Is that a good idea or is it better to wait and watch for sales closer to the time I want to cruise?

Your input will be greatly appreciated!

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booking the next cruise whilst on your current cruise is a great idea! only downside is requirement to pay the deposit at time of booking. I have found the prices to be the same as if you were at home - the advantage is to get on board $$$ credits for when you take that next cruise. cruising solo is a bit pricey - BIL always cruises solo - he takes his guitar, finds a quiet cove / plays (& sings) / always a crowd gathers and that's how he makes friends - he only cruises NCL. I wonder why cruise lines stopped trying to match up 'cabin shares'?
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"Seasoned" is OK -- I like the term "Survivor" - all of us who have made it past 55 (as I did a dozen years ago) have surley survived a fair amount -- children, college tuition, corporate down-sizings, some even are to be complemented for having survived former spouses.

Holland America's single share program is a good thing - too bad all lines do not do it - or at least have a less aggressive single supplement pricing policy. Still, I manage to sail a couple times a year -- finding Carnival's carnival atmosphere a bit too reminiscent of Fort Lauderdale at Spring Break, I leave them to the yahoos - Celebrity and HAL have good mixed crowds -- as does NCL - but the Freestylye approach means that I do not get the oportunity to meet a bunch of people at diner -- they really are not geared for solo travelers. I have yet to try Disney and Princess.
Boise Idaho
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I am 57 and my husband is 61. Still work. I am a supervisor, handling worker's compensation claims for a third party administrator. Interesting work but stressful so I really looks forward to cruising. I have a twin sister and we are lucky enough to still have our parents with us. They are 80 and 85. Now they did get into cruising late in life, within the past six years. They love it and we have traveled as a family for the past 6 years. We have a Mexico trip planned for next March. This will be with all of us and coming along will be two brothers and their wives, so we are really looking forward to that trip.

Will look forward to reading the posts on this board.

Take care,
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North Carolina
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Joined Jul 2005
I am 55, my sister is 57...we just returned from an Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) last month. We found a ship that size to be just right for us. There were so many different things to do on board a ship that size that we had a hard time fitting some of them in. There was something for ALL age groups to do. I saw 2 people on scooters and they seemed to have a great time. Another lady was on oxygen and she sat in the shade by the pool reading a book. One lady celebrated her 80th birthday while at sea. However, if you don't like large crowds then a smaller ship might be for you. My brother is 67 and he likes Holland America the best because of the size of the ship he was on...generally speaking, most of the passengers are over 50...there are fewer people thus fewer lines, etc. I understand that they have the midnight buffet at 10:00 pm so the passengers can get to bed. I would like to sail on one of their ships to see for myself if I would like it. I have sailed on older and smaller ships...once in 1985 (Celebrity's Gallileo...later refurbished and called Meridian), 1995 (Celebrity Meridian) and 1997 (Carnival's Fantasy)...they were not for me...not enough to do, but times have changed and with that ships have changed too. We are cruising July 17 on the Mariner again...this time my 56 year old husband and our children, 18 & 22 will be going so it will be interesting to see who has the most fun!!!

[email protected]
Garden City, Idaho
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I am 57 and love to cruise. I have been on 5 so far, and looking forward to
number 6 in March. I have always went as the 3rd person, but at some
point I am sure I will book solo. This is a great board to meet someone
to share expenses with. I too will come back often and check this
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I am 55 and my dh is 58. We are both teaching school and will be for a while. Been on 15 cruises, going on the NCL Sea on July 22. When are the cruise lines going to add more adult only areas. On almost every cruise I see children using the hot tubs as kiddy pools with no parents in sight. I work with children for a living and would love to cruise without them. PH
Hemet, CA, USA
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My husband and I love to cruise..we are 60 and 62 and still working. Right now we manage 1 cruise every year but look forward to retirement so we can do more. Our philosophy is to spend our son's inheritance now. As a nurse for 40 yrs, I've had too many folks say that they waited till retirement to start their traveling only to have some awful illness spoil their plans. So off we go into hock...but having a great time and making memories doing it. Hope to meet some like-minded cruisers out there.
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Originally posted by PH
I am 55 and my dh is 58. We are both teaching school and will be for a while. Been on 15 cruises, going on the NCL Sea on July 22. When are the cruise lines going to add more adult only areas. On almost every cruise I see children using the hot tubs as kiddy pools with no parents in sight. I work with children for a living and would love to cruise without them. PH
You need to pop over to the Solariaum Zoo thread...this topic is getting beaten to death! - you are not alone in your opinion
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Peru, IN USA
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Hello everyone, I'm Larry, 55, and my wife Mayla, 51. I retired from Chrysler Corp 5 years ago and we've cruised 5 times so far since then. 4 with Royal Caribbean, which we love, and once with Celeberty. We like taking the longer cruises, 10 to 12 days. We took our granddaughter on a 4 day Bahamas cruise in April and she loved it. We didn't though, too short. No days at sea to relax.
Looking forward to cruising on the new Royal Caribbean Fredom of the Seas next year maybe.
Gainesville, Florida
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Greetings all

Another couple of senior (68 & 75) cruisers here Cruising is THE best vacation for us--for all the usual reasons--unpack once, meet new friends, your "hotel" takes you to your next destination, all your meals "catered", pampered the whole time, the ship is a no stress zone, the ocean is so calming and the night sky is glorious on a moonless night! AND a lot more!! Our kids don't mind if we spend their inheritance and we are trying to get rid of it as fast as we can
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Charlene (& the Bobster)
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I'm another 55+ cruiser. Actually, I'll be 58 next week. That means "only" 8 more years of work before retirement. Nasty of them to raise the age on me to 66!

I have no idea where I got the travel bug, but I've been traveling as much as I can since 1970. I didn't do any cruising until 1985 and that was on a Windjammer. Lots of fun, but definitely nothing luxurious about it. I've just finished my 12th cruise and have 13 and 14 booked. I've become more hooked on cruising the last few years. My prefered line is Celebrity. It really is a step above.

I think this is going to be a great forum! Lots of fun!
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South Pasadena, CA
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Here's another single "over 55" - try 69 in about 3 weeks. I usually travel solo, and lately have gone with NCL. I like their Freestyle dining - I can eat when and where I want. I usually find a waiter I like and follow them to wherever they are working - I strike up conversations with whoever is sharing the table with me. Can't think of a better way for an older single lady to travel than cruising. I'm taking an RCCL cruise from Vancouver to Alaska and back to L.A. in September - should be fun. I have two more cruises booked for next year, but I am still working - have to have the salary to pay for the trips - and may have to either cancel one or retire - God willing. I need to win the lottery - so many trips to do, so little time.
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Boise Idaho
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I envy those who are still in their 50's and have been able to quit work and travel. I am so tempted but from a financial stand point, probably not the wisest thing to do. Since we own a home in California, might be able to make enough money to move out of state and retire. Just have no idea where that would be. My husband will be 66 in four years and I will be 61. Not sure if we should hold off selling the house or sell now and get out of Dodge.

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