What Is Your Personal Record For B2B's or Consecutive Days at Sea?

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Originally posted by need2cruisesoon
Just curious as they mentioned in Princess Patterson our cruise that a couple was on our cruise with a 1000 days on Princess. Met another couple who was doing a B2B2B2B.

But I want to really know is the number of B2B's you have done or consecutive days at Sea?
Like to hear your story.
It wasn't me but we have a friend you loves long cruises. They did a B2B2B2B2B2B2B (that is right - seven B2Bs) bouncing around the Caribbean. Not for me!!!!!

Note to Paul - 7 sea days - you have my condolences.

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Did the last 7 day Western Caribbean B 2 B with a 12 day repo cruise (19 day's).
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I've never done a B2B, but I did have 10 straight sea days going from the Canary Islands to Barbados aboard the SPV Royal Clipper. (A total of 16 days, with 2 stops in Morocco, so 12 sea days total.)


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We have mostly cruised B2B2B etc. The longest one was on Navigator for 51 nights, I think it was 5 consecutive. Each of them were in the same cabin, no moving.
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Oh to be retired! Our most consecutive days at sea have been 5 on the Hawaii round trip from LA. We once did a b2b on 2 separate ships, and 2 separate cruise lines. Got off one ship, a short 4 day, walked to our car, switched out luggage, and walked to the other ship, for a 7 day cruise. This Thanksgiving week we are doing our first b2b on the same ship. A 4 day, followed by a 5 day.
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21 days, B2B aboard the Jade in the Eastern Med
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Originally posted by donaldsc
It wasn't me but we have a friend you loves long cruises. They did a B2B2B2B2B2B2B (that is right - seven B2Bs) bouncing around the Caribbean. Not for me!!!!!

Note to Paul - 7 sea days - you have my condolences.

No need for condolences. We love sea days. In fact, we just finished the third time around on the Princess South Pacific cruise which includes 18 sea days, including a stretch of 8 in a row. In addition, there are nine port days.
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