Changing speciality restaurant date on pre-cruise planner

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Hello sailors

I am going on the Oasis in September and booked my shows etc some weeks ago. I also booked 150 Central Park for the Tuesday but, having seen the menu for the second half of the week, would like to change to Wednesday as I know OH esp will enjoy much more.

I am not finding the site very user friendly in this regard and any help would be much appreciated!
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Go into pre-cruise the on the specialty dining reservation you want to "edit"...and pick the new date and time...will look like you are making a new reservation...when you choose the new resi it will ask do you want to cancel the existing resi and make the new confirm and you are all done.
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Thanks so much.

I tried that but since there is a difference of just €1 between the 2 (exchange rate?)I've been told I need to cancel and rebook. will do that.
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So sorry to bother again but if anyone could talk this novice through cancelling a restaurant booking on the planner I would be v v grateful. It seems RC make it super easy to book but not to cancel?!

Thanks again