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I know this has been asked before but wondering if anyone sailed between Venice and Croatia and how the Adriatic sea was as far as being rough. We are on the Royal Clipper next June and I am trying to convince another couple to take the cruise but they are concerned about seasickness. We are traveling round trip from Venice and will be visiting Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro
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A captain on Star Clipper told me that sea-sickness medications are free of charge. Can any other past cruisers confirm this is accurate?

Regards John
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John Watson

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I don't know if we had an atypical experience, but our July 19 2017 cruise from Venice, down the Adriatic coast, was like a mill pond. I felt no ship motion at all. It was windy getting into Santorini, again nothing that led to rolling. Of course, I guess you can never know, but our trip was perfect. Apparently there is a ginger chewing gum that some passengers brought with them.
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We did the Croatia cruise from/to Venice in September 2014. There had been bad weather the previous week, but we started the cruise in lovely sunshine. There was some rock'n'roll, with the sea washing around the portholes like a washing machine. Towards the end of the cruise, the weather deteriorated and was wet and windy. However, at no time was I aware of anyone being seasick, and we were both fine.
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Coming out of and returning to Barbados the sea is pretty consistently very rough. I have learned to mostly pack during the day before disembarkation. They did come around with meds.
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Thank you, I know that sailing to/from Barbados can be rough, that was why I was asking specifically about Croatia and sailing from Venice. Our trip is concentrated along the coast of Croatia
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We did the croatia route out of and back to Venice last year in August. Sea was so calm that the captain stopped the ship (Star Clipper in our case) at the day at sea for swimming in the open sea. Really no chance to get seasick during the whole cruise.
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Did the Venice-Croatia-Athens route on the Star in 2015. Moderate seas, and a few folks were queasy in the Adriatic. We had one rough night off Santorini, and the dining room was half empty. Never bothered me, but I'm a retired naval officer.

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Bali Eastbound from 08/26 - 09/02: some people got plaster behind the ear, my wife a pill which hepls inbetween 15 minutes. Star Clipper was rolling 70 % during the cruise, not rhytmical due to the length of the waves. At some nights the cabin stewart was flapping out the fence on the bed (cabine 506) during the eveing prepairing to avoid falling out, but we never need it.
There was not realy rough sea, but allways some long waves to lift the Clipper or let it roll.
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We sailed Royal Clipper out of Civitavecchia for Venice - the sea state was never as bad as it can be out of Barbados or St. Maarten for the Leewards or Windwards.

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Have found that peppermint candies will also help those who tend to get sea sick, the peppermint oil opens up the stomach. but should use them before sailing to allow the peppermint oil to work. (one can also use peppermint oil by rubbing it into your wrist do this before sailing) as stated above, ginger is also a good herb to help, can also drink ginger ale. Usually bring both for people we meet on cruises as so far we have never been sea sick even with a storm crashing waves (15 - 20 foot waves) over the bow on a sailing trip in the ABC islands
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