“All-inclusive” - how are the included wines?

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We’re considering a cruise on Seabourn or Silversea - it would be our first with either. Our experience with included wines on another luxury line wasn’t great. The options were mass market quality, very inexpensive and without much character. By contrast, the wine selections on lines where we’ve paid for them have been very good, with plenty of moderately priced options. Europa 2 was outstanding in this respect, but Cunard and Windstar have been good, too.

So acknowledging that tastes vary, but with a belief that there can be agreement on the difference between poorly made wines vs decently and well-made wines, what might we find on the included lists on Silversea and Seabourn?
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It's been too long since I sailed Seabourn so I can't comment on them.

We have sailed Silversea a couple of times and most recently in 2017. The wines are around $8.00 to $15.00 range. Some of the more basic ones were vineyards such as Bogle and Kendall Jackson.

In contrast when I have sailed with Crystal the wines were in the $10.00 to $20.00 range and they get many unique wines from small to medium size vineyards that are in this price range but if you gave me a blind fold for some of them I would assume they were at a higher price point.

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the wine list on Silversea ( wines to pay extra ) is better as on Seabourn in the "upper medium" category
prices are higher on Seabourn if you are not a member with the possibility of discount on wines
Seabourn does have some more "big guns" like Rothschildt Margaux
while complimentary wines on Crystal are maybe of a better level ( also in price ) as on SB and SS , the wines to pay for are maybe the most expensive in the "all inclusive" cruise segment
exception made for US wines and a particular French rosé wine, the prices on the 2 Europa sisters are maybe the best ...
i found the wine prices on Cunard rather high with sommeliers trying to sell more example : i wanted to order a 85$ - sommelier tried to sell a 105 $ .
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The truth is that the included wines are not entirely consistent. They vary from ship to ship and itinerary to itinerary. I have actually found some excellent wines on certain sailings and some lesser ones as well. I suggest talking to the sommelier when you board, explain to him/her what you like and let him advise you on the best options to suit you.