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I am staying on the Celebrity summit in a sky suite and was wondering what options are available to hook up to the entertainment center.

Is there a dvd in room?
Can I use my I pad to watch Netflix?

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You are nto going to be able to watch Netflix, there is not enough bandwidth. Most ships have all the ports on the TVs lock out so hooking up to the TV is probably not going to happen.
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I would post this on the Celebrity Cruise Line Board.

I also think it will be a challenge to watch Netflix if you are using the ships internet as I think the speed will be too slow.

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It depends on the ship and the location of the sats.

On RCI, several people have reported that streaming worked OK. Last Aug, speed test gave 5 MBPS speeds, but with a very long ping. So streaming worked better than loading the Amazon home page.
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I would buy an iPad adaptor that has a HDMI connection. Bring an HDMI cable. That should let you hook your iPad up to the TV. They make one with the old 30 pin and current lightning connector. Depends how old your iPad is. We've hooked up our iPad/iPhones to our car TV that way.

But internet can be quite sketchy. I'd just download stuff to stream into the TV if you don't feel like holding onto the iPad when you watch.
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Has anyone tried the HDMI to ipad connection on RCCL ships recently? I've read various discussions and some say it works, others say no. I understand bringing a universal remote, a lightning to hdmi adapter and an hdmi cable, but before I purchase the items, I want to hear if it works. Thank you!