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So just came back from my 4th cruise in 2 years. 3rd one on Carnival. I was on the Carnival Fascination
this time being a guy i usually never ever walk into the spa, thinking its more a of women's place
but this time i decided to try it out the service
did a massage therapy service the deep tissue and it was the best thing ever

has anyone else done similar massage on their cruise experiences? i think it was good experience. would love to do it again
anyone else use the spas often?
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Congratulations on breaking your spa seal! I'm glad you enjoyed the experience.

Spas is general have been catering to men more and more lately. I usually like to get a massage, manicure, and pedicure. I prefer a sports massage or deep tissue, and I really enjoy hot stone therapy if they have it. Don't worry, for the mani/pedi they don't paint your nails! Rather, they remove dead skin, clean, moisturize. And they will trim those hooves neatly. Couple that with tea or drinks (I pick a scotch over champagne), rest time in the sauna, and laying out in the sun, and you have a fantastic relaxing afternoon.

One that I went to recently offered barber services as well. I usually don't like facials, but I did enjoy a straight razor shave with hot lather and a haircut.

There are some services I skip. I've never done the full body wraps or treatments, they just haven't appealed to me. I also don't really enjoy services that take longer than an hour and don't get much out of a massage that lasts longer than an hour. I personally prefer to go to the spa instead of getting a massage service in my room, let alone paying extra for it. Finally, as I'm single, I can't really comment on couples massages or services.

It looks like the best way to do these on a cruise is to buy multiple services for a per-item discount, and consider booking them on excursion days when the ship is emptier and they offer specials.

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