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Probably best to ask this on the Carnival board?

I haven't heard of such a thing - but we don't sail Carnival (one of the few ships we haven''t sailed)

Normally this type of thing can't be. Interchaged on ships to the best of my knowledge..
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Those gift cards the OP mentions are only for use on Carnival Cruise Line itself, not any of the other Carnival Corp. lines.
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Those cards are sold in lour local grocery store.

A woman in front of us bought them and said that she could hardly wait to buy a Princess cruise with them.

Purchase was completed by the time the clerk told her that they could only be used on Carnival -- sorry no refund.
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Originally posted by Fastfredcruise
Can the Carnival gifts cards be used on HAL cruises. The can be purchased at 10% off several places.

Before spending my money on such a gift card, I'd definitely contact HAL and/or Carnival Corporation ...
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No need to contact HAL or Carnival Corp - they can't be used on HAL ships.
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