• Do not start a new thread about a tour guide. Tour recommendations may be posted as REPLIES only.
  • One (or two or three) post wonders about a TOUR GUIDE or COMPANY will be removed without notice.
  • Any TOUR GUIDE or COMPANY who pretends to be a member and posts recommendations about their company risks having their company name PERMANENTLY CENSORED from the forums.
  • Tour Share type posts are not allowed. Tour shares may be posted in ROLL CALL for your ship's sailing.
  • Don't post that you have an upcoming tour booked with XYZ Company in three days unless your post has something of VALUE to add to the discussion.

For additional information, please review our tour guide/business recommendation policy:

New Posting Guidelines for Tour Guide Recommendations

Also, Cruise Critic reserves the right to remove any suspicous postings on our Ports of Call forums.

Thank you for your cooperation,
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