New to travel; What is the best way to travel to the Caribbean from Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Coco Cay - Photo by Eva Beagle

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I would highly recommend finding a travel agent who specialize in cruising to help you with this.

We are not allowed to give specific recommendations on Cruise Critic.

If you have family or friends who cruise I would ask them for a recommendation for a TA.

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Travel from Oklahoma is interesting. First, you'd want to decide Fly/Drive to the port. New Orleans and port Galveston are both about a 1/2 day drive, or few hour flight. Tampa would be more of a flight, or close to a full day/ 2 day drive. and then the FL West coast would be a flight as well..

Get an idea of the itineraries you would like, and dates offered if driving, if flying check and see what flights are available and what days and flight prices work.

Keep repeating until you find a trip that fits your budget and your preferences... Assuming you're a budget family you'd want to look toward Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean...

Then once you have it kinda scoped in, come back and then ask others for thier opinions to see if any tweaks can be made and then from there.. I am more of a last min planner, so I start with dates, look for cruises on those dates, and then pick the cruise, and then figure out how I am going to get there... This time it cost me and extra $500 because I diddn't plan on the week I was going being Mardi Gras..... Oh well Live and learn