New to travel; What is the best way to travel to the Caribbean from Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Coco Cay - Photo by Eva Beagle

The Caribbean is open! What do you want to know about your favorite Caribbean islands or itineraries?

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I would highly recommend finding a travel agent who specialize in cruising to help you with this.

We are not allowed to give specific recommendations on Cruise Critic.

If you have family or friends who cruise I would ask them for a recommendation for a TA.

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Travel from Oklahoma is interesting. First, you'd want to decide Fly/Drive to the port. New Orleans and port Galveston are both about a 1/2 day drive, or few hour flight. Tampa would be more of a flight, or close to a full day/ 2 day drive. and then the FL West coast would be a flight as well..

Get an idea of the itineraries you would like, and dates offered if driving, if flying check and see what flights are available and what days and flight prices work.

Keep repeating until you find a trip that fits your budget and your preferences... Assuming you're a budget family you'd want to look toward Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean...

Then once you have it kinda scoped in, come back and then ask others for thier opinions to see if any tweaks can be made and then from there.. I am more of a last min planner, so I start with dates, look for cruises on those dates, and then pick the cruise, and then figure out how I am going to get there... This time it cost me and extra $500 because I diddn't plan on the week I was going being Mardi Gras..... Oh well Live and learn
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We mostly drive to Galveston from Tulsa area: about an 8 hour drive plus stops. New Orleans is 2-3 hours more. We've only flown for the longer cruises we couldn't do out of Galveston (Hawaii and Alaska), but now that we've done most of those several times over, and our daughter just moved to Orlando, we are looking into more cruises out of Florida. After I exhaust our points for free flying, we'll have to fly, or drive 18 hours. But for now, I've got enough for 2-3 rt flights for the 2 of us.
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Is there a particular port of departure you are interested in? Miami has some neat Everglades tours you could do in conjunction with the cruise. I have family in the Tampa area so we will be sailing from there in a couple weeks
When do you plan to cruise? For example, Take in a little Mardi Gras before or after your cruise.
What ports of call are you interested in?
You can drive yourself crazy looking at all the options available, so have fun!!
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If you are flying into Florida (or San Juan) for your departure, I recommend arriving the day or evening before you depart. Coming from the West to the East Coast for a morning arrival can be tricky and coming in the day before gives you some flexibility if things get delayed. There are hotels in FLL and Miami that will pick you up from the airport and take you to the cruise port the next day (I assume Tampa is the same way). If you are staying in Orlando, you can get a transport out to Cape Canaveral fairly easy.
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NCL has a great kids program and has ships going out of Houston. They are reasonably priced and great for a first time cruiser.
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Originally posted by candy4040
NCL has a great kids program and has ships going out of Houston. They are reasonably priced and great for a first time cruiser.
NCL no longer sails out of Houston

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Originally posted by ggtjr
NCL no longer sails out of Houston

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Sorry - it's been at least three years since we sailed on NCL out of Houston.

NCL does have ships leaving out of New Orleans which should be about a 550 mile trip for you. Have fun wherever you decide to go.
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