What would you like to see on Virgin Voyages

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Originally posted by ano
I'm really excited by VV, and hopefully it can provide something lacking on most cruise lines. We've been cruising for 20+ years now and have been watching cruise line head toward the bottom. Maybe its the accounting firms in all those companies, but the trend certainly has been to make the cruise just about free, and then charge you for EVERYTHING. I hate that.

When we cruised 20 years ago we started on Royal Caribbean and it was fantastic. Everything with few exceptions was free once you paid for the cruise. They even had one or two midnight buffets which took the crew days to accomplish. All the food was everything you wanted, included.

What I would LOVE to see was a cruise with everything included, including gratuities, reasonable excursions, all dining, all drinks, at least at dinner, and generally a casual atmosphere. I'm not saying I want lots of excess, just a really nice cruise where people can relax, and not have to worry if they need to pay for this and that. Why not even include photos, you get all you digital pictures and say 10 printed pictures. And add in some good entertainment. That would be FABULOUS.

Charge what you have to to make this a reality. I'm not looking for budget, especially since most people have to end up paying for all these things ANYWAY, why not just charge in advance instead of the the day you depart?

What I describe here sounds pretty basic, but it is lacking in the cruise industry. Maybe Regents Seven Seas is the closest, but you want it to be much more casual. People can dress up if they like, maybe with a separate dining room, otherwise its casual.

Oh, Richard should visits the ships now and again. (If he can part with his island. )

Actually, there are already cruise lines that do that, you don't have to wait for Virgin Voyages to come along. They cover all or at least some of the things you are asking for. Look at Seabourn, Crystal, Silvercrest, Regent but they do not come cheap. For a little "less expensive" option, try Viking Ocean(includes excursions, free non-treatment spa, free speciality dining, superb MRD restaurant and buffet, drinks included, free internet,uncrowded luxury, for UK/Australian market often include gratuities as well), or Oceania (free speciality dining, probably one of the best cruise food in the world including in the buffet and MDR, plus many cruises include free packages of free wifi, free barista coffees -but not speciality ones- AND either free excursions, on board credit , or free drinks packages, plus luxurious cabins), or Azamara ( included good quality wine and drinks with meals , free barista coffees, included gratuities, great food in MDR and buffet). Sure, they are certainly more expensive than the likes of RCL etc., but at least, you tend to get what you pay for, in a good way.

However, unfortunately, many of the mass market cruise lines like the ones you have mentioned, they seem to be following what the low cost airlines are doing, ie the "unbundling" approach. To try to keep the basic fares as low as possible, they "make" passengers pay extra for so many other things to make up for it.
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Good quality food- that I don't have to pay extra for. I'd even be game for the same menu in the different restaurants everyday as long as I could rotate restaurants.

I love the idea of the classes someone mentioned- dancing, art, cooking.

The ability to have things included- such as alcohol, specialty coffee, etc.

WiFi is a must. Esp if VV wants the younger crowd. Even if it is just free access to social media- that would be enough.

No classes would be nice.
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At the risk of sounding snarky, I'd like to see those embarking the ship after visiting a port be able to board the ship very quickly by having efficient scanners and x ray machines manned by security staff who are on the ball. After que'ing almost daily while a bunch of old duffers messed about causing queues whilst security just looked on completely uninterested I think it would make the cruise experience far more enjoyable.

If Branson wants to stand out, I'd love to see him do something completely unexpected to entertain and surprise his guests. He has many contacts in the music industry, so why not fly out some well known musicians by helicopter to land on his ships COMPLETELY unannounced who could then play an impromptu set onboard. Do it on a sea day, have the captain announce "We have a few unexpected guests who'd like to entertain you" a few minutes before landing etc.

I know they'd be all kinds of logistical problems, but nothing which can't be ironed out. Do this a few times, get known for being a bit different entertainment wise, rather than having a third rate band massacer Hotel California or similar etc.

Once he'd got more ships in the Caribbean, arrange for two of them to meet up randomly, again completely unannounced, rather than play 'horn wars' like other ships do, have two random acts playing to both ships at the same time on the top of the ship. No one's done anything like that before. The publicity would get them noticed if he booked the right acts etc.

Not every cruise obviously, but dome now and then would help set them apart.
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1) No guests under 18- They have already done that.

2) No class system. No separate dining rooms and lounges for suites. If you have a suite the amenities will be included within the suite.

No jeans, shorts or t-shirts at major dinner venues. You don’t have to wear tuxedos or suits but don’t dress like going to your neighbor's BBQ for dinner.

4) All inclusive for drinks, food, tips, wifi, spa and entertainment.

5) I personally don’t care about the shore excursions but if 1 per port is included that would be ok with me.

6) I know this is a stretch but a cigar lounge with good ventilation. You don’t like cigars don’t use it.

7) Specialty bars- Martini, microbrews, etc

8) High-quality comedians, dance lounge that is not so loud you can’t talk to everyone.

9) One thing that cruise lines lack IMO is good casual deserts. Maybe have some quality deserts on board.

10) Maybe a brick oven pizzeria. Find a quality dough and sauce and pay them for the recipe.

11) Enforce the rules set by the company. No looking the other way.

Who knows what they have in mind but I am looking forward to trying them out.
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good list, jpenn217. I think that what I want comes down to a couple of things:
-- good food, service & entertainment,
-- no nickel-and-diming, or sales-pitches.
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Originally posted by jpennin217

2) No class system. No separate dining rooms and lounges for suites. If you have a suite the amenities will be included within the suite.

I would be really surprised if Virgin didn't have a class system on board its ships. Certainly looking at the aircraft and train operations they have been at the forefront of introducing classes (I think Virgin was the first airline to introduce Premium Economy in 1992) , the super lux airline lounges with no hoi polloi allowed (The Virgin Clubhouse - again I think the first of its kind). On the trains their west coast and East Coast services have First Class Lounges and lots of freebies on board..... for those sitting in First!