How fast will the weight go back on during the cruise?

Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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Always take the stairs! That helps . Didn't use the elevator at all on last cruise

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I have a horror story on my last long cruise. Wasn't really overweight (though my doctor thought so) but I did eat a normal breakfast in the MDR, 3 and 4 course lunches and dinners, and also worked out in the gym daily (weights and long, hard exercise bike ride - it was mostly sea days), and put on weight! Not that my clothes got tight but my body type (I'm male) isn't the type to noticeably bulk up). IIRC I put on 7-10 lbs (about 5%) within a couple of weeks according to the ship gym weigh scale.

All gone soon enough (maybe it was the independent tour of Easter Island and Macchu Piccu that followed) - never noticed the gain and my jeans I bought before the trip (3 years ago) are loose.

See my fitness and weight control blog in the thread for men to get in shape for cruises.
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I would continue to do some exercise. Walking and stairs may help to keep some weight at bay. You can eat but make wise choices and don't load up on too many carbs. If you like dessert just take two mouthfuls. Sugary drinks will pack it on. I can still diet, lose weight and drink vodka, club soda, with oj or cranberry juice. I know it's not exotic but it doesn't make me gain weight.
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Originally posted by renjrusa
Try and find a time even if every other day to get some exercise on board at the fitness center... Don't completely lose the good habits you have started...
Good advice. While I never went to the fitness center, I rarely took an elevator and specifically chose an aft cabin at top of the ship far from the them and stairs. Even though I didn't deprive myself (actually splurged on a daily cheesecake, 2x wine, and at least two latte's with Kahlua, and a couple with a soft serve ice cream dumped in!), I lost six lbs. I did drink a lot of water, had a plate of kiwi every afternoon for a snack, ate only the small portions served, and rarely ate after dinner (late night "treat" was always unsweetened African tea and maybe a raisin oatmeal cookie) which required another walk down/up seven flights of stairs. The only downside (short term) was the aching ankles/calves from stairs, which subsided as I got used to using new muscles - well worth it!! It's been two weeks and I have managed to lose a couple more lbs., by sticking to the no food" after dinner, and one-two kiwi for an afternoon snack. I figure the reduced walking/stairs offsets no more cheesecake or Kahua in my coffee .
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We will be on QE for a 15 day canary & 10 day crossing over the holidays. I'm very concerned. . I have health problems that limit my mobility with a cane. Stairs are out . We have worked hard for this trip, I want to enjoy it but don't want to gain - concerned.

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Exercise is key. Don't concentrate on losing weight before a cruise, but increase your overall exercise, so that when on a cruise you can spend some significant time in the gym or jogging on the decks. Muscle mass helps burn those extra calories you will indulge in on any cruise ship with good food.
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Originally posted by _kerry_
We will be on QE for a 15 day canary & 10 day crossing over the holidays. I'm very concerned. . I have health problems that limit my mobility with a cane. Stairs are out . We have worked hard for this trip, I want to enjoy it but don't want to gain - concerned.

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Get in the pool and walk laps.

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I don't like to actively hit the gym on vacation, but we do take the stairs a lot and tend to be more mobile on cruise ships. The mega ships are so large, you definitely get more walking in.

One thing I focused on was the buffet. There is just something about a buffet that makes you want to sample a bunch of stuff, and a little bit of this and that and this and that can lead to too much food & that "oh geez I ate way too much" feeling. If I decide something doesn't taste that great, I don't get it again on another day. Is it worth it to eat something that doesn't taste great even though it looks fantastic? Nope. And guess what? There will be a buffet again tomorrow, and the next day too. Plenty of opportunity to try things, and it doesn't have to be all at this one meal right this minute.

Also, it's not like I've been starving, or will not be able to eat again after the cruise, so I try to keep in mind that I don't need a ton of food normally so I shouldn't need a ton of food on a cruise just because it's there. Try new things and enjoy what tastes good, and leave the rest.

Try to stay hydrated -- drink more water than usual because you just don't know how much salt is cooked into the food. If you are exerting yourself during activities or it's a hot climate, drink more water than you usually do. Water is your friend.

Enjoy your trip!
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