1-25-18 Thursday Weigh-In... Where Does The Time Go?

Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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3 hours east of Toronto
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Hi all!

westcoastgirl ~ My TA's name is Carol Dyck, direct phone # 604 281 2804, email [email protected]enters.com
This is given with her approval.

Liz ~ do you work at Rama? I used to work midnights at the Post Office & found it tough & probably not as much fun as working at a casino.

Going to be interesting to see what Thursday weigh in brings. Fingers crossed!

~ Jo ~
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Mesa, AZ
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No cake, just Smores, a beverage, and my sweetie
Grilled chicken lavosh pizza for dinner so I'm trying...
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shootr..Love Smores not the beer

Liz glad you like your job..can you change your shift when it's the
next time around?

West, Cruz, Diana, Mike, Me, Jo, shootr, Liz...Hope the scale is
good to us. If not good..hope only a "little not good"!
(hope didn't miss anyone)

But am missing Rose!
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Belle, unfortunately since we're unionized now our seniority is based on how long you've been working at the casino. In my dept I'm dead last. Therefore I get the last shift that is left when we pick shifts. Nobody seems to want grave shift so it's left last (don't know why?? Lol)
retiring soon, yes I work at Rama

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Thanks Jo for posting the name of your travel agent. It's always good to have a great TA. We are planning a non-cruise (a Safari) and would like to consult a travel agent for that.
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