Solo Okay for TA SDI 11/18/18?

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Pacific NW
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I need to tell all you regular posters of threads how much I have enjoyed reading your playful & informative communications regarding the SeaDream line. In fact, if I pull the trigger and book this November transatlantic crossing, I truly hope at least one of you are on the same ship.

My situation: I am the wife of a landlocked man. He has no interest in the open sea. Yet all day long, I stare at ships arriving and departing our small harbor, which occasionally prompts me to make reservations on an oceangoing vessel. In the past, I've convinced other individuals to accompany me; but I found I enjoy solo travel, too.

Having never booked with SDYC, I have a few questions:
  • If I am a person who easily makes friends & never seems to become bored, would I still find myself out of place on such a couples-only craft?
  • Do ocean crossings attract large groups of people traveling together? I love convivial folks but I prefer a more intimate atmosphere. (I read about the Norwegian bunch and their never-ending, week-long toast, aaugh!)
  • I heard the captain may stop the boat in the middle of the Atlantic, allowing passengers to enjoy the smaller watercrafts. Has this ever happened when you have been on board? I realize the nearly straight-shot itinerary may not allow this option, but it would be fun to experience it in the middle of the ocean. How do they keep the SD1 "anchored" in place out there, if so?
  • Ridiculous question: Is there an iron in the cabin? Traveling alone makes me stuff as much as I can into the smallest bags possible so I may be able to transport my belongings. For the last crossing, I somehow fit 7 formals & 10 days of 'casual elegant' daywear, sportswear, plus toiletries, cosmetics, hair appliances, shoes, etc. into a carry-on. I definitely needed an iron when I unpacked it all.
I chose SDYC because I love great food and also the feel of a boat being jostled by the waves. This smaller ship may allow me to enjoy the feeling of being at sea. Unfortunately, each time I book passage, the ocean is flat, flat, flat. If you get seasick, perhaps you should book this itinerary; because I seem only to choose a crossing with perfect, sunny weather.

Thank you for your time, you lucky SeaDreamers!
Chicago area
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Can't speak to the question of singles on a TA, since we have never done it, but I can tell you that SeaDream, like most cruise ships, neither provides nor permits irons in staterooms. It is too much of a fire hazard. My best advice is to take nothing that requires pressing. No need for ball gowns or elegant day wear, since you will likely be sitting at the pool, or some other spot on deck, all day. I don't know if evenings on a TA are any different, but we dress for dinner the same way we might for a nice restaurant back home. They typically offer a deal on pressing on embarkation day, so whatever got scrunched up in your suitcase might be sent to the cleaner right away.
Pacific NW
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Many thanks, TrapperZimmy! It's great to know I have the option to get it all pressed, especially for a discount, at the outset of the trip. This more relaxed dinner atmosphere will be such a nice change for me.

Thankfully, I have plenty of poolwear; since I feel far more comfortable near the water than on rigid terra firma. Most of my crossings have been the northern Atlantic, where the weather does not encourage swimsuits outdoors.

Anyone else considering the Lisbon to Marigot crossing?

Thanks again! I hope you have plans to enjoy the ocean soon.
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I have a small group on the Oct 13 Malaga to San Juan itinerary (I'm a TA) and that includes a single. Yes, she already knows some of the other people going, but the very attractive single rates make the crossings ideal.

I have done a crossing on Seabourn (larger ship, but not "large" by any stretch) and I don't think anyone would have felt uncomfortable chatting, socializing and dining with others. The transatlantic itineraries are ideal for this!
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Florida Keys Girl

Pacific NW
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FKGirl, you have brought a smile to my face! I normally have no problem interacting with people; but I don't want to invade a 'couples vacation' either. Thank you for your encouragement!
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On our crossing last fall, there were a few singles. One guy was “adopted” by a bunch of lady needlepointers — they taught him! You won’t have a problem — lots of nice people on board!
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Pacific NW
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Joined Mar 2016
Oh good! That is so funny, Vandrefalk! I think if I was held up at needlepoint , I would need some very patient folks around me to create something nice. I only have the genes to appreciate artistic endeavors.

Thank you for your kind words that are helping me get underway to determine my flights and book the crossing.