How can I easily find Cruise Critic Member Reviews?

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Miami, FL
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Joined Nov 2007
There used to be a heading that said "Reviews", and I could click on it and read ship reviews, member reviews, and cabin reviews. Now under "Research", I can click on "Reviews", but I have to go through many more steps to finally get to the reviews by CC members. That used to be the first thing I did every day, but now it is very complicated.
Preston UK
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Joined Nov 2014
I dont think you can if you just want to look at the latest reviews
You might be better posting here
as it is a feedback on the new site.
I do agree though - we had someone on here looking for their review and I thought I would try and help not realising I couldnt just get a cronological list - had to get the Ship
Name and sail date. - Laborious.