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I am trying to help my daughter navigate through travel insurance. She and her fiance (husband when they travel as this will be their honeymoon) were asked by their travel agent if they want insurance. They are both 22 and healthy, so coverage would only be if something were to happen on the trip that required medical assistance or an airlift. Their travel agent offers two plans through Allianz : the low end and the high end policies. There is a "middle" policy which Allianz touts on their website as their most popular plan, but the travel agent is not offering them that option. That is the policy that would seem to work best for them as far as coverage vs. cost. Our questions are:

1. What is a reasonable amount of coverage for a medical evacuation? I know this is subjective, but in your opinions or experience, how much could that typically cost?

2. What are the benefits (if any) to buying the policy through the agent, rather than purchasing it on their own?

Any help is appreciated!
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heaven forbid they have an accident on the way to the cruise or some situation that prevents them from going on the cruise
of course if they can afford to lose the cost of the cruise/flights etc.. then just get medical ins
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Originally posted by klfrodo
Purchase on their own

Put cost of trip at $1. This way they get the medical and evacuation coverage, but none of the cancellation, trip delay, lost luggage, etc.

They can purchase on their own by comparing policies at or
Strongly agree and recommend

But have your daughter CALL them.
The online policy summaries are "interesting" for starters, but they cannot possibly include all of the "fine print", which can *really* matter with insurance.

At TripInsuranceStore, she should discuss ALL of her questions/concerns with them. The more they understand one's concerns, the better they can help one select a suitable policy.

We personally use them to purchase policies mostly from Travel Insured, and our several claims have always been paid promptly. That includes two large claims.

However, there are other insurers they have vetted, so there are plenty of options.

Timing can be an important factor in terms of *when* one purchases travel insurance, so the sooner she calls, the better.

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