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Originally posted by shepp
OK, have it your way. It's all fake news. The Russian government does not engage in anti-gay propaganda. Contra Tatchell's protest, Putin vigorously opposes his pal Kadyrov's torture and imprisonment of gay Chechens, and did not threaten Canada for accepting gay Chechen refugees. The government did not prosecute someone for a facebook posting that referred to a group promoting sexual rights for 18-29-year-olds, and did not just shut down an HIV education website for being insufficiently antigay. The Moscow Pride Parade is a ringing success. Russian queers enjoy the full protection of the law. And ILGA-Europe, a network of LGBT groups, did not name Russia the fourth most gay-unfriendly country in Europe, just ahead of Turkey and Azerbajian (though up from 2nd most homophobic the year before).

And, of course, Russia does not employ people to go online and covertly subvert Western democracies or post pro-Russian propaganda. So the fact that not one of your Cruise Critic posts has to do with LGBT people except as relating to Russia, the fact that all your 100 other CC posts read like they could be written by the Russian Tourist Bureau, and your intimate knowledge of Russian law and politics despite your living in Baltimore mean nothing. I'm sure you're just another cruiser on the side of gay rights, but sorry, товарищ, our little conversation is done.

Happy Pride!
^^This times 1000!

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Originally posted by napoxoguk
You could also add, of course, that my nickname (пароходик) means a "little steamboat" in Russian, and my avatar is a photo of Avrora, a Russian battle cruiser whose blank volley started the Russian revolution of 1917, — and yet another PutinTroll, with his intricate cover blown and his efforts to covertly subvert another Western democracy totally defeated, will slither back into the festering depths of Olgino troll factory near St.Petersburg, Russia.
! simply pointed out that your posts on the LGBT board have been utterly non-existent except where Russia is concerned, where they're persistent and finely detailed, and that the sum total of your posts on Cruise Critic - the world's most-visited cruise site - have to do with Russian tourism. Like I said, this all could be a coincidence and you may well be a pro-gay cruise enthusiast from Maryland seeking to correct the anti-Putin misrepresentations of Western media.

And in (speaking of) Saint Petersburg last year, a hundred LGBT activists held a permitted march, weren't pepper-sprayed by skinheads until the very end of the event, and only one marcher was arrested, for holding a sign that said, "I love my wife" and wearing a rainbow flag. Like I said, Happy Pride!
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