Palermo to Cefalu by train?

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I've been on the train but not while on a port stop. What are you trying to learn?

We walked to the train station from the port but it's a bit far, between a mile and a half to two miles, depending on where you are docked. There are public buses you can take to the station.

At Cefalu it's an easy walk downhill from the station into town, about a half mile. It's more challenging going back uphill.
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Thanks Euro - I am trying to figure out if it is workable to take the train RT from the Palermo port. We will be there 8 am to 5 pm. Cefalu looks very interesting and the cruise excursion does not allow much time to explore.

I do not mind taking a taxi to the train station.

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There may be more trains added in the summer season but going by the current schedule you could be in Cefalu by 10:11 AM (you could possibly get there at 9:22 on the train that departs at 8:27 if you are very lucky and very fast).

For the return you'll need to be on board by 4:30, so you'd need to be at Palermo Centrale no later than 4 PM to allow time for a taxi or bus (or walking, if you get desperate) back to the port.

It's always wise to take the next-to-the-last train that will get you back on time, In this case, the last train that would work would be the 3:06 PM, arriving to Palermo just before 4 PM. I think that gives you plenty of pad. The next train doesn't get into Palermo until 5:24 PM, there's a big hole in the schedule but that may be seasonal.

(note: there is an IC train at 3:40 pm that arrives to Palermo at 4:53 PM on certain days)

So it looks like you'd get four and a half hours in Cefalu, or five and a half if you make that 8:27 train.