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Originally posted by ETski
Will be cruising on the Grandeur this month. This is our third cruise on the Lady G. I didn't know there was a Diamond area of the MDR for breakfast. Where is it located? I remember on the EOS they had a Diamond and above area in the Windjammer.
Bottom floor of MDR right side, signs there, show card and your in. We sat at table for 2, Leah and Austin were great as were asst. maitre des, 12 night cruise, after couple days, remembered everything. Best service in recent years.
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Originally posted by BuddyR
We haven't sailed on Royal Caribbean in several years (mostly sailing on Celebrity) but have booked the Grandeur for a 12-night cruise for the end of March. Our final payment is coming up in a few days and I am concerned about some of the recent negative reviews about this ship, especially concerning the food which is an important part of cruising for us. I would appreciate any comments that recent Grandeur cruisers could offer concerning food. Also, is this ship using the "new" menus? Thanks!

The Grandeur has the best Head Waiter that I ever met ,Murat .He is very caring to those of us with special needs.
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Last week, the MDR dinners varied from quite good to not very good. I am not a fan of the new menus. That said, we found dishes that we liked. The same was true in the WJ.
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We were on Grandeur in January and thought the MDR food was not good in that it was not hot, pasta was overcooked/gummy and service was somewhat rushed though still friendly and professional.

We never do specialty dining so after 2 nights of dissatisfaction in the MDR, we stuck to the Windjammer and much preferred the variety and laid-back atmosphere there.

I am definitely not a meat and potatoes person as I eat mostly vegetarian when traveling.
I don't enjoy haute cuisine but my husband is adventuresome with food.

Granduer is a great, smaller ship with a wonderful crew but the food was largely unremarkable. Then again, we do not cruise for the food.
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