First time in Amsterdam for a Viking River Cruise

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What do you want to know?

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Budapest is great! We spent three days there before a river cruise in 2016 and saw a lot. It's a big, spread-out city though, so you'd do best if you're comfortable with public transport, and you like to walk here and there. We liked the Four Seasons hotel at the Chain Bridge but there are many others.

I blogged about our Budapest visit but I don't know if it would be helpful to you, as we tend to run around a lot. The link to my blog is in my signature. It's the April 2016 trip. It might help you decide what you want to visit in Budapest.

I do think that you can change your username. You may have to email the admins. Look in the help section of the boards to see if there's any info. I'm on my phone and can't easily find it.

Edited: this link will tell you how to request a change.

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Addressing a few of your questions.

Many travel agencies will give something over and above Viking’s direct offer. As is standard with cruise lines Viking then wants to deal with the TA and not directly with you which you may or may not consider a negative.

There is a thread active within the last week on “aquarium class” cabins. (I am a not smart user on a smart phone and have not figured out how to SEARCH on it) Many people including me are perfectly happy with those rooms given the lower prices.

Amsterdam is a city in which you could easily spend a week. Good museums, good public transportation and pretty safe. Most people speak excellent English (Dutch is such a small language that they can’t travel far relying on it). The train from the airport to Centraal station is cheap fast and easy. As I age (only one other option) I find a couple of days to overcome jet lag to be very beneficial, so that is my minimum advance arrival now that I am not worried about taking time off from work.

IMO the man advantage of using the cruise line hotel is the transfers but generally this is far outweighed by the price you pay for that convenience.

Lots of helpful people on this board (unlike some other CC boards) and I have learned a lot here. If you flag (which I don’t know how to do on a phone, but upper right corner otherwise) your msg requesting a name change the moderators are more likely to see it and may be able to help.
ADD: I see that jpalbny (a very helpful presence on this board) has supplemented my info.

I hope this helps. Ask away.

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This thread may read a little disconnected since I had to delete OP's substantive post because it contained the name of a Travel Agent. That's a no-no.
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Originally posted by Host Jazzbeau
This thread may read a little disconnected since I had to delete OP's substantive post because it contained the name of a Travel Agent. That's a no-no.
I sincerely apologize, as it was an error on my part. I will rephrase my questions and post them at another time. I absolutely have no connection to the agency mentioned and I wouldn’t intentionally violate any rules. I find myself overwhelmed with the planning of this trip and in my haste to ask for advice I didn’t realize that my reference was not allowed.

I did go ahead and book this cruise and I’m sure I will be back asking lots of questions.

For the moment, is there a roll call for Viking River Cruises? I can’t find any on my own. I refer specifically to the 15 day Grand European Viking Cruise leaving Amsterdam on August 11, 2018.

Thank you
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Originally posted by Funluvingseniot
For the moment, is there a roll call for Viking River Cruises? I can’t find any on my own. I refer specifically to the 15 day Grand European Viking Cruise leaving Amsterdam on August 11, 2018.
Here you go, Mary

Cruise Critic
All River Cruise Roll Calls
All Viking Grand European Tour 2018 Amsterdam to Budapest
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